7 Things I Learned From My Spiritual Awakening

Hello everyone, my name is Sierra and
welcome to my channel where i talk about self-development, spirituality, healing
and all types of other topics. Today I’m going to be sharing with you seven
different things that I did not realize or understand before I started going
through my spiritual awakening. So if you too are going through a spiritual
awakening right now, just like so many other people on this planet are, or
you’re just interested in hearing different perspectives on things, then go
ahead and keep watching. Okay, so number one: we become everything we consume. We
are a product of our environment and every single thing that we put into our
mind and into our body. This includes books we read, movies we watch, music we
listen to. This includes the words that we hear from other people. This includes
friends or family or coworkers or just any one that’s around us that is
constantly putting words into our brain. This also includes social media posts.
Just anything that we can see or listen to or just consume in any way, shape, or
form. For example, if you are consuming low vibrational foods all the time
like processed foods and animal products and foods that just aren’t healthy for
you or foods that have a lot of added chemicals and sugars and things like
that, you are going to feel heavy and depressed and anxious. Whereas, if you’re
consuming high vibrational foods like fruits and vegetables and plants that
grow from this earth that are natural to us that we are supposed to consume to
become our best selves, we are going to feel energetic and light and positive.
And whether you believe it or not, if you are always listening to depressing music
or watching depressing or dark shows, that can also subconsciously hurt you
and bring you down, whether you believe that or not. And the same goes for if
you’re following people on social media that maybe make you feel jealous or make
you feel like your life isn’t as good as theirs or kind of bring you down or make
you always compare your life to theirs or compare yourself to them. Or even if
they’re just someone who maybe is like, a sad person and posts depressing things
all the time or stuff like that. When I realized that, I started following a lot
of accounts that posted like, positive things and motivational things
and quotes and sayings. And things that could brighten my day,
that I could read in the morning and feel excited to start my day and feel
like, motivated about my goals or see people that have the life that I want. Or
if you have people in your life that constantly say negative things that
bring you down and just kind of drain your energy, that’s another way of
consuming. Anything that you possibly consume has power over your overall life
and well-being, so just try your best to be mindful about the things that you
consume and try to only consume things that help you become your greatest,
highest self. You will be shocked to see how much your life changes when you
start eating foods that nourish your body and make you feel amazing. And start
watching and listening to very positive and motivational videos and audios. And
surrounding yourself with people that bring you up instead of bring you down
and not believe in you. Number two: we have the power to create whatever the
kind of life that we want to live. We have the power to be whoever we want to
be. We are not victims of our past. Wherever we are in life right now is a
direct result of things that have happened to us
and how we have reacted to those things. We cannot control what happens to us of
course, but we can control how we react and how we carry on from that point. For
example, I used to struggle so heavily with depression and anxiety. And what I
didn’t realize was that I was only giving it power by surrendering to it
and believing that that’s just the way that I was born. And believing that those
mental illnesses kind of owned me, and identifying with those mental illnesses.
I gave it power by believing that there was nothing that I could do about it,
that it was not my fault and that I was a victim to my past and to the painful
things that I experienced and the painful things that I felt inside my
head every day. But what I didn’t realize was that in the long run I would
actually become extremely thankful for the things that I’ve experienced and the
pain and the suffering that I went through. Because it literally is the
reason why I am the person that I am today. The things that I have went
through have made me the compassionate person that I am, the empathetic person
that I am, the loving person that I am. And those things that I have been
through have literally inspired my passions in
life and what I want to do with my life, which is help people grow and evolve. And
I just want to make this disclaimer: that I know that life’s are ruined
every day by horrible things that happen in this world and by no means am i
trying to be insensitive to that. I’m mostly talking about the average person
and the average hardships that we face, like depression and anxiety and
traumatic experiences and traumatic pasts and burnt relationships, and just
things like that. I’m talking about the average hardships of people. However, I do
believe that anyone from any path can change their life. Number three:
question everything. When a story is told by the masses and is carried down
through generations, it becomes seen as truth. When we have
been constantly told something our entire life; in schools, on TV, from our
parents, and textbooks, and churches, it becomes so ingrained in our brain that
we don’t even question it. And all I’m saying is to question everything.
Question your beliefs. Question your opinions, and ask yourself if you
gathered that conclusion yourself or if you just think that because you’ve
always been taught to think that. Question what you have been taught about
history, diet, success, religion. Do research and just be open to all kinds
of perspectives. Never be biased right off the bat about something. Make sure
that you’re open minded and you see all sides of the picture. Ask yourself, “is
this really my perspective or have I just never learned differently?” Number
four: everything I do affects something or
someone. This is one of the very first things that I learned that began my
spiritual awakening. I started realizing that every lifestyle choice I make
impacts the environment in some way. I started realizing that every product I
buy can either be funding animal cruelty or it can be funding exploitation or can
be funding sweatshop workers. I started realizing how the privileges of first
world countries heavily affect third world countries. And of course, we can
never live a life that’s completely free of cruelty, okay, we’re going to have a
carbon footprint just by existing. We’re going to harm other beings in our
lifetime at some point. But this perspective did change my entire life
because it caused me to be so much more mindful about the products I buy and
where I buy from and the decisions that I make, and even the way that I treat
others, and just the way that I view the world in general, the way that I view
other people and other beings, and the way that I view the planets and the luxuries
of first world countries. Number five: the ego. That voice in my head is not me.
I realized that just like circulation happens and digestion happens, thinking
happens. It’s automatic. It’s happening every moment of the day, but the fact
that I can even recognize that voice in my head and that I am thinking, just
shows that that voice is not myself. I’m going to read this passage from A New
Earth that I wrote in my notes, that really explains what I’m trying to say
and it really is what opened my eyes to this concept. “The voice in the head has a
life of its own. Most people are at the mercy of that voice. They are possessed
by thoughts, by the mind. And since the mind is conditioned by the past, you are
then forced to reenact the past again and again. The eastern term for this is
karma. When you are identified with that voice, you don’t know this of course. If
you knew it, you would no longer be possessed, because you are only truly
possessed when you mistake the possessing entity for who you are, that
is to say, when you become it.” Number six: speciesism. Just like racism or sexism,
speciesism is the belief that one species is superior to another species.
This is shown in the way that humans believe that they have dominion over
animals because of a superiority complex, because we are more intelligent than
them. This is also seen in the way that we favor some groups of animals more
than other groups of animals. So for example, in this society
dogs and cats and pretty much any types of animals that are seen as pets, are
cherished. Everyone wishes them love and happiness. Everyone is completely
outraged when their hurt in any way, when they are mistreated in any way, when
they suffer any kind of injustices. People are like, ready to
scream. But the animals that we are raised and conditioned to eat, wear, and
test products on, for some reason don’t deserve the same exact things? Although
all animals are equal. Just like all genders are equal. Just like all races
are equal. What makes this animal different from
this animal? What makes this animal more or less deserving than this animal? They
all have eyes to see, ears to hear, they all suffer, they all feel pain. Yet the
exploitation of these animals is justified every single day because it’s
how things have just always been. A good way to look at this is to look at China
or India. In China they eat dogs and in some parts of India, cows are sacred and
would never be harmed. So that just shows that the story is different everywhere
you go. And I don’t blame a lot of people for feeling this way, because they’ve
been conditioned to think this way. It’s been normalized in this society. And
that’s exactly what I meant in one of my other points when I said that just
because we are raised to think a certain way, that doesn’t mean that that’s
necessarily the way that we really feel inside or a conclusion that we came to
ourselves. So just always do research and look at all sides of the spectrum to
really gather your own perspective. Number seven: my thoughts creates my
existence. Like I said, growing up I suffered with
severe depression and anxiety. And if someone would have tried to tell me this,
then it would have angered me, okay? I would have been so mad because I truly
believed that I was a victim to my past and that I was a victim to these painful
things that I was experiencing. I thought that I just wasn’t creative. I thought
that I just wasn’t funny. I thought that I was just unlucky for having such bad
experiences in my life. I thought that I would just never succeed at certain
things because that’s just how I was born and I just wasn’t good at that. And
like many other cases, I became attached to that label. Depression became a part
of my identity. And when that happens to a person, things just go downhill from
that point because it becomes a constant cycle of negative thinking patterns.
It just becomes a constant cycle of self-sabotage because your negative
thoughts cause you to react negatively to life,
to say and do more negative things and to feel even worse about yourself and
worse about life. I’m talking about depression because that’s my experience
but this mindset can really apply to anything in your life. But I just didn’t
realize that I could create the life that I wanted and the person that I
wanted to be if I just had the belief that I could. That’s all it takes. It’s
just the belief that you can. But when you’re caught in that depressive cycle,
you don’t believe that you can. You literally don’t believe that things will
ever get better. I didn’t realize that I could better my life if I just stopped
self sabotaging, if I just stopped this cycle. When the documentary, “The Secret”,
became popular I feel like the law of attraction became a lot more mainstream
and a lot of people started believing in it. Even people that weren’t even really
necessarily into spirituality that deeply. But I don’t think that most
people actually understand why it works that way.
Therefore, the belief isn’t actually practiced by most people. A lot of people
believe in the concept but they still get sucked back into negative thinking
all the time because that belief isn’t really ingrained in their brain. The
practice isn’t really ingrained into their daily life. So it’s important to
discover how and why exactly the law of attraction works, and how manifestation
works so that you can believe in it so much, to the point where you heavily
implement it into your daily life. I definitely can make a video soon on how
it works and just to dive deeper into the concept if you’re interested in that.
So let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see that type of video. But
that is it for today. Thank you so much for watching my video! Make sure to
comment down below and tell me something that you learned along your path. I’m new
to YouTube but I really, really want to create a community of people that can
just grow and learn together and become our greatest, highest selves. So if you
want to be a part of that then make sure to subscribe. Alright, thank you so much
for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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