Can I listen to sermons every day instead of studying God’s Word?

I believe it’s vital to have primary contact
with the Scriptures themselves. And I think it could be helpful and healthy
to be listening to faithful teachers of the Word of God, but that should be a supplement
to your own reading of God’s Word, meditation on God’s Word, memorization of God’s Word. And I believe that a layperson with whatever
skills he or she may have, should be seeking for themselves to understand the Word of God. I think that every member of the church should
have the spirit of the Bereans, you know, in the Book of Acts where they are searching
the Scriptures for themselves to see those things that are true. I believe that process is aided and helped
and encouraged by faithful men who teach the Word of God, and I think it’s a wonderful
thing that access to so much good material is available like all of the resources available
through Ligonier, but that should be a supplement, it should not replace your own time in the
Word of God.

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