An Ex Ex-Mormon’s Story | 3 Mormons

An Ex Ex-Mormon’s Story | 3 Mormons

So, we got trusty, rusty, Dusty on the show. Dusty yeah Dustin that trusty, rusty, crusty musty. We could good thing you didn’t say lusty. Lusty Dusty! We’re canceled. We’ve got Dusty Smith on the show, and
Dusty’s story has been shared on LDS living and things like that–all over the
internet in all honesty, because Dusty you used to be a Mormon and then an anti-Mormon, and now you’re Mormon again. Yes I read the story. You are a Mormon sandwich. Sort of like that. With like a real saucy kind of edgy middle. Well there is a
saucy part. Actually I grew up non-LDS. I converted when I was–
right after college and served a mission. After my mission is when I left the
church. I was in law school actually my third year of law school when I left the
church. Did you go inactive or did you leave the church? Oh no, I actually, I was,
I lost my testimony totally and I was angry, very angry and I wrote a letter to my stake president and said please remove my name from the church
rolls. So yeah. That’s as leaving as you can get. And then I got a letter a couple
of months later inviting me to church court and I said, ‘Not going, y’all don’t
have any authority over me, I’ve already rejected you.’ I didn’t go then I got
another letter about a month later saying that I had been excommunicated. Oh
man. Yeah that didn’t help with the anger issues. Well I mean you asked for it. I did yeah I did. I always felt like they could have just said okay your
name’s off. But they went through the whole, you know, ordeal of a court in that-
disciplinary court- yeah and that really… interesting. You weren’t just kind of done. And I was even more done. I was over done. But yeah I left the church in 89. My third year law school. Gotcha.
Where’d you go to law school? I went to Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan. It
was the only law school I could find that would let me work full-time. Most schools law schools– law school is very, very strenuous and the law
schools will not let you work full-time especially your first year but I
carried a full-time job all three years. What was the crux of losing your
testimony? What was it that put you over the edge because I think a lot of people
can relate with your story. Well when I was in law school in Michigan,
I would go to Palmyra every now and then and I happened to go by– the last year
of law school was during the pageant and I went to the pageant and there were
just tons of anti Mormons and I argued with them because I’m in law
school, I can argue with anybody. I took that arguing 101 class and– you are the
devil’s advocate– heavy on the devil part but. Yeah. Hadn’t finished law school yet. I hadn’t
passed the bar yet but I came back wanting to be the smartest Mormon ever, so that I could better argue against anti Mormons. So I came back and
I began to read stuff and the more I read the more I thought, I was never
taught this, I was never taught this and to be perfectly honest– because I wasn’t
perfectly honest before now– but to be perfectly honest I wasn’t prepared for a
spiritual battle. I was living on three hours of sleep a night, working all
day, going to school, studying all night, trying to grab three hours of sleep here
and there and wasn’t prepared for the spiritual battle that I was going to
undergo and I woke up one day and realized that I no longer believed. I no
longer had a testimony. And when you no longer had a testimony, you didn’t
just become neutral, you weren’t like all right well, I’ll just live my life. You were–
not my style. Not my style. You’re arguing and
you’re gonna go against the church. I’m gonna let– when you’re in court, you’re
not like, well he could be guilty, he could not be. Since I’m unsure, I’m gonna just sit down now. No I became
not even a little anti, I was anti anti anti, you know, to the infinite degree.
I taught classes in churches against the Mormon Church, I– you were that guy,
like when I was a Methodist they brought in a man who was also bald and he had
told us– at time– you were much younger then. I was
better-looking too. You were much younger then. I taught classes, I wrote
stuff, then I found the Internet when I came back from– after law school I was in the army. And I was stationed in Panama and
Honduras which is interesting that I was stationed in Honduras because
I served my mission and Honduras so I actually went to people that I had
taught and apologized for teaching. Oh boy. Yeah. When you say anti–
I was– trolling people on
Twitter, you were like the real deal. Twitter would never
work for me, you’re limited to 140 characters. Then I found the internet
when I came back to the states and I looked for bulletin boards that were LDS
bulletin boards. I wanted to argue with people and I did. I went and found
several and I was constantly posting- you guys are wrong, you guys are wrong, you
guys are wrong, here’s why you’re wrong, it’s a false church, it’s a false prophet,
you name it. I was spouting it. Hold on so do you think that when you
made your decision that cognitive dissonance fell in and you were like
well I made my decision so now I have to go deep into anti? Or was, where did you
truly feel like there was no other option than to go anti? There’s always an
option but here’s the thing that I don’t think that people, if you’ve left
the church you understand this. If you leave the Baptist Church,
if you leave the Methodist Church, if you leave the Lutheran Church,
you haven’t invested much in those things. A lot of people choose
their Baptist Church, Lutheran Church Methodist Church on who has the best
sermon, they like this choir, the best congregation, they don’t they don’t
invest– when you become LDS you invest yourself into it. I was a college
graduate when I became LDS the first time. I quit
my job to go on a mission, okay? I had family that turned their back on me, I
had a girlfriend who turned her back on me, I don’t– I gave up quite a bit to be
LDS and so when you leave that you feel like you’ve been cheated. Or betrayed, yeah.
Absolutely. So it wasn’t just, it wasn’t just ambivalence. Now I will say
this, there are a lot of people who leave the LDS Church who become atheist and I
never did that, I always believed in God. Always believed in God. But yeah, holy moly, I was out there. I began to then search out places where
I could argue with people. I wanted people to know that I was against the
Mormon Church and that they were all wrong and I was right and that’s how I
met Mike. In the story Mike was on this, What do Mormons really believe?
I joined and said I’ll tell you what they really believe and he and I began to
argue quite a bit. Some really nasty arguments. Yeah, we’ve been a part of
those a little bit. I can see that with him. I can. You’re probably always
right though so you just hold that inside. That’s kind of the branding of
the show. It’s just based upon that. I didn’t know that for a fact but I suspected it. I had no idea that Bruce Willis had such a punch to him. You know, interestingly
enough, I get stopped all the time– you look like– I took a picture of me by a poster of his one day because people kept saying that and darned if I don’t a
little bit. Yeah. I don’t get his money but you know. But on the positive side I
didn’t have to be with me anymore either so. So what– you’re in these arguments
with Mike and they’re nasty and they’re just not probably very edifying
or they’re not really conducting any sort of good outcome. No, in fact
people watched them. They were arguments in posts where I would say something and he
would say something and somebody else would join in. Yeah, this was a, this was a chat
board where it was, people would posts. It would be different threads
you could go on and I would start threads: Look at what Joseph did here, look at
what happened here, you know. And was this just a couple of things or
was it like Joseph polygamy, blacks and the priesthood, women the priesthood,
Kolob, Heavenly Mother… You wanna know one of the biggest arguments that I used against was? All the various versions of the first vision. I would tell people on the board, you put a witness on the stand, I
mean I’m a litigator right? You put a witness on the stand and I
have won more trials than I can shake a stick at by them having more than one
story. Two stories. I can destroy a witness with two stories. And
joseph has nine. Now I can destroy his story. I could destroy Joseph on the–
and I would tell that to Mike. You know? That was one of my biggest
arguments. The archaeology was another one. I could walk the streets of Jerusalem but I can’t walk the streets
of Zarahemla. So that was one of my other arguments. So Mike
and I over time became friends and the hatred went away of the
church and I began to feel the pull back in 2005ish I began to feel a pull and
rejected it. I said it’s just good feelings of my mission because I really
love my mission. Even when I was hating on the church, I would say but my mission
was my best two years of my life. You had some fun times? I loved being a missionary
in Honduras. Not in Boise. No, not in Boise. I probably wouldn’t of had fun in Boise. I loved, I loved being a missionary.
So I kind of rejected it. Then in 2009 the pull came back a little bit, and
that’s when the miracle started was in 2000. That precipitated some of
the miracles was in 2009. In 2009, I went down to the Mexican border to do
depositions. I had a client who was from Mexico and had been in a car accident in
Dallas, and I went down to do–he couldn’t come back in the country, so we
just arranged to do the depositions at the immigration station there on the
border, in Laredo. So, I go down to the border, and I contract the swine-flu.
I had the swine flu in 2009. H1N1. Did you really? I did. I had the real bad kind H1N2. You’re much younger then–no I’m kidding. Let me tell you, I came back and I got, I was
so sick, and I would call–I’m a veteran: six knee surgeries, they considered me a
disabled vet, so I called the VA they said, oh no don’t come here. Nobody would
see me yeah they were afraid of it. I remember, it was bad. Then two missionaries knocked on my door; my son let them in, and they came up and I didn’t want them there, and
they said well can we give you a blessing, and I said okay, and they did,
and I was immediately healed, immediately. I mean I got up out of bed walked him
downstairs and still did not join the church. My pride was was way too– they
said I was gonna– well have a good day. Thank you so much for the healing.
Come again. I’ll call you when I’m sick next time. Actually, well I went back. I went back
to sacrament. I went to talk to the Stake President he said you’d have to go to a
church Court to come back, and I said well I didn’t do anything wrong; I’m not going to a church court, and I said forget it I walked away. Well in 2009 I did
join another Mormon board under a name; I forget what name it was. Brigham Young.
It’s something like that like an old apostle or something. I told him I was being pulled. I felt a pull, and then I
immediately left that board and never went back. Forgot I’d been ever been on
that board. In 2014, I rejoined that board under a
name Country Boy. You don’t say? I begin posting and this girl starts
messaging me. Her name was Garden Girl. She said I feel very, very strangely drawn to you- and then George Strait was like come to the church. I’m a country boy, she’s a gardener girl. You should probably just stick to talking.
Anyway I told her I said I gotta tell you, I don’t mind messaging you
but I’m married. And she wrote back and she’s just like I’m 75 get over yourself. She just gardens. Yeah she just gardens. So anyway we
talked on the phone one day. She was LDS and I was never gonna come
back to the church, we were talking and she said, “Do you have any family members in
the church?” I said no, I said oh I do… hang on, I do. I’ve never met him but he’s a
big mucky-muck. His name is Dean Jesse, he is a church historian. In
fact, if you’ve read the Joseph Smith Papers, you can thank him for that.
But I’d never met him. But I knew of his existence
because my mother did family tree work and there was a long pause and she said,
“Your cousin is Dean Jesse?” And I said yes and she said, “My cousin is Dean Jesse.”
Turns out this woman and I are related and never knew she existed. So then my
wife is working for a photography company, she’s district manager and they
want to move her to Louisiana as a promotion. We said okay Louisiana. Is that a promotion though? I don’t know… she moved to Baton Rouge, we had agreed we would meet
in Shreveport once a month and it was gonna be fine. I wanted her to live her dream. You know it was a promotion, right? She
was there for several months and they said, “We’re going to close that district,
we want to move you to Baltimore.” So we talked about it, I
said fine I’ll come visit you every three months. We’ll go see Washington DC, we’ll
do stuff. So I called Mike, my friend Mike of the bulletin board thing and I
said, “Mike I need you to pray, we need Susan to get this position in
Baltimore. It’s a two-week vetting deal but you know please pray for her.” And
Mike said, “Absolutely, I’ll her name in the temple” which Mike had done for 20 years
for me and I said, “However Mike,” this is where I got really crafty, I said “if
God wants me to be LDS again, he will send Susan to Salt Lake.”
There was no position open in Salt Lake and I knew that. The very next day, the
person in Salt Lake retires, very next day Susan’s paperwork is transferred from Baltimore to Salt Lake and she’s hired without any vetting
immediately. So I called Mike and I said, “Mike you’re not gonna believe
this but Susan’s going to Salt Lake.” Mike said, “You know what you told God.” I said, “I was just joking.” He said, “God wasn’t.” That’s when I decided it was time to hit
my knees and I said okay Heavenly Father you want me to be LDS again, great. But I
have issues. There’s issues that I left the church over, those had never been
resolved, I need you to resolve these issues and I left in his hand and then
for the next several weeks I would wake up in the middle the night with a new
answer. Every night, well not every night but almost every night. Some new
answer. For example, I told you that geography was one of my issues, right?
Archaeology. And so I’m sitting talking to talking to the Lord and Lord says
okay if you walk the streets of Jerusalem, does that make the Bible true? And I said no. And he said, “But if tomorrow someone
found a sign down in South America or somewhere and they wipe it off and it
says welcome to Zarahemla, population 450, what would that do? I said it would make the Book of Mormon absolutely true
and he said, “Well then what would be your faith?” And I was okay. That’s an answer I
can accept. One of my issues was Joseph Smith, first it was the one where he was
a treasure hunter, a kid, folklore. What the Lord told me,
he said okay Mr. Attorney, who would you have chosen? Would it have been you who
questions everything, would it have been a doctor perhaps would’ve been more your
liking, who always needs to have proof and evidence of something to fix
something? Or how about my plan where it’s a person who’s open to the
suggestion that there’s other stuff out there, that there’s the potential that God will talk to you that God will be there, that you’ll have
visitations from angels. Who would you have chosen Mr. Attorney since you’re so
smart? And I said, “Joseph Smith sir.” But that was
an answer that I could understand but the one about the various stories–
this is kind of funny because I’d always heard the answers, you know well, he told
different things to different people in times . So something happened during
the day and Susan was living here. I was still living in Dallas and something had
happened, I don’t remember what the story was but I wanted to relate the story to
Susan so I’m telling Susan the story and I’ve already told it a couple of times
to friends during the day but I’m telling Susan, I’m cutting some things
out because I feel like she doesn’t need to know the superfluous stuff, right?
And she’s interrupting me, asking the questions and I hate being
interrupted, keep that in mind. Anyway, so finally I get mad at her
for interrupting because she’s asking me questions. She finally says, if you
tell me everything I wouldn’t have to ask you questions and I realized you do
tell people different stories based on who they are and what you think they
already know. And that was a hard way to learn that lesson because we had fight.
But it did dawn on me, yeah you might change the story a little bit. Not change it but alter it to focus on different things.
More depth or less depth depending on who you’re talking to. So these were some of the
answers that I was waking up with in the middle of the night and I
would go back to I’d write it down, go back to bed. Then one day I woke up and
and I hit my knees to pray as I did every morning and I realized my
testimony was back. And I had a like a, I don’t want to make it sound like I’m a
visionary because I’m not, but I had like this scene in my head where Heavenly
Father walks, the Lord walks up to me and he’s got his hands like this and
he walks up to me and he says okay I have kept this safe and warm for you,
now it’s your turn to keep it this time. Take care of it. And he touches my chest,
my testimony is back. And for the first time in my life it dawned on me that the
testimony– when I was at LDS the first time it was like testimony
was like in iCloud. You pulled it down when you needed it. I’m going to give a testimony, I’m going to pull it down and give a testimony put it back
up there. And it occurred to me that the testimony, your testimony is a living,
breathing thing and if you’re not nourishing and taking care of it, feeding
it, that it will die as it did with me the first time. So I
went back to Dallas. I mean I came to visit Susan in April of 2015. I had
gotten where I was a going to get rebaptised, hadn’t been baptized yet and I
come to Salt Lake to visit Susan about once every three months and I’m taking my
five mile walk that I do every day and the Lord says, “This is home.” Now I don’t
wanna move here. I had a great job, great law firm, nice house, balcony, front porch;
I loved my house. And I went back to Susan and I said, “Susan, what do you think about
Salt Lake?” And she said, “I’ve been wondering how to tell you that I don’t
want to leave.” I said fine I’ll go back home and I will try to sell the house. So I get back home, I called a realtor. Realtor comes to the house and looks
around and said okay you’re never gonna sell the house. Ever. Because it was
built in 1929, the foundation’s a mess, you’re gonna have to spend thousands of
dollars into this house just to get the house sellable. Don’t even consider
appraising it. Yeah and even then, you’ll never get what it’s worth. And I
called Susan and said okay Susan nevermind, we may have to rent it out. I got
baptized. A couple of days after my baptism I get a knock at the door. A guy is
standing there, he says I want to buy your house. I said my house is not for
sale. He says I know I was driving down the
street I looked at it I like it I want to buy it. One of the 3 Nephites. Haha. Teaser! I said, “Sir, I got to tell
you, I appreciate that but I don’t have the money or the time right
now to spend to get it all fixed up.” Right, he says, “I want to buy it as is.” Oh
my gosh. I said, “How much?” He wrote down the figure, it was more than the house was
worth. I called Susan, I said you’re not gonna believe this and she said when the
Lord wants you someplace he really wants you someplace. Now the story does not end
there. About a year after that, I mean I sold the house, moved here, boom. About a year after that I get a phone call. Some guy wants to buy my house in Dallas.
I said, “I sold it.” He said, “You sure?” I said “I was there, pretty sure” and he said hang on a sec. I heard papers papers rustling and everything
and then he says, “Uh huh” I said, “What?” He goes, “Yeah, the records show your house
was bought by somebody.” He then disappeared, your house is in foreclosure.
I mean for him, not for me, I got my check. But the guy that bought my house– if you
go down to Dallas right now, the house is abandoned, a mess. He buys my house and disappears. So make your own suggestions. So then,
remember I told you about the missionaries? Are you one of the 3 Nephites? I’m actually two of them. In February of this this year, I went down to Sandy Utah to a gun show and saw a table of holsters. You don’t like guns? How does he know? He can just tell. I have radar for those
that hate the Constitution. That was a good one. In my apartment, we have the Constitution on our wall.
It’s full of dart holes, I get it, especially right around the Second
Amendment. That’s the bullseye. Oh man, Glenn Beck’s gonna love this episode. So anyway, I’m at the gun show and I want a holster so I see a table
for holsters and we go over there, my wife and I walk over and we’re talking
and the one guy says, “Are you from Texas?” I said yes he said I own property in Texas.
I said cool and we got to the why I’m here and I said well if you heard if you
heard President Uchtdorf’s talk in October then you know why I’m here, that
was me. And he goes really? Will you talk to me for a minute I said sure. So my
wife and I walk over with this guy and another guy kind of follows. So I’m
telling this guy my story and I get finished and the other guy that followed
him says, “You’re from Dallas?” And I said “Yes” and he goes “Oakcliff?” I said, “Yep.” He said you probably don’t remember me but in 2009 I came to your house and gave you a
blessing it gets better gets better. Turns out
that he was inactive. His bishop told him to go to General Conference priesthood
session and he goes. Because of President Uchtdorf’s talk, he reactivates not realizing
that the guy President Uchtdorf talked about was the guy that he knew in Dallas Texas in
2009. Came up to his house, gave him a blessing. Is this not bizarre? I don’t know why I’m laughing, it’s like laughters of joy, that’s amazing! It’s just been one of these… Did you say
laughters of joy? Laughters of sadness is that a thing? Yes,
for him it is. I find that people who don’t like the Constitution laugh sadly and by the way
sadly is now a word. So is bigly. Muchly is a word. And how many people say– And it came to pass that muchly Nephites have perished. Well and like
do you often say I’m gruntled? I don’t often I say that. I’m gruntled. I can
imagine. Because it’s the opposite of disgruntled. Yes, see? Gruntled means you’re not disgruntled. It’s true, that
makes a lot of sense. Well I had to spell it out for you, buddy. So it’s been one
of these miracles after another and this not all of them, but there’s been
one thing after another that you just go my goodness. And it’s been an
amazing trip. I was at work one day before October last year, in
the summer, and I answer the phone, it’s a female and she says, “Is this Dusty?” I
said yes it is and she said, “Would you please hold for President Uchtdorf?” I went, Yes. And he got on the phone and we chatted about my story and then he ended
up using my story. I’m not the one mocking. Oh my gosh, no. He’s taking both of us down. He’s flying the show. I’m glad that you’re getting some cuz it’s just been me this whole time. So he used my story in General Conference. Later he ordained me a high priest and
when he did that, my bishop, my stake president, and my wife were there. My
wife was not LDS and he said let’s come in and let’s chat for a few minutes
before the ordination. I thought he’s gonna talk to me about you know the
responsibilities I was gonna have now and everything. No, no he spent 30 minutes
talking to my wife and he told her bring what you have, we’ll add to it. And then he
told her, I know that Dusty wants to be sealed to you in the temple. We’ll save a
place for you. And the very next day Susan agreed to take the lessons and we
just baptized her on September 23rd. So it’s just been an amazing journey. This
story came out and I’ve had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails. I feel
like that what I have is a message of hope, a message that that people can
relate to, that if they’re non Mormons or anti Mormons are struggling with their
testimony. Well Dusty thank you so much for coming on the show. That was a
beautiful story. It was an amazing testimony. I teared up a
little bit, got angry most of the time, it’s fine. I’ve been waiting a long time
to say those things Dusty so thank you. Well I just wanted to say thank you
so much. It’s been awesome. Y’all are great. Thank you
so much these guys are awesome, subscribe to the YouTube channel, you won’t want to
miss a single episode of this especially you don’t want to miss the ones that
he’s by himself. Okay so you want to subscribe to see them all just so you
can see those, okay? See how much better it is now? We have room!

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  3. I was baptized my senior year of high school, but left a year after. I never was excommunicated or had my name taken off the rolls. I converted to Islam 4 years ago. I an married now to a born Muslim for 2 years. Last Sunday I went to the local ward for sacrament service after a dream of the temple. I'm starting to look at everything again.

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  14. I’m a investigator I feel good about the church and attending the only hard part for me is the proxy baptisms and temple marriages because I’ve never read about these things in the Bible. Has anyone been through this and can help? Thanks

  15. Okay you are convincing, but what about the young pressed brides of Joseph, and what about the 1832 vision account were Joseph forgot to mention the Father. I am open minded now. Give a better answer than the Gospel Topics Essays please.

  16. 🌷WE really need to have a better understanding of these latter day's, SATAN IS ON THE MOVE TO DESTROY LIVES, AND put doubts in there heart's! And pull them away from God's truth and Light! Satan wants us to be lost and miserable, WE MUST LEARN TO UNDERSTAND OUR ENEMY!!!! GOD HAS TRUTH AND LIGHT FOR HIS CHILDREN! 🌷💜

  17. No walking in Jerusalem does not make the bible true. The artifacts found there do. Not all is proven but some is. There is no proof of the book of mormon.

  18. So as a “Born-Again” Christian I am mystified by Mormonism. Think about it… The Bible was written
    by around 40 authors from 3 different continents. These men came from all walks of life, from shepherds to physicians. This happened over a span of 1,500 years and ALL of their letters ( books)
    spoke of the very same God in minute detail. These letters even included prophecy, things that either had not happened yet or things that man could not have known. For example: Job 26:7b: “and hangeth the earth upon nothing.” This was written during the Bronze Age. This would have made no sense to mankind at the time. The concept of the earth suspended upon absolutely nothing? No way! Especially considering that the Greeks, considered to be great thinkers of the day had the god Atlas holding our planet upon his shoulders. Ancient Hindu writings explained that earth sat on the back of a great elephant who was standing upon a giant turtle swimming in a cosmic sea. And yet, those fables are not found in Gods love letter to his creation. He simply states the truth…there are so many more examples, but you get the idea.
    Now, along comes Joseph Smith less than 200 years ago and he says an angel (Moroni) appeared to him and told him that the Bible and all religions on earth had been corrupted and could not be trusted.
    No real prophecy, no archaeological evidence to support his story…NOTHING!! No only is there no evidence to support Smiths assertions but actually there is ample evidence to refute his claims. Whenever I ask Mormons about this, I get answers that essentially say that they “just know it’s true”. They FEEL IT.
    This is a emotional response. So here is my problem. Gods Word is emphatic that there is only ONE GOD…(Isaiah 45:5) This God created all that was created (John 1:3) For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23-27). The Apostle Paul says “For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”
    Additionally, Galatians 1:8-9 says this… “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” Did you get that?
    Joseph Smith claims an angel told him of “ a “further revelation”. SoundS like EXACTLY what Paul was warning about in his letter to the Galatians.
    Okay, here is the situation for all our Mormon friends. You have two choices, one choice leads to everlasting life, the other leads to eternal death and destruction. If the Bible is true, you are following a faith that cannot save and you are on your way to ETERNAL DEATH. If Mormonism is true, than God was a liar, His Son Jesus died for nothing and you can be one of millions of gods. Based on the overwhelming evidence that the Bible is much more true that Mormonism lets on, you as a Mormon need to repent and turn from your self righteous ways and stop trying to be good ( Isaiah 64:6) and allow God to change you from within with the forgiveness His Son Jesus provided for you. Do this before it is eternally too late and you will avoid what will happen too most people( Matthew 7:13-14).

  19. I was struggling about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon recently. A couple of mins before watching this, I went into my bed , I was silent for a quite while when suddenly I just couldn't control my tears and I just bursted not knowing why. Then I realized, I would pray every night asking Him to help me know the truth and I know that was it! That's the Holy Spirit testifying me it's true!

    Then I just also saw this video! Surely, this was also a part of His answer to me! ❤

  20. Loved hearing about Dustys journey back. So amazing…and goospimples and teary when you spoke about how your testimony was handed back to you – yikes! Loved it.
    P.s stop being mean to kwaku 😜🤣😉

  21. Dusty keep looking for truth brother. It's in Jesus Christ but it's not the church formed by the Joseph. You are 100% right with what you said on the first vision. Keep looking for Truth dusty.

  22. Hi there. Ex-mormon here.

    I hesitate to comment as I'm not particularly interested in having people attempt to re-convert me. Haha. But I wanted to share some thoughts.

    For background, I was raised LDS. Baptized at 8. The whole shebang. I left the church in 2016 and am happy I did. I'm still technically on record but I mentally, emotionally, and spiritually consider myself completely to have left the church.

    I wanted to compliment this video as it was very entertaining. All three of you were very charming and fun to listen to. You made me laugh and smile (and not because I disagree with you but because I genuinely found you guys funny and heartwarming).

    I left the church because I do not believe in the concept of a one true church or religion. I believe all religions come from God to some degree but that all are also human organizations with human corruption.

    I think people participate or dont participate in different religions based on what is right for them and what they personally need and I believe that God guides them to the path that is best for them.

    For me, I had many seemingly impossible divinely attributed "coincidences" similar to Dusty, that lead me to realizing that I needed to leave the LDS church. His story warms my heart and I'm glad he is happy with his current path but I dont think that means it is right for everyone. In fact, for some people, I think it can be very very wrong.

    It was not till 2 years after leaving the church that I learned about all the historical, scientific, archeological, theological, etc issues with the church. I appreciate that Dusty acknowledged how much hurt and betrayal people feel when they find that information and feel like they were lied to. I felt it even as someone who was already an exmormon. For this reason, I wish the church would make this information more commonly available to members and investigators because its dishonest to do otherwise. A choice without all the information is not a genuine choice and people have a right to choose.

    I have many issues with the church but still my biggest issue is their truth claims and everything that goes with it (claim to the preisthood, temple ordinances, the actual organization its self, etc). Religious organizations and religion in general causes alot of damage in this world and the LDS church in my eyes is just as guilty of adding to the damage as any other church or religion. But I think there is a chance for people who strive to truly exemplify divine love and kindness to help mend those damages.

    In Hinduism there is a teaching that all paths lead to the top of the mountain. I beleive this.

    There is good in all the religions. And all can lead back to God (the top of the mountain). But they all require the effort of individuals to really seek and actually find God and push beyond all the human corruption, and I fear too many people believe in a religion and follow a religion but are completely missing the mark on actually finding God.

    Lastly I wanted to share that I have experienced a similar miraculous healing after an LDS preisthood blessing and I even experienced this after having left the church, just like Dusty. But I have also been healed by the "priesthoods" of other (even non-Christian) religions in very similarly miraculous ways and these healings from other religions have even been from things that no amount of prayer or preisthood blessings or scripture reading was ever able to help me with when I was actively LDS. I needed something different that the LDS path was not providing for my soul. In a very similar way, I took what I had and added to it by finding my current religious path.

    In conclusion, it is my testimony that God is a truly infinite being that cannot be confined to any one church or any one definition. God is always with us whether we know it or not. Every single one of us is divinely loved. We are all just learning and doing our best and God knows us, knows what we need and will not turn from us but will help us along our journey. And as we strive (even imperfectly) to live our lives in a way that is akin to pure "christ-like" love, we will be able to know God for ourselves, regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other beautifully unique trait that makes up each of us.

  23. Wow, this guy is like Saul. God needs him to step up and do his work for the church in bringing souls unto him just like Paul did. What do you think? That's what I think. Get busy Dusty! What are you doing now?

  24. just a critique, the guy on the left is distracting. his overall immaturity with the exaggerated facial expressions and sad attempts at spontaneous comedy distract from the guest hosts message. this behavior is cute coming from someone under 13, not from a grown man. i understand he's trying to be entertaining and funny but the speaker holds his own well, keeping the audience engaged. (napolean dynamite on the right has the same immature gusto but not as overbearing.)

  25. Thanks for this testimony Dusty. I was awakened in Dallas on a business trip in 2017 to the audible voice of the Lord, "Trey, you have been to 100 churches in the last ten years, now it is time to join my church". Stunned, I replied, "Which church is that?" and He replied, "the one with my name on it". I stammered, "Do you mean the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and He said, "Yep, that's it."

    A few hours later I was telling two stunned young Elders that I was absolutely committed to joining the Church and was then baptized a few months later.

    All this to say that I have experienced so many signs, wonders, and healing miracles in the last two years that I can only share a tiny portion of them in any testimony meeting or others might think I was crazy.

    Your testimony is one of the closest to my own. God is alive, and still doing the same great things as always, for, and by, and through those to whom He has truly given eyes to see and ears to hear. The Church is true, but not yet perfect, as it goes through the same growing pains as we all do individually.

    The truth of the Church is most evident through the existence of the Temple. While other Christian traditions focus on the reconciliation of the living, our true Church comprehends, teaches, and administers ordinances to reconcile all who have ever lived unto Him who is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  26. This Church has a pull that can only be described as Devine. Youre either enchanted or enraged depending on the sin attached to you. God has spoken and said know thy by thy fruit. Our fruit is Jesus, Family and Charity. The only thing(s) that'll happen from reading the Book of Mormon is a mass of blessings. Read it to believe it.

  27. Nourishing the words of God in our life make active in the gospel and in the true Church of God,be prayerful always and listen to the prompting of the Holy Ghost and obey it that is the answer to our prayers if we are sincere.

  28. …and up next: A Movie about an ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex Mormon that fell in love with an ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex Scientologist who was born into the body of an ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex Baptist that has a half sister which is ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-soon to be ex Catholic and father who is anti-anti-anti antist and a mother which is ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex hindu and a grandma which is an ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex kinda confused ex Jew.

  29. I think its amazing that God takes a man that has such lazer focus and resolve based on fact only. He brings him back and fills his life with un explainable miracles. Teaching him to believe in the greatness and mystery of God.

  30. Kwako was a Methodist! That's me right now. I want to convert to the lds church. I want to hear more about kwakos story!!!

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