BECOMING A ‘GOD MAN’ explained by Hans Wilhelm

Hi I am Hans Wilhelm. Today I will take you on a very interesting
journey: It is the passage from a human being to a ‘God-man’ or a ‘God-woman’. It is the returning to the divine state that
you and I have once been as I have explained in my many other videos. With our selfishness and our ego we have created
a lot of disharmony in the world and most of all within ourselves. With our selfish thoughts and actions, we
have – over time – enveloped ourselves with self-created soul garments and gradually became
the rigid form of the human being. We also know that God wants us to return Home,
back to the absolute Reality. So throughout the course of our life time
here on Earth the Spirit, or LOVE gives us the chance to recognize our present condition
and to change it. Unfortunately, many of us keep ignoring these
signs. But, just imagine, what could happen if we
suddenly decide to turn around and strive toward what is good and loving? Such a change of attitude can do amazing things
for our body and most of all for our soul. Because, once if we purify ourselves from
all base drives, our soul would become into a higher vibration again. And that is the fascinating journey of becoming
a ‘God-man’ or a ‘God-woman’. Where does this journey begin? Right here in our head. The seat of our soul is in the vicinity of
the pituitary gland. Every time we truly want to change for the
better, the core of being in our soul, the primordial power or LOVE, begins to pulsate
more intensely. Together with our guardian spirit – here
– it gently draws our attention to our errors and weaknesses in our conscience. But where is our conscience? It is here in the cerebrum, right under the
skull. Here are many highly sensitive cell-membranes
that vibrate much more easily and rapidly than the other brain cells. As the biologist Bruce Lipton points out,
the cell membrane is functioning the same as a computer chip. It is a liquid crystal semi-conductor. And these particular cells form our conscience
which also consist of our emotional responses to our past life reviews. Whenever we have to make a decision that involves
our conscience these cells are touched first by the primordial power, the core of being
in our soul, and the guardian spirit. These cells then become something like a policeman
for us. As soon as we truly want to turn to the good
and to Love, the polarity of these cells reverses, which means they are now oriented toward the
divine flowing ether power. Now it is possible for the Spirit of God to
make us aware of our unlawful aspects time and time again. Consequently, the core of being in our soul,
the primordial power, which is Love and had been largely dormant thus far, now becomes
more active. Firstly, it attracts increased ether powers
from infinity at night, while we are asleep. These powers of God then flow into the soul
and spread out into our physical body via the consciousness centers, or chakras. The more we listen to our conscience the more
the inflow of the ether powers will increase. And with more positive thoughts and deeds
these brain cells, that make up the conscience, come into even higher vibration. This vibration is then transferred to the
deeper-lying cell layers, mainly those of the cerebrum. Once this part of brain mass has been purified
in this way, we have left our first major struggles behind. Hurray! We now respond more easily to the inflowing
ether powers and to the admonishing voice or signals of our guardian spirit. Through these increased divine gifts, the
mass of our soul now begins to expand. It gradually covers the head and the upper
half of the face. At the same time the consciousness centers,
or chakras, also expand. It starts with the lowest center, the consciousness
center of Order which is anchored in the coccyx region. And then to the next one, which is Will. Then Wisdom, Earnestness, Patience, Love and
Mercy on the top of our head. I have explained these consciousness centers
in a special video. But let me repeat the following here: These
seven wheels of consciousness are nothing other than the seven garments with which the
soul has enclosed itself through an unlawful way of life. The more we devote ourselves to God and Love
the more the reversal of polarity takes place and the more spiritual powers flow into our
soul and into our brain cells. It is a pulsating and vibrating energy – which
means that through the control center, the brain, little by little the entire body comes
into spiritual-divine vibration. These highest potentiated ether powers radiate
more and more intensely into the expanding soul and into the body. So the existing garments, which formed these
7 wheels of consciousness , the chakras, in the human body, now dissolve to the same extend
that the soul expands and covers the person from above, from the head to the neck, the
chest, and finally the whole human being. At first, the consciousness center of ORDER
in the area of the coccyx dissolves completely. It is replaced by the first prism stream that
gradually develops into a white ether flame, which flickers along the spinal column and
unites with the core of being in the soul. In the ancient Hindu teachings this flame
is called the kundalini flame. But I like to mention that Christian mysticism
does not advocate opening this sacred flame through some intense yoga, breathing or meditation
techniques, but only by changing from our past negative behavior to a God-filled behavior. Because it requires a highly ethical and moral
character to be able to handle this new intense energy source in us. Through this process of reversion of polarity
and of spreading over the body, we will be flooded by the divine ether power more and
more strongly. This is the developing of the ‘God-man”
or “God-woman”. Eventually, we will notice other processes,
like the streaming of the Spirit as expanding energy pathways, and an upward flickering
of the flame. Now, such ‘God-person’ has not only learned
to control himself, the elements within his body, but also the elements in the cosmos. All the spirit powers of the mineral, plant
and animal kingdom serve such a human being whose body obeys him, because he has fully
unfolded his soul, and therefore the four elements of fire, water, earth and air, now
obey him. We have total freedom to decide when to walk
this path of the absolute surrender of self and the devotion to the Godhead. We were given many tools, teachings, help
and guidance from the spiritual world for this journey. And one of them is this magnificent book called
“Recognize and Heal Yourself Through the Power of the Spirit”. The material I used for this video comes mainly
from this book. But the book goes into much greater details
than I was able to do in this video. You can find a link to this book on my recommendation
page on Until next time. Be blessed and be well.

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