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Hello, My name is Ved and I welcome you to Program Your Mind. Today I am gonna talk with you of ‘Five Important Belief’ if they are your belief so you are going to be extremely successful in life in whatever you do it means you can be extremely successful in whatever you do and for that, these five beliefs should be well-planted in your life these should be your own belief, then there will be transformation So I am sharing with you those five beliefs which I mentioned here if you integrate them in your life so I can tell you that you are going to transform your life you can achieve any goal you want to to achieve in your life so the first of these five points is ‘Everything Is Possible’ let me tell you it should be deep rooted in your mind that Everything is possible for me everything is possible in this world it should be your belief let me tell you what it will do? when you accept and realize that everything is possible so your mind will find the possibility in everything it will work on that if you have a goal or dream and you want to achieve it so how to make it possible? because your mind is already saying that everything is possible that means the thought which is in your mind that also is possible it can be converted in reality but it will happen only if your mind have accepted that everything is possible for me so you have to keep this thing in your Mind always that everything is possible for me and it will create a massive difference in your life because your whole energy, enthusiasm, and alignment will work in the direction to make it possible let me tell you one thing about belief that whatever belief is planted in your mind the whole mind starts working on how to convert it into reality if this is your belief that it is possible so mind will work on to convert in possibility that actually how to convert it in real world and this is going to happen in your life let me tell you when people say it is impossible you might have heard this easy and funny definition that impossible always says I M Possible. if you read the spelling right? so you can integrate these tiny things and you can create a massive difference in your life let me tell you, what is the success? success is which is impossible for others but you made it possible so, people say you are very successful if you are on some level in your life and people say the grand success is not possible for you but if you achieve that grand success you so, you have created success are you getting it? there is an inventor, some are a scientist, the whole world is saying that this invention is impossible but when he invent that because he has a belief that everything is possible so the whole world says he is highly successful people so how did it happen? it happened because he has a belief in him this belief makes him unstoppable and he makes effort continuously and finally reaches to his end result you have to integrate this belief in you that you believe that everything is possible when people say it is not possible so you say “this is your opinion, this is your attitude and you have to say to yourself from within that I know everything is possible Right? so this is the first belief you have to integrate into your life let me tell you of second belief, second belief is I can learn to succeed that means I can learn to be successful let me tell you there is a supposition in science on which I work which says this same thing in other words if one person can do something, you can learn to do it it means if anyone creates any success or result you can learn to create the same result if you will follow their strategy and action plan what steps he took through which he reached there so your mind can integrate that process and when you will take action on that so might not be that you also produce the same results but definitely, you will create a similar result let me give you a small example, if you know to drive a car and I learn your steps to how to drive a car so I also after applying the same steps can drive the car your perfection might be more and mine not but after sometime it is gonna happen you have to understand this that I can learn to succeed if there is any formula for success is in the world if anyone has created that success which I want to create, so I can learn from that person you will get such resources you will get such books You can read about them. what did they do?, How they did? you can learn and integrate all this and you can be highly successful people in life you will live an amazing life so you have to integrate into your mind always that I can learn to succeed, always be ready to learn let me tell y9ou the greatest skill is being learnable, being teachable if you have the skill of being learnable and teachable. so, you can learn anything in the life think how much transformation can be in life so always keep this belief now next, I can Find The Way let me tell you many times what you want to get in your life you will not find a way to it, you will think “what I want to do might never be done by anyone else” when a scientist does some invention according to present knowledge and situation in the world, it was never invented and what he wants to do there is no action plan is available for that but there is something is in his mind “I can find a way” it is not happening but I can create a way for it, I can find a way for it so always keep a belief in your mind I can find a way, possibly I will find a way I can find a way if you have stuck in any challenge or situation of your life so this belief gonna work for you a lot because those who say I cannot do it they stuck in that situation when this will become your Belief so your Mind will say that I can find a way when your mind will work to find a way so it will definitely find a way because your subconscious or unconscious mind already have the answer of everything so definitely there can be a massive and huge change in your life you have to plant this belief in your mind that I can find a way I know my capability that I can find a way and the next is “I always Produce Results” you have to say to yourself “I always Produce Results” Your mind might say “I don’t produce result always” I want to get something but I create something and something else is created but at least something is being created think for a while you wanted to top in class but you couldn’t top in class you got 70% marks but the result of 70% is created by yourself, no? that means you are always producing results it is another thing that you wanted something big but got something small how it matters? you can always find a way you know that you can make way from here to there so make it the belief of your mind that Yes, I always produce results I always produce results in my life which are somehow some results producing on some different level yes I will produce it but I always produce some results think, how fulfilling will it be! where you were thinking that I cannot produce results I couldn’t produce what I wanted to you will start saying in comparison of that I am always producing result I am always producing results it will be an amazing thing and it will create a massive result and transformation in your life and now the last and the very powerful one this universe is always helping me it should be your deep-rooted belief understand this, this entire universe is helping me: it sholud be your belief let me tell you when many times we work to achieve some goals or target in our life so we know the level of our effort that I can do only this much and required efforts are much higher and may be these are not in my capability may be I don’t have much resources available to me so what should I do?how will it be? and many people drop their ideas on this level why because the level of efforts and resources were required that are not available today and they are not able to see it that how will it be created? therefore they drop their plan and let me tell you that you have to change at this place you have to say in your mind that this universe is always helping me whenever you are doing something good and positive whenever you are doing something transformational in your life if you are in alignment of Universe so remember the universe is always ready to help you when you will do your maximum effort if you can do this much effort and you really did this much so for the remaining gap universe will do something by which this gap will be filled by which you will get those results you have to just decide and you have to keep this belief that this universe is there to help me it is always helping me let me tell you if you planted these belief in you these 5 beliefs any goal or success you want to achieve in your life provided you build a strategy for it, provide you put a massive effort for it provided, that you remain flexible for it accept feedbacks that all these things you are doing and these beliefs are gonna give the success 100% there is no if and but in it why? because whatever will be the belief in your mind, your mind will prove that right if your belief is that, this universe is helping me so automatically the universe will start helping you will it be after this? no, Universe is always there to help you but you are not getting that help because you don’t have this belief you don’t have belief that this universe will help me or some unexpected things can come into my life which will drive me positively towards my goal so you have to keep these beliefs. right? as you plant these beliefs in your mind when you repeat them in your mind again and again and they becomes your belief you are reading such kind of things you are doing such discussion with people you are watching such videos and reading such books which are making you believe that you are going to be successful so these five belief will be integrated in your life once these belief is integrated into your life then you will create massive results and change and you can inspire many people with this change there are many people who are looking at you with a hope that this person is going to do soemthing in his life and I am one of them I definitely want that you may create huge and massive result in your life what I can do I am contributing that through my knowledge you have to apply it and you have to put in action mode and you have to create those results create a beautiful life that actually you deserve and live it right? so I have wonderful wishes for you, wish you a wonderful life ahead. Take care, bye…..

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