An Enlightening Leader’s Virtue 1 : SELF – BELIEF

Hi everyone this is Gagan Singh from
GWEPP and I’m back today to talk about enlightening leadership. In our research
we tried to find out what are the qualities that define a truly great
Enlightening leader? And we narrowed down to 15 virtues summed up by an acronym
called ‘Be A Heroic Victor’ and today I’m here to
talk about the first one which is Be BELIEF. Yes!
Self Belief of a leader. So what is Self Belief? In very simple terms, it’s a
belief in your ability to be able to do something or a conviction that yes I CAN
AND I WILL do it no matter what the opposition or resistance and why is it
needed for leaders? Well obviously leaders need to be taking numerous decisions at
every juncture of the journey and the challenge my friends is that right at
the crossroads when leaders have to take those decisions, most of the times they
are shrouded in a veil of nevertheless uncertainty. Whether a decision will prove
to be a resounding success or a terrible disaster
nobody can say anything about that at that juncture. So what happens more often than not
the surrounding circumstances of a great amount of questioning, scrutiny,
resistance challenge to a leader and it is in those moments of challenge that Self
Belief acts like a strong wall which acts as something defending a leader giving
him confidence that yes he continues on the path to achieve it. So a Simple illustration, let’s take this simple paper. If this is the strength of your
self belief, one storm of criticism and Pop it’s gone. You may crumble and buckle under the Pressure of Criticism. On the other hand, let’s take this example. if your Self Belief is strong and
impregnable like this, no matter what kind of criticism you face you will
stick to your path and achieve it. So, how does that look? If you investigate and try to find
about Past Great leaders so the great move that they did, Steve Jobs- Ipod Cannibalization, Andy Grove’s Intel Decision to go alone,
Bill Gates decision to separate from IBM. They were all shrouded in circumstances
of great questioning whether this decision is a right one or not? It is at
those junctures that their self-belief make them emerge the winner and carry on in the path which they believe was the correct one But, is something amiss? Is that all? No
my friends. As the old saying goes, Too much of anything, which is too good, can
soon turn to be Too bad. It’s exactly the same thing for Self Belief. The problem my friends is that repetitive success almost takes no time in making a
leaders’ Self belief get elevated into hubris, vanity, arrogance where a leader starts
descending to the path of becoming not an enlightening leader but a dictator. It
is precisely here that at GWEPP, we introduce the concept of ‘Healthy Self
Belief’. A self belief which is embellished, not just by the strength of
your conviction but also precisely Like This! Permeability, transparency,
accessibility of Self Doubt, self doubt which gives the leader the power to
introspect, reflect and improvise and most importantly, make a leader Inclusive. In our training modules, where we work with Executive Coaches. We have
designed a toolkit which will give you an appropriate mix of self-belief and
the right amount of self-doubt so that with your healthy self belief, you can
become a Truly Enlightening Leader who is Inclusive, who is Positive and ready to
take your organization to Great Heights. Thank you!

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