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*Music plays* Hey it’s Rachel. Today on Crack Your Bible
we are going to be talking about the gifts that God gives us. Now before we
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with the bell, with the parentheses, and let’s get started. Now for those of you
who follow me on social media, you would have seen that I was in the emergency
room this morning, because I have a medical condition
that leaves me susceptible to blood clots. And the medication that I was on
did not react well with me this morning, so I thought either I’m gonna have a
heart attack, or I’m going to have a stroke or something like that. Because I
woke up from a dead sleep and my heart was racing like I had just run laps. It
was (beating sounds) which is not normal, because when you sleep, your heart rate goes down, your
body temperature goes down. So to be woken up from a dead sleep because your heart is beating too fast ,I knew there was a problem. My thoughts were confused. There was like tingling in my legs and I was like, this is not good. I need to go
to the hospital right now! So I wanted to say thank you to everybody who reached
out to me and for your prayers, and your well wishes. They were well received.
Thank you. We have to put on the full armor of God every single day, and part
of that is praying. And thank you for all of that from all of you. But I also
wanted to encourage you, because every single day is not guaranteed to us. And
so many people think that they are just going to accept God later. “I’ll believe
later. I’ll repent of my sins later. I’ll forgive my neighbor later.” But later
isn’t always guaranteed. A blood clot can take you out, like somebody can
shoot a gun and it goes through your wall and you’d be dead instantly. A plane
could crash into your house and you’d be dead instantly. There is no guarantee
that you will have this deathbed confession, as you’re bleeding out,
like you are the criminal on the cross next to Jesus. That’s not guaranteed to
us, so I would caution anybody from using that as like,
“that’s my plan for the future. That’s my eternal plan; at the end of my life, as if
I’ll when that is, I’ll just do it later. I’ll confess later.” But again, we
don’t always have “later.” And every single day that God gives us is just Him
extending His grace out to us, allowing us time to make things right. So if
you’re a non-believer and you know the truth… so it’s not just enough that you
believe that Jesus is God, I mean even the demons know that Jesus is God. (James 2:19) It tells us this in the Bible. But you have to repent of your sins. You actually have to
change your ways. You have to show that you are bearing the fruit of
somebody who believes that Jesus is God. (Luke 3:8) it’s not just enough to be like, “yeah I believe in God.” But you actually have to turn from your sinful ways. You have to
actually repent, and you have to believe. And part of believing is to actually
change your mind. You have to do things a different way so that you’re bearing the
fruit that somebody who believes, bears. (Acts 2:36-41) So if you actually believe that Jesus is God, you won’t want to do those sinful things anymore. So we had to repent of
those things, change our ways, and turn to God. We have to believe in God, confess
with our mouth and repent of our sins. But if you’re already Christian, and you
fall, you’ve already done all that, what other things in your life do you need to
do right now that you’re putting off, such as forgiving other people? (Matthew 6:14-15) Because we know that the Bible tells us that if we don’t forgive others, then God
doesn’t forgive us. And we need to extend that mercy out to others. It’s not just
enough, “oh I believe in God,” but we need to exercise our faith. And part of
exercising that faith is making things right with people who have sinned
against us. It’s not that you have to be in their presence, that you have to put
up with their bad behavior, but you need to give up your legal right before God
of getting angry at that person, or holding that against them. Because how
many times have we done things to others even, inadvertently, that they hold against us? So of course we would want to be forgiving
of those things. So we need to forgive others, but likewise if you feel like, “I’ll
witness to other people about God later,” or “I’ll talk about God another time,”
do it today! Because there’s no guarantee that another day is coming, and we want
to be able to tell Jesus, “hey, I didn’t waste my time here on earth. I was
a good and faithful servant, because I love you.” So if you feel like, “I’ll do it
another day, witness another day,” just do it now. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Don’t
put it off because there are no guarantees in life, and God is granting
you grace every single day that He gives you. So I just wanted to encourage
you, and I would love it if you would like, subscribe, and share, and I’ll see
you later. Bye! *Music plays*

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