Are Mormons Christian? |

I’m on a mission to
discover whether or not Mormons are Christian. Are you a Mormon? Yes, sir. As a Mormon, do you consider
yourself a Christian? As a Mormon, would you
consider yourself a Christian? Absolutely. Oh, yeah. I think that the
word “Christian” means belief in Christ, and I
definitely believe in Christ. Of course, I am Christian. Without a doubt. Absolutely, 100 percent. We are definitely Christian. We accept Jesus
Christ as our Savior. We follow His example. So why would we
not be Christian? Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, just like any
other Christian. I’d like to be a
better Christian, but I am absolutely a Christian. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. Yes, I would consider
myself a Christian. We believe in Christ. Why do you think
you’re a Christian? Because I want to follow Christ. Well, being a
Christian isn’t just simply believing in Christ. It’s also just living like Him,
trying to become more like Him. Absolutely. I believe in Christ,
and I believe that He is the most central
being in the universe. Because I believe in Christ. I believe in Him. I believe in His
doctrine, and I’m a Christian for that matter. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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