Beliefs – Key To Making Good Decisions | How To Make Better Decisions Part 6 – Swami Mukundananda

so beliefs are so vital to our life they
practically determine the direction we will take if your belief is the biggest
thing in the world is money that is the direction you will take that will
establish the value and based on that you’ll make the choices they’re scarier
investment banking and nothing else this decision if I can get a faster but why
not your whole direction of life we’ll go there and if your belief is no
happiness is not in that green buck it is somewhere else it is in God then you
will come and attend a Swami G’s lecture why do you listen to a bearded Swamiji
some of the other there’s a belief inside you you know that the source of
wisdom that can really help me where did that belief come from where do beliefs
come from usually they just happened to us your religious beliefs you may be a
Hindu or a Christian or a Jew whatever did you consciously choose
those beliefs Swami ji that has happened to me I was born in that family and
their social heredity there’s physical heredity the children resemble their
parents and the social heredity in America they say the son of a Republican
is a Republican the son of a Democrat is a Democrat yeah you know this Ivanka
Trump I was hearing because the speech was going on in the house I was staying
in she was saying I was not earlier on Republican because my father was a
Democrat then he changed so I have changed
some beliefs just happened to us through the generations some beliefs are due to
the environment we live in if somebody is born in the ghettos the slums of the
harvick and has only seen misery and failure
the dreary side of life the chances are that person’s belief is I can never
succeed in life that is why some of the best things we can give to our children
is a good set of beliefs children who believe they can succeed very often do
so beliefs could be a result of the environment beliefs could be the result
of experience if one agent cheated you and the second agent also cheated you
let’s say for example property agent or whatever then based on your experience
you decide all property agents are cheats now that belief may not be right
but it is your belief based upon your limited experience so beliefs are
happening to us most of the time but that is not the way forward that is
random chance and that is a throw of dice what is the belief that happened to
you fortunately for us we don’t have to let beliefs just happen we can create
beliefs we can choose beliefs there was a drunk father he had two sons the
father died in middle age due to serious of the liver
the sun’s grew up without that paternal guidance in their teen years the elder
son became a drunk like the father an alcoholic inveterate incorrigible the
younger son was a teetotaler he would never touch that thing when people came
to know of this difference they did an interview correspondents asked the elder
son why do you drink the elder son said look my father used to drink what else
could I do having grown up in such a family they asked the younger son why
don’t you drink he said I saw my father drinking how could I ever drink in that
environment the environment was the same the beliefs that these two brothers
created were radically different in other words the choice of belief exists
in us what do you choose to believe the Bible says we walk by faith not by sight
you are walking in life you are thinking you’re walking with your eyes you are
mistaken you are walking with your beliefs the cut-open assured of the
Krishna Yahweh it says if you could only believe in the definition of God you
would become God realized what does that mean the definition of God he is
all-pervading he’s seated with him he is our Eternal Father we all know this
right everybody the astok semaj everybody knows but the point is do we
believe it we know God is everywhere do we believe
the way they say that very definition of God if you only chose to believe it you
would become God realized there is nothing further to be done in other
words the cut-open assured is highlighting the power of beliefs so the
values that we hold in life are determined by the beliefs that we have
nurtured within us now the whole thing is logically being extended sometimes
people say Swamiji you speak very logically I say you know with all these
engineers in USA God wanted and engineers for me to explain on the basis
of logic so we shall proceed logically we have understood that the decisions
are determined by values and values are determined by beliefs how our beliefs
created this I will not tell you today otherwise you’ll stop coming from
tomorrow to understand how beliefs are created and how we can create the
empowering beliefs that will take us ever forward upward higher we will
discuss this tomorrow bully Everett Navin Bihari Eli Lake he

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