90% of Changing Your Dominant Vibration is Complete When You do this ONE thing

this video I’m gonna show you how at 90%
of changing your dominant vibration how that’s complete when you do this one
thing this is the reason I’m living traveling the world right now this is
the wet it’s got me for working a nine-to-five jobs living the exciting
life that I live now and I’m gonna show you exactly what that one thing is welcome back we had a video my name is
Erin and I hope people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m
gonna show you how 90% of the process is complete of changing your dominant
vibration when you change this one thing and I’m gonna show you exactly how I got
to where I’m at right now just to give you a little bit of context I like to
give some of these videos a little bit more contacts you let me know if you
like it when I do things like this so this is the the air B&B I’m staying at
this is the view that I have right here it’s an amazing view and I used to
literally wake up I used to dream of waking up in the morning being able to
make videos which is what I love doing and then being able to do that and then
just have to have Wi-Fi connection there’s Leora right there doing stuff
and this is let me share this with you as well once it’s your dominant
vibration it’s natural for you this is my reality it’s not on a pedestal a
couple years ago when I imagined this it was on a pedestal I was like that would
be so amazing one day when I can travel the world when I can do what I loved and
just have to have a Wi-Fi connection well now that’s my reality and I’m not
saying that to be cocky I’m just saying that this thing I’m going to share with
you it really does work it really does work and it’s something that you just
have to apply to different areas of your life so I’m gonna show you how to apply
this one thing towards two or three different aspects of your life and how
it changes everything now the one thing you know they say how you do one thing
is how you do everything now your current identity your current weight
you’ve been your current level of being has been you’ve been thinking a certain
way if you a certain way and act in a certain way
and that consistency that setpoint you have has been giving you the same
reality over and over and over again there’s similar patterns that continue
to creep up now the thing is is inside that box inside that bubble will always
vibrationally you will always stay there unless you do this one thing and the one
thing you must do is you must go beyond you must stretch yourself you must
understand that the autopilot mind in a way is the trap that is a trap it is a
prison of our own belief system it is the prison of our vibration is the
prison the prison that keeps us in a lower vibe state and when you apply what
I share with you in this video I’m going to show you how to go beyond using three
different areas of your life and how I did that and how it changed absolutely
everything but when you do this it trickles into other areas of your life
they say how you do one thing is how you do everything and I used to actually
plan that at the time that you know that nine-to-five job I used to have where I
was selling women’s shoes this is what I would do so I wanted she was commission
based job I’d go in every day I was able to see a direct reflection between what
I was thinking how I was feeling my attitude to the kind I would the kind of
the kind of money I would make how much I would sell for that day now one of the
things I noticed is that if I would do and go just a little bit more beyond do
just a little bit more than I was expected and what I would do is I would
I’d be ringing up someone’s shoes and I’d put tissue paper a certain way
nobody else in my department would have put tissue paper so I don’t the dumbest
thing but just that psychological thing of how you do one thing is how you do
everything that would then link in to other things then when I was helping
customers I’d like you know what some other people wouldn’t tell them about
like how to do this or how to do that or you know recommend this kind of shoe
or whatever I would then go do that and it was it would leak into many different
aspects of my day and I noticed that I always remembered that you
it’s been three years since I’ve had to like bring shoes out for a customer and
help them with shoes yet I always remember that because I believe that
that’s a metaphor for how we can go beyond in many different areas of our
life so the first thing we must go beyond is our self-image how do you see
yourself ninety percent of the process is complete when you go beyond your
current self-image now this is exactly what I did I
realized my old self-image was that I am a nine to fiver I am an employee I was
waiting for people to tell me what to do and in a way that just was my setpoint
that’s how I saw myself now first off even when I had that old job nine to
five job one of the other biggest game changers I had was when I went in and I
realized that I was seeing myself as a mediocre employee most of us have a self
image that’s on autopilot that we haven’t actually checked so what I did
as I became aware of that self image I saw myself as a mediocre employee right
at the middle every day there’d be this there’d be this piece of paper that was
put for all the other employees to see if who were the top salespeople from the
day before and I always just expected myself to be right in the middle I
justified it was like you know I’m with a lot of these older people I’m like
only 18 19 years old I don’t need to take this as serious you know they’ve
been doing this way longer and I call myself the story what I did one day is I
change that story I said you know what I see myself as it would be like the top
salesperson here even I was helping customers I’d recommend other things
that have a and it trickled and all of a sudden I’m at the top of the list every
day I went in because I changed my self-image I started to see myself in a
new way well this is what I did I had that old
belief system that old self image of me being that 9 to 5 job person then when I
realized I said I want to be a youtuber I want to be somebody that creates value
for other people I imagined that for me and what I simply decided to do is I
took on the self-image of that version of me guess what happened then then I’ve
had this this desire this urge to make daily videos huh I stepped into the new
self image I started to see it as natural for me to make daily videos on
YouTube some people are reductive like how do
you have a 9 to 5 job working 40 hours a week and make daily videos on YouTube I
made it a must I changed my self image I changed the bar for what is acceptable
and saw this is natural for me if I’m really a full-time youtuber you know you
have to vibrationally become a full-time youtuber before you are a full-time
youtuber you have to vibrationally become an artist before you will be the
artist you have to give yourself permission to be the artist you have to
paint consistently if you want to be a coach you have to first coach yourself
you have to be a coach in ever the areas of your life you have to see yourself as
a coach and then you begin to be in that vibrational reality so your dominant
vibration is that of a accumulation of how you are being and if you like my
dominant vibration before was me working a nine-to-five job I went in everyday at
a story that was consistent to that I saw myself that way in order to change
my dominant vibration you can either think feel or act you have to dominantly
do those in the way of the new self-image and the new way of being this
is the key now you could do any aspects of these think feel and do what I did is
all three I realized what I was making daily videos on YouTube naturally I
would start to feel more passionate about it naturally I’m also thinking
about it more because I’m putting more time into it I’m adding more thought
energy to it you see that’s a game changer now you could say I’m gonna
think about it more think about it more man think about it more but what I say
is all three of these weren’t beautifully together if not just paint
you like I’m gonna think about painting more but I think about no I actually
paint more I actually literally do the art more see how it gives you enough
flow state one of the powerful things about my videos that I’ve always known
is that when I’m making my videos I’m in a flow state not flow state is a high
vibrational energy that many people may feel and they may say I like Aaron down
his videos but really they just like the flow state that I’m in that also
represents to them their authentic self you see they’re all reflections for each
other that’s why I say the videos that I make move this down a little bit the
videos that I make aren’t necessarily me the ego me yes the
ego me has to align to it but it’s like a higher vibrational energy that flows
through you see that’s why I always try to make sure that I have that
perspective about it because I always wanted to be pure and one of my ego to
get away with it yes this is what I have done instead I focus more on letting it
be that energy that’s flowing through now this is also a quote I used to say
if you’re looking like you know go do your passion full-time or something and
when you if you want to make your side hustle your full-time you must first
make make it your full-time you must be at full time before it will become your
full-time which also another way of saying you must make it your dominant
vibration imagine that version of you and the daily habits you have imagine
that version I mean that’s kind of what I did I imagine in a year from now do
you deal bridge to me when I was working that nine-to-five job was like you know
get up every day that the biggest change I’ve ever made in my life is when I went
from working a nine-to-five job 40 hours a week to quitting that job and doing
what I love more so than going from a certain dollar
amount per year to ten times that there is a bigger difference for me just going
full-time and getting rid of a job I did not care about that was the biggest
shift in my reality thus far and what I encourage you to do is if you want to if
you want to do the same thing you must see yourself in that way and you must
take the initiative you must take the initiative I had to become my own boss
no longer can someone tell me what to do I have to tell my
what to do and to do that I had to develop more of a willpower and to
become like I’m doing this and that’s done I’m doing this and that’s that I’m
gonna do that then friends were like hey Aaron you want to come hang out and go
and we’re gonna go do this I have to like I’m sorry I have boundaries I have
to stay to this if I want this to become my reality
so another thing with your dominant vibration is be aware of your boundaries
you have do you have boundaries going in a certain direction
do you have boundaries of something you’re moving towards and knowing that
you may have to say no to certain things you may say you have to know to bad
habits maybe there’s friends that you have that are drawing you down into
lower vibrational state maybe it’s music you’re listening to that you knows
negatively program with you maybe you’re watching a television show television
show on operation repo where you see people get their cars repossessed and
you find that entertaining but you realize that that’s like seeing people
get triggers also trigger you in certain ways you see so this is where the power
really is it’s in being able to identify your current reality and to just simply
decide that’s not serving you anymore anyway associate in pain with being the
same that autopilot mind that’s comfortable things might be comfortable
but understand it might be cut it’s like you put a frog you know I would never do
this but there’s a saying that you put a frog in boiling water
it’ll just jump right out but if you put a frog in that of a pot of lukewarm
water and then you heat up that water it’ll burn itself it’ll it’ll boil
itself to death because that small incremental change of comfortability
will just let it simmer and sit there and cook in the same way what I
encourage you to do is to be aware of your vibration and what is comfortable
and be willing to go beyond the other thing you must go beyond is your current
beliefs and the way you go beyond beliefs is you first become aware that
beliefs 90% of any belief change work is just becoming aware of the belief you
may have a belief that says you’re not worthy you may have a belief that says
you have to work a nine-to-five job you’re not passion
you may have a belief that says that money is hard to make how do you go
beyond that you become aware that it’s just a belief and then when those
thoughts come up you see it for what it is just to believe so go beyond your
beliefs I went on I had to go beyond my beliefs of the way I saw myself I had to
go beyond beliefs of not feeling worthy because of the pain of my past but once
I became aware that meaning you see we are always giving meaning to things in
our life and that meaning then remains up autopilot but when we become aware of
that meaning that’s when things really begin to change become aware of the
meaning you gave the past events you see and realize you agreed to it at a
certain point if you’re working a nine-to-five job right now don’t be
angry you agreed that you needed to work a nine-to-five job in order to get by in
society if you’re in a relationship that you don’t prefer right now be aware that
you agree to be in that and if you see that that’s damaging you that’s harmful
to be honest with yourself and then raise your standard raise yourself image
look at the dominant vibration of what you want and go beyond you go by up
beyond by being aware aware awareness is the key here but the simplest formula I
can give you for this is be honest with where you are what is your current
vibration and then simply look at the vibration of the reality you want to
experience in your vibration it’s how you think feel and act you want to know
what your current vibration is just look around if you’re working a nine-to-five
job you hate and there you go if you’re a relationship that’s not serving you
then there you go if you are finding that you you don’t you know you’re you
don’t feel healthy you’re eating unhealthy foods and you have low energy
then there you go that’s your dominant vibration right now be aware of where
you are then just like on a GPS you have to know where you’re going see what your
dominant vibrational reality that you prefer is what is that how do you act
think and feel what is that self image and then decide you’re gonna go beyond
and it’s going to feel uncomfortable because you’re gonna go from what’s calm
trouble to step it into the unknown which is another part of this as well I
had to put myself on YouTube be subject to other people’s comments what people
think you know there’s there’s things about it that can appear to be negative
but when you step boldly to glue the you are you can find it figure out that you
make it through and that it’s worth it and this is about identifying the
passionate version of you and simply decide take initiative that this is who
you are now start to think start to feel it start to act in that way and
understand this as well meditation is one of the most powerful
ways to simply decide this is who you are now and to wire in emotions that
maybe you haven’t felt recently and to really give yourself permission to not
be that old reality of you that was a realization to me and a game changer
when I met somebody that was a subscriber of the channel and I went to
a retreat with Victor my buddy Victor Oda was going to retreat and there was
somebody that was there I gave a talk in Sedona and after that talk she came up
to me and said hey I want you to know that she was in crutches she said that
she was paralyzed from a car accident and said she could not walk and she said
that the doctors told her she would never walk again she said that she did
one of my meditations that was on shifting through parallel realities and
she said that after she did that meditation she could then walk she then
started working on Kawakami rushes something doctors told her she would
never do everybody was completely mind blown and it transformed her life one
meditation that exact meditation which is the meditation for shift into a
parallel reality gives you permission to let go of your old story and then be in
this new vibration as your dominant vibration that will be in the top of
description box below I recommend you listener for 21 days
so you begin to change your your dominant vibration and your life will be
transformed commit to that meditation for twenty-one days and watch what
happens also don’t take my word for it read the comments on that YouTube video
there are hundreds if not thousands Komets for people that have had amazing
experiences you doing that exact process doing that meditation and I want to
share that with you because I think one meditation really can change your life
and change your dominant vibration now if you like this video could you do me a
favor and smash the like button go ahead and smash the like button as well as a
proclamation of your dominant vibration saying yes to your new vibration also
letting me know that you’re going to commit to that meditation in the top of
the scripture box and in the comment section below
other than that hope you enjoyed this video and as always I’ll see you on the
next one peace much love and namaste

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