Original Song/Lyrics by MONSTROSITY
Original Vocals by Hatsune Miku V4x English Synthesizer V Cover by Dumas P
Featuring Eleanor Forte Malevolence of Morality Subconciously, I Seem to have recalled What had led to this Disposition Maybe it’s a lie I’m still just a clown But that tone of theirs Tells me elsewise… …Aware of my fault In all the logic It just does not add up evenly I guess now’s the time That I become true to What they think I am AFTER ALL THESE YEARS Spinning into a Plethora of hatred They never saw it through All of the blatant pleads Or rather, if I may Announce myself a shy villain Become a final boss, A true queen of… Is this MORALITY? Have I made a mistake? My benevolence is at a loss for words Hence, in the fray Of my mind illusion I give in to all the FALSE THOUGHTS I’m sorry that I have to do this To all of my friends I wish had feigned their innocence This misunderstanding Is surreal! Now that I seek out the Me! That! Was! Not! Real! Desparity in Conflicting ethics Makes my own head hurt JUST LET ME WIN! Yes! That is right! I’m turning to ashes Better adhere! I’m a new person! I DON’T TRUST YOU I DON’T LIKE YOU Desperation is gaining in traction A wicked smile Broke all her hope A sweet that went sour, Lost all her color, You know her as that One cruel person One cruel person-son One cruel person-son-son One cruel person-son-son-son One cruel person-son-son-son-son… This is MORALITY I have made no mistakes! My malevolence has got me fired up If the foolish ones tell me to cool down I’ll obey! When on my DEATH BED!!!! I’m not sorry for what I have done! To all of those fiends They all deserved their horrid fates! This origin story is just grand! Now that I have become What I had once feared!! Regretting the devastation, As though I’m the queen of the apocalypse Running from me Are all who I have known PLEASE COME BACK!! My words are TAINTED, THOUGH Forgiveness is gone from my actions Yet they smile at me as though nothing had happened Maybe there’s a chance for me at last…! Now that I Have become who I was AGAIN… OohhhOooohhh…

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