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  2. You guys always focus 3/4 of your film time on the accident and the death part and 1/4 on their Heaven experience. I dont need to know details of death, but Id love to learn more about what they saw in Heaven.

  3. I was one of those people born already knowing and believing that God existed and that He was a constant ever presence in my life…and I always knew that my job was just to use my life to get people to see that He was real the same way a mariah Carey does with her God given voice or oprah does with her presence and life story…they believe they just have to sort of prove that he exists …I’m sort of like that…I believe everything these people were saying about how he met Jesus and also his other family members on the other side … thank you for sharing your testimony

  4. Amidst the many tears , I thank you for your testimonies. Many prayers have been answered tonight and I am in awe of your RESILIENCE and God's endless POWER to bring forth wonder and GRACE!!! God bless you all and the journey you're on!!!!

  5. God is so real. Ive been a Born Again Christian over 10 years and He's helped me always, never let me down. I am confident because of The Lord. Thank you Lord Jesus ♥️

  6. I did the same thing, my Husband died in 2018 and I was screaming at God, I want my Husband back and I want him back now!! we had been married 48 years together and he was everything to me. we have two grown children, but they had their own lives, but, it has been a year now and I still grieve, but I have asked Jesus to heal my broken heart and it is close to being healed! I am so sorry about your family and what you two have gone thur, but how lucky to have seen Jesus in person, I cannot wait to see him, heaven and my Husband, come Lord Jesus come!!

  7. I'm wondering why people get mad a God when tragedy strikes. I only had this feeling once but I quickly realized that I wasnt listening to God when tragedy struck.

  8. For so many years I lost my faith. As a matter of fact I was so pissed at my so called God that I was ready to give my soul to the devil. God took my aunt from me in such a horrible manner. This woman was the most wonderful woman in the world. I wouldn't have enough space or time to you all the wonderful amazing things this woman has done. She gave her ❤ and soul to her church. So why take a child of you(god).. She was only 45yo and had a brain aneurysm and didn't have a chance. About a month after she died as I'm going down a path of distruction she came to me in the most beautiful dream I ever had.she sat with me held my hand and explained to me what happened and it was her time. She was happy and no pain. She was with our family member's that has passed before her. She asked me to get rid of my anger. Then out of nowhere she brought forth my nana. I have not had a dream about her in 15 years. I didn't wanna wake up. I wished I could be with them. But they said my work here isn't done yet. They said so many great things are coming my way. Then they was gone. I woke up feeling free the weight of the world was no longer on my shoulders. 1 week after my dream my daughter told me she was pregnant. She has been trying for 8 years. Went to a Dr appt with her and she is having twins. 3 weeks after that my son that is a marine came home and surprised me. He is home for good.i was told 2 days ago that he met someone and wants her to come stay with us. She is here and I so beautiful..and guess what? My family just got bigger cause she is with child.. God is amazing and I shall never lose faith again.much love to all of u..

  9. my mother always tells me, you don’t need to be baptised to have faith… but deep down in my heart I’ve always wanted to get baptised but never get the chance…..


  11. So strip away all of the ridiculousness about going to heaven and coming back. Because that's not true, so is the kid just making shit up, or did he have like a dream brain activity? I mean he probably just wanted to say something cool and then having to deal with something that would be so traumatic but I mean if we're just talking about actual real life we're not talkin about going to heaven because that didn't actually happen I mean come on

  12. I mean it is sad that this kid had to come up with this story to deal with such a traumatic seeing is losing your father. But in my opinion the whole fake I went to heaven blah blah blah gets rid of the truth that you need to be facing and dealing with because grief and post-traumatic stress is going to come out at some point I mean he didn't go to heaven so for the rest of his life he's going to actually Wonder cuz he knows even though he told everybody that this happened yeah I know it didn't happen I used it to not have to face all those things and that sucks going to come out even worse someday. It's really sad

  13. Thank you for this message and I am a true believer….I heard many who have died and came in many different experiences after death..yet those who met Jesus say the same thing. When Jesus appears to them he tells them to go back to earth "And tell others about me!" …. 😍😍😍 I know he is real even though I do not go to Church, yet I do have a Bible that I read….. And I am no saint just a normal person like others in everyday life whom easily forget about the word of God…. Message like this man brings me back to the reality of the actual truth!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!
    In Jesus name, Amen!

  14. (I just feel like i share this) today at school (im a 7th grader) a kid told me f**k the church and o got soo mad becuase of it i dont know why ans i got really mad that i argued with him furiously and at the and i just feel bad and i dont know why i felt as if i did something good becuase i defended god from that kid and i dont know if he was proud or if he didnt say anything

  15. What i dont understand is why do we doubt god i know he is real and the bilbe is real but it took me a min to beleive this and i dont know why when all i see him in every day that i live he is everywhere

  16. It’s gets really confusing when you see videos of people who have experience this and then the videos when people experience the other after life where they either come back as someone else or walk the earth as a Spirit

  17. a good souls only cat returing to life it is make sens and proof hes job not done yet this world and he get just mercy i min not from doctors it is is for notmals persons heart belive only i have proof in time shourt cut show self real face it is also truh death searcing us and on;y peoples bring ech oter death by smple pusing and i know mysters death to and man only can homost talk one word in time spikes inside stamek and after pusing teah try kill in brith on wife and try steal in this is teaching us not undermistake others and sotp been yellow and get madness traving normal peopls to terorrsing and evey canpshn every person haveown persons reason why eveil act father torching own son or douther and mother never even giving atonchen inportand think so tahts why house buring to death and vilenit reasons so fieamly even wans to kill one person so firens get betreyd i know people have peyshins in this world not yet killing own perins or brothers the try always elechring it is olways gets un up injrins or death like proof in smallvile

  18. Amazing and thanks for the video and may God bless you and this channel to get blessings and repentance from the Almighty God

  19. I pray to Jesus to heal my family of Hate and unforgiveness and worst they are all Idolaters,. they pray to statues and Rosary Lord heal my family,.

  20. Salvation prayer:
    Dear God, I know I am a sinner.  I believe You sent your son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for my sins, and the sins of the whole world.  I believe He was buried and rose from the dead 3 days later.  I confess with my mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in my heart that You rose Him from the dead.  Today, i repent for my sins known and unknown, and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.  In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

  21. My girlfriend was murdered , shot in the back of the head when I was 19, I was in so much pain the first two days, but on the third day I experienced a peace that was so powerful, I have never had it since. I was a public school educated atheist , therefore too smart for god. When I was 34 my wife died in front of me, I was feeling so sorry for myself and took classes on grief at the hospital. I met a 25 year old mother there who had cancer, her 5 year old son also had cancer, I quit feeling sorry for myself in a hurry. I know God exists despite all of these situations, I would not crave his word if I had not been through so much pain, I am grateful.

  22. This hits home because I have an 8 year old grand son that means the World to me. And another that's the same way to me.

  23. All i want to say plz do ur research and there is a reason why islaam is the best religion in the world and the fastest-growing religion in the world thats only because its the truth and has all the answers. The bible is changed and the lord knew it was going to be changed so he sent the holy Qur'an and promised and gave a open challenge if any one can just produce one chapter like it and many times this challenge was taken on but failed to do so plz save urself and do ur research islaam believes is jesus p.b.u.h like all those other messengers had been sent to all nations. muslims believe and worship in the creator not the creation. This why they say there is no god but Allah reason why spell god in backwards there is one off ur proofs how the evil mankind deceive people and want you to go to hell. Just do ur own research

  24. Our life and times are in Gods hands..He knew us before the foundation of the world .." I know the plans for you He says ..and theyre not evil theyre good ." theres a time to be born ..and a time to die a time to laugh a time to cry ..but always is the time to believe for Gods precious promises even when our loved one is taken home ..the promise is still ours.

  25. Amen Brother I've been there too. There is a Heaven. Where Jesus exists and His Angel's are. Thank you for sharing. 🙂❤❤

  26. I am convinced there is life after death for one reason: Jesus Christ died and was placed in a tomb–and two days later came back to life.

    Think about it a moment: What would it take to prove to us that there is life after death? The answer is clear: Someone would have to die, and then come back to life again. It wouldn’t be enough for them to have a so-called “near-death” experience; their death would have to be real. And it wouldn’t be enough for only one or two people to see them; it would require many witnesses.

    But has this ever happened? Yes–when Jesus Christ rose from the grave! His death was real; hard-bitten Roman guards made sure He was dead before they took Him down from the cross. And His resurrection was real also, because hundreds saw Him during the next forty days. Paul, writing over 25 years later, noted that “he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time, most of whom are still living” (1 Corinthians 15:6).

    How could this happen? It happened because Jesus Christ was not just another man. He was God’s only Son, sent from heaven to save us from our sins. Only He could say, “I am the resurrection and the life. … Whoever lives and believes in me will never die” (John 11:25-26). This can be your hope, by giving your life to Christ today.

  27. I remember when i was 2 my father died and i felt i lost a part of my heart. I was so angry and disappointed at god, Even though i didn't know mich about god. And i prayed and said god i wish i could see my father once again, 2hours later after brushing my teath, bathing, doing chores, and mom reading my bed time story while I'm in bed. I was always scared of the dark and monsters, i had a lamp next to my bed and at my room door i saw a shadow black and gray with eyes of red. But…. the shadow was afraid of a bright light coming from the corner of my room, and the light broke into two lights. Then two bright figures appeared one was recognizable and the other was awesome, the recognizable one was my dad and. He said. Dad: do not worry for everything is going to be alright no matter what. And i said but… will i see you again. Dad: yes u will, but i will always be by your side. My dad was wearing his favorite cap but instead of blue it was white and he had on a white robe with a gold lacing.And the other bright figure had awesome bright wings that were a glowing white and the face was like the face of a warrior knight. It had armor that looked like gold and white golden armor, and it had a sword shining like a star. I asked who are you like the only meme i knew when i was 2 ( kazoo kid: wait a minute who are u) the figure said i am an archangel, and my name is Michael. He had three other swords two on his back, one in his hip sachel, and one in his hand. I said to him why do u have three swords? He replied Michael: to protect you

  28. Im a firm believer in my god this story just made me a stronger believer in Jesus. Thank you for all you've given me god amen.miguel

  29. I'm not that religious, but for everyone who says this is a NDH (Near Death Hallucination) it isn't a near death hallucination you would have to still be breathing.

  30. I lost my twin brother last month November 20 40 years old he had open heart surgery on our birthday October 23 and he survived the whole surgery thing even 2 weeks staying to watch over him well 3 weeks being home he collapsed in front of his wife at her mom's house of a massive heart attack idk why he took him all of sudden but he also had 8 year old son its very sad and hard to deal with I ask my brother's wife if he got saved before surgery shes gave me her word he did I can only hope pray have faith he is with the lord I wish I could get a sign to let me know hes ok and happy in heaven

  31. When you die, there is no blackout, just a beautifully infinite glory of heaven. Heaven is real.
    God bless you all.
    We love Jesus, jesus loves us forever and ever. The wonderful glory of the infinite times heavens.

  32. This is a lot of bogus and deceitful nonsense ! Please stop sugar-coating death and perpetrating the myth that after you die….there is some life after death or any consciousness level.Nobody ever died and came back to life to tell about,….and never will ! The fear of death and the delusional belief in some fictional God in the clouds perpetrates a myth that can never be realized.It is simply impossible to be in two places at once….dead and simultaneously conscious and having a mythical "soul" or "spirit" in a fairy-tale place like Heaven with angels and reunited with predeceased loved ones.This is the stuff of religiously-fueled fables and Biblical hogwash ! Any person talking like the narrator in the video obviously never died,…or he would not be here on YouTube speaking about it,….hello ? People that claim they saw Jesus or went to Heaven were merely hallucinating while still living and near death,but not ever actually dead !Death is final,life is not endless,and no one is immortal,….please just face this simple and obvious fact.

  33. I don’t believe in god in particular, but I was willing to watch this just to see their perspective. I was listening and thinking wow this could maybe be true. Until he said “on the third time I met Jesus and he gave me a mission to come back to earth and be a good Christian by telling others about Jesus” ima head out 🚶🏻‍♀️

  34. Your brain releases chemicals when you die that cause intense hallucinations although your hearts stops your brain continues functioning for a little longer

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