5 Most Peaceful Religions In The World

Peace in the world Is something that all if not most people desire to have to achieve that many societies have turned to one form of? Religion or another so here are the five religions most known or associated the most with peace hey, guys my Name is lera kenton and welcome to another episode of ftd facts now when we hear the word peace it may look Differently for a lot of us individually and a question i want to ask is do you believe world peace is possible, why Why, not so i gotta start off with the religion number 5. And that’s taoism taoism is a system of chinese philosophy Beliefs and practices that became a religion in the modern sense taoism has been around to some degree in china for about 2,000 years Taoism advocates peace and tranquillity to overcome stress Tao zi means rejecting hatred and intolerance of humans And while violence isn’t absolutely forbidden in taoism it is the last resort taoism Attempts to promote peace harmony and coexistence both within and without and number four we have Sikhism originating in the indian subcontinent Sikhism goes back to the 15th century it was established By, guru, nanak, who was the first of 11 gurus if you’re, not familiar Sikhs believe in one god their sacred writing that they use is called a guru granth sahib, and sikhism it’s a pretty New religion but with over 20 million followers all over the world today Sikhism is a fifth largest religion in the world the message of religious harmony love peace and tolerance can Be found in sikhism and the sikh community is considered to be one of the most peaceful most hard-working communities in the entire world Now continuing down, we have jainism jainism is one of the ancient world religions Jain, isms fundamental guiding principle is ahimsa or non-violence which Makes its followers one of the most peaceful people on the planet the principle of non-violence is strictly enforced Especially monks and nuns Who have gone as far as to put a piece of cloth over their mouth so that their breath or their voice doesn’t hire many Microbacteria jane’s are also Vegetarians as their beliefs cause them to not harm others humans or animals So, we got our final two religions at the number-two spot, we have? Hinduism right so hinduism even though most hindus live in india there’s a substantial population Of hindus across the globe it’s one of the fastest growing religions in the entire world a unique thing about Hinduism is that hindus worship a god in many different forms Hinduism, also preaches the belief in karma which, means that every action has an equal and opposite reaction Hindus believe in karma and reincarnation Which creates an awareness among People to constantly practice good deeds by accepting god to exist in all human beings as, well as in nature hinduism considers the entire universe from the smallest organism to human beings to be Manifestations of god the hindu greeting commonly heard is animosity, which means the divine almighty in me vows to the divine almighty in you as god is in Everyone according to their belief now the number one religion most associated with peace on this list Is buddhism the buddhist tradition, like jainism is also clearly, associated with non-violence and the principle of ahimsa By eliminating attachment to material things, which buddhists, believe can incite violence in others if they Allow it buddhists believe in minimalistic living some buddhist texts do in fact, allow Taking a human’s life in a very rare cases to protect or defend the innocent however most buddhists, today reject even these justifications of killing Buddhism really advocates Peace justice and the brotherhood so guys that does it for this list on the most peaceful religions, let, me know down below What other religions you think should have been in this episode and what religion Do you believe should have been number one but before you go i’ve links below Where you can, watch our videos on some of the specific religions that i talked about in this video like, hinduism Si as, well as buddhism now in those videos i go a lot More in greater detail into these religions and share some of the most surprising and interesting and controversial facts About them the link to those are down below in this video description i highly recommend checking them out so as you can see There are many different beliefs and point of views ken world peace ever be achieved Perhaps, when we choose to finally see one another for simply being human beings and not look for others to be think and act exactly like ourselves and Actually strive to understand where others are coming from then perhaps there just might be a chance of achieving world peace Hey, and for those of you, who, want to watch more of our videos on religion here’s a playlist right here We also have other videos that uncover some of the most amazing and surprising facts About various different countries and cultures all around our world don’t forget to subscribe guys, and i’ll see you real soon

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