3 Ways Manifestation will Change in 2020 (and how to manifest in the new energy)

this video I’m gonna show you three ways
that manifestation will change in 2020 what you can look forward to in exactly
how to go about creating your own reality welcome back to another video my
name is Erin dowdy and I hope people expand their consciousness now in this
video I’m gonna be sharing with you three different ways that you’ll see
manifestation changes in the year 2020 which right now it is 2019 we’re getting
towards the end of the 2019 and moving in 2020 and these three things are also
going to be themes that as time goes on you are gonna see amplify every single
year it’s gonna be things that you see in your own life things you’re gonna be
able to notice and the collective as well and I really think it’s one of the
main reasons we came here and if you’ve seen some of my other videos where I
talk about kind of a little more esoteric ideas such as understanding who
we are as spiritual beings we as spiritual beings are eternal spiritual
beings that are having a temporary human experience on earth however we forget
this when we come here we forget who we really are and part of that is because
part of this reality is remembering who we are so we go through what is called a
veil of forgetfulness well you forget that and when we’re here what we then do
is we go through certain experiences that mold our character which you could
say is our our ego and we learn more about reality and then we go through
different life challenges and we go through different things now here’s the
thing in this life many of us are here to go through a massive shift in
consciousness and the collective as well is going through a shift in
consciousness some people at different levels but it’s something that we all
came here for whether we are aware of it or not and if you want more info on this
you can check out the books by Dolores Canon you could check out the books
called the law of one there’s a lot of information that points to understanding
the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves and why we came here now the
reason I talk about that as well is because one thing that is expressed in
those books is that in the higher realms which you could say is more our natural
our natural vibration when you think of something it happens like this there
isn’t as much time space reality where there’s this buffer here we have this
buffer of time so where as up there I guess you could say or just in those
higher realms of consciousness when you think of something there is no delay it
happens instantaneous and there is also more of an ability to shape our reality
using energy versus needing to wait in reality put intention out there think
about it at energy to it and go through this long process that we do here on
earth now that’s how it really works and that’s why I think a lot of people may
get very impatient when it comes to manifestation because they’re used to in
higher states of consciousness being able to do this very very easily so when
we come here and we have to cultivate the energy or we have to be patient we
have to let go of outcome it seems a little bit frustrating however the thing
that we came here for is we came here to go through a massive shift in
consciousness a shift in remembering who we really are and part of that has to do
with remembering who we are and the way it is in the higher states of
consciousness and the way that it is in those higher states of consciousness is
things happen much faster there’s less of a delay between what you think and
what you experience there’s a certain level of intent of integration that
happens and a certain vibration you’re in a very high vibe state in those
higher states of consciousness now the thing is is we are anchoring and
bringing that energy into this reality in this lifetime and I think that you
can go within yourself and see if there’s resonates with you and see how
you feel about it but in general manifestation is a natural byproduct of
something that we do anyways even if you take out like manifesting what you want
understand that manifestation is a natural byproduct for the way reality
works you may be manifesting something you want you may be manifesting
something you don’t want you be manifesting something on autopilot based
on your subconscious beliefs but regardless manifestation is a natural by
product for how reality works so it’s not something we necessarily have to
learn how to do however as time goes on you are gonna notice that the energy
continues to change more and more so here’s the three things that you must
know for 2020 and the first one has to do with understanding the buffer of time
now that buffer of time that we were talking about was talking about a minute
ago where what you think and what you experience don’t you feel like time has
been speeding up like of course this moment right here is what exists right
now this moment now however the experience of time has been speeding up
and even for me I look to my life now and d-days let’s really feel like maybe
twelve eight to twelve hours when they used to feel like 24 hours like the days
they even the sleep time like every the whole day from before I know it this
day’s gonna be over I’m gonna be going upstairs to go to sleep so this is
something that you may notice in your own life do you feel like an even
comment but like this video or comment below if you’ve noticed that the
perception of time has been speeding up if you notice that the buffer of time
even between what you think and what you experience has been speeding up but for
me in general I mean I look I mean I don’t know they say oh as you get older
time speeds up but I believe that just in general time is speeding up as our
consciousness also continues to raise on the planet as the vibration on the
planet continues to raise I believe that the perception of time will be going by
faster and faster and every year that has increased every year that has
increased to a completely different level now to a place to where you know I
really need to sometimes like take a step back and just relax and enjoy the
moment because it goes by so fast now the thing that you want to be aware of
going into 2020 is that the perception of time will speed up but so will the
manifestation of what you want to create now this works in both directions both
what you we’ll come quicker and what you don’t
want will come quicker it depends upon your energy state that’s the most
important thing to remember in 2020 it is about your state of being in 2020 how
do you feel are you doing what you’re passionate about are you letting go of
negative emotion that doesn’t serve you anymore are you letting go of the pain
of the past as you let go of these things you’ll notice that your vibration
continues to raise and as it raises guess what your potency as well your
thoughts become much more clear much more pure and things will happen even
easier so I noticed for myself if I set intentions now synchronicity has
increased so much compared to even 2012 when I went first through went through
my spiritual awakening things would happen synchronicity yes you know you’d
see 11:11 or I would see like these things occasionally but now it’s
literally like everywhere I go I see these things whether it’s like the back
of the day there’s an analogy back in the day I would see of 11:11 maybe like
you know this is analogy this is like a metaphor but maybe I’d see like two
times a day now I’d see it like 20 times a day
like I go and it’s like license plate serial numbers I’m looking at serial
numbers for some reason to see 11:11 and everything you see but that’s because of
a certain level of vibrational resonance and the increase in frequency
it’s a synchronicity increased happening on the planet it’s going to continue to
happen in 2020 and beyond it will continue to speed up so the goal in the
key is to get in alignment with what you want to experience in your life because
as things speed up you want to make sure that you’re on the that you’re on the
track of experience anymore of what you do want versus what you don’t want now
the second way that the manifestation energy has changed in 2020 is going to
be something that’s already been changing but it continues going to be
growing and growing it’s being in integrity being in integrity with what
you do being honest whatever view you may notice that there are more secrets
coming out than ever before there’s there’s more things coming out about
whether it’s the guy I’m and or things that are happening in
your in your society or you live you’ll notice that it will become harder and
harder for people to hide information it’ll become harder and harder to keep
things away from people knowing things and it will become more and more obvious
when things when you’re doing something that’s out of integrity you will get
shown very quickly that this is not the way to go and if somebody doesn’t have
integrity and be just just watch how things begin to change I’ve seen this
like it’s like people can’t let synchronicities will come up somebody
will try to hide something and then something weird happens that like
reveals it to everybody that will continue to happen not just in our own
lives but in the collective consciousness as well you’ll see that
happening with different organizations you see that happening with different
companies even the old company I used to work for you Stuart for a company called
Barneys New York where I sold woman shoes and the way the company was ran
because it was like a power like the guy at the top of the the you know I worked
in Barneys New York in Las Vegas and in Las Vegas the manager was a like kinda
like what you consider to be a power tripper he was somebody that was very
bossy telling people what to do and just not a good energy that trickles down and
I knew that because there was there’s also a lack of integrity there it was
mainly having people do things to like spike his own ego I knew that it
wouldn’t last long I knew that the company just in general I you know even
though I left when I was you know started going full-time on YouTube a
couple years ago is still around for two years after I left but just like six to
eight months ago the whole company in general went completely bankrupt and I
think maybe there’s one or two locations open but a lot of people even the people
I used to work with they got laid off and I just knew because the way it
trickles down the the way the the integrity of the company was going down
it wasn’t adapting to this new change and the new change part of that
integrity is having win-win solutions for people win-win solutions you know
there was so much politics at that old job like if I wanted a day off like
they wouldn’t be given to me out of it was the weirdest thing he had to like
suck up or you had to like be one of the the people that really went by the ruse
and the thing is is that mentality that lack of integrity will continue to be
going out of style going forward it’s about being an alignment it’s about
having win-win scenarios it’s about being aware of the energy state because
if you’re at the top and you have a weird and you have energy that’s not
good an energy that puts people down and guess what that’s gonna trickle down and
that’s gonna cause Lunada that store had crazy amount of turnover rate because
people didn’t want to be there it go there and it would they be treated a
certain way and it’s like okay they go somewhere else but that integrity is
gonna be more and more reflected back to us so be in integrity don’t do things
just because you want to make money do things because you’re passionate about
it you see if you’re doing things just for that you’ll find that you don’t get
long you don’t get long winded results from it I become more abundant in my
whole entire life just by being passionate and adding value part of that
integrity is have the intention of adding value to other people in 2009 in
2019 to 2020 what you’re gonna see an increase of and especially in 2020 and
beyond is doing things that help the collective consciousness that help other
people I call this divine intention when you have an intention to add value to
other people knowing that other people or other versions of you the universe
wants to give you more resources to do that the universe wants to help you more
so in 2020 remember that the more you can add value to other people the more
you’re focused on having this outpour of expression and that you have high
integrity the more that things will manifest easier in your life than ever
now the third thing that you’ll notice in 2019 to 2020 the big change that
you’re gonna see you’re gonna see this moving forward just in general as you
will see more people going for their passion than ever before you will see
more people leaving some corporate job you will see more people that are maybe
in like college that aren’t passionate about it but know they want to be doing
something else but they’re just doing something because their parents want
them to do it you’ll be seeing more and more people go for their passion
and understand that you going for your passion is the highest vibrational state
you can be it you following your excitement is a high frequency state and
when you do that you will be supported you will get more and more a reflection
of how to do that you might have to get a little creative with the way you go
about it finding different angles of doing what you’re doing but in general
being passionate about what you’re doing in 2020 and beyond is going to be one of
the most important things it’s aligning with your passion you’re gonna see
people leaving their jobs you’re gonna see people even you’ll you’ll see that
in people’s friend groups as well maybe you realize that some of the people
you’re around bringing you down even beyond just manifestation of like money
and the success and doing what you love look at the different relationships you
have you’re gonna see an increase in a desire to be around people that actually
similar thought processes you you’re gonna see and feel a desire to really go
for your passion to understand why are you doing what you’re doing if you’re
doing it just for the money you’ll find out very quickly that that does not lead
to happiness but if you’re doing it for your pet you’re passionate about it it’s
so easy for you to do because you’re passionate about it
you’ll find that then that is self-sustaining but as time goes on
we’re tapping more and more into these higher states of consciousness to become
more and more important to do these three things is to know that time will
continue to speed up so be in alignment with the state of being that you prefer
and focus more on not what you want because what you want will come quicker
if you focus more on what you don’t want what you don’t want will come quicker as
well so focus on what you do want secondly being integrity make sure
you’re doing it because you’re passionate about it make sure you’re
doing it with high morals with doing it because it adds value to other people
understand divine intention you’re a Divine Being dreaming you’re this human
ego structure and when you start to tap more into how you can add value to other
people to other versions of you you’ll find that the universe just wants to
give you more just wants to help you because you’re doing it with a pure with
the pure mentality and then thirdly do what you are passionate about you will
see more people leaving their jobs that they don’t / they don’t prefer
more people leaving relationships that are draining them more people going for
what they’re passionate for more people developing boundaries as well you’ll see
in 2020 more people have boundaries over them doing what they’re passionate about
what they are passionate about now what the family wants them to do now what are
their friends want them to do you will see more people having this unique
expression and it will be beautiful to see but into 2020 and beyond these
things are very important to get a little in alignment with so that you’re
on the optimal frequency of what you want to experience now this also has to
do with something that’s called 5d energy 5d energy is the energy that’s on
the planet right now that we have the ability to connect to and as time goes
on there’s going to be more availability and option for us to tap into this 5d
energy so that we’re on the highest timeline now I have a meditation that
will show you how to tap into that 5d energy and when you listen to it just
read the comments to see what’s possible by the way there’s a there’s a whole
bunch of comments that show you the kind of experiences people have had people
have had profound experiences listening to it and their lives have changed a lot
I say that up to brag I say that because this information just flows through but
I think that if you listen to that meditation for 21 days I think it’ll
transform your life you’ll see at the top of the description box below
but what it’ll help you do is tap into this 5d energy so that you make this
shift in consciousness and as you tap into the 5d energy it’ll influence
people around you as well and trigger within them that high vibrational energy
so that 5d it’s a 5d meditation allowing you to tap into that easier than ever
that energy is here now you can listen to it’s on the top of the description
box below and other than that hope you enjoyed this video if you enjoy this
video because you do me a favor and smash that like button let me know that
you’re ready for manifestation 20/20 what are you excited about which of
these three you most excited about and which one are you going to start
implementing you know who the same something that you’re going to do and
writing it down or typing it can be very powerful so tap it in the comments other
than that as always peace much love and namaste

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