Beliefs Make Life Success or Failure : How to make better decisions Part 5 – Swami Mukundananda

Beliefs Make Life Success or Failure : How to make better decisions Part 5 – Swami Mukundananda

we will be trying to establish the good
values but for now in the logical extension of our argument understand how
changing values changes our life if you can replace defective values with
progressive values with pure values values aligned with the universal truth
your life becomes blessed and the most astonishing amazing example of somebody
who transformed his life by changing his values was none other than Alfred Nobel
we all know of the Nobel Peace Prize Alfred Nobel is famous because he
installed the Nobel Peace Prize however many people forget that Alfred Nobel was
famous for another thing prior to this what was that that’s right
he was the inventor of the dynamite and he made millions through the dynamite
that he invented he was called the dynamite King an astonishing thing
happened in his life he had a brother in another city that brother passed away
one press reporter got it wrong he thought Alfred Nobel has passed away so
he published in the newspaper in the obituary dynamite King dies out there he
criticized Alfred Nobel that through death and destruction he earned his
milli Alfred Nobel when he got up in the
morning drinking tea having his breakfast he had the benefit of reading
his own obituary he came to know what the world thinks of him and that was the
transforming moment in his life he said this is awful am I going to be
remembered in posterity for being the inventor of the dynamite I have to make
changes that was when he established his foundation and began the Nobel Peace
Prize and that became so famous that it overtook his popularity as being the
dynamite King his change in values changed the complete course of his life
so that possibility of transforming values does exist we have discussed the
Third Point in our flow of logic we can improve improvement requires making good
decisions decisions come from values we need to have great values now how to
create values where do values come from values are determined by the beliefs we
hold if you’re believers this life is all there is there’s nothing beyond it
will impact your values if you are believers that know there is an
afterlife and consequences will catch up with us your values will change if your
belief is there is no creator there is nobody watching you will have a set
values if you are believers God is always watching it will impact your
values if you believe in the law of karma it will create a set of values if
you do not believe in any karma you will have a different set of values so
beliefs are what determine values and beliefs are innumerable we all hold this
immense bundle of beliefs how these beliefs impact us is most incredible
beliefs are not religion or creed beliefs could be about anything do you
believe that your endeavor that new business will succeed or do you believe
it will fail one of the biggest businessmen of the last century Henry
Ford he said whether you believe you will succeed or you believe you will not
in both ways you are right what he meant was your belief will have such an impact
if you believe you will succeed it will change the way you think it will change
the way you utilize your physical mental intellectual resources the optimism will
get generated the conviction the undying enthusiasm which will make you succeed
and if your belief is I will never succeed then also you are right because
you will not be able to use your god-given resources to manifest the
potential they are capable of so we all have within us a variety of physical
processes using the 630 muscles and 205 bones we
all have this brain that God has given us which has got a hundred billion
neurons we all have thoughts attitudes it is practically impossible to
consciously control all of these beliefs that we install within us they enable
the control through your beliefs you unconsciously control the whole system
without realizing it your beliefs bring so much to bear in your life you know
these motivational quotas they often are fond of giving the example of the
four-minute mile up to 1950 to humankind believed that nobody can run the mile in
less than four minutes there was a four-minute barrier to the mile and for
a thousand years varieties of arguments were given our lung capacity is just not
enough to run in less than four minutes our muscles are not strong enough people
believe they can’t do it and they could never do it then came this person called
Roger Bannister Roger Bannister he broke through the four-minute mile barrier in
1952 changing people’s beliefs all of a sudden people believed it can be done
and what was the consequence of the change in belief in that very year 27
people apart from Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile barrier suddenly
had this ability to break it and the next year 215 people broke the
four-minute mile barrier beliefs have such a tremendous effect upon us to the
extent if people believe they are unwell they actually become unwell
you know I discussed this during the yoga fest I don’t want to repeat those
but beliefs are such a thing that is why you have the concept of remembered
illness and remembered wellness what is that in brief passing a person takes
blood pressure at home and it’s absolutely alright 120 80 then he goes
to get it checked at the doctors and the doctor says you’ve got a marginal high
BP it’s 138 it was 120 right now what happened this
is called white collar hypertension the mind believes I am going to the hospital
there’s something wrong with my body and the belief actually creates the illness
so this is the remembered illness and then there is remembered wellness what
is remembered wellness you have throat infection and you get an appointment
with the doctor you go to meet the doctor and you see I’m having a cough
and I’m having an itch the doctor says open your mouth and show me the symptoms
you open your mouth and suddenly the symptoms have disappeared in front of
the doctor they have disappeared why subconsciously not consciously with him
the mind was believing that I am going to the doctor I will be all right and
the consequence the body responded to the belief and the symptoms disappeared
so these phenomena are very known in the medical field
to the extent that schizophrenic patients have been studied schizophrenic
patients are people with split personalities their mind was subjugated
to so much pressure that it’s split into two personalities sometimes they believe
they are this and then sometimes internally they transform and they
believe they are this now this particular patient in his dual
personality in one personality he believed he had diabetes and when he
would live through that personality his sugar count would actually go up and
then when he would change back to the other personality the sugar count would
also go down that is the impact of beliefs upon us so beliefs are so vital
to our life they practically determine the direction we will take

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  1. Very powerful lecture to change our thought pattern .we donot know our own potentials.Great saints like swamiji make us think,tap our correct nerve as acupressure or puncture,so that we get well before too long.Thank you swamiji .Every lecture of yours opens a new opening for me.Radhe krishna

  2. What we believe that becomes our thought process and leads to our success or failure. Very inspirational speech by Swamji .

  3. In this amazing lecture, Swamiji describes the power of beliefs and how they shape our values. Our beliefs are the source of internal motivation which garner us into action. If we believe we will be successful, we will act as such and reach higher levels of accomplishments.

  4. Inspirational lecture by Swamiji. Very motivational. What we believe, impacts our lives. So we should always think positive. Eye opener lecture from Swamiji. Just the kind of dose we needed.

  5. Good decision is a outcome of good values, and value originates from believes. We have to conscious of our believe system.

  6. Awesomely explained by Swami Mukundananda ji, importance having good values. Defective Values need to be replaced with good and values aligned with universal truth. Good values come from good decisions. Good values come from Good beliefs. we are what we believe. If we think I will achieve success, then we will constantly put all our efforts towards it to make it a successful life. If we think I cannot succeed, then also we are right as we will not be able to use God given potential to succeed. Very thrilled to know the story of Alfred Nobel. How he changed his values towards good with one statement he read in the newspaper on his obituary. Beliefs has tremendous impact on us like Swamiji mentioned so many people broke the record of 4 min milage in same year by changing their beliefs. Also Swamiji gave beautiful example of remember sickness and remember wellness. How our body responds to what we believe. If we think we are sick, our body responds to it. If we think we are well our body responds to it. Also Swamiji gave another example of the person who has split personalities. In one of them they believed they were not having diabetes and his body responded to it. In another personality he believed he has diabetes and body responded to it by increasing sugar levels. How to make our life a success? Do you want to believe there is no other life and do whatever we want or make a successful life by believing God is always watching us and there is life after death, whatever we do in this life will have consequences to it.

    Thank you Swamiji for your enthusiasm and encouragement through your beautiful explanations…

  7. Amazing lecture that follows the logical sequence in order to make better decisions we need to change our values system which depends on the beliefs that we hold within. Our beliefs have a tremendous effects upon us. When we change the beliefs we can practically change the direction in which our life goes.

  8. We normally won't introspect our belief system and neither do we know its impact in our lives. Swamiji's lecture made me realize the power of belief in our life and the need to change it for a better future.

  9. Great examples by Swamiji – Our belief system can make our life a success or failure. In other words, belief can make us achieve peace/happiness or misery/distress!

  10. Very beautiful pravachan clips by Swamiji. Through this video we learnt the improvement of values in our life. Belief on God is a must for sustaining in this materialistic world.Radhey Radhey Swamiji

  11. Swami ji Pranam,Just a small suggestion..It's White COAT not Whitr Collar Hypertension…Sir ..You are awesome.

  12. Change your beliefs, change your life! Watch this powerful video to learn how beliefs can impact our life trajectory and how we can change them in a positive way.

  13. Swamiji's teachings are simply superb. Not only the contents – the truth but more importantly the clarity with which it gets delivered. It pierces through and it stays. Crystal clear. Precise. Logical. Quite understandable. I am glued to swamiji's teaching. Such teachings are critical not only for our spiritual progress as some one said below. These teachings are fundamental for growth in all spheres – academics, profession, relationships, quality of life.

  14. Swamiji beautifully says that our beliefs shape our values which in turn veer us toward the pursuit of spirituality for inner
    happiness. Thank you, Swamiji!

  15. Values are your beliefs.Improve your belief and make your life better. Law of Karma will add positive attitude.Thanks Swami Mukandanandaji

  16. Superb Swamiji I love the way Swamiji Expresses himself and puts across his point by giving examples of great men to articulate his point

  17. Unfortunately some the dominant castes of region/ states, create SENSE OF BELIEF SYSTEM AMONGST THEIR OWN CASTE PEOPLE by INSTALLING their own home made gurus/swamis, with new found names like having titles like- SRI SRI SRI PARAMAPPOJYA JAGAD GURU………NANDA NATHA SWAMY JI. THEY EVEN COME OUT THEIR OWN TEMPLES ON THE Encroached LANDS With THEIR DESIGNER GODS. ( WITH PECULIAR / FUNNY NAMES). They often tell their caste / community people avoid going other temples. This is very common in southern states, specially in karnataka. These matts have established private schools & colleges, specially so called international Schools, engineering, medical colleges. "BEST WAY TO MISUSE THE BELIEF SYSTEM".

  18. Please swamiji make a video explaining every single page of your book,
    "7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment" in parts or series and upload it.

    Millions of people will benefit from those videos.

  19. Please swamiji make a video explaining every single page of your book,
    "7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment" in parts or series and upload it.

    Millions of people will benefit from those videos.

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