[ Eshu Celebration – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil ] [ Preparations ] [ Certificate of Recognition ] [ The Celebration – “Xirê” ] [ Good evening everybody ] [ “Okualé” – (Good evening in Yoruba) ] [ Let’s stay this evening with Eshu ] [ Eshu the guardian, the owner of the street ] [ The brother of Ogoun ] [ To praise the 14 years of Egbomi Rosanea my daughter ] [ Thanks to the family of faith and all people here ] [ “Olorum Asé” (salutation in Yoruba) ] [ Asé (audience) ] [ When you get back home I wish you find harmony as the one you find here ] [ I welcome too, the people who are not of the faith, thanks for coming! ] [ Those who are initiated in Orisha cult make yourselves at home ] [ “chant in Yoruba to praise Oyá” ] [ Olorum Asé Oyá ] [ I am gratefull to Oyá to all I’ve acchieved, the family growing more and more ] [ I recommend you my sons do the same. Always be grateful to Orisha ] [ When all is OK the family thrives ] [ You don’t need to come to me to get individual blessing. All are blessed. ] [ chant in Youruba praising Ogoun ] [ “Kabecile” Yoruba greeting for the Orisha Xango ] [ Here we are for the 14 years obligation of my daughter Rosanea of Eshu ] [ This is not the last, the 21 years obligation is the one that completes the cycle ] [ All went well with Eshu ] [ “Asé” Yoruba greeting meaning force or power ] [ What I chant works out, what I speak works out… so follow me as Eshu does… ] [ May peace, health and wealth be with you… ] [ “Laroyê” Yoruba praise to the Orisha Eshu ] [ This present ritual is not an obligation. It is just a presentation of the Ekedy (woman helper) to Eshu ] [ From now on she lives under the precepts of Eshu ] [ So Eshu is introducing his Ekedy to us and the family ] [ “entrance of the Orisha Eshu” ] [ (distribuition of Ogoun’s bread) ] [ I wish this obligation brings you all the best and that your house grows… ] [ I wish your sons follow you by the booklet ] [ Be a good daughter and good mother as I am a good father for you ] [ Thanks to everybody here, today I’ll say no bullshit ] [ The presence of the crowd in your house means either you are beloved or that the people are curious ] [ I wish your table to be always abundant ] [ I invite all the Orishas to come back to this house to celebrate the Candomblé ] [ Thanks again to all my sons, those that helped and those that could not come to help ] [ I beg Oyá to give me health to progress in the Candomblé ] [ The day I will not be here anymore, I hope you follow my exemple to do what I do ] [ May the peace be at your house as it has been until now ] [ Hope that back home you find the same harmony you find here ] [ Asé ] [ Don’t forget to make a wish! ] [ Samba de Roda – traditional music style in Rio de Janeiro ]

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