1990-0914 Public Program, Hammersmith, UK, DP-RAW

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the
very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot organize it, we cannot
mold it. Also we cannot know it at the stage when we are human beings, with human awareness
we cannot know it. So we have to become a super human being, a higher personality. What
is said that you have to be the Spirit, you have to be the Self. In all the scriptures,
in all the religions it has been said that you have to be the Spirit. I mean we see the
turmoil and the problems of the world that are completely show us clearly that there
is so much of a mess and most of them are the problems created by human beings. We have
to do some introspection and some soul searching and we have to find out, after all, why we
human beings have created all these problems for ourselves. We have had philosophies, we
have ideologies, we have so many kinds of enterprises but despite that there are so
many differences and the differences are having larger and larger gaps. If it is the truth,
it has to be the truth for everyone. Everyone has to say: “This is The Truth”. But it has
to be the Absolute Truth. If it is not the Absolute Truth then what we believe into is
not the reality. And this is the main reason why everything in the name of God, Divinity,
everything has failed so far because it is not substantiated by reality. First we must feel the reality. And what is
the reality, and what is the truth? The truth is that you are the Spirit, you are the pure
Spirit. And that there is All Pervading Power of divine love which does all living work.
Now we see all these beautiful flowers, beautifully arranged, everything, but we never think how
so many flowers have come out of one seed. How it has worked? This living work is done
by whom? We will say: “The Mother Earth”. But the Mother Earth seems to be just… just
a thing… it is just a matter. Than how these flowers have sprouted from a little seed,
who has done this work? We don’t even think who has done the job of making us human beings
from ameba stage. So for a hypothesis let us think there is something, some power that
is doing it. As scientists you must keep your minds open. There is no use having blind faith
in Me, in Sahaja Yoga, in anything because blindness will never give you reality. But
you should be open like scientists are and whatever hypothesis I am putting before you,
you have to feel it on your central nervous system. This is what is the Bouddha, is what is Buddha
preached about that you have to feel the All Pervading Power on your central nervous system.
And the time has come. Time has come for all of you to feel that. You all can feel that
All Pervading Power, the power of the Holy Ghost, power of the Primordial Mother. And
then, once you are in connection with that, like this instrument when it is connected
to the mains it has a meaning, your self-knowledge will tell you what is the meaning of your
life. Otherwise, there is no meaning. We are without any connections to the reality and
that’s why we do not know where are we drifting, what is happening to us, where are we going.
Now, I verily say to you that within us lies this instrument. And this instrument is very
well intact in all of you. Now, there are some people who have written
books after books which have really shocked Me saying that is very dangerous to raise
the Kundalini, some people have said that Kundalini is in the stomach – shows they are
unauthorized people or perhaps they do not want you to have your self-knowledge, they
want to deviate you. Also you will find people who will tell you that you should not do this
Kundalini awakening and all that because very dangerous and this brings problem. Not at
all. This Kundalini which is in three and a half coil is an energy of Pure desire within
you. All other desires rise within us and once we achieve them we still are not satisfied
we are going from one desire to another. So the law of economics is that in general desires
are not satiable. So this is the only power which has to rise
and give us that Pure desire that once we achieve it or once we manifest it then all
the desires become absolutely of no value. Then this madness of desire goes away and
we understand all this transitory things, all this pleasures of life with it’s full
limitations and we know how far to go with them. But first we must seek the Eternal, we must
seek this All Pervading Power which is very subtle and is all around us. But as human
beings are as you must have seen here also, on top of your head here is on one side is
the yellow ego; on the left side is your superego – is your conditionings. We have so many conditionings
in our mind. To say that I am an Indian and you are British or you are this and you are
that is a conditioning. God never created world like that, He created only one world.
We have made it like this. This is the one world, this is another world, this is another
nation. We human beings have done – created problem for us. Of course, I mean He did create
rivers and mountains and He did create different type of people otherwise we all would have
looked like some military junta. But no He made us differently to look different. That
was His idea to create beauty. Why we have such conditionings, from the very childhood
we have conditionings of this kind, then we think we are born in a particular religion.
So that is one another horrible conditioning we have that we have got we are in this religion
so we must follow this religion. But in Sahaja Yoga when you come you will be amazed to see
that those people who started all these religions are the real people and once they started
it after some time is drifted into something extremely nonsensical and now running away
from religion also you can not solve the problem or running towards is just the same. So what
is it that you have to go beyond all these conditionings that are there and also beyond
your ego. Now, the ideas about ego are also prevalent
and people say that these are our karmas, we must suffer. I know of so many people who
say that: “Mother what about karmas”. Now, the yellow stuff that you see there is the
ego, is the only human beings think that they have done some bad karmas or good karmas.
Animals don’t think. They are under the complete control of God that’s why they are called
as pashu means paash – completely controlled. A dog is a dog, a scorpion is a scorpion and
tiger is a tiger. They behave the way they are, but human beings are everything in them.
You may find somebody as a very nice dog and suddenly becomes a snake. From where does
it come in? It comes because still all these conditionings that are within us are built
in and then also this ego that has come into us that I am doing this work, I am doing that
work. Now, see we have a beautiful hall of course to be appreciated very much and we
should say that it’s a very good piece of art or whatever it is. But something like
a tree was dead, so we have made this platform from dead to dead. We have done no living
work whatsoever, we cannot do it. But when the Kundalini rises you will be surprised
in many people who have problems on their centers you can see with
naked eyes the pulsation and on your hand you
can see the pulsation of the Kundalini rising and you can feel the
pulsation on top of your head here. And when the pulsation disappears you feel the cool
breeze coming out of your head, out of your own head. All these things are to be verified.
There cannot be pretensions about it, reality stands by itself, it does not need any support.
So when all this happens to you, what you get- the self-knowledge. And what is the self-knowledge is to first
of all to know about your own centers. Now, a person gets lunatic without knowing that
he is getting lunatic, a person gets cancer without knowing he has got cancer. Whatever
happens to him, he does not know what is happening to him. He has to go to doctors, spend lot
of money, everything and then the doctor certifies no you have these ten diseases in you and
that now you will die after one month or so. You don’t know how it has developed in you,
how it has come suddenly to you but when these centers are out of gear then you feel this
is wrong with you, that is wrong with you. Because you are realized soul and you can
feel it on your fingertips when the centers tell you that this is wrong with you. This
is not only on physical side, physical side is the minimum that you get, but you find
out about emotional side, you find out about your spiritual side also very clearly that
spiritually where are you. Just to certify yourself that we are twice-born people or
we are this and this is misleading yourself. You’ve not been kind to yourself, I should
say, and not honest to yourself. We have to be honest, we have to find the
truth and we have to get to it, because it is our own, this is our right to have it as
human beings and you cannot pay for it. One thing if you understand you cannot pay for
it, you will understand what is reality. Like the seed you plant in the Mother Earth. How
much do we pay to Mother Earth? How much did we pay to Christ? How much did you pay to
Rama or Krishna? To any one of them how much did we pay? But those who are now commercialized
all these ideas we are just getting lost into it. So we have to, little bit, have a soul
searching and find out: “Where am I ?” I have to find the truth and I must get to it. This is the time when the whole world has
to emancipate, this is the resurrection time or we can call it this is this Last Judgment.
But you will be judged by your own Kundalini who is your Mother. She doesn’t trouble you.
When you were born your mother took up all the trouble, all the labor pains upon herself,
she didn’t trouble you. In the same way this Kundalini doesn’t trouble you and she is anxiously
waiting. I’m Myself amazed the way these days the Kundalini is rising. Of course today we
have so many people I am sure you all will get realization. But in a place like Paris
where I never had such hopes thousand people getting realization I was amazed at that and
all of them full of joy, laughing, I have never seen French women laughing that much.
They never laugh normally. I was amazed that all there cheeks were up there, up to their
eyes and I said: “What’s the matter?” They said, “Mother, we don’t know from where
this joy is pouring”. That’s the quality of the Spirit that you
start feeling so joyous and the joy doesn’t have the duality of happiness and unhappiness.
It’s singular. You just feel it from within yourself, you enjoy yourself. Then another quality of the Spirit is that when it comes into your attention- the light of the Spirit
comes into your attention. Let’s supposing this room is completely dark, we don’t know
how we relate to each other, where we are sitting, if we start walking we might tumble
over other people, we may try to trample some people. But if there is light you see, you
know where you are sitting, where others are sitting, what is your chair, what is their
chair. So in that light of Spirit you develop a new awareness, a new dimension which we
call as collective consciousness, which is described by Jung very clearly. Jung has talked
about this and that is what happens to you, it is not a false thing that, ‘Oh! I am collectively
conscious’. No, it happens to you. Means you can feel the chakras of another person, you
can feel what’s wrong with him and you know how to correct it. Under your hand itself
the Kundalini will rise, you get the powers, you get your own powers to raise the Kundalini,
give realization. I mean, now I cannot go all over the places, Sahaja Yogis are doing
this work. You all get those powers of raising the Kundalini and giving realizations to others,
so that they find their own self, their own Spirit. So, the absolute knowledge can be
only known through self-realization, because whatever you want to ask like a computer,
the answer comes in. There is somebody who met Me in Paris. He
said: “I don’t believe in God”. I said: All right, you ask a question to Me:
‘Mother is there God?’. Stretch the hands towards Me, ask the question three times. “Mother, what’s happening? This cool breeze
coming” I said: “The answer has come, there is God”. So absolute knowledge is only possible when
you know the Absolute Truth and to have the Absolute Truth you have to go to the Absolute
Being within you which is your Spirit. So, it gives you the Truth, it gives you the collective
consciousness. The main thing is that you become extremely peaceful personality, you
become peace, you emit peace. It’s like the wheel, the wheel at the periphery moving very
fast but in the center of the wheel is the axis, it has to be silent otherwise cart won’t
move and you jump onto that point within yourself where you are completely peaceful with yourself,
completely integrated without any tension, without any problems. And these other ideas
of removing tensions, this thing, that thing are all artificial and mental. It cannot be
mental, it is beyond mental. When the Kundalini rises as you see there this is the center
in the optic chiasma – Agnya chakra. When it crosses that center then these two institutions
are sucked in and she passes through the limbic area and comes out of your fontanella bone
area, which is the actualization of your realization. Also in India, they called it Brahma[…] all kind of nonsense
have been done in that name everyway, in every religion. So, now for it is absolutely evident for people to see that we have to
get to that stage and you have all the properties, all the possibilities, everything within yourself
to get to it.

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