Can You Trust God’s Timing? | Steven Furtick

you know how many things that the devil
has kept you from doing in your life that God called you to do because of
what might happen if you did and a lot of us the enemy doesn’t even have to
fight us with real events or circumstances just even the suggestion
of a disaster is enough to send some of us into retreat and so just even the
thought that what if they don’t like you is enough to keep you in the house or
just even a thought if what if they break my heart is enough to keep you
from extending yourself in relationship or just even a thought you know many of
you are reluctant to get involved in this church because you had a previous
bad church experience and I understand that because once you have been through
a storm I lived through Hurricane Hugo I was eight years old when Hurricane Hugo
hit Charleston South Carolina it terrified me I didn’t want to spend the
night away from home for two years after that as a little boy because one thing
after you have survived a storm after you have survived bad weather after you
have survived abuse what people don’t tell you about is that even after the
storm is over it still rages on on the inside of you and the saddest thing in
the world is to see a Christian who has been set free by the love of Christ to
know that neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation neither
death nor life neither Angels nor demons neither the present nor the future nor
any other power shall be able to separate me from the love of God that is
in Christ Jesus my Lord what I’m trying to say some of us need to fire the devil
as our weatherman we have been consulting the wrong source to find out
what our future looks like and so now we stay indoors and we stay in fear and we
stay in paranoia and we never plant and we never reap
Solomon said because we watched the wind what a weird image you really can’t see
the wind you can only see the effects of it and he says when you watch the wind
you know like is this a good time I’ll give you one this one looks like to
watch the wind gusting about that phrase watch the wind and I was like this is
not a literal message I’m not using it to talk about physical storms I’m using
it to talk about when the sower goes to sow he wants the wind to work with him
and when the wind is blowing the opposite direction all your seed smacks
you in your face but you never feel like everything you soldiers you feel like
stuff just backfires on you are you trying to be nice to somebody that’s the
last one of those I’m doing I gotta preach this twice tomorrow I need my
brain cells but you ever just been smacked by your own seed because that’s
what he’s saying when the wind is blowing against you some some of you
have had the wind against you your whole life you didn’t have the
right shoes your parents didn’t make a lot of money you had to learn to fit in
you had to learn how to be tough you had to learn how to be hard and you learned
how to survive a storm but the problem with that the only problem with that is
sometimes the wind isn’t even against you but you still feel like it is
because your mind is collecting evidence in support of a verdict that is no
longer accurate so you watch the wind try to find out what’s popular is it’s
not popular I’m appreciates to our students they’ve
got rhythm night coming up next next Sunday night and I want to talk about
this in some form tim is that watching the wind is like trying to determine
what’s going to gain you clout and then you let clout overrule
character and watching the wind is trying to be like oh do they like me do
they like me is this what I need to be to be like that’s that’s watching the
wind now give you another one that’s watching the wind it’s needing to be in
a good mood to keep your commitments that’s watching the wind because some of
my weather systems are internal and I found out a long time ago that usually
the mood that you’re in when you make a commitment will not match the mood that
you’re in when it’s time to keep the commitment and so to watch the wind is
for those of us who sometimes need to feel it in order to fulfill it and
Solomon says the wisest man the richest man the the man who said that to do
things for Vanity’s sake is like chasing after the wind he uses this metaphor a
lot in his in his book Ecclesiastes The Collected teachings which are like
proverbs but it’s written in such a way as to convince the knowledge of the
universe and the futility of vanity he uses this image of the wind why because
it is an invisible force and he says if you are always checking with and
consulting how you feel you will always find a reason to contradict your
responsibility so there will always be a reason much this that you don’t feel
like forgiving people but if you want to be free you might have to go against
your feelings in order to live in freedom I’m saying you might have to
walk against the wind you might have to forgive against the wind especially in
marriage I love Holly so much because she decided a long time ago that I was
the man and for her she reached the verdict on
fur day before she ever took my name is her own and because she reached the
verdict that she loves me and I’m a good man in our marriage she works to collect
evidence to support that I’m the man for her she could just as easily do the
opposite she could she could find 15 reasons we’ll he’s only 5 foot 9 he’s
bigger on screen you know she could find 15 reasons I’m usually moody three and a
half days out of seven she could find 15 reasons not to feel that way about me
but sometimes commitment means facing resistance with resolve in your heart
you can find a reason to leave this church in the next three days if you
want one matter of fact the law of averages says that there’s somebody on
your row right now who if you get to know them they will give you a reason to
leave this church in the next three days because they will disappoint you with
their lack of Christian character but if you move one person over on the same row
I bet you there’s somebody on that row that loves Jesus there’s somebody on
that row who is honest there is somebody on that row that is sincere but you’ll
never so we’ll see I’m gonna get my woman do I’m gonna get my I’m gonna do
the tithing thing but imma do it after I get my thing because the thing after the
thing is gonna do the thing and then this thing happened there was the thing
and but the economy but the presidential election you see how we do it consulting
the forecast instead of consulting our faith he who regards the wind or observes the wind will never sell and he looks at the
clouds will never reap because it always looks like it could rain anytime and you
can’t get the harvest in when it’s wet and Solomon didn’t have a Weather
Channel app and Solomon didn’t have a Weather Channel he’s dealing with people
who would consult the conditions before keeping their commitments watching the
wind how many people have not started what God told him to start because
they’ve been watching the wind been waiting for more spare time Imma write
a book one day you even keep a journal right now I’m write a book one day when are you gonna write it i’ma build a cottage in Maine it’s the thing I’m gonna do one
day you got some family land nope it’s an imaginary scenario that keeps you
from an actual opportunity do you see it watching the wind is wishing that you
had a different wife instead of loving the one that you’ve got like Christ
loves the Church this is getting good this message is
gonna be better than your beard by the time I finish with it my brother and
that’s saying a lot but you know Peter knew something about watching the wind
though didn’t he Peter the Apostle who was always wanting to do something
impulsive sometimes it worked for him sometimes it worked against him but
one thing that you got to love about him he did not wait for perfect
circumstances to say he didn’t wait until he had knowledge to give his
opinion you ever lived with somebody like that it’s terrible and I noticed
something about God and I wanted to give this to you
because they have these things in church they say well God is a on time God yes
He is He’s an on time God He’s He’s seldom early but He’s never late ask
Lazarus if He was ever late Lazarus He’s about four days late decomposing
body worms working their way into the eye socket by the time Jesus got there
and Mary and Martha had set their watch by it ask Peter if Jesus was ever late
ask him ask him if if one time they did not get sent out into a storm by the
instruction that Jesus gave to go to the other side now this has been really
exciting to me as I’ve studied it this week because the the real thing of faith
is do you trust God’s timing you know that right and that was the test for
Mary and Martha Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life and Jesus said
well you know I am the resurrection and she said well I know my brother’s gonna
rise again at the last day He said no I am the resurrection it wasn’t that she
didn’t trust what He was able to do it was are you able to trust when God is
going to do it you can trust somebody’s intention but
not trust their timing and since I already talked good about Holly in this
sermon let me just say I trust her with my life I trust her to be faithful to
our marriage vows I trust her if she cooks for me or orders for me off of a
menu I trust she knows what I want to eat more than I want to she knows me
like that I trust this woman with everything but time when she says it’s
gonna be 30 minutes I a lot three hours because she taught me that her concept
of time is different than mine one is correct one is delusional and I trust
her I really do I trust her I put her in a room full of supermodels men calendar
men and trust her in there but if she said we’re gonna leave in an hour I
would set three alarms because I trust her with everything but time some of us
trust that God is gonna get us to heaven one day some of us trust that He died on
the cross for our sin we trust Him with everything but let Him not do something
at the moment that we want Him to do it let Him leave us in the fiery furnace
for seconds too long and we’ll be screaming God get me out of this but God
said the real test for a mature Christian is do you trust me with my
timing trusting Him in the meantime is where maturity is developed and Jesus
was always doing stuff at a bad time He was always going to Jerusalem at the
time when they all wanted to kill Him that’s a bad time to show up when
they’re looking for you to execute you it’s a bad time 5,000 men women and
children show up on the other side now this is right after John the Baptist I
just want you to know how often God does things in our life at a bad time because some of y’all are like right now in your life like well this is a bad
time for me God and and I used to have this friend every time he called me on the phone he was so respectful he’d say good time or
a bad time always wanted to know that before he said anything else and I
believe the Holy Spirit is saying to somebody today good time or a bad time and you’re like this a bad time I’m too old to be doing
this now I’m too young to be doing this now I’m too busy to be doing this now I
used to have a better job I used to have more money it’s a bad time but God likes
to bless people at a bad time He likes to raise people on the fourth
day and when Jesus had heard that John the Baptist had his head cut off by
Herod it was a bad time and He wanted to get away from the crowds so He went over
to the other side with the disciples and when they got there there was a crowd
waiting to get autographs and healing and fish and chips and all this stuff as
a matter of fact when He did the miracle and He feed the feeds the 5,000 the
first thing the disciples said was what is late it’s a bad time it’s a bad time
and Jesus when He took the bread blessed it broke it and gave it to them
He did the miracle at a bad time now I’m now I’m divorced now I’m a
single mom now it’s a bad time for me to be believe in God it’s a bad time I
I really wasted a lot of years it’s a bad time for me to be doing this I I
think I made the wrong decision I don’t even think I’m supposed to live in
Roanoke I don’t even think I’m supposed to live in Charlotte I mean it’s a bad
time it’s a bad place that’s what the disciples said they said it’s a remote
place and it’s already late so send the crowds away and Jesus said no I I want
to bless them when it’s too little and when it’s too
late because I want to bless you when you think it’s a bad time so I can teach
you how to consult your faith instead of consulting your forecast you got the
wrong weather man you keep watching the weather and so now you live in fear of
everything that could happen and everything that has happened and as long
as you watch the weather as long as you you you keep that wrong weather man this
is what God showed me the weather is meant to be checked not watched when you see when you sit when you sit around and watch it all day it scares you Oh
everything it’s good to plan it’s good to make provision but don’t watch the
weather if you watch the weather you’ll get in your feelings and you’ll get out
of your faith and now the wind watch this will work against you to contradict
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