Best New Video Mics! Deity Microphones at Broadcast Asia 2019

Best New Video Mics! Deity Microphones at Broadcast Asia 2019

Do you know what’s one of the most exciting new microphone brands available for videographers and filmmakers? In this video? I speak to Andrew from Deity Microphones to find out a little bit more about this up-and-coming brand, so stick around! Hi guys, it’s Rafi again. I’m here at the Deity booth with Andrew. (How are you?) Andrew is the Big boss guy of Deity Microphones. Let’s just find out a little bit more about the brand So Andrew tell us a bit more about Deity Microphones. Well, we started 14 months ago we decided that we weren’t exactly happy what was on the market and Instead of just trying to make microphones that try to compete against other people on the market we decided let’s make something different Let’s make something that we hadn’t actually seen here on the market in terms of what microphones can do how users can interact with microphones and what kind of features people were actually wanting in their microphones and That’s kind of what started the whole process For us. So from there. We launched some microphones that kind of worked with accessories that people already owned That’s why a lot of our microphones have a very similar shape to others that are on the market It was mostly because we knew those accessories already existed and if you’re gonna start a brand new brand It’s important to get accessories on the market Because then the users have ways of actually using your microphones But if you’re a brand new brand and you make a brand new product, you know those accessories don’t exist so in order for us to make the fastest break onto the market we decided to launch something like it asked Mike to Which use a lot of these same accessories that either you guys already owned or dealers already had for sale? From there. What we did was an on camera microphone system That rush using right now to sit and do the interview with me and we decided what are some features that we’ve always wished existed and From there we decided To come up with something like the D3 Pro and then the D3 that really just offered a nice alternative To what people had always kind of expected from a microphone system something that had a lot of versatility that can work with phones mobile Cameras, like DSLRs and mirrorless cameras as well as even plug in to things like your MacBook Pro from there what we wanted to really do was kind of launch something that is completely different than anything else on the market and that is the Wireless microphone system this right here before me. We really wanted that allow with 2.4 gigahertz You’re allowed bi-directional communication. And from there we decided well, what else can do bike directional communication? And we looked at things like drones we looked at things like commercial Wi-Fi and we looked at all these different kinds of concepts and said What can really be done in the microphone space that other people are doing with 2.4 gigahertz? So that’s why we have multiple antennas. That’s why we have 100 milliamps That’s why we have remote control functionality of it every single setting in our transmitter used to us. It’s just the data It’s just a data string and if I can send data I can do it And that’s really kind of what’s driven us is not the necessary look and what else is on the market? But it’s what we’ve always dreamed about that we could just do Some really great insight about a brand and where that is going, so thank you Andrew for For your insight. We will speak again very very soon Question of the day. So what other microphones do you use for your video equipment? Let me know in the comment section below Thanks for watching if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and let us know what other topics you would like us to cover in the comment section below follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @arkavproduction and Don’t forget to subscribe for more tips, tools and training with ARK-AV and we’ll see you in the next video!

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