[CC] SKT T1 Faker : Faker going to the afterlife??, Faker-style Kalista! [ Full Game ]

[CC] SKT T1 Faker : Faker going to the afterlife??, Faker-style Kalista! [ Full Game ]

For items.. I feel like I bought the wrong one Spider spider What is she doing?! What’s up with her movement there?! We would’ve had her if 4 of us Flashed Why do I have 5 gold? Did I kill a spider? What’s up with the spears? I guess Kalista got a huge buff No wonder people were spamming E What’s wrong with you.. I have Heal Since I got hit by the turret, I’m gonna recall Wow that’s makes no sense Should I max Q? I’m screwed What what what? I’m out of mana dude I don’t think this will work Am I gonna die? I think I need to use Flash That’s insane This is a free win That’s just ridiculous That was so close That’s ridiculous! How weird.. Do I still have to build Botrk? Let’s just build it What? My E wasn’t back up What is Twitch doing? What is our Twitch doing? He’s not hitting the turret He’s going for it! How come I can’t take cs? What is this? Man we’re screwed We’re screwed We’re screwed in this game Come here come here, where are you going?! Let’s go Where did my team go? Are we actually gonna lose this game? I don’t think that’s going to work.. I don’t think it’s right.. Why isn’t Rek’Sai using Q? Use ult! We’re doomed This game got screwed up Why does it feel like my atk speed is slow? It’s actually slow I burned his ult! So worth I can just lifesteal That Lucian’s movement was just so straightforward He’s the type of guy who would’ve never gambled during his school days So straightforward.. I couldn’t use ult If we lost this, it’s my fault We still lost even after we burned Twitch’s ult Where are you going? I don’t think that’s right He’s trying to do a 3v5 teamfight Kill him! He’s visible! What? Where did he go? Let’s go Is that possible? Why does it feel like we lost? What is this Wait, that actually hit me?! I’m done with this game They got him They got him Lanes! That doesn’t look good.. Wow she dodged Cocoon without even seeing it I’m not there I’ll steal with Q He didn’t even leave one behind Wow that was a nice snipe
We can do Baron Let’s just go Bot That’s not right Like we can just back out and fight again as soon as Twitch ult deactivates! Why keep going in deep?! The whole team goes in and dies as if they were zombies whenever Twitch activates his ult I’m dead I lived What? I used it wrong Like we could’ve just backed out there, but people just kept going How are we going to defend this? I think this game is impossible There you go! Let’s go finish! It would’ve been over if Twitch was up That’s not right! Twitch spawned too! Twitch used ult! I’m dead How are we supposed to win this game? I’m about to lose this game as well Come here come here! I couldn’t save you They caught him Why am I missing so many skillshots? Why isn’t he recalling with this hp? He’s coming to backdoor So worth! Oh Twitch didn’t back out!
Freakin’ nice How are we going to defend this? I’m giving up

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