A Belief in Black Magic | Uncensored with Michael Ware

A Belief in Black Magic | Uncensored with Michael Ware

NARRATOR: Finally,
the [inaudible] leader agrees to talk. [non-english speech]. He is speaking on
behalf of everyone. He says, yeah, I’m a pastor. I’m a leader.
I’m a Christian. I’m a father. But this belief is
part of my life. And I can’t just take it out. It’s part of me. How can I extract it? [non-english speech]. INTERPRETER: People
admit themselves and say, we have [non-english]. But it does have to do– But people confess. INTERPRETER: Yeah, they
admit to having it. Huh. It escapes me why
they would do that. So people do confess. And sometimes they’ll
say, it wasn’t me. It was the one from over there
or the one from over there. And they’ll tell us, and we have
no idea, so we just believe it. It’s a good [non-english]
and bad [non-english]. [non-english speech]. One is good thinking. [non-english speech]. And the other
one is dangerous. Oh, [non-english]. This is [inaudible],
one of our accused. Hello. INTERPRETER: Her
mother was murdered. She’s accused. Her son is accused. So they’re all within
the same family. So he believes that she
has this [non-english] spirit inside her. [non-english speech]. So he said, how would we
know if she has [non-english]? It’s a spirit. You can’t see a spirit. We’ve been told by
people who would know because they’re
also [non-english]. [inaudible] has it. So we believe it. [non-english speech]. INTERPRETER: I was
going to kill her, but then she said
she didn’t have it. It wasn’t her. But then the others
turned around and said, no, it was her, so. [non-english speech]. So I asked him,
in your own life, your wife was accused of being
a [non-english] and murdered. Now, do you think–
– She was murdered. His wife was murdered. INTERPRETER: So do you think
that she was correctly accused? [non-english speech]. There’s is no way that
my wife was [non-english]. I don’t accept that. Her family, my family,
and I myself and I believe she was not [non-english]. And it was completely
falsified accusation. [non-english speech]. INTERPRETER: But they
killed her anyway. But when there’s
a bad [non-english], do people believe it is
OK to then kill them? You have to kill them? It’s OK to kill them? Is it the right thing to do? We must kill them then. We must kill them then. NARRATOR: This man, this
priest, whose own wife was falsely accused,
still believes that witches must be punished. In so many ways
this tells me how deep and intractable the belief
in [non-english] is here.

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  1. thank you for posting all of these wonderful, informative, and eye opening videos. Not enough people hit that LIKE button, in my opinion.

  2. The real head scratcher is how the South African Zulu word "Sangoma" (traditional healer some of whom practice witchcraft) made its way around the globe to Papua New Guinea completely unchanged. Perhaps the subject for some future anthropologist's or linguist's study.

  3. I'm sure if we rip them out of the jungle, bring them to our Nation, they will quickly adapt and become Rocket Scientists.

  4. Life evolves, but this is how it has been since the dawn of Time for humanity of any kind. Now, we continue one way or the next, one foot after the other. Feel free to step left or right just never cross the line. Make certain you know who is pulling your strings. LAW. So disbelieve all you want, it changes nothing. 10

  5. The same old bigoted, anglo-colonial arrogance. "Belief in Black Magic?" . . . really? He is a Sangoma priest of an ancient, theologically, morally and ritually complex system, than anything found in your mythical Christianity. A Sangoma/Shaman is also an ancient spiritual system of healing, magic and transformation. Yet, because whites have no clue, they continue to diminish, infantilize and demonize. Prideful arrogance and ignorance has always been your problem. These indigenous systems are far more advanced than you could ever imagine. Thank god they keep you at bay, or you would finish them off imposing your useless "education" and dead "religions."

  6. Westerners have twisted witchcraft and black magic to suit their own white supremacist colonial beliefs. I refuse to believe there isn't more to witchcraft than the current notion we have of it.

  7. The only reason why they confess is because the perpetrators threaten to kill them if they do not confess. The accused are so scared they confess to something they did not do.

  8. Hello Im from Papua New Guinea. Im 36. I don't believe in Sanguma. Never heard of or seen Sanguma. These people are from remote PNG. They have no education and are left to their limited education and primitive reasoning.

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