Asst Pastor Mac Bible Teaching “The Mormons” 9:27:18

Asst  Pastor Mac   Bible Teaching “The Mormons” 9:27:18

we’re going to take it to the throne of
grace with prayer before we begin our study tonight so please join me in a
word of prayer our Father in Heaven Lord we come to You
now with a humble heart with one mind and we pray that You would indeed go
before us now and bless this study that You would have Your children hear Lord I
ask that You would just remove emotions and feelings and allow Your Holy Spirit
to break down the barriers of those emotions that we often have and allow
Your truth to be heard and with Your truth penetrate the hardest of hearts
and allow us to learn from Your truth and take heed to Your truth and be
better stewards of Your word and better Christians by Your truth and we thank
You now for that which only You can do and I pray and know that You will in the
mighty name of Jesus the Christ we pray Amen so tonight and with the Lord’s
permission we’re going to tackle a touchy topic dealing with yet another
group of professing Christians called the Mormons and now this topic hits
really close to home because there are many Mormons here on the island of Oahu
and I’m quite sure there are even Mormons or prior Mormons here with us
tonight but it has to be discussed and once again this is not an attack on the
people involved in this practice but we as Christians need to fully understand
that this is not Christianity or perhaps more pointedly being true followers of
Jesus Christ it’s not one of the things that always gets lost in the
understanding of what a Christian is is just that
what is a Christian according to the Bible and we often hear so many groups
calling themselves Christians but they are not and unfortunately Mormons also
welcome this title Christian but their doctrine proves otherwise as we will see
but before we do so let’s biblically define what a Christian is
and also if you discuss with people about being a Christian that may be of a
different cult shall I say you need to have your definitions upfront and let
them know what you believe and why you believe it that’s biblical now we know
from the Word of God in the book of Acts that the title Christian was first given
here in chapter 11 beginning in verse 25 the Word of God reads then Barnabas
departed for Tarsus to seek Saul and when he had found him he brought him to
Antioch so it was that for a whole year they assembled with the church and
taught a great many people and the disciples were first called Christians
in Antioch I want you all just to keep that in the back of your mind first
called Christians in Antioch going to come back during our teaching now
the word Christian means household of Christ or followers of Christ which is
just not the knowing of Christ but being a household and having a following of
Christ demonstrating unity and an understanding of who the Christ is and
what that means and even though that name Christian was originally meant to
be a disgrace it became a noble word
and a noble testimony regarding how they then loved the church and we now love
the Church of Jesus Christ and as one commentator would put it he says this
the name Christian was counted as honoring Him as our only Lord and Savior
dwelling continually in His name and glorying in it Jesus Christ the true Son
of God the only Lord and Savior who has sent His Holy Spirit to us for each of
us to see His truth and by this the truth of the gospel is revealed and
salvation is achieved through the gospel of Jesus Christ this is what it means to
be a Christian in a nutshell of course there’s more details but you understand
where I’m going this is the biblical definition of what a Christian is and
that definition or that title Christian has been hijacked from us mainly because
we either don’t know what it means to be a Christian ourselves or perhaps too
bashful to confront counterfeit Christians and this unwillingness to
address any and all false doctrine is not biblical understand that false
doctrine is different from false religion hear me out because false
doctrine claims to be backed by the Bible or in concert with the Bible but
it fails in many areas especially in the recognizing of the sufficiency of faith
in Christ alone the sufficiency in the gospel is nearly always compromised for example when we’re talking about
being in concert with the Bible the Book of Mormon is clearly not in concert with
the Bible we just read that they were first called Christians in Antioch which
was dated around 42 A. D. this is when they were first called Christians but in the
Book of Mormon they claimed that Christians were established around 147
BC now the attempt is to make their book predate the Bible and particularly the
New Testament but in doing so they expose themselves to having many
plagiarized passages and they also go against historical facts that are
captured elsewhere in history and this is just one of many conflicts within
their book that goes against the Bible and also their teaching that conflicts
both and again they claim to be Christians with these fallacies and
false doctrines and the list continues to grow today from the Jehovah Witnesses
to the modern-day Judaizers to many aspects of Roman Catholicism to
Christian yoga I don’t even understand that someone’s going to have to help me
after this teaching to understand what Christian yoga means then we have the
New Age Christian movement to Christian science to the Kingdom now theology to
the Seventh day Adventists and many others including our topic tonight dealing with
the Mormons in each case we see that Christ is not
enough within these groups when it comes to salvation and that goes directly
against the word of the true and living God now in some of these groups and
perhaps even most of them their moral teachings are in alignment with the Word
of God and many of them adhere to it and they live it out in their own flesh more
so than we do as Christians by the spirit of grace and that’s sad that’s sad we too often grieve the Spirit during
our walk as Christians and because of that our walk becomes unattractive
because it looks exactly like the world so we as Christians are part of the
problem for this explosion and all these false doctrines that we face and I know
many of you myself included probably know somebody within most of these
groups if not all and many of them are on fire with their service or they’re
out to do stuff and they’re so respectable upstanding citizens and they
are truly valued from the worldly standards Oh aren’t they but as a
Christian if you do not believe in the finished work on the cross by the
shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ then you nullify the redemptive work of
Christ so I would ask them a question what is salvation to you and I pray that
we all are secure with our salvation and what we believe because in the end we
will all give an account whether we believe the truth or not
and we know prayerfully know that the gospel of
Christ is sufficient for salvation and any other teaching is false doctrine
period the Apostle Paul not only addresses false doctrine but he by the
power of the Holy Spirit would write about it and tell us to do the same in so
many words in the book of Titus chapter 1 in verses 10 through 11 the Word of
God reads for there are many insubordinate both idle talkers and
deceivers especially those of the circumcision whose mouths must be
stopped who subvert whole household teaching things which they ought not for
the sake of dishonest gain dishonest gain now now think about this concept
that the Apostle Paul is speaking about what he’s saying is that this false
doctrine their teaching they doing it for dishonest gain but with that gain
they could be doing things that look legit they acquire this money and then
they do these things that look legit because it attracts more people to their
false doctrine think of it here the Apostle Paul was dealing with the Jewish
Christians who just could not let go of the law and continue to mix truth with
lies associated with the doctrines of the law and by the Apostle Paul’s
writings it was seen that those who taught such didn’t really believe in the
first place but they found it quite lucrative to promote that view of
salvation and this is what happened then and this is what continues to happen to
us today the Apostle Paul would also write in the book of Galatians chapter 1
in verses 6 through 8 the following I marvel
that you are turning away so soon from him who called you in the grace of
Christ to a different gospel which is not another but there are some who
trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ verse 8 but even if we
or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you then what we have preached
to you let him be accursed accursed preaching any other gospel then what the
gospel of Christ the grace of Christ the completed work for our redemption
through Christ Jesus anything other than that let them be accursed
now this is another powerful statement and it should be taken seriously as the
entire Council of God I pray that we would take heed to this and come to that
understanding that the gospel of Christ is the only way to salvation Jesus
that’s it and speaking of Jesus he would also
speak to the church in Ephesus and would say these words captured in the book of
Revelation chapter 2 in verse 2 I know your works your labor your patience and
that you cannot bear those who are evil and here it is and you have tested those
who say they are apostles and are not and have found them liars yes this is
Jesus speaking to the church and this is an attribute of the church
that we need to have and we must address all of these we must address it despite
how uncomfortable it makes us feel people are always going to say you came
across X way I am not apologizing for speaking the truth God forbid I’m going
to speak what the Lord has placed before me and by the power of His Spirit I pray
that He would give all ears to hear that means fine-tuning so you can get past
when you perceive it to be man he was kind of bold am I not supposed to be
bold about the truth bottom line is that Christians and Mormons do not believe in
the same God nor the same Jesus nor the same Holy Spirit now with that said
we’re going to get into our topic on the Mormons by looking in to some quick
facts I say quick but it’s not what we’re going to deal with some of the
Mormons doctrine and then look into the current status of the Mormon Church at
least the most active one after that we’ll look into their origin some of the
brief history about the Mormons all the while we’ll addressed in their doctrine
against the word of the true and living God all right first of all let’s talk
about some pointed doctrines of the Mormons first of all they do claim that
the Bible is the Word of God but that the translations have been wrecked over
the centuries and large portions of the Bible have been lost so it’s not really
reliable they also have a very different view of interpreting God’s
Word that contradicts several issues that we’ll see but more importantly
the definitions of the essential doctrines such as the gospel go
completely against God’s Word they also believe that there are three sacred
books in addition to the parts of the Bible that may be reliable and they also
placed the Book of Mormon above all so the Book of Mormon is one of the
doctrines Doctrine and Covenants is another one and the Pearl of Great Price
is also another one now I pray that you already see the problem here and these
doctrines have changed immensely over the years and not just grammar fixes or
corrections I’m talking about doctrine changes in their own Book of Mormon and
as a church we can’t just overlook this we can’t do that when we’re approached by
this group we need to understand what they really believe if we love them we
should address them don’t shy away from it you speak out of love the truth
because God’s Word will destroy all of man’s doctrines period but you have to
know it another fact about the Mormons is that they believe that the earth is
one of several inhabited planets ruled over by gods and goddesses who were once
at a time humans on other planets so what we have here in the end based on
the Mormons theology is not a monotheistic view meaning one god we
have the polytheistic view meaning several gods and even in their own book
of Mormon it contradicts this as far as the Trinity goes they believed that the
Trinity consists of listen three separate God’s born in different times
and places according to them they believed that God
the Father is an exalted man and that the father begot the Son and Holy Ghost
through a goddess wife in heaven and that the father has a father and that
father at one time had a father and it goes on in addition to that they also
believed that humans are of the same species as god because remember they
believed god was and exalted is an exalted man furthermore they believed
that salvation is the resurrection but in order to be exalted to that godhood
for eternal life in the celestial heaven it must be earned through works now we
know according to the scriptures this is completely false no matter how many
scriptures you try to twist it just doesn’t work but it is what it is so the
current status of the Mormons you can find out all this information on this
website everything and then some the Mormons as they are today are separated
into two major groups which the most active one is the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints now we need to understand that these people are well
organized and for the most part I’m telling you well educated and not to
mention very wealthy the Mormons have a membership of over 10 million members
that continues to grow at a rate of about 300,000 each and every year and
within their own community their birth rate is 28 per thousand vice the 16 per
thousand across the United States they know how to have children Mormons are highly focused on missions
good works clean living and training their members all away from childhood
and because of that they have very few juvenile delinquents and a high success
rate in teenage to adult transition so what is being said here is that as
they turn from being a teenager to adult they don’t leave the church they
stay again they stress education they have over 40,000 students in their
campuses and over a half a million enrolled in their seminary schools they
attract young people they encourage the young people to participate in sports
and all forms of arts and when it comes to money let me tell you something the
Vatican has nothing on the Mormons the Vatican brings in about 3 billion every
year the Mormons eight billion the Mormons
are worth over 40 billion the Roman Catholic Church 30 billion they own land in all 50 states and they
have at least one temple in a prominent location on every continent with a
hundred and twenty of them in full operation and more under construction as
we speak and we know that Mormons holds some of the highest positions in nearly
every aspect of our government all three branches so they don’t just have
financial power but they have political power as well remember Mitt Romney is a
Mormon and again many other ones in the political arena now much more could be
said and again this website that you see up here you go to it you’ll be amazed of
all you can find out about the Mormons and their activities but the point is is
that they are very influential across many walks of life and when you see
their attitudes and their dedication it’s attractive and it’s easy to see how
organizations grow when modeled after this and most of them model themselves
after a form of works and this and that and the third because it looks and feels
like you’re a part of something special and then when you get high up in the
ranks and start acquiring the revenue and the land and so forth and so on are
you going to be willing to hear the truth that’s how they do it what I want to do
now is look at the life of the founder of the Mormons briefly a man by the name
of Joseph Smith Jr. now Joseph Smith Jr. was born on December the 23rd in 1805 in
Vermont and later moved to Palmyra New York and at the age of 15 or so he was
troubled with what denomination he should join that was the conflict he had
he also had a conflict about what was right or what was wrong and soon after
he would have a vision after reading in the book of James he would read chapter
1 verse 5 which says this if any of you lacks wisdom let him ask God who gives
to all liberally and without reproach and it will be given to him this is what
he read and so he says after reading this and praying to God he claimed that
this vision would come so this young teenager the year of 1820 would say that
a light rested on him and he saw two people standing above him in the air
calling him by name with one pointing to the other saying this is my beloved son
hear him sounds familiar and reason why he had this vision because this was all
regarding that question I don’t know what denomination to join I don’t know
what’s right I don’t know what’s wrong he reads this in James and now the lord
appears to him and god then he says this this is what he claims was said to him I
must join none of them for they were all wrong their creeds were an abomination
in his sight those professors were all corrupt
this is what was told to him based on his account that all doctrine was wrong
everything keep that in mind all meanwhile this same teenager would
continue practicing treasure hunting with his father utilizing seer stones
and divining rods which are used in witchcraft in fact this type of practice
was against the law and in 1826 the state of New York would charge the now
21 year-old Joseph Smith with glass looking which was only a misdemeanor and
he appears to have paid it off by all accounts think of that
do you hear what’s happening here and I want to a pause for a moment I want to make
sure that we all understand what divination means divination is the
attempt to discover the unknown or the future by supernatural means involving
communication with the spirit world which is expressly forbidden by the true
and living God activity such as this is a gateway for demonic forces to enter
into your home’s to disrupt their lives and if you are not saved to enter in to
you as well this is what that is demons are real they are real and there’s no
such thing as a good demon Casper the Friendly Ghost don’t cut it and these practices God warns us against
them but they continuously get violated by those who refuse to and/or reject the
truth while claiming to be Christians but in turn become ministers of Satan
and this right here is an example of that violation so while this Joseph
Smith was engaged in this type of demonic activity it’s really easy to see
why he would write things contrary to the Word of God and promote these
teachings for his benefit this is another telltale sign of a cult period
the leader obtains the benefit and the leader becomes the object although
claiming to be of God and they used this claim to benefit themselves and/or the
movement that represents their theology so the story continues Mr. Smith at the
age of around 25 or so 1830 BAM the Mormon Church is born and he would
indeed receive the benefits from this movement because as the Mormons would
grow over the years they would end up in Illinois where various practices would
come into play that would benefit Mr. Smith they were introduced there in
Illinois and his followers would build a big city actually in Illinois and guess
what Mr. Smith would be the mayor and he would also be the general of his own
army not only that though he would also be a candidate for the presidency of the
United States of America he was the only prophet and the only seer and the sole
revealer to the Mormon movement what power
what control and what pride it must take to write your own doctrine and conduct
your own practices and call it all from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob but we all know what happens with pride the
Bible is clear on that in the book of Proverbs chapter 16 and verse 18 we read
the following pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before
a fall and now I know this is a well-known passage but it can never be
said enough it can never be overstated no matter how long it takes the prideful
will always be destroyed and I recognize that we all have moments of pride but
what the Lord is speaking about is a spirit of pride that’s you that’s
it the whole entire aura about yourself is
pride that’s what the Lord is speaking about and the spirit of pride can only
lead to one thing and that’s destruction no matter how long it takes destruction
will follow and you know I’m not being over critical about Joseph Smith and his
pride because it takes a prideful man to even attempt to rewrite portions of
the Bible and then place your name in it as a future prophet in the Latter day
Saints translation Joseph Smith translate the book of Genesis and he
adds some verses to it in our translation in chapter 50 of Genesis it
ends in verse 26 in our Bibles but in their version it continues until
verse 38 however in their verse 33 this is what it says and I quote
and that seer will I bless and they that seek to destroy him shall be confounded
for this promise I give unto you for I will remember you from generation to
generation and his name shall be called Joseph and it shall be after the name of
his father remember he’s the Junior and it should be like unto you for the thing
which the Lord shall bring forth by his hand shall bring my people unto
salvation do you hear this pride and because of that pride I truly
believe Mr. Smith that destruction would follow very quickly for him all that
demonic influence I think the Lord was going to take care of it very quickly
and all those additional books that he claimed that the Lord had placed on him
to write as even one called the book of Moses that he said that he translated
from Egyptian writings that was lost well in 1844 his own followers would
turning against him and make many incriminating accusations against Mr.
Smith which caused him to be placed in jail and before he could even make it to
trial a mob would enter to jail and kill him and his brother and so that ended
the life of Mr. Smith but not the end of the Mormon Church because Brigham Young
would take over and then the movement would continue and we need to keep in
mind that demonic influences don’t stop after somebody dies that influence
continues so this is where we are and now we’ll get into some of those issues
about the doctrine and the biblical interpretations and once again I always
love to do this I love to start in Romans chapter 3 the beginning of verse
4 it says it all for me so Word of God reads let God be true and
every man a liar God be true every man a liar I put this up here always to make a
point on how God’s Word stands and man will always be found a liar now
according to the Mormons the reason for God calling Joseph Smith Jr to
restore the church is because the church was in complete apostasy and remember
what it says were an abomination in the sight of God
all of them they claim that they are the only true church and the true doctrine
was lost causing this apostasy that the Word of God be true and every man a liar
the first question that I would ask and answer by the Word of God is what does
the Word of God say regarding His church in the book of
Matthew chapter 16 in verse 18 we have this often quoted verse Jesus is
speaking about His church that I believe really gets under appreciated as the
Word of God reads and I also say to you that you are Peter and on this rock I
will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it in
this one verse we could end this entire study and every other study dealing with
anyone or any group that wish to claim that somehow the Word of God has been
polluted or hidden or lost to the point of a church apostasy to make this
suggestion in any way is calling our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ a liar listen to the words Jesus said that He
would build His church upon Himself because He is that rock the testimony
given by Peter as Him being the very son of God the rock the very foundation the
very foundation that everything and the entire church is built upon and in doing
so the very gates of hell would not prevail against it so if the church had
fallen into complete apostasy this claim that
Jesus has just said would be false think of it listen Jesus Christ the
gates of Hell shall not prevail against it and that it is the church His church
so what the Lord is saying is that His church by His word and His words shall
never pass away will always be on the offensive because gates are only used to
keep things out so these gates of Hades this world is trying to keep God’s Word
from penetrating this hellish world that’s been turned over to Satan for a
season but God says that these gates none of them hell itself will not
prevail against the church never let God be true and every man a liar as long as
the church is here the Word of God will continue to be preached and the true
gospel of Christ as it is written without the need for some new revelation
or some gospel shifting guidance our God is not here to confuse us in fact He
tells us how His word is authenticated it’s authenticated by the true prophets
of God and also those apostles who were able to perform signs and wonders and a
prophet of the Lord has to be 100% accurate 100% or he is not a prophet of
God but a minister of Satan and time will not permit me to go through all the
false prophecies of Mr. Smith but I do want to go through one that I find so
telling and we to pause for a minute after I read it
because there is some explanation that goes along with it this is from their
other sacred book titled Doctrines and Covenants section 84 and I want you to
listen to what it says as I quote it a revelation of Jesus Christ
unto his servant Joseph Smith Jr. and six elders as they united their
hearts and lifted their voices on high only have the third verse up there if
you will I going to read the second one now
yea the word of the Lord concerning his church established in the last days for
the restoration of his people and he has spoken by the mouth of his prophets and
for the gathering of his saints to stand upon Mount Zion which shall be the city
of New Jerusalem now this Mount Zion he’s speaking of is
the one that they established in Missouri as I read which city shall be
built beginning at the temple lot which they established which is appointed by
the finger of the Lord and the Western boundaries of the state of Missouri and
dedicated by the hand of Joseph Smith Jr. and others with whom the Lord was
well pleased now it goes on to say that that generation would not pass until
that was accomplished and it has not been accomplished there is a lot there
that they have they built one of their temples somewheres down the street from
it but as speaking of a hundred percent prophecy correct of course it’s not even
close but the part that strikes me and should everyone is the New Jerusalem
will be in Missouri God has His name on His land and He said
that it shall be established forever now with this statement you’re calling God a
liar Joseph Smith is not a prophet if anything he was out to make a profit and
many of these organizations do the same thing for that alone his word cannot be
trusted and we know this because it fails the test of a prophet of God
especially also an apostle of God again it is by the prophets and apostles that
our God established His word would be authenticated and how by the power of
the Holy Spirit His word has been preserved preserved you know the Lord
has been ministered to me to talk about a topic inerrancy and believe pray for
that for me it’s a very intense topic but one that needs to be discussed as the
Holy Spirit just brings it to the front of my mind to ask for prayer for that
one but His words been preserved by those prophets for the word of God reads
in the book of Mark chapter 16 verses 19 through 20 the following based on how
His word has been established here’s what God says so then after the Lord has
spoken to them He was received up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of
God verse 20 and they went out and preached everywhere listen the Lord
working with them and confirming the word through the accompany signs Amen
this is how God’s Word has been confirmed I marvel at people who call
themselves apostles now the simplified definition
maybe we can buy that for a dollar but when we talk about the Apostles of the
Bible oh they were attributes that you had to have to be called an
apostle they were given unique access to perform these signs and wonders which is
the mark of an apostle as the Word of God reads in the book of Second
Corinthians chapter 12 in verse 12 truly the signs of an apostle were
accomplished among you with all perseverance in signs and wonders and
mighty deeds the signs of an apostle this is one of the most comprehensive
and determining factors of seeing the authorship of the Word of God and again
in the book of Acts in chapter 14 in verse 3 we read the same thing God
allowing signs and wonders to be permitted to authenticate His Word the
word of God reads beginning in verse 1 now what happened in a Iconium that they
went together to the synagogue of the Jews and so spoke that
a great multitude both of the Jews and of the Greeks believed and verse 2 says
but the unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned their minds
against the Brethren and here we are in verse 3 that’s on the screen
therefore they stayed there a long time speaking boldly in the Lord who was
bearing witness to the word of His grace granting signs and wonders to be done by
their hands this is how it happens so we can see once again that it is of
the Lord that these signs and wonders were accomplished for the purpose of
authenticating God’s word that word that shall never pass away the point is is
this is the qualifier for Scripture and the Holy Bible as it stands is complete
Jesus speaks and He spoke about the law the Psalms and the writings and then
provided the revelations to His apostles and confirmed the work by the Holy
Spirit that’s it all other writings are of man period imagine how confused we
would be if it wasn’t this way any Joe scholar could come up with something
that sounds nice and speaking about man let’s address the Mormon teaching of god
being an exalted man and I’m not talking about the son of man I’m talking about
god the father being an exalted man again in their sacred book titled
Doctrines and Covenants section 130 22 the Mormon state this the father has a
body of flesh and bones as tangible as a man as tangible as man’s
the father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s you can’t make this
up it’s on their website this is talking about god the father
being a man of flesh and bones but what does the Bible say the Bible tells us in
the book of John chapter 4 in verses 23 and 24 the following Jesus Himself says
but the hour is coming and now is when the true worshipers will worship the
Father in Spirit and truth for the Father is seeking such to worship Him in
verse 20 for God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and
truth God the Father is not a man how could
anyone who claims to believe in our God bring him down to the level of a sinful
man that is blasphemous in every sense of the word and then suggests that we
ourselves can achieve this godhood state that’s not what the Word of God says
that’s not what the Lord teaches and no matter how much they try to twist
Scripture in order to validate this claim the Bible speaks for itself
throughout God’s Word for example the Word of God says in Hosea chapter 11 in
the middle of verse 9 for I am God and not man the Holy One in your midst not
man God and again in the Book of Numbers chapter 23 in the first part of verse
19 the Word of God says God is not a man that He should lie nor a son of man I
love the way the Lord puts His words in there nor a son of man that he should
repent He because if you’re a man you best be repented there’s so many other scriptures that
can be referred to that talk about this but you know what I’m also amazed about
is that in their own book of Mormon it contradicts their own teaching by
stating the following in their book called Alma 31:15 here’s what they say
holy holy god we believe that thou art god and we believe that thou art holy
and that thou wast a spirit and that thou art a spirit and that thou wilt be
spirit forever it’s in the Book of Mormon I have a copy of it right here
I had to read it for myself on the pages just to make sure the website hadn’t
have a glitch or something first they say that god is a man but then in here
this is just one part or aspect of how their doctrine contradicts they
contradict their own writings and this is just an example of how hard it is to
keep lies in check very tough and this is why we worship the true and living
God in Spirit and in truth and speaking of God there is only one God according
to the Bible not many gods like the Mormons teach which again is a
polytheistic view but the Bible is clear the Word of God reads here in the book
of Isaiah chapter 45 in verses five and six
I am listen to how many times it was almost like the Lord knew that this of
course He did but it’s like I mean it’s just amazing that He just knows it I’m
going to put this here just so it’s just so repair
that you would have to have an IQ of a sausage not to see the relevance of it I
mean it’s my thought process as I go through it and I’m not trying to make
light of it I’m just but it’s the truth listen I am the Lord and there is no
other there is no God besides mM gird you though you have not known me in
verse six that they may know from the rising of the Sun to its setting that
there is none besides Me I am the Lord and there is no other there’s no way to talk around this in
order to do so you have to block things out you really have to say I
don’t want to hear what you have to say and unfortunately that’s what many
people do I don’t want to ever get to that state ever for anything if it’s the
truth please tell me and I want God to provide
me with the mindset to absorb it and I pray for all those who are listening who
may be in this organization to really look at the Scriptures time will not allow us to
go into an exhaustive page passage review of how often God tells us that
there is only one God and that is Him and Him alone yes the triune God Father Son
and Holy Spirit for these three are one according to the scriptures but
according to the Mormons I want to tell you what they preach this is what is
taught and this right here is Joseph Smith and I quote I wish to declare I
have always and in all congregations when I preached on the subject of deity
it has been the plurality of god’s he goes on to say I have always declared
god to be a distinct personage Jesus Christ a separate distinct personage
from god the father and that the holy ghost was a distinct personage and a
spirit and these three constitute three distinct personages and three God’s end quote in this concept of three gods does not
stop here as we briefly talked about the father has a father and the father and it
continues to go on but look how far it goes when you have no restraint listen
to this one within the Mormons council of the seventy which is a high-ranking
member of this group of Mormons says this quote the stupendous truth of the
existence of a heavenly mother as well as a heavily father became established
facts in Mormon theology this is at the core of their doctrine so what they do is say that they believe
in the father and they believe in the son and the holy spirit but we need to
understand that they do not believe as we do yet they take the title Christian
and this is what they’re telling people and then they also believe that the
father and the son and the spirit of three separate gods in a universe with
many gods who are all in the form of a man ruling elsewhere in the cosmos none of this aligns with the Bible in
any way none of them and once again even in their own Book of Mormon in that same
book Alma chapter 11 28 to 29 it says there’s only one God
it’s amazing how they contradict you can read it on your own for the sake of
time and when it comes to the Blessed Trinity
we as Christians clearly see the oneness of God the Father Son and Holy Spirit
yet also know this because of the Scriptures Scriptures tell us that
they’re each distinctive but never separate God is a being Father Son and
Holy Spirit persons of the God being never separate never and this topic of
the Trinity jams a lot of gears a lot of people get I don’t know confused or
upset I don’t claim to know everything intricate about it but I know this that
is real it’s a study within itself but God says this I love His words unless
you are converted and become as little children you will by no means enter the
kingdom of heaven and of the many things that this saying by Jesus holds one of
them is that when we see what the Bible says
read it digest it pray on it a lot of Holy Spirit is saying that’s exactly what
it is and then believe it and the Lord will continue to reveal more and more of
that as we can handle and it’s amazing and that’s the same thing that comes
with the Trinity this is not blind faith about the Trinity because that’s not
what faith is faith contains evidence of that which is not seen and the evidence
is overwhelming regarding one God’s entire Word is entire
Council which includes the doctrine of the Trinity and so what we’re going to do
but instead of looking at it from a scholarly perspective we’re going to become
little children and look at it one verse just from the perspective perspective of
one verse that’s it in the book of First John chapter four
in verse eight we read the following he who does not love does not know God and
here it is for God is love now some might ask like what does this have to do with
the Trinity I’m going to tell you it has everything to do with the Trinity love
God is the very definition of love God is love God did not grow into love God
did not oh create love He is love but in order to have love you must have a
relationship and that relationship must be a common union God the eternal Father
this is why the Son is eternal and this is why the Holy Spirit is eternal they
have always been always had a relationship always had a common union
and for that purpose love exists in the form of God you cannot say that God
loves Himself in that way because that type of love would be pride and because
God is love we are the byproduct of that love that’s the childlike explanation of the
Trinity it has to be this way and lastly the Mormons have another gospel they
have another gospel and this gospel is called out by Joseph Smith himself I’m
quoting from Joseph Smith as he says these words concerning eternal life
and I quote here then is eternal life to know the only wise and true god and you
have got to learn to be gods yourselves and to be kings and praise to God the
same as all gods have done before you namely by going from one small degree to
another and from a small capacity to a great one and this is where they start
stealing stuff from grace to grace from exaltation to exaltation end quote you
have to work for it you need to become a god yourself from one small degree to
the next to the next climb up you can do it
toughen up kid it’s the core of the doctrine this is another gospel so for the Mormon this is the process
for eternal life this is not the gospel of Jesus Christ this is not grace this
is unachievable works just like the rest of the cults who claim to be Christians
it’s always about what man can do vice what God has already done it is finished
it’s not good enough for cults Joseph Smith will go on to say regarding
salvation these words and I quote it is not all to be comprehended in this world
listen it will be a great work to learn our salvation and exaltation beyond the
grave end quote beyond the grave post mortality
meaning after we’re dead there’s still some opportunities there that we can continue
to work in our efforts toward godhood this is not what the true and living God
says for it is written the book of Hebrews chapter 9 and verse 27 and it is
appointed for men to die once but after this the judgment not after this there’s
some more works you can do hey you’ve got a D you want to bring it up doesn’t
work that way according to the Bible there’s no second chances for salvation
there are no works beyond the grave that would ever secure anyone’s eternity
once again this very idea profanes the finished work of the cross and places
salvation in the hands of man this is blasphemous this is not a part of the
gospel of Christ and there’s so much more that we can discuss but we don’t
have time to look it up for yourselves and prepare your minds to be able to
discuss with anyone who is a part of Mormonism out of love of course I don’t
know if anyone would take the advice that’s not our sole problem we need to
do what God has told us to do preach the gospel out of love sound doctrine the
entire counsel of the Word of God Mormons are educated I believe most
would listen if you just sit down if we all sat down and talked to them and each
time we speak about false doctrine it really hurts because it can always be
played as you’re picking on me but this goes beyond feelings this is about the
truth and the truth is contained within the Bible alone and that truth ends in
the salvation that can only be provided by Jesus Christ
why don’t we all stand and let’s pray loving Heavenly Father every time it’s time to
speak Your Word there’s always just this air of Lord should I and I pray you
would just remove that and remove the thoughts that go afterwards wondering
how it was because your word said that it will not return void it will go for
its purpose and bring back what it was designed to do I pray that all emotions
and the feelings would be completely eradicated and just truth be heard
present it Lord I pray for all that would hear it and then everyone just
look deeper into it and be prepared to give an account they give an answer of
why we believe what we believe and at the end Lord may You obtain all
the honor and glory that You are due we love You and we thank You Lord by the
power of your Holy Spirit make it so in the mighty name of Yeshua Jesus Christ
we pray Amen

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About the Author: Emmet Marks


  1. These cults with their version of the holy bible..seriously! Red flag!
    God is so magnificent, It is foolish to think that God couldnt keep his word in tact over thousands of years. This I suspect is a super easy task for God.
    No, they dont know our AWESOME God. Pray for these folks.

  2. Oh..the divination etc mixed with God explains how he heard from a familiar / false angel 🙁
    Pray for them..i have a wonderful friend who chose lds over a regular church as a teen. She doesnt study anything just does works and follows husband n leaders I suppose. Plus Large family which keeps her too busy to research truth. I pray for her lovely children ..

  3. Mat 16:18  And G1161  I say also G2504 G3004  unto thee, G4671  That G3754  thou G4771  art G1488  Peter, G4074  and G2532  upon G1909  this G5026  rock G4073  I will build G3618  my G3450  church; G1577  and G2532  the gates G4439  of hell G86  shall not G3756  prevail against G2729  it. G846 

    I humbly submit to you. Reference Matthew 16:18

    The tiny word translated “And” (G1161) can also be translated “But”

    Peter (Petros) Means “Rock”. "Thou art Rock, BUT upon This rock (The Cornerstone perhaps indicating himself with His hands?) I will build my assembly (of my called out ones)

    Yeshua then goes on to, rather than to make Peter the foundation of any church, that He will give Peter (or perhaps as He was addressing all His Apostles as He was, to ALL His apostles?), authority (Keys), through Yeshua, to bind and loose etc. Yeshua ha’ Mashiach remains the foundational cornerstone of His one true assembly of believers in Him.

    Your church, my church, their churches, true churches? Is It all rabbit holes perhaps? Yeshua will gather His own to Himself as He pleases, from wherever they may be. Some, from any given church might be taken and some will be left, many will be greatly surprised in both cases I suspect.

    We must all be careful in the understanding of what the “ekklesia” is, and what it is not?

    Our Saviour's Peace be with you all

  4. It’s possible to know sound doctrine and still not know, reject, God. But it’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to truly know God if you don’t know sound doctrine. I’ve never seen the Bible under attack like it is in these last days. People underestimate the intelligence of Satan to their own detriment. Satan is using several tactics, like the Hebrew roots movement, to cause Christians to turn back to being justified by the Torah/law, thereby causing them to turn away from grace and faith for salvation because Satan knows they will be fallen from grace and severed from Christ and be made debtors to all 600+ Torah laws and keeping them perfectly for their salvation. They think they get to pick and choose which laws they like, but apparently they’ve never read Galatians chapter 5. Satan is also attacking the New Testament by using his minions to accuse Paul of being a false apostle so people will put themselves back under the law. The lie about Paul can be discerned as untrue using basic common sense.

    Paul persecuted & killed Christians and he was on the road to Damascus to persecute and deliver up more Christians to be killed when he encountered the resurrected Christ. There were men traveling with him who witnessed the encounter with Christ. Either Paul truly was confronted by Christ and made the apostle to the Gentiles, or Paul was the biggest masochist ever who suddenly decided enroute to kill more Christians that he’d like to see how it felt to be a persecuted Christian under the constant threat of death so he converted & began preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    In fact, Paul was beheaded by Nero because he refused to denounce Christ and stop preaching the gospel. Before he was beheaded he had endured years of persecution, being stoned, being jailed, and he records that God placed a physical affliction upon him that he calls a ‘thorn’ and its purpose was to keep him humble. Anybody who believes Paul willfully changed himself into a Christian has zero wisdom and discernment. They accuse Paul of being the reason Jesus was killed. Well, the plan of redemption was formed in Genesis 3: 14-15 in the Garden of Eden, so I would love to know how Paul managed to be in the Garden of Eden centuries upon centuries before he was ever born.

    Jesus’ death by crucifixion was prophesied in the Old Testament 300 years before crucifixion even existed. Nobody forced Jesus to die, He said “No man takes my life from me, I willingly lay it down”. And He told Pilate “The only power you have over me is what has been given to you by my Father”. It is utter foolishness to declare that Almighty God had to just sit in Heaven and helplessly watch while Paul committed crimes against Christ and the gospel of salvation. This is the same Almighty God who TURNED LOT’S WIFE INTO A PILLAR OF SALT BECAUSE SHE LOOKED BACK AT SODOM & GOMORRAH!!! But people believe He just had to watch in helpless despair while a rogue “false apostle” destroyed all Christ had died to accomplish concerning the gospel of salvation?!?

    Furthermore, they believe Christ didn’t have the power to STOP HIS CRUCIFIXION if it was not the plan of redemption prophesied in Genesis 3?!?! Jesus Christ created everything in the heavens and earth by His power so saving Himself from death would have been easy. These people who have been deceived need to take their brains out of park and put them in drive. People who fall for Satan’s lies about Paul have either never read the Bible, or they are completely obtuse when it comes to understanding scripture. They should be concerned about why they are so easily deceived by Satan since it’s the Holy Spirit within us that gives us the ability to discern truth from lies. It seems like they are missing the Holy Spirit.

  5. He spoke a little wrong in saying that no such thing as a friendly ghost exists NOT. Jesus Christ ends up as a living spirit. He, his spirit works with his FATHER. Jesus explained his FATHER as a spirit, THE SPIRIT, THE CREATOR, our GOD. Jesus Christ remained humble.

    So your spirit, either lives in Christ and serves Christ, or it turns away and serves itself.

    A Spirit, whether inside the body or not, they exist. The spirit, commonly gets defined as/called as a ghost, a soul. Your spirit serves the world or it serves the world of Jesus Christ, a world of love and goodness and kindness and righteousness and mercy and grace. It lusts not, it works with the other spirits around it.

    For I died, and my spirit looked at my body laying upon the stretcher inside the hospital.

    It called out, spiritually to GOD (YHWH), the FATHER.

    It called out, spiritually to Jesus Christ Of Nazareth (Yeshua Hamashiach) and my eyes opened. Whether it took a moment or not, things changed when I died. Time stopped yet continued. But that ends up as another topic.

    My spirit (I) got placed back into/within my body.

    I understood so little back then, about thirty (30) years ago.

    Forgive me our FATHER, YHWH, if I write wrongly and please guide me. I love YOU, YHWH.

    I love you, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, my brother.

    I love you, all, all the spirits that walk within a living body; even all the spirits that GOD provides another opportunity for. So few know such things/details. So few experience such. Paul and the Disciples (Apostles) and others spoke about Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. The Jewish (Hebrew people) learned not to write until the time of Christ's Resurrection and the Bible prior to the written forms after the death of Christ (A.D.), they commonly repeated things to their children as the children grew up. How some of the "WRITTEN" words ended up as they show up today, it commonly confuses all. For instance, the word CORN… the word corn existed not until after the discovery of America when people discovered the North American and South American continents.

    CORN: from a Hebrew word meaning wheat, barley, other Hebrew crops.

    MEAT: in the early English language (syntax) it meant bread, fruit, vegetables (food). It NEVER meant FLESH. It never meant BLOOD. It never meant DEAD BODY. People wanted to KILL ANIMALS and justify KILLING. People continue in their ways, changing the words in the Bible to justify their ways and lives.


  6. Hi pastor Gildaniel, excellent teaching of truth. I was LDS until 2007 when God revealed himself to me. It's been a blessed 11 years. One thing I have learned as I'm always looking for things I can share with my family and friends to give them doubt so the holy spirit can do his work. Anyway Joseph Smith jr. Was a Freemason
    Which explains the secret Mormon handshake in the temple which is a exact duplicate of the Freemason handshake. Thought you might find this interesting..
    Blessings abound. Sidney

  7. Isaiah 45:5-6
    Isaiah 45:5 (np) I am (the LORD) YHWH, and there is none else, there is no GOD beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known ME:
    Isaiah 45:6 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside ME. I am YHWH (the LORD), and there is none else.

    WHO is YHWH?

    Research it too, for I write the TRUTH.

    Originally, the NAME, YHWH, our FATHER, GOD, existed in the written BIBLE (the WORD) and publishers originally explained the MOST HOLY NAME, YHWH truthfully. However, people and publishers started to realize that the MOST HOLY NAME, YHWH, provided truth and power to those that knew it. Leaders and others in public positions started working with and for and of SATAN (any evil spirit that hates Christ and his FATHER, YHWH).

    Look up the word Tetragrammaton to understand the NAME, THE HOLY NAME OF GOD, THE CREATOR, THE FATHER, THE CREATOR OF ALL.

    Soon, some EVIL people that run the INTERNET may get told to remove ALL reference to YHWH.

    Almost every BIBLE that exists today no longer shows the real, true NAME of GOD.

    Please help us FATHER.


    (np) means New Paragraph started at that verse in my written texts. Thank YOU, our FATHER, YHWH for THE HOLY BIBLE (YOUR HOLY WORD).

  8. Amen brother true words spoken can't wait to see you and all those in Jesus Christ in the clouds with Jesus to where he is we shall be also amen for the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want the Lord is my strength in my joy. selah

  9. John 1:1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Is this what the Mormans believe? Jesus is God, the Word and Creator of the universe and all the things in it. He is not a created brother to Satan.

  10. Thank you for doing this. I've lived in Utah most of my adult life…it is a very unique experience. I "joined" the mormon church for a bit, not because I believed, I just wanted to see for myself. After taking their endowment classes, to prepare me to receive the temple endowments…their symbols and hand shakes and magic underwear…yeah. After that, my curiosity was satisfied. I never went back. I do ache for the mormon friends I have made…they refuse to hear anything negative about their church. They are so lost…so indoctrinated to their 'church'. It breaks my heart 🙁

  11. So when the Body of Christ, the Church, is removed, Love will be gone, too, for God is Love. All remaining joy and "goodness" will be the works of the flesh, not of love and will soon deteriorate as all works of the flesh do. I never thought of that. The world will be so desolate and horrific without His Love! And then comes judgment. This is very sobering.

  12. People that follow these organizations really believe that they are righteous and they have no clue that they are deceived. The Bible is clear on the subject that salvation only comes through Christ. I was part of the brain washing method that they use. But those that Christ set free are free indeed. John 8:36❤️

  13. Thank you for the education of “religions”. It is always a Blessing to here you preach The ONE AND ONLY TRUTH…THE WORD OF THE ONE AND ONLY GOD! May GOD continue to bless you and your ministry❤️🙏🏼🕊NE TN Mountains… the beautiful Smoky Mountains!

  14. Pastor Mac, never hold back from or doubt the efficacy of proclaiming the truth. By doing so, you glorify the One who is The Truth. Your sermons are always powerful, uplifting and grounded solidly in the word of God. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.

  15. yes! this pastor is so anointed. I kept saying the entire message "yes!!" "Okayyyy!" "You better preach!" this was excellent and very informative. thank you for speaking the truth unabashedly.

  16. Thank you, Pastor Mac. You always have a good message and I thank the Lord for your calling and obedience to deliver His word to us, the lonely remnant and watchmen.

  17. This is crazy confirming… Mitt Romney tweeted today he supports the reopening of FBI investigation on Kavanaugh, my tweeted response, hes mormon! His own prophet is in jail for raping children n marrying 14 yr old girls he should investigate his own religion with such/same speculation except their prophet is guilty with lots of corroborating evidence. I mean wow the timing of this topic

  18. Mormonism, as you demonstrate, is a way of deep darkness and demonic possession.  Void of TRUTH.  Some Mormons seem to know something is wrong – not sure what though.  Takes GOD's power and TRUTH, found in the HOLY BIBLE, to free Mormons from the bondage & lies of satan spread over their lifetime.  GOD is able to save!  Halleluiah!

  19. Speak the TRUTH in love with GOD's WORD outside my home when opportunity knocks.  Can surprise one, or both, of the Mormon missionary team with TRUTH! Joseph Smith – Freemason – explains a lot about Mormonism.  Numerous satanic cults come out of Freemasonry!  luciferian goal to destroy knowledge of TRUTH.

  20. Thank you I feel much better equipped to converse with a Mormon and understand better how I could witness to them. I knew it wasn’t Christian but I did t understand the specifics. Very blasphemous and hard to believe so many follow this without question. Was very surprised at the wealth compared to the Catholic Church..but not surprising really since Satan rewards with temporal gifts

  21. Absolutely the BEST teaching pointing out the false doctrines (doctrines of demons) of Mormonism I have ever heard. Thank you!!

  22. Well, I can't listen to anymore. I am an active member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. You give truth mingled with lies. I invite you to listen to our semi-annual general conference this weekend. Maybe you will learn something.

  23. This kind of video deeply upsets me, for many reasons.
    First of all, as an ex member of the Mormon church myself I can attest this pastor is gravely mistaken on many accounts and now people who are listening to all of this are all led astray.
    The same thing happened with Walter Martin, whose tone is so hateful towards mormonism that it actually turned me off towards Christianity for decades.

    What people need to do is to pray about what the truth is and seek answers from our Father in Heaven, not listen to other people and believe everything they hear.

    Focus on what truth is people! … Not gossip about other churches. You are wasting precious time!!

    I left the Mormon church after many years as a member in it because I sensed there was something very wrong …. because they focused more on works and hardly knew anything about GRACE. To them it’s “Salvation through grace after all you can do” in other words: works.
    They focus more on the identity of the LDS church and trying to convince the people that it is the only true church, and revere Joseph Smith more than worship Jesus Christ and His sacrifice.
    The rest, as it is explained in this video is here-say and it does not matter. Focusing on the many aspects of why it’s flawed is a vain wast of your valuable Christian time.

    What matters is that we find Jesus through prayer and fasting and know him personally. The rest is commentary.
    Making someone else wrong does not make us more right.

  24. I ask all who are truly in this battle to sing song of praises, loud and proud…Do not worry how you sound this will bring down the enemies defences..Sing your loudest praises to OUR KING!!! And Dance on the devils head..I have covered you in complete protection if you are truly for JESUS you are and will be..Remeber to armor up every day.. Lets give the devil and his dominons a taste of their own medicine!! Praise, Song, Heart felt prayers all these things are our devices against the enemy…Please if you have attacks let me know?

  25. Mormons also very mean . They will kick family out of their life’s if a person leaves the church. People loss everything if they leave the lds Church. They are in a cult and a mean one

  26. Thank you brother, for this very thorough study on Mormonism vs. the living and only true Word of God. If only the Mormon people could hear this message, they could not stay in that cult for another minute. This would be an excellent way to learn the scriptures to better prepare to answer them when we come in contact with them, which is often as they're not hiding from us. I have actually worked with at least 3 of them in my early days and I wish I had this good lesson today at that time as I was not well prepared at all with answers . All I knew was that they did not know the truth.

  27. What an amazing video for those living in ignorance thanks again Pastor Mac for sharing the Truth with us we really appreciate it, and if I may please have a petition from you is to also speak against the new age cult World Mission Society Church Of God who are wolves in sheeps clothing and there beliefs are equal or even worse than the jehova's witnesses and the mormons combined.

  28. Thank you Pastor for this lesson, I have family that has been taken in by this false Mormon doctrine. Thank you for the Scripture that refutes this hearsay and declares the truth of our Lord. Bless you.

  29. Excellent teaching Pastor! I used to be a mormon and by the Lord's grace and mercy I am now saved. I pray this teaching reaches many as they need to hear these teachings and the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many blessings from Australia

  30. Pastor, I am sure you are very well aware. The Mormons think black people are cursed . They believe they have pew existed Spirits . They think Jesus abd the devil told others to pick a side . Jesus or the devil. The one that picked the devil were cursed with black skin. I find everything about Mormonism disgusting! This is one of many. I have black Mormon family. How can they believe this nonsense!? 😡 they called it white and delightsome ., ugh !! My raised me on this crap

  31. It is my opinion that, all of these "versions" of Christianity have satan's hand in them. It's purpose is to dilute the Bible (word of God) for the public in general and to cause the secular world to fully doubt the word of God. That's why the Apostles kept warning us in the Bible to be aware of this and to peacefully confront or advise the false and non believers that the true path to salvation is the word of God, through the Bible.
    Pride is the evidence of false doctrine and a sure sign it's the signature of satan. And the Bible doe's NOT have or need another book to support it. if there's another book, it's by a crook.

  32. Thankyou Brother McKethan. We have enjoyed both yourself and JD and certainly hope that you will like Brother Crone of Sunrise Baptist Church will also with expedience bring an exposition on the most lethal and truly insidious of all cults – The Seventh-day Adventist religion.

  33. Outstanding message. I read a book called "The Godmakers" about Mormons and the foundational beliefs there. Disturbing that so many people in this world have fallen under this massive religious deception. Thank you for this!

  34. I am so glad Thier are pastors who are willing to speak up and denounce false doctrine. As a former Mormon I agree with everything he said I could listen over and over

  35. Pastor Mac, although I've know Mormons and liked them, I could never understand why they have the beliefs they hold. You have done a great thing here explaining all of that. Thank you, and God bless you!

  36. Dear Pastor, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I listen to Pastor Farag often. I feel the Spirit in his testimony of Christ. I listen to learn more about bible prophecy in our day. I'm not offended by this sermon. I would hope, in Christ, we do all we can to bring anyone and everyone to Him, the Author and Finisher of our faith. HE IS OUR REDEEMER. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR US ALL. Oh how we need HIM. The doctrine of Christ is having faith, seeking repentance, receiving baptism and the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost will sanctify us in Christ and one day He, Jesus Christ will bring us to HIM. HE will bring us to Father, Jesus Christ is our Mediator, our Advocate, our Champion, our Master. Knowing Father and Jesus Christ is life eternal. Having our own personal experience with HIM is our desire, our goal, our life long pursuit, and HIS desire! Anything more or less than this is off the mark. HE is our focus and always must be, only through HIM can we be saved. All other doctrine, in any mind of man HE will bring to light. I can only try to image what HE has prepared for us in our heavenly home, for now, let us all do our very best in the world to bring as many souls, as will, to HIM, in the best way we know how.

  37. Galatians 1:8 "But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed."

  38. I was married to a mormon. For me it was a nightmare. He did everything he could to try to force me to become a mormon, made life very difficult for me. As a child I learned about Jesus & I wouldn't give up my Jesus for his. I knew that Satan was not equal to Jesus like they believe. No matter how much my husband verbally attacked me for my belief, which was daily, I couldn't give up precious Jesus.

    I have a deeper relationship & walk with Jesus now. Everything this pastor said is very true. The mormons are so blinded by satan's lies. I do pray for my ex husband. I did feel the evil in our home & it escalated over the 4 yrs I was married. It's a cult.

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