Ancient Aliens: Robot Gods of Ancient Egypt (Season 10) | History

seven miles west of the Nile. Within this expansive
archaeological site lies the ruins of
the Osiris Hall where thousands would
gather to worship the god of the underworld. GIORGIO A. TSOUKALOS: In
comparison to many of the gods, Osiris was actually thought to
have lived physically on earth as one of Egypt’s pharaohs. He is often depicted with
a winged disk of the sun. And while many scholars have
suggested that this is nothing else but to worship
the sun, that sun, as far as the Egyptians were
concerned, also had wings. And it descended from the sky. So in my opinion, something
else was depicted– an extraterrestrial
event that, in fact, took place in a real life. NARRATOR: Although most ancient
astronaut theorists believe that the Egyptian
gods were, in reality, extraterrestrial
visitors, there are many who wonder if Osiris was
even made of flesh and blood. One of the most famous stories
that go hand-in-hand with Osiris was that
he was dismembered by his jealous brother, Seth. JONATHAN YOUNG: Seth
went into a fury and tore his brother’s
dead body to shreds, tore it into 14 pieces,
had it scattered far and wide all over the kingdom. But Isis, the loyal wife,
searched far and wide and found the pieces
and pulled it together. GIORGIO A. TSOUKALOS: Isis
succeeded in resurrecting him. Now, when I hear a story
like that, that a being is dismembered and then somebody
puts together those pieces, and then they’re able to
magically resurrect him, I have to ask the question, is
it possible that Osiris was not some type of biological entity
but, perhaps, he was some type of a machine or a robot. [ETHEREAL MUSIC] NARRATOR: For ancient
astronaut theorists, perhaps, the strongest evidence that
Osiris may have been a robot can be found in
the ancient pyramid texts, which describe the
symbol of the djed pillar as Osiris’s spy. Osiris in his
resurrected form was portrayed as a pillar
that clearly resembles a modern day Tesla coil. The djed pillar was
considered a power pillar. GIORGIO A. TSOUKALOS: In
this one carving at Abydos, it is as if Isis has her hand
inserted into Osiris’s back and so, perhaps,
it illustrates how she was manipulating Osiris. Could it be that
the story of Osiris is something completely
different than what we have thought? [ETHEREAL MUSIC]

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