7 Afterlife Situations from Different Religions

7 Afterlife Situations from Different Religions

Attention! In most of the known religion of the world,
there is life after death. What happens to you after death? Either punishment, reward, reincarnation or
just a whole new world. But as most religion changes throughout time
or according to different teachings, there may be inconsistencies in ones belief. Thus, here are 7 instances on what could happen
to you after you are no longer living in this world. That is, according to different religions. Number Seven Ancient Egyptian The ancient egyptians believe that humans
are made of the body they are born with and the soul within it. For either of it to remain in existence, both
must not be destroyed. Without the body, the soul would cease to
exist and vice versa. That’s why they mummified people in the past. To ensure that the soul would not disappear
when the body disintegrates. But where does the soul go? According to texts found on coffins, they
would go to the underworld called Duat. Duat is pretty similar to Earth but has turquoise
trees, iron walls all around separating different layers, lakes of fire and overall much more
lushfull yet dark. It is a pretty dangerous place. Its a place that wants to kill you for the
second time. And as stated earlier, once you die a second
time, you would be gone forever. So there are traps all over the place and
you also need to look out for supernatural animals. Not to mention some Gods such as Osiris, Anubis,
Horus, Thoth, Ma’at and Hathor whom are also easily angered and would also harm you. There’s a few beliefs in what happens in Duat. Some say that people basically live their
life til they die , without any judgement whatsoever. Or the Duat is just an intermediate where
the soul needs to pass through to be finally judged at the end of the journey. So you either end up devoured by the Devourer
of Souls, Ammit or pass on to paradise called Aaru. Number Six Islam When a person dies in Islam, the soul would
be taken out of the body and would be in a somewhat purgatory realm or Barzakh until
the day of judgement. Its a realm where you wont be able to sense
the time. There the souls would be questioned about
their beliefs and deeds and would get a small glimpse on what they would go through in the
actual afterlife. Only on the day of judgement, everyone is
given back their body and raised from the dead for the final judgement. This is when people get judged and sent to
either hell or heaven. There are a few layers of hell and heaven. Each layer gives different rewards and punishments
according to your deeds. Apparently the lowest and worst hell is reserved
not for disbelievers but for Muslims who are Munafiq. Munafiq is basically those who are Muslim
but lies, slanders, double crosses and those that are insincere. Number Five Hinduism In Hinduism, karma is a big thing. The karma you have accumulated, may it be
good or bad determines your condition in the afterlife and when you reincarnate. In the afterlife, depending on the karma you
have accumulated, you are put in either Naraka (hell) or Svarga (heaven). The Naraka is governed by the god Yama while
Svarga by Indra. There are many layers of hell and heaven that
gives punishments and rewards accordingly. The Naraka and Svarga is only a temporary
place for human souls. Its only an intermediate before the soul is
then brought back to earth to be reincarnated to other lifeforms. It is also a place for the soul to feel the
consequences of their karma and to imprint the consequences to either not do bad deeds
anymore or to do more good in the next life. It is believed you will forever go through
this cycle of death and rebirth. Only until you reach the state of Moksha,
which is a bit like Nirvana where you’re 100% free from everything, will you be able to
be released from this death and rebirth cycle. Number Four Judaism Apparently in Judaism, it is unclear what
will happen after ones death. There’s a few beliefs from going to hell or
heaven, reincarnation to even being resurrected one day. But most of the ideas about the afterlife
only developed post biblical times. Thus what is certain is that, as Judaism focuses
on the life they currently own, their beliefs is more about the kind of life one has lived. As long as they follow their God’s path and
does nothing bad, there would be a better place for their efforts. But if there is a heaven and hell, it would
be Gan Eden and Gehenna. Gan Eden is said to be a perfect place of
bliss and peace. Only the righteous goes straight to Gan Eden. While Gehenna or Sheol is a place where people
gets purified for their sin. It is said that the demons manifested in Gehenna
are created by one’s own sins. Thus, the more sin you have the longer you
would stay in Gehenna. After you have done your time in Gehenna,
you would be placed in Olam Ha-Ba which is a new world. Not as great as Gan Eden but better than Gehenna. Number Three Buddhism The Buddhism afterlife belief is pretty similar
to Hinduism. In that everything dies and would then be
reincarnated. There is also karma just like in Hinduism
and depending on the karma accumulated one could be reborn as a human or animal or ghosts. Even demigods or even one of the gods themselves. Though it is more complicated than that as
it is believe that there is no soul. Rather than soul, its just an accumulation
of karma, thoughts and desires. To escape from the cycle of living and dying
while experiencing all the feelings and suffering you get with it, you need to achieve the state
of Nirvana. Or the state of enlightenment. In this state, you would be an eternal being
that’s just existing and free from any worldly suffering. Though it is not entirely clear what exactly
is the Nirvana as it is said to transcend normal thinking. So, even with all this, Buddhism still believes
the god of the dead, Yama. The same Yama from Hinduism. He governs Naraka and judges the dead to either
be punished, rewarded or to go straight to reincarnation. Number Two Ancient Greek For the ancient Greek, the dead is just the
dead. They would lack the sense of purpose, wit
and overall would be in a sense of confusion most of the time. The appearance of the deceased would be the
same as when they died. Anyways, upon death, the soul would be led
by Hermes to the Underworld ruled by the god Hades. The soul would then cross a river to enter
the realm of the dead. Hades is said to be surrounded by five rivers
but the most famous one is the river Styx. There would be a ferry waiting for the soul
to cross the river. But not everyone could get on it. Only those who could pay a small fee of coins
would be granted access. Usually the fees would be the coins that are
placed on the lips of the dead. Those who couldn’t get on the ferry, gets
trapped between the underworld and the living world just wandering about being all confused. After the ferry ride, the soul would pass
through the gates to Hades. The gates guarded by Cerberus would only allow
entry to Hades but not exit. So once in Hades, the soul would then be judged. And according to their past deeds, some would
be sent to Tartarus a deep deep dungeon of suffering and torment OR to Elysium otherwise
known as the Elysian Fields, where the souls would dwell with no worries nor responsibilities. Number One Shinto There’s a few things that could happen to
you in Shinto belief. Nothing exceptionally good either as there
is no actual heaven. When one dies, the spiritual energy is released
from the body. Then that spirit would go into the underground
realm called the Yomi no Kuni. If you have been following my videos, you
would know that Yomi no Kuni is the land of the dead where Izanami no mikoto, which is
one of the god that created Japan, ended up in when she died. The land of the dead is a gloomy, dark and
most probably in a different plane and dimension underground. There’s a river separating the land of the
living and the land of the dead. Pretty much like Hades. Everyone and everything with a spirit and
dies would end up there and live there forever. There are no punishments nor rewards. But with some exceptions. As long as you haven’t eaten anything in the
world of Yomi, you won’t be their permanent residence. But that would be almost impossible because
when you’re new, you would be in a state of confusion and wont remember much. Of course being an exceptional person that
caught some of the God’s or Kami’s eyes might just land you a good deal to live in other
worlds such as the Takamagahara where most of the deities resides in. Though, it is believed with proper rituals
or festivals, these spirits could come back to the present world in spirit form.

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