Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Deity Warhammer 40K with OP mod – Sid Meier’s Civilization V LP Summary

Civ 5 in 4 Mins: Deity Warhammer 40K with OP mod – Sid Meier’s Civilization V LP Summary

Things are crowded and it’s the toughest
difficulty – will the Imperium stand? Salt, River, Mountain=instant victory – plus
the OP mod helps Oh, some ruins! More ruins and some Warriors Where is everybody? A Settler heads north Long story short: we were very intimidating Just wanted to steal a worker but things got
out of hand Zipping through time like a Terminator Gotta get to the war before this guy does Notre Dame will quell unhappiness while the
empire thrives in first place Also need to make sure an army exists Did I mention we’re a sea-faring people? The coasts can have wonders too Just gotta get through to the future Great Writers are used for Culture boosts Great Works aren’t important these days This is a good ol’ fashioned Domination
Victory Better watch out EVERYONE else This Culture thing is amazing Find some mechanics adept at machining an
Adeptus Mechanicus Also gonna need backup dancers for Broadway Got a Great General – where will the Citadel
work best? Maybe over here Or up there The borders of Brazil could be breached I went with Brazil Finally found some Aluminum to claim for the
Imperium. Divert resources to World’s Fair Sorry Hiawatha – your Settler loses It’s the natural Order of things Ideology conflicts will mean conflict See? Look – this is all due to differing Ideology Hardly ready but that’s life sometimes Seems the northern theatre is the most dramatic There was a small attack at Farfallen so it
became FarEngland The target is old Morocco The Mongols are focused on Armageddon The Mongols are in the number one position The Mongols must be destroyed Might as well steal their land It used to be Morocco He doesn’t want to give up old Morocco Use the downtime to regroup scientifically Also needed to get some Oil – there’s barely
any oil Oil is used for death from above Found some Oil in Arabia but it’s too far
for now Will eventually invade Arabia but not today Until then – Nuke the Mongols Everyone’s gonna be scared Beware the Imperium of Man They’ll ruin your tiles They’ll bomb your cities They’ll take Marrakech forever Then they’ll accept a ceasefire Another Great General will be used to extract
Oil from the enemy This is a good area to claim Confirm! Consequences, schmonsequences Bombers are the consequence Dear Arabia, would you like to make a Trade
Agreement with the Imperium? This war can be blamed on others Seems most of Mongolia is ripe for the picking Grabbed one! It isn’t ours forever though Now it is The soldiers found another area to aerate And Old Morocco went to England – don’t
worry there’s a plan It’s called Operation Space Marines Thank the creator for Space Marines They mean serious business Gotta wait ten turns – ugh Ten turns later – invade all over It’s a noble fight to the death Hardly a puppet show Something tells me Mr. Khan won’t back down This means more Space Marines are necessary The northwest interior is the Imperium’s
but not the coasts Seems a bit of Brazil is being offered up
as prize money I gave Brazil back to Brazil Old Morroco remains in conflict The year is 1900 AD and things are historically
accurate York is razed Might have to stab Brazil in the back Ya, that’s not an unreasonable observation Nuked Salvador and the rest is under siege Rio de Not Brazil Pedro’s army is more annoying than Mr. Khan’s Razing what once was ours Along with Salvador – it’s quite the event The pathway to Arabia is cleared, end this
madness You see, Arabia might have space ship parts
so – boom Now wait for a reaction and send the troops
over You’re surrounded! Invasion will be a success It seems the Iroquois took issue with that
last nuking I considered it collateral damage But they took it personally So the Imperium did its thing And scared Hiawatha into surrendering Buffalo London finds itself in a peculiar situation One attack away from a win See? A win! Arabia gets a gold star for Soldier count The Imperium is pleased – the OP mod did nothing
– ya, nothing, nothing at all…

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