5 Things that will change your Dominant Vibration INSTANTLY

5 Things that will change your Dominant Vibration INSTANTLY

This video, I’m going to be sharing with you
five things that will change your dominant vibration instantly, and these are the things
when you begin to do, will change your entire life. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now in this video, I’m going to be sharing
with you those five things that have changed my dominant vibration, my dominant frequency,
and just to give you a little bit of basis for this, only three years ago, if you know
my story, you probably heard this before, first off, but only about three years ago,
I was working nine to five job that I hated and my dominant vibration was a vibration
of resisting going to work every day. My dominant vibration was one where I felt
like I had to try really hard to be abundant and there was just a lot of resistance and
what I did was I started to apply certain habits in my life, certain things in my life
that have now got me to a point to where I do an am the way that I used to dream to be. I used to think about living the kind of lifestyle
that I live now. And just to get this a little bit of a context,
let me show you where I’m at right now. I’m in this beautiful place in Costa Rica,
a comp time. I’d even go look at his Airbnb for stop. Let me see if I can see. So this is the Airbnb. What I love about it is how much light there
is. But look outside, I used to dream and have
the vision of me traveling the world, making YouTube videos and just needing a wifi connection. And look, there’s like all these windows,
there’s a two master bedrooms in this place is very, uh, amazing place to be. And it had me realize what are the things
that had me change my dominant vibration? Because I want to help you to also change
your dominant vibration so that you can then create the reality that you want. Now realize that your reality is a direct
reflection of what you think, how you feel and what you do. And what I realized is the dominant vibration
of the old reality was me living in a, uh, you know, it was me believing that I had to
work a nine to five job that I wasn’t passionate about. It was me going to work every day feeling
drained. It was not feeling worthy, feeling like I
wasn’t living my purpose, feeling like there was something missing from my life. And then I became aware of that vibration. And then these five things I share with you
are all things that allowed me to wire in this vibration, which has me doing what I
love. Getting up every day. It’s like six in the morning right now. I can get up at like nine or 10 if I want
it to. But I love what I do and I get to make a video
with an amazing view right now. And there are differences in those vibrations
and those vibrational realities. And in essence, what I did is I matched the
vibration of this reality using these five things I’m about to share with you. Now. The first one is simply meditation. Meditation has been one of the most powerful
things that I’ve applied in my own life. And meditation is what has allowed me to then
be in the vibrational state that I prefer. Because what you feel is what you then experience,
what you feel will then also help you to rewire your own beliefs. And I’ve seen some amazing things happen with
meditation, for example, and it can be a great degree of change that happens with the power
of meditation. I remember that, uh, I’ve maybe showed this
story once or twice before I was, uh, at my buddy Victor’s one of his retreats that I
was giving a talk. And at that retreat there were like 20, 30
people that flew in to be at his retreat. There was somebody that came up to me after
I gave my talk. It was on like the final day that he was having
that retreat. I gave like a 20 or 30 minute talk and afterwards
somebody came up to me and said, and she came up and she was uh, she was in crutches, but
nonetheless she was able to walk in those crutches and she said to me, she said, she
was told by doctors that she would never walk again, not told, told that you’re going to
be in a wheelchair the rest of your life. And that made her very sad. That made her very depressed for a while. But then what she did is she was doing one
of my meditations and that meditation, which you know is uh, w was about parallel reality
shifting that meditation, she said then she was doing it and at the end of it she then
was able to start locking. She said that what that meditation did is
it took about her story. I mean that’s what the meditation did in general. It makes you aware of your story and it really
gives you permission to shift out of the old identity to shift out of the old story. And she says that the reason she is able to
walk now is because of that meditation that completely blew my mind and made me realize
the power of meditation at a completely new level. Not just for me creating the reality I want,
but even somebody that was told you’re never going to walk again. Then was able to do a certain meditation and
then able to start walking. It shows the power of meditation. I wanted to share that story because you might
be having something you want to create in your life, way less than that of a degree
of change of the reality you’re into being paralyzed to not being paralyzed. But nonetheless, that is something that is
possible. So that meditation, uh, meditation in general
is, it’s been transformative in my own life. I’ve wired in this reality through meditation. Think of meditation as a way of going beyond. And when you go beyond, that’s when you’re
then able to be in that reality you want. You’ve got to go beyond how you currently
think, how you currently feel and how you currently act. And then you’re able to be in that state. Now, the second thing that will help you to
change your dominant vibration instantly has to do with changing your self image. How do you see yourself? However you see yourself is what you’re going
to act inconsistency too. And if you want to create any degree of change
in your life, you must get to the core of your self image. Now, this was apparent to me when I used to
have that nine to five job that I wasn’t very, uh, passionate about and I had this epiphany
because I went in every day. It was a commission sales commission job. I went in every day and I could see a direct
reflection between what I was experiencing and what I was thinking and the way I thought
about myself to what I was experiencing. One day I learned about the power of self-image
and what I did is I just imagined every day that I went in there was this little sheet
that we’d checked to see the top sales group or from the day before. I would just always imagine that I was at
the top. Even when I was helping people, I just saw
myself as one of the top salespeople there, somebody that was able to really help people
and uh, it just was in that status in a way, within days I was at the top of the list consistently,
not just once or twice consistently and it’s because I changed my self image. Now when you change your self image, that
also helps you to change your vibration because then you’ll find that your subconscious behaviors
begins to lock in it as well. Also, I’m going to have this video go in,
this video will go live when there is something that I’m doing that I have actually never
done before. This is, I’m in celebration of my birthday
week cause if you didn’t know, this is my birthday week, I was actually born on Thanksgiving
and uh, it’s a day full of gratitude and it’s also my way of giving back. So as something that I’ve never done before,
something I’m going to do right now is I’m offering a 11 of my top transformational courses. I call the all access pass. I’m offering that to you at a unbeatable deal
unlike anything you’ll ever see again. And if you want that, it’s going to involve
that of the raise your vibrational set point, a live event that I did with [inaudible],
Alexandra and Victor Odo. That event in itself will help you to change
your dominant vibration to help you to change yourself. Image, there will be that of the morning routine
law of attraction accelerator course. There’ll be that of the life purpose course. You will see transformational breathwork,
which is a one of the most powerful things. When you reset your breathing, you reset your
emotions. You will see there as well. I’m going to be adding an archive of all my
meditations that you see on YouTube plus premium. Meditation’s all in one place, making it super
easy for you to listen to all my meditation so you don’t have to like find that YouTube
videos for it. Uh, and there as well. There’s the reality trans surfing trilogy
pack, which will show you the most powerful techniques that you can use to, uh, apply
reality trans surfing, which is the most powerful manifestation process that I’ve ever found. And uh, including a slide technique which
is more powerful than visualization. There’s different workshops there, the shift
trilogy pack, which is that, uh, showing you how to shift your level of, it’s like the
precursor to the shift experience. So that as well. Plus never before have I released this course. It’s called the enlightenment manifestation
process. It’s everything I learned from the book autobiography
of a Yogi for how enlightened people manifest. I showed you how to invoke that level of consciousness,
that level of vibration so that you could start to manifest from a higher level of consciousness. Now everything I mentioned plus a couple other
courses will be in the link in the top of the description box below. And on that page you’ll see how much time
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you, if there’s only a certain amount of time, like you can see on that page by clicking
at the top of the description box below. But that’s really also my way of giving back. I was born on Thanksgiving, which is the day
of gratitude, and I just wanted to say thank you for the support and also to encourage
you to step into your dominant vibration of the reality you want. All of those courses will help you to why
you’re in that new reality. For that to become your dominant vibration,
the only thing you must do is you must decide and choose that something that you’re worthy
of. So if that’s something that resonates with
you, I encourage you just to click the link in the top description box below, you’ll see
how much time is left and you can join. And also so many different ways to transform
your vibration. Any one of those 11 courses will help you
to do that. So with that, the second part of this process
and understanding your self image, which is what the all access pass really is geared
at, is changing your self image. When I changed my self image from believing
I had to work a nine to five job to now doing what I love, that’s what’s transformed my
life more than ever before. Now the third thing you must do in order to
shift your dominant vibration instantly is to understand that of at your level of consciousness,
what current level of consciousness are you at? Are you, do you feel stuck in certain vibrations? And what you’ll notice is that when it comes
to your different vibrations, they’ve been on autopilot. Many of them. If you feel angry, if you’re jealousy, if
you feel um, resentment, if you feel shame, fear, or guilt, those are things that are
just on autopilot. The way that you get to the next level of
consciousness is that you learn how to observe your thoughts. You learn how to complete the patterns of
the past. You learn how to, um, let go of what doesn’t
serve. Because your vibration is naturally high. Your vibration is naturally high. It’s only attachment that keeps you in lower
vibrational States. So a lot of this has to do with that as well. Changing meaning my whole entire life changed
when I gave new meaning to my past. I realized that my past with my, my, uh, ex
step mom for example, she was very mentally and verbally and physically abusive. I realized that that led to my spiritual awakening. Even though after 15 years old, I’d never
had to deal with her again. I felt that resentment. I felt that like residue of energy. What happened though is when I changed the
meaning and realize that it led to my spiritual awakening that changed everything. So when meaning is something that is running
our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. And when you change the meaning, you change
your life and that has a lot to do with your vibration. So once again, that all access pass, we’ll
show you exactly how to do that. And you learn that and the raise your vibrational
set point, live event recording, which has that have a meditation. It’s a live meditation that’s been recorded
that you can listen to and you can see the results there as well because there’s a 70
or 80 people in the crowd and you can see the kind of results that it has on them. It’ll have that same result on you if you
apply it, at least a cam. And like I said, that’s the all access pass
that’s in the link in the top of the description box. So changing your level of vibration by letting
go of attachment and pass meaning will completely transform your life. And the fourth thing that will change your
dominant vibration has to do with your consistent habits during the day of physical activity. So for me, one thing that I did is I realized
that this version of me works out every day because I love working out. I enjoy it. But, uh, I wired that in, in my old identity,
I saw that I had a lot of energy. So also I realized that I had to eat more
nutrient rich foods, rather the very heavy foods. So what I did is I decided that I’m going
to work out every day. Some days I go to the gym, I don’t do a crazy
workout. I just do a little bit of cardio. But moving your body will change your state
the other day as well. I remember I was having a rougher day for
some reason I didn’t even really know why. But what I did is, um, I was feeling a little
bit sad. I was feeling like a little bit like the day
was kind of dragging on. So what I did is I went for a swim and when
I went for a swim, I started moving. My body started doing exercise and I was just
swimming. It was very relaxing. However, that changed my state. It increased my vibration. Now the thing is, is when you change your
state, you change your vibration. One of the other things I would highly recommend
is a loosening up, having more fun understanding that when you joke around, it raises your
vibration. When I used to go into my nine to five job
and what I would do is I would, uh, go in and just joke around with customers and I
was a sales commission job. I would joke around and have fun. It would increase my vibration. It was then contagious and then I would end
up doing better while enjoying myself. So something I’ve been doing in my life recently
too was just enjoying myself more going out. And I even, uh, you know, just pushed in a
way pushing myself to go to the beach that’s right behind me, right? And that I could see right over here and do
things that I enjoy. Cause I know that once that raises vibration
and I do that consistently every single day in some way, I just raise my vibration, have
fun, loosen up that over time it becomes a compound. You do it one day. Imagine doing it many days in a row. It begins to compound over time. Now, the fifth thing I want to share that
will shift you into a dominant vibration of the reality you want is understanding uncertainty,
stepping into uncertainty. I to step into the certainty. When I started making daily videos on YouTube,
I to step into uncertainty. Even now as I’m getting ready to do live events,
uncertainty is where magic happens and certainty is where miracles happen. When you step into uncertainty, you’re in
the unknown and in the unknown is where anything can happen if you’re in the known only things
that are predictable can happen. So the key to this is making the choice to
step into the unknown. Are you tired of your old reality? Are you tired of the box that you may feel
like you’re living in? Are you tired of being in an autopilot mind? Are you tired of feeling like you’re not really
living up to your potential? If that is the case, that it’s time to step
into the unknown. Even if it feels a little bit scary, you’ll
find that so much good comes from it. I promise you, and one of the ways you can
step into the unknown, like I said, is joining the all access pass that will help you and
give you the tools to, it’s creating a powerful transformation in your life. Also, it is the best time if you want the
most transformative courses that I’ve made understand as well, that if you’ve gotten
any value in the YouTube videos, imagine the value you’d get in the premium content. That step-by-step shows you how to transform
your life. So one last time I encourage you, you can
click on the link below, see how much time is left to get that up. The all access pass, and I look forward to
seeing you on the inside. Remember, you can change your dominant vibrations
with meditation, changing yourself image, understanding your current level of vibration
and making the choice to change it. Physical exercise, loosen up, having fun in
life and understanding that stepping into uncertainty is one of the most certain ways
to changing your vibration. So with that being said, I hope you enjoyed
this video. If you get like this video, if you liked it,
share it with people that you want to help them change their dominant vibration. And other than that, I’ll see you on the next
video. Peace. Much love. Now this name.

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