Civ 5 in 3.5 Mins: Economical Enrico – Venice Civilization V LP Summary – Deity Difficulty

Venice. Highest difficulty in Waterworld Not exactly resourceful but that should mean
future strategic ones Two short rivers Work on a Worker til Pottery Then switch to Shrine May this land never be invaded by a certain
Iron Curtain lady Artemis is lady luck Mostly don’t want others to have it Enrico’s I would – for we are royal Reading rainbows Also, need to hire a Librarian It’d be great to have tons of money Happy but Iron Working is necessary Help us Cargo Ships Water Mills are our only hope Trade with anyone but Russia Cathy’s score grows tons each day We are Patronage-ing Stable comes later, can’t tame the stallions
just yet Maybe Machu Picchu will inspire friendship Addicted to Wonders related to money Trade isn’t being ignored Don’t have a Harbour yet Gotta like… also have Submarines Defend with more cash canoes I hope pollution from the plant out east doesn’t
affect quality of living Magnetic north leads to a renaissance The Palace of More Votes is attempted Something about the Brady Bunch El Niccolo Polo Loco Don’t bet on the Forbidden place Science is more effective anyway Russia is expanding Enrico is exchanging currency soon Iron Works works I imagine lots of waving back and forth Fund mountain science Turn on a Golden age with a Taj Mahal? Just how many kids do you have? Better make war boats Invest in the best Don’t call her a they! Missionaries on a mission And a City-State is providing Impi We’re all gonna die! Venice is without religion Trade with the Monacans Siam is their ally? What a surprise. Things change Hola to Buenos Aires Feed us! Trade with them! Russia is basically everywhere Still not trading with her though In reality, the 1500’s weren’t fun for Venice I think she’s plotting against everybody,
bud Big Ben! God save the Queen Wagon Train…s! More hammers Assyria is having a bad day Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank? Either way we need Electricity You just took out Assyria and I’m the bad
guy? I can barely make friends Maybe if my drinks are cold Four turns till Jello And Submarines! Saving up for City-States Catherine isn’t good for you, trust me Even with subs she’ll crush you Science won’t help us if she decides to fight Broadcast Towers pick up enemy transmissions Had we translated, this wouldn’t be a surprise Dawn of the End Even with an Impi Ammo from above War in the waves Two subs, endless enemies The City-States put up a fight Russia fights back Well… Venice is lost Findable, but Russian Perhaps Monaco or Melbourne will join us Just need a Merchant And a little bit of peace Which seems far away The fighting won’t stop No one else left but us The Merchant can’t reach its destination Russia is ready for the ultimate influence Ok – Who’s got vodka? Good job Cathy

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