Oh my god, that looks so cool poopy Peapod – what What really how’s it going guys? We’re gonna be doing the doom gauntlet today. It’s the new gauntlet That’s all full of demon levels And I imagine they range from easy to medium demons Probably goes like easy easy easy medium medium, or easy easy medium medium medium or something like that This is one that there was a creator contest for so everything is going to be very doom related doom themed I should say which is awesome you know cuz I think all the gauntlets should have Should stick to their theme right the crystal gauntlet most of the crystal levels were really crystal themed and for the doom gauntlet I have high expectations I have played one of the demons before I know that one of the demons in here is a boss fight called nowise by Darwin Which I believe is the fourth or fifth level and that was a really kick-ass level Anyways, let’s do it extinction by HaoN can you survive the mass extinction? I don’t know It is a demon so like I think I should go into practice mode, but let’s try a few rounds in normal And then we’ll go into practice extinction by hounds Let’s do it I don’t know if I’m gonna get the coins. I don’t know if I care enough ow Wow, okay click faster. Yeah, thanks. No I clicked too fast. That was the problem. I died from clicking too much. All right Well, we got 13% on the first attempt not bad although. It’s pretty easy god damn it There we go see Erik was that bad hurt oh my god, oh? My god something blew at the candle Spooky why they jump there oh come on. Why did I jump? I’m spooked guys Wow that’s actually kind of a tight wave section for an easy demon I mean still it’s not that hard But wasn’t expecting that you know Oh, wow, okay, so we’re almost out like 50% of the way if we can get there So I think the hardest part so far is just this wave Which still isn’t like too bad? I? Guess you could just hold down the button the whole time there couldn’t you? So like you go here hold down the button and then fly up yeah Wow man no, it’s sense. I like it how the death side and said slow down But that was the problem is the problem the problem is the level slowed down all right? Wow really 76 come on ah man hitting the button too much there, yeah Are you kidding again Why having I’m having a really hard time focusing And it might have hard time focusing on some tire gauntlet because like all the levels of black Darkness Wow that took a long, I thought it was gonna take me Whatever we did it eventually Anyways extinction by how and has some really fun gameplay. I did survive the mass extinction we survived Oh, yeah, we survived But yeah that took me way longer than I thought 131 time still isn’t bad for an easy demon alright anyways Let’s move on so extinction was pretty fun a berry to Angel is the next one by felix Ram Will you escape the Buried Angels to my doom CCN tree? I don’t know will I? Let’s see how. That’s cool. It’s cool. Looking skulls. I’m scared. Oh my god Just just flying oh, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa keep holding? Okay? Oh? Whoa whoa whoa whoa Whoa whoa? Let’s just practice it. Oh this seems pretty cool so far It seems like it has some pretty unique gameplay you now hold. Oh look at how I like I was changing game modes, okay? Okay, I think I can do that whoa oh, man. This is just tripping me out No, no, that’s not that hard. Okay. I was making it out to be a little bit harder than it actually was this is just It strip would be out it’s chipping me out. Oh my god. Oh my god. I’m so tripping. I’m tripping guys Just wait, and then you can just wait through there, but then you got to press a button through there Okay
So there’s a lot of waiting like there’s a lot of times when I was just pressing the button when you don’t even have to Okay, so we just go through the wave and then wait and through there. Oh that looks really cool I like that and then we’re the ball again very cool. Though. I like this style and the design how it’s like Like some of the screens kind of blacked out like the top and the bottom the letterbox effect or whatever. I think it’s pretty cool There’s a kitty Oh Man I was just poking down a little bit I think the hardest parts from me are transitioning into those really tiny wave sections doing them isn’t hard It’s just transitioning into the wave sections are ours. Oh You got a jump there Okay, let’s go into practice and practice yeah, and that’s a pretty good attempt, though I mean we made some good progress we went through like the entire skinny sections Yeah whoo, I forgot there’s a portal up there that like helps you out Okay, just bring it in bring it in through the lag Eric We got this boom boom boom BP ba poopy PIPA – what what really? There we go what what fuck are you kidding me? I thought I was done. There’s two more spikes I let go of the controller no isn’t the music was like ding ding ding, and I thought it was done Can’t believe it because this is a travesty Come on the hardest part of the levels right here ah Am I done am I done, you’re gonna kill me kill me Bring it on just fucking bring it. Are you gonna kill me yet? You have the diamonds are popping up, but I don’t care. You still gonna kill me arch. That’s actually really cool. Level guys Here’s the thing I’m gonna tell you this is a message to you all When you think you’re at the end of the level do not let go of your controller or Mouse or whatever Hold on until it says level complete because you never know Buried angel by Felix Ram is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this one It seems a little bit difficult at first when you’re going through those tight passageways But there’s definitely a rhyme and reason the problem. I found going through there was I was pressing too many buttons But you don’t have to press that man You just need to wait for the right opportunity to do it and once you know the timings It’s actually really fun and really cool, so buried angel by Felix Ram That’s an awesome level And I think we’d yeah we did that in less attempts than the first one Next one is shrill hallway now some people say shrill. Hallway is pretty tough I also heard from a on air that in this level. There’s like some really tight flying. I think all right well shrill hallway It’s a medium demon which is harder than all the other ones. We’ve done so far which have been Not medium demons okay Kirill hallway, so there’s gonna be some shrilling people like ah Wow Wow Wow what and then like you hold down the button, but then you gotta let go right away so you gotta like go down here and Then like let go and kind of like wiggle oh That’s all right It’s a little weird, but I like it how there’s like a doom gauntlet boss like always just like shooting stuff at you Okay, so you can just let go there. I guess maybe not I don’t know it seems like you can just let go let’s just practice it a few more times You really got to hit that jump ring early? It’s kind of annoying UFO part seems pretty standard What I can’t see where I am No don’t tell me I’m gonna be blinking don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t make me blink. Oh you son of a I Can’t I can’t even see where I died Oh God Okay, so with these ball timings there aren’t even really timings. You just like hit the button right away like that And if you’re too late, you just won’t get it so at least the end of this level is kind of easy Which is good, but the middle of the level you bait may, but I will return oh Yeah, you got it. I was trying to like go up and hit the Jump ring by pressing the button and hitting it But you got to press it early and you got to go on to that pillar at the top oh God why invisible I still don’t in like the fact that I’m blinking you know I don’t like that blink part the shit part. I have the rhythm a little bit more. It’s okay I still think the where you gotta hit the yellow jump orb on The ship and go down into that corridor with the double portals. It’s that’s a little It’s a little tough. It’s a little more harder than the rest of the level but Thank you for the donation, dude We should get this soon like that was a that was a bit of a fail death there Is there anything else No, that’s it right. That’s it. Yeah. Yeah, yeah Yeah
You may be but I’ll return the ha no hand on the controller and on the controller make sure you don’t tie to a spike Don’t Dennis level complete. Okay. I can let go yes. This level it has some really good bits to it. I think the invisibility during the Cube part. What should I say it’s like fake difficulty because you just can’t see what you’re doing I really didn’t like that, but I thought the rest of it had some decent gameplay. I liked the wave part I liked the beginning. I like the ball part at the end and the wave parts those were all good the ship part you know it was alright, but I think the ship part would have been better if it was part of like a a Hard or insane demon felt a little bit out of place for a medium I was like way harder than the rest of the level You know just just a little bit out of place like I’m pretty good at the game I like to think I’m decent at the game And so for me I eventually caught on but I can only imagine like someone who’s hardest demon is like another medium demon coming to that part and Really being turned off by finishing this level just because of how difficult It is so two other people that only do medium demons and like not hard demons yet like this level is gonna seem Really hard we just kind of unfortunate I think the rest of the level is pretty good this took me three hundred three attempts next one is Nowise which I’ve already done But at the same time that was like a month ago, so I’ve forgotten a lot of it I’m gonna have to run through to get him practice But I thought there was a way that you could just like going onto the bottom. No it got fixed. Okay So you need to actually like go up and down What was I doing I was thinking about I was thinking about something else I Started I’m starting to I’ve been playing this game too long I started thinking about something else you know what I was thinking – I Was thinking like I haven’t been doing much stretching lately I should start doing yoga, and as soon as I thought that like I should start doing yoga boom and then I died oh I only pressed it twice there really yeah, you gotta press it three times one two three. Oh my god What was I thinking that was just a massive brain fart? My brain just tooted and it stinks in here now Dang Go low we got it. Are you the dragon to the bits me? Yes, okay, no wise that’s really fun. That’s always just that’s just a good level. I love nowise It’s really really consistent difficulty It’s just it’s this is the embodiment of a medium demon yeah, I don’t know why people don’t like this level I really like Noah’s by Darwin. I think it’s so fun. Yeah. I think it’s a really fun level I love the difficulty. I love the way it looks. I love the double boss fight I love the spider part even though normally. I don’t like spider parts. I think it plays really well I just I like it you know, but nowise by Darwin’s super fun. I love it and the next one is darkness keeper I don’t know anything about this level darkness keeper by abstract dark abstract dark always makes really good levels So let’s let’s give it a shot here we go the darkness keeper I’m wondering did I ever play this level? Huh, no I don’t think I played this level like it’s like some of these levels when they’ve come out of practice time just a couple times Well the beginning parts pretty easy. Oh my god that looks so cool That looks real It’s a boss fight right away though. I love all those arrows Oh show you where to go and I love to look at the beginning part Yeah, this is really dope this is so cool-looking so we go here, and then we go down. Oh, that’s really quick So we go down that way and then up that’s pretty easy, so you go down and Then up and there’s a coin up there interesting and you can stay at the top to get the coin Which is what? I’m gonna. Do because I find that’s kind of easier That’s hard Okay, so you got to remember that I can land on the bottom like I could land on the bottom after these first two so I dodged these first two and then I just land on the bottom That’s something to keep in mind like you can’t hit the top, but you definitely can hit the bottom Whoa? Trippy this whole thing’s gonna be a boss fight. Ah That’s crazy. There’s only one part so far. That’s been like really hard Which is dodging those fireballs at the top and the boss fight? This is a super cool. Level though I mean the way it looks is awesome And then up there okay, you can go up to hi there interesting. There’s a lot of stuff to remember though You got to just barely be able to hit that So you got a hold and then press down there wow you can’t prohibit On parang is gonna kill me so many times Because you gotta like wait to hit it, but then you gotta like go up as the ball right away There’s nothing too hard skill wise in this level. It’s just a lot of memorization. I’d say the hardest part is the beginning boss fight? And then just remembering jump ring timings cuz there’s a lot of jump ring timings to remember in the last half of the level down and up and we stay up here I Got that And then we go down to the bottom stay in the middle uh 33% was a pretty good attempt apparently mathematically there exists Someone in the universe like some other living creature. That’s almost identical to you Mathematically speaking just because of the size of the universe because it’s so massive What wat I jumped up too early, I was really close to getting to the end of that part very close Oh No I did get noscoped he actually shot me that black jump ring timing is you have to hit it late But if you get it too late. He’ll hit you with the laser there that is just oh my god That black jump ring timing into that laser is insane Are you kidding me now the transition you have a lot of time to wait and I thought I had to jump right away. Oh, oh The choke is real That is such a joke. That’s the end that’s I was at the end of the level I was at the easy part like I beat the boss The boss is like oh now. You’ve defeated me. You’re too powerful. I’ve died, and then I was like well I’ll give you a little freebie black. I just liked jump died the boss is like what what the hell? I guess I’m gonna go over here and regenerate then yeah, I’m losing my focus of Inklings too long What a waste of an attempt I got a I got a focus I can’t talk I go just focus Got it nice Unless I let go the button which would suck Don’t let go level complete hold down the button until the level complete sign pops up wow there’s three coins in there I only saw one. Holy cool. That’s awesome Wow darkness keeper by abstract dark. That’s such a cool level Definitely a medium demon the hardest part is the beginning with the ship when the three fireballs come out you with a laser beam comes? Up and then the three fireballs, that’s very hard, but the rest of the timings can be learned with enough practice, but yeah I really like this level. I thought darkness keeper was good. I thought it was really fair well this 2177 attempts Nowise took me 111 Shrill hallway took me 303 ice drill. Hallway is the hardest level in the gauntlet for sure shrill Hallway, is by far the hardest level buried angel. I took me seventy-three and extinction 131 extinction I should have finished earlier It was the first one that I did and I was really tired like I just woken up so that’s why it took me so Long I do like all these levels for different reasons. I really like the gameplay on extinction I thought it was fun a buried angel the way it looks and the gameplay is super fun Very intuitive and unique buried angel is a fantastic level. It’s awesome shrill hallway has some good moments, but unfortunately all those good moments are hidden behind the 20% ship part, which I think is a little bit unfair and Also, the blinking, cube is a little too much. I think if the blinking Cube is taken out and the ship is made a little easier. I think it would be a better level This is my personal opinion No wise I really like I think it has really consistent gameplay And I love the double boss fight in it and darkness keeper It was just epic as all hell and I really like the gameplay on it so all these levels I like for different reasons. I think the doom gauntlet overall is a resounding success, and I’m happy to have played it Let’s check out the reward BAM I got a death effect. I got a demon key, and I got some gems that’s cool Let’s go check out the death effects while we’re at it Boom, so let’s just go stereo madness and see it in all its glory BAM oh that’s cool, that’s a really big explosion I like that yeah, I’ll keep that. Thank you for all the support on these streams. I really love you guys I’ll see you in the next one and as always pace

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  1. your over here getting 5 demons in a video


  2. I think that slap squad 1&2 were maid for the doom gauntlet but didn't get picked because slap squad 1 had the doom gauntlet boss as Eric said

  3. Matematický speaking, there is an almost 100% probability, that somewhere in the universe, there is some other living creature, that is same as you, and is reading a comment identical to this written by someone named mk panda Who is same as me, and the comment is written on a video, where someone same as EVW beats Doom gauntlet and each frame of the video is same as the frame of this video (in the samé time of the video). This all is happening in the same time. (Mathematically speaking, all not-infinite areas are in the universe infinite times, because there is some high probability, that the universe is infinitely big.)

  4. Eric: “Mathematically speaking, odds are that there is another creature in the universe identical to you.”
    Also Eric: ”My brain tooted and it stinks in here!”

  5. My ranking of the Doom gauntlet (just my opinion)

    1. Nowise (Really really hard. I didn't like the wave after the first boss fight that transitions into the slow part and I didn't like the slow tight ship part at around 50% ish , but everything after that is pretty fun. I really liked the spider part and the ball part, hated the final ship part as I died there twice. Very challenging level)
    2. Shrill Hallway (After the nerf, pretty standard for a medium demon, I didn't find the ship part too hard and I liked the spider part.)
    3. Darkness Keeper (Lot of fun, epic, really fair though the part with the fireballs and getting the coin is really hard. I didn't find the black jump ring to be a problem, but the transition from the spider into the ball through the teleportation portals was a bit annoying to figure out. Not worth the updated rating of a hard demon at all.)
    4. Extinction (The wave at around 40 percent is overrated but the 70% ship part is actually pretty hard. Everything else was pretty standard for an easy demon)
    5. Buried Angle (Actually pretty close to extinction difficulty wise in my opinion. Everything except the transitions into the wave was easy)

    Note, I play on mobile and I've beaten the demon gauntlet. That along with this gauntlet are my hardest demons (just giving perspective about what level of a skilled player I am)…

  6. Shrill Hallway has the forest temple music, just a different part, and its weird to hear that song on that level for some reason in the forest temple sounding part

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