Are You Ready To Feel Effect The Kundalini Awakening & Energy ? – Brain Rewire Audio By Manthanhub

Are You Ready To Feel Effect The Kundalini Awakening & Energy ? – Brain Rewire Audio By Manthanhub

This is manthanhub’s brain rewire audio session.We
recommend you to use your headphone before starting this session. In this session we are going to help you towards
transmutation of sexual energy also this session helps in kundalini energy awakening. You can see the picture , we have 7 kundalini
chakras in our body. See and repeat the names of kundalini chakras
3 times in your mind and wait for next instructions. Dear friends, please attention ! When the
root chakra or muladhar is activated your energy starts moving towards to swadhistan
chakras. You may feel little better and intense sexual
urges as well, after awakening of Swadhisthan Chakra , your sexual energy starts transmutating
into spiritual energy. After that Energy sublimation becomes easier
but you have to follow celibacy lifestyle rules and Celibacy yoga. In this session we are giving you a task. You have to complete it, in your mind in your
imagination. Please pay attention. Imagine that you are walking alone in a forest. Try to see big big trees, try to hear sounds
of Forest. Feel that you are moving towards dense forest. Now keep in your mind what you are able to
see and what you are able hear. Imagine and wait for next instruction. Dear friends, while moving ahead, you have
reached at the bottom of a mountain. You can see a flowing stream of water. See and feel the stream of water. You are recommended to sit in the streaming
water. Now try to feel , the stream of cool water is smoothly, very smoothly
hiting your muladhar chakra and your sexual organ. You are feeling very cool in mukaddar chakra
and sexual organ. Remember you are not feeling any urges. Now remain in this state for some time and
wait for next instruction. Dear friends, please pay attention. You can feel a crawing sensation in your genital
part and from muladhar chakra to swadhisthan chakra. This is manthanhub’s brain rewire audio session
for energy sublimation and kundalini energy. In future we will come with more such audio

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  2. How can i make my voice attractive like you…please tell me…i am following bramcharya since 1.5 years but couldn't get voice like u

  3. Complete 30 days but I don't feel any change.mujhe thodi bloating hai.aap koi upay bataye.

    Waise to mujhe bharosa hai ki thik ho jayga thode time me

    Thanks to manthan hun.

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