Deedar-e-Mustafa (saw) Ka Tareeqa | ALRA TV | Younus AlGohar

Deedar-e-Mustafa (saw) Ka Tareeqa | ALRA TV | Younus AlGohar

The Method of Seeing Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) I am very pleased to see that Muslims all over the world send questions in order to better understand the religion And [questions like this] are continuing to come in Muslims from around the world send their questions Whether they be from Canada, America or Mexico [They send questions from] South America, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Mauritius, India They send questions from remote places within India Like Kolkata and Assam And Jammu and Kashmir These areas From this, we learn that despite there being hundreds of thousands of mosques And despite there being millions of clerics of the religion People’s quest for spirituality and knowledge [of the religion] is not satisfied And they don’t receive satisfying answers to the questions that cause them confusion and worry There is a custom of spreading rumours among Muslims [today] They carry out character assassination of one another They declare a hypocrite to be a Mohsin (enlightened one) And they declare a Mohsin (enlightened one) to be a hypocrite They declare a lover of Prophet Mohammad to be a blasphemer of Prophet Mohammad And they declare the heretics to be lovers of Prophet Mohammad Rumours and negative propaganda Although all these things have been very strictly forbidden in Islam by Prophet Mohammad [According to Prophet Mohammad] it is enough to know someone is a liar If he, without investigating a piece of information he receives, passes it on to another person But the factor of investigation – – perhaps in particular in Pakistani society – and in the entire Muslim nation as a whole has ceased to exist Maybe this is why God promised to send Imam Mehdi (as) in the end times And with God’s blessings, Imam Mehdi’s
(as) advent will take place This question comes from Silchar, Assam in India Nazim Mazumdar asks: Gohar Shahi Marhaba. If a sinner like me pledges allegiance to His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi then could I qualify to see Prophet Mohammad and God? To see God and to see Prophet Mohammad – these are two different things Every Momin (enlightened believer) has the right to see Prophet Mohammad to see Prophet Mohammad is a right of a Momin I am telling you the divine law to see Prophet Mohammad is an obligation of every member of Prophet Mohammad’s nation His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi also said it ‘It is your obligation to see the beautiful Prophet Mohammad at least once.’ There is a poetry book written by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, ‘Taryaq-e-Qalb (Cure of the Hearts)’ In that book, His Divine Eminence said: ‘It is your obligation to see the beautiful Prophet Mohammad at least once.’ ‘See him through your knowledge, acts, while sleeping or while conscious.’ ‘Learn the knowledge of seeing [him] – then you will see him abundantly.’ Let me tell you about Imam Ans bin Malik (ra) Imam Ans bin Malik, Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal and Imam Shafay These three Islamic jurists were students of Imam Abu Hanifa At the same time, Imam Abu Hanifa himself obtained benevolence from Imam Jafar Sadiq So Imam Ans bin Mailk went for Hajj (pilgrimage of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia) He performed Hajj and then sat at the shrine of Prophet Mohammad And he did not get up from there The intensity of his love for Prophet Mohammad was such that after performing Hajj he spent his entire life at the shrine of Prophet Mohammad He didn’t leave the Prophet’s Mosque Now, to see Prophet Mohammad People who are familiar with spirituality learn how many types of ways one sees Prophet Mohammad Normally, the people who tell you ‘recite Durood X amount of times and this will happen or recite it Y amount of times and that will happen’ The practice of reciting Durood Sharif (sending salutations upon Prophet Mohammad) for a specific number of times Some people recite it 50 000 times or 100 000 times [continuously] By doing this, divine energy is produced from Durood Sharif The constant repetition of Prophet Mohammad’s name generates divine energy Then that same divine energy [produced from recitation of Prophet Mohammad’s name] manifests [in the form of Prophet Mohammad] in front of the person reciting it When this happens, it is said that such a person has seen Prophet Mohammad So in that case, the person has seen the manifestation name of Prophet Mohammad in the form of divine energy There are many conditions attached to seeing Prophet Mohammad Mevlana Rumi says: ‘Even if I wash out my mouth 1000 times with rose and musk…’ ‘…to take the name of Prophet Mohammad would with that tongue is a great disrespect.’ Meaning, if I were to wash out my mouth 1000 times with musk and amber and even then if I say the honoured name of Prophet Mohammad then it is a great disrespect. God Almighty has maintained a standard of purity and piety for one to be able to see Prophet Mohammad. And that purity and piety does not relate to the body. It is the purity of the heart and the Lower Self. Those who are successful in purifying their Lower Self with the help of Esoteric Sharia, their Lower Self becomes purified, such people see the Lower Self of Prophet Mohammad (saw). First of all, you should know that when a person goes through the process of purification, mortification, purgation and the theophanies, the Spiritual Heart is cleansed, the Lower Self goes through purgation and cleansing removing the dominating nature and the evil energy from the Lower Self, which purifies the Lower Self. And the soul goes through Tajjaliyah – it comes under the divine theophanies. The Subtlety of Sirri goes through Takhliyah. After going through all of these spiritual experiences, and all the souls become enlightened and become spiritually aware and empowered. They become so empowered that the Spiritual Heart, which belongs to the Realm of Malakut (Angels), this Spiritual Heart will be able to reach the Realm of Malakut from here during Transcendental Meditation. The main Human Soul The main Human Soul belongs to the Realm of Jabrut (Souls). The Realm of Jabrut is not only the origin of our soul The Realm of Jabrut is not only the origin of our soul, as the soul belongs to the Realm of Jabrut, In fact, Bait ul Mamour is located in the Realm of Jabrut The worship places on Earth are copies of Bait ul Mamour in the Realm of Jabrut For example, the Kaaba (in Mecca, Saudi Arabia) God showed a scene of Bait ul Mamour in the Realm of Jabrut to Adam the Eminent One in a dream God commanded him to build a worship place like that on Earth So the true Kaaba is there [in the Realm of Jabrut] Where? Bait ul Mamour If Salat is performed physically only, it is known as Namaz-e-Surat (it is Salat in appearance only) When the soul is enlightened and it reaches Bait ul Mamour located in the Realm of Jabrut And it will be able to perform Salat in that worship place [in Jabrut] Then such a Salat is the culmination of a Momin (true believer) In this world and in the Kaaba of this world, Shariat-e-Mohammadi (religious law of Prophet Mohammad’s body) is implemented And Shariat-e-Ahmedi (law of Prophet Mohammad’s soul) is implemented in Bait ul Mamour Shariat-e-Mohammadi has to do with Prophet Mohammad’s body And Shariat-e-Ahmedi relates to Prophet Mohammad’s soul That was the place where Prophet Mohammad, on the Night of Ascension, led 124 000 prophets in Salat He did not have their bodies perform Salat, did he? He had the souls perform Salat So under what divine law was that Salat performed [on the Night of Ascension]? Clerics debate over this They debate on this topic: under what divine law was the Salat led by Prophet Mohammad on the Night of Ascension? And they also say that when Jesus returns to world and pledges allegiance to Imam Mehdi then Jesus will offer Salat behind Imam Mehdi This is where the clerics get stuck They ask: under what Sharia will the Salat be performed? Will Jesus have to renounce his Sharia (religious law)? This ignorance is due to lack of spiritual knowledge Why would Jesus have to renounce his prophethood? The type of Salat Jesus will offer behind Imam Mehdi will be the same as the one he performed behind Prophet Mohammad on the Night of Ascension Do you agree? It will be the same type of Salat he performed [on the Night of Ascension] All prophets are subject to Shariat-e-Ahmedi All of them Because ‘Ahmed’ is the name of Prophet Mohammad’s soul The name of his body is ‘Mohammad’ The name of his Ana (the soul in the forehead) is ‘Mehmood’ The name of his Akhfah is ‘Hamid’ The name of his Ana is ‘Mehmood’ Prophet Mohammad’s Ana lives in the Station of Wehdat (Divine Unity) That is why that station is also known as Moqam-e-Mehmood (The Station of Mehmood) The ignorant clerics pray to God, ‘Grant Prophet Mohammad high ranks and Moqam-e-Mehmood that you promised him.’ What do you mean by ‘grant it to him’? The Station of Mehmood is named as such because of it being the place of one of Prophet Mohammad’s souls (the Ana) Which means that it belongs to Prophet Mohammad Do you think that your prayers will grant Prophet Mohammad those ranks? If a prophet needs your prayers, what is the point of such a prophet coming? What do you think? I mean, if the Prophet needs your prayers then… These are very heart-wrenching concepts Especially those that come from the Wahhabi and Ahle Hadith sects these types of people who deviate [from Islam] I call them Khwarijeen (pseudo-Muslims) If you do not respect Prophet Mohammad, how can you be part of the nation of Prophet Mohammad? So when all your souls are able to reach their respective realms then after revival, all these souls begin to look like you in appearance How do they look? Audience: like you When the Lower Self is purified What is the method of purifying the Lower Self? A man – with his own efforts alone – cannot purify his Lower Self For this you need a divinely appointed Spiritual Guide who is also a Nafs Shikan (the Lower Self Demolisher) Meaning a Spiritual Mentor A Spiritual Teacher What will he do? How will he purify the Lower Self? To understand the entire process, first you will need to understand the fundamental knowledge What does the Lower Self do in the body? The entire solar system All of it is part of the Realm of Nasut (Terrestrial Realm) All the planets floating in space, the Earth, the Moon, the Sun Mars and Venus However many planets there are – this entire system is The Realm of Nasut And the fundamental element in the creation of the Realm of Nasut is fire If there is no sunlight, crops will not grow For example, these fruits will not grow without sunlight Everything is cooked over fire We cook our food over fire here The life in our body – the heat – is due to fire If there is no fire or sunlight, life is difficult So here in the Terrestrial Realm, the fundamental element of everything is fire ‘Naar’ in Arabic is a type of fire So what you have to pay close attention to here is that there are 7 souls in a human being There is 1 in the forehead, the Ana, 5 in the breast and 1, the Lower Self, which is at the naval point 6 of the spirits (the Ana and the 5 subtleties in the breast) these are known as celestial spirits and their diet is divine energy What is it? Audience: divine energy And the Lower Self is a satanic germ It is a satanic germ When Adam the Eminent One’s body was being formed, the Devil spit at it So from that spit, satanic germs came out and landed at the naval point from there the Lower Self was created the diet of the Lower Self is negative energy (fire) When you were born, you were born with 6 celestial spirits and 1 evil spirit in your body The diet of your celestial spirits is divine energy, whereas this evil spirit’s diet is negative energy You were born in this world and your celestial spirits were in a dormant state; they did not receive their diet and the Lower Self obtained its diet from the atmosphere and the food you ate it obtained its diet from your sins and immoral acts the negative energy generated from your sins was its diet and it continued to strengthen your Lower Self Whenever you breathe, you ingest negative energy So 24 hours a day, negative energy is going in your body and the Lower Self is becoming stronger due to it Whereas you don’t even know that you have to revive the 6 celestial spirits whose diet is divine energy In fact you don’t even know that they exist within your body How many Muslims are they who know that there are all these souls inside a human being? How Muslims been told about this? Although this has been mentioned in the Koran and Prophetic Traditions [There are references] everywhere But what do the clerics sitting in the mosques tell people? Do they ever tell people about the spiritual faculties? Do they tell people that the Spiritual Heart has three sub-spirits? As long as the Spiritual Heart is not enlightened, it is known as Qalb-e-Snobar (the Senseless Heart) When divine energy enters the heart and God’s name is synchronised within the heartbeats, it is Qalb-e-Saleem (the Secured Heart) Why is it known as ‘Saleem’ (Secured)? Because it has become safe from the hands of satanic forces Now the Devil cannot lay a hand on such a heart because it has been revived with divine energy God’s light (divine energy) has become its protector When divine energy enters the heart and it begins to protect the heart, that heart is known as Qalb-e-Saleem You must have heard – it is often said that the first question we will be asked on the Day of Judgement will be about Salat Although there is nothing in Prophetic Traditions to support this [concept] Nor is it written in the Koran Muslims do not pay heed to what the Koran mentions about the Day of Judgement God says in the Koran: Koran 26:88 ‘On that day…’ ‘…neither your wealth nor your sons will benefit you.’ On that day (the Day of Judgement), neither your wealth nor your sons will benefit you Then what will benefit you? ‘That man will be successful who brings to God a Qalb-e-Saleem (Secured Heart).’ Meaning a man who has, in this life, brought invocation of God into his heart His heart has begun to invoke upon God This is the guarantee of success on the Day of Judgement – and this isn’t why some cleric says It is written in the Koran This is what God said The next stage after Qalb-e-Saleem (The Secured Heart) – – now that you have Qalb-e-Saleem, you are a Momin (true believer) After becoming a Momin, you have to look for the Straight Path What is the Straight Path? To have Qalb-e-Muneeb (A Heart Turned Towards God) is the Straight Path Why do we call it the Straight Path? Because once the Spiritual Heart becomes Muneeb, it’s direction is turned straight towards God When the Spiritual Heart reaches the rank of Muneeb Then what happens? The direction of the Spiritual Heart is then facing God And then The heart continues to make mention of God’s name and divine energy continues to be produced And a ray of divine energy, drop by drop, begins to go towards God from your heart For divine energy to go towards God from a human heart is actually the Straight Path What is it? Audience: The Straight Path It goes straight to God Koran 1:6 says, ‘Show us the Straight Path.’ But it doesn’t mention what the Straight Path is in itself It is not mentioned anywhere in the Koran Rather, it is said: ‘Show us the Straight Path, the path of those upon whom you have bestowed divine bounty.’ What is the Straight Path? It is the path of those people whom God has blessed with the divine bounty They are the people that God has blessed I don’t normally use the word ‘Inaam’ here because Urdu has borrowed it from Arabic [and changed the meaning to ‘reward’] If I were to use it here, Urdu-speaking people would say ‘Did they win the Prize Bond or something?’ A major problem that a lot of Pakistanis run into while trying to understand the Koran is that There are many Arabic words that have been borrowed into Urdu and used day-to-day And the widely-accepted meanings that Urdu-speaking people have attached to these words are incorrect They are incorrect and widely-accepted For example, there is a word in Urdu that originates from Arabic: ‘Ikhtiyar’ If I tell you to translate ‘Ikhtiyar’ from Urdu to English, you will say it means ‘authority’ However, ‘Ikhtiyar’ actually means ‘choice’ Do you understand? What is the meaning of ‘Ikhtiyar’? In Arabic, it means ‘choice’ ‘Ikhtiyar’ does not mean ‘authority’ ‘Ikhtiyar’ means choice Similarly is the word ‘Inaam’ mentioned in the Koran 1:6 Koran 1:6 ‘Inaam’ does not mean prize The equivalent word in Urdu to ‘Inaam’ is ‘Naimat’ ‘Naimat’ in English is ‘the divine bounty’ ‘Naimat’ means ‘bounty’ So you have to adopt the path of the people that God has granted the divine bounty Where will we find such people? If you want to study the Koran, study it in a way that you understand what is said and you are able to practise it Only then will you be studying the Koran; otherwise you are just [repeating the words] For example, right now if you recite Koran 1:6 ‘Adopt the path of those who have been blessed with the divine bounty.’ Now here, what is our obligation? We are obliged to go look for such people Because God did not actually explain what the Straight Path is in itself Rather, he said, ‘It is the path of those upon whom I have bestowed the divine bounty.’ Who are those people? We have to find out who those people are that God mentioned. From this verse of the Koran, we can understand one thing: Those whose path is the Straight Path They will be present in every era So that people can adopt their ways and embark upon the Straight Path. What do you think? If God says, ‘The Straight Path is the path of those I have given the divine bounty,’ and such people are not in the world,’ and such people are not in the world, then what would be the use of telling us this? They must be a way to recognise them. How will we recognise them? Later in the Koran (Koran 4:69), God says that Sauliheen, Shoudah, Fuqra and Auliya (saints of God) these are the people about whom God said, ‘They are the best companions for that path (the Straight Path).’ These people are the best companions to travel that path with – it was in reference to the Straight Path. So in conclusion, we need to enlightened our subtleties and purify the Lower Self And the method of purifying the Lower Self is – – like I mentioned just now, the 6 celestial spirits did not receive their diet of divine energy. They are in a dormant, unconscious state According to the Koran, you have to obtain Sharha-e-Sadr (Opening of the Chest) Koran 39:22 It is only once you have opened Opening of the Chest that divine energy will enter the spirits located there And you didn’t receive this knowledge And if someone does happen to mention these teachings, certain sects among Muslims target them and say, ‘This knowledge is forbidden.’ Even though it is knowledge that is written in the Koran Therefore, the celestial spirits floating in our chest whose diet is divine energy – they are starving and our empty worship cannot revive them On the other hand, the Lower Self is getting its diet of negative energy (fire) 24 hours a day And it is getting stronger and stronger It is getting stronger and stronger Now, what does the Spiritual Guide do? The Spiritual Guide will do this: For example, this is the Lower Self The Spiritual Guide, with his spiritual concentration, will make a circular wall of divine energy around it In other words, the Spiritual Guide, with his spiritual concentration, will cage it in a wall of divine energy All around the Lower Self, the Spiritual Guide will make a wall of divine energy What will be the result of this? Whatever negative energy is coming towards the Lower Self, it will rebound off the wall of divine energy And the supply of negative energy to the Lower Self will be cut off. In war, this is what armies do. If they want to defeat a country, one of the most important steps they take is to target the supply. They destroy bridges and things for this reason. They do this in order to cut off the supply coming to the enemy. So that they cannot get help and consequently, they lose the war. So when the Spiritual Guide, with his spiritual concentration, makes a wall of divine energy around the disciple’s Lower Self. Then the Lower Self’s diet of negative energy is cut off and it begins to go hungry. It cries, ‘I am hungry, I am hungry, I am hungry.’ Then the Spiritual Guide addresses the Lower Self and says, ‘We have food. If you want it, say so.’ The Spiritual Guide says, ‘We have food: divine energy.’ Then the Spiritual Guide, with his spiritual concentration, gives the Lower Self a bite of divine energy. Out of necessity, the Lower Self takes the divine energy. But hunger strikes every day. Then for that, the Spiritual Guide addresses the Lower Self again and says ‘You want food, right? Then recite the Kalima (Declaration of Faith).’ ‘There is no creator but God, Mohammad is the Messenger of God.’ He tells the Lower Self, ‘Recite the Kalima, it will generate divine energy and that will be your diet.’ So in order to survive, the Lower Self begins to recite the Kalima. So by doing this – since the outside source of negative energy is cut off – the negative energy in the Lower Self, steadily begins to diminish with the influx of divine energy. And in 1 year and 6 months, The Lower Self that was initially Ammarah (The Commanding Self), due to divine energy changes to Lawamma (The Blameworthy Self). The Lower Self continues to recite the Kalima. From Lawamma, it will progress to Mulhima (The Inspired Self). When it reaches the stage of Mulhima, that is the final stage of a Momin (true believer). What is a Mulhima Lower Self? It is a Lower Self that receives messages from the Spiritual Guide. If your Lower Self becomes Mulhima and the you go towards committing a sin, the Spiritual Guide will send a warning to you: Don’t do it. And this is how you refrain from sins. Now, the Spiritual Guide has engaged our Lower Self in the Invocation of the Kalima: La Ilaha Ilallah and our souls have also been granted divine energy. The Spiritual Heart has been revived with ‘Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu.’ Divine energy is being generated. Sultan Haq Bahu: If your heart says God’s name just once, you would receive the reward of reciting the Koran 72 times. Shah Wali Allah: You will receive 313 million rewards if your heart recites God’s name once. How so? You have 313 million veins in your body When your heart says God’s name once, it will resound throughout the 313 million veins in your body. The heart can invoke upon God 3000-6000 times within an hour. This heart, it can invoke upon God from 3000 to 6000 times minimum 3000 per hour maximum 6000 per hour. And in 24 hours, it can go up to 144 000. In 24 hours. The divine energy cleanses the heart completely. Now, what is the function of the fleshy heart? It is a pumping station. And the job of the heart is to purify the blood. Our bodies have two kinds of blood vessels. One is called ‘artery’ and the other is called ‘vein’. Do you understand? One is ‘artery’ and the other is ‘vein’. The veins carry the impure blood back into the heart. The blood is impure because of the daily consumption of food, the daily generation of cells and blood that blood is unrefined. For example, you extracted petrol from the ground – after that, it has to go to a refinery. Similarly, the fresh blood generated by the liver will go to the heart through the veins back into the heart. Why? So that the heart removes the impurities of the blood and oxygenate it. The job of the pulmonary valve in the heart is to oxygenate each drop of blood entering the heart. There are two types of carpuscles in our blood, there are red blood carpuscles and white blood carpuscles. The white blood carpuscles have a storage of oxygen. Do you understand? So the impure blood is carried to the heart and the heart’s job is to purify it to oxygenate the blood. The blood goes back into the body once there is oxygen in it. So when the oxygen goes into the blood, if at that time the heartbeats are engaged in Invocation of God’s name then the divine energy would also be mixed with it. When the blood was mixed with the Light of God, it reached every single vein in the body. When divine energy reaches every single vein in the body then your body will become obedient to divine energy. The entire body becomes obedient to divine energy. When your body becomes obedient to divine energy, then believe me this is the stage which if it is explained in a single Islamic term that when divine energy enters the bloodstream and the heart becomes obedient to God and his commands all of this will be given the name of Islam. For the heart to become completely obedient to God and his commands is Islam. Islam means total submission. Meaning you go into complete submission. We are never completely submissive without this; sometimes we may refrain from sins and other times the desires of the Lower Self, the lustful desires are so overwhelming that we become so vulnerable and we do not succumb to such vulnerabilities and we become a victim of the Lower Self. We come under the control of the Devil. However, when you are divinely entrapped through divine energy from all four corners Just like when somebody becomes captivated by one’s beauty and when somebody becomes captivated by one’s tresses. Similarly, when the divine energy reaches the bloodstream, the person becomes a captive of divine energy. [Koran 39:32] ”That person now has God’s Light in him.” [Koran 39:32] This is the first stage and when you reach this stage then you will be able to see the Lower Self of Prophet Mohammad. It will be the Lower Self. In order to see the Subtlety of the Spiritual Heart of Prophet Mohammad, you would have to complete everything in the Esoteric Sharia as well as Tariqat (Spirituality). There are four chapters of Spirituality. The first chapter of Spirituality is Zukuriyat and it contains the expertise of Dhikr. It is all about how to engage the Spiritual Heart into Dhikr as well as the Soul, Sirri, Khafi, Akhfah, Ana and Nafs (Lower Self). And then, the terrestrial souls within us like the Mineral Spirit, how to engage it into Dhikr as well. Human beings are the Greatest of all Creation, are they not? It is written in the Koran: There are some special human beings who invoke upon God and there are some special stones which invoke upon God. If you engage your terrestrial spirits in Dhikr and your celestial spirits are not engaged in Dhikr then this will be incomplete. You will not become a Perfect Momin (true believer). There are many stones that invoke upon God, they possess the Mineral Spirit. You are a human being, the Greatest of all Creation, why does your Mineral Spirit not invoke upon God? Because you do not know the method. You may have seen that those who believe in saints wear rings with precious stones. Some wear quartz, some wear ruby or sapphire etc. Those who do not have the Spiritual knowledge and if they are Wahhabi, they will declare it to be Shirk. ‘Why are you wearing stones?’ If they are Barelvi, they will condone wearing stones but they will not know the reason behind it. Some highly educated people also become ignorant. They will think, ‘It’s true, why am I wearing a quartz ring? I should take it off, it is Shirk.’ No, that is not the case. These are the stones that invoke upon God. When people wear these stones, it is not superstition. The stone invokes upon God and the blessings of this invocation enters your body. If they were regular stones, they would be outside. Why are these stones being respected? Why did people begin to kiss the stones? Because these are the stones which invoke upon God. Similarly, the palaces that will be granted to the true believers in paradise it is said about those palaces that they will be made with these precious stones. The clerics say things like the palaces will be so valuable and that God will give you palaces made of ruby and quartz! But God will not make the palaces in paradise with these stones because they are precious rather, God will make them because he knows the souls of the true believer engaged in Dhikr all his life and the Mineral Spirit in his body also invoked upon God so it would not be fair for God to make a house in paradise in which the Mineral Spirits do not invoke upon God. God wants to make houses the walls of which are decorated with the Invocation of God’s name so that when the true believers go to live there a relationship of attachment is developed. The Mineral Spirit present within the true believers as well as the Mineral Spirit present within the stones both invoke upon God’s name. Do you understand my point? So now the Mineral Spirit – Some people will wonder how the Mineral Spirit invokes upon God. It is written in Chapter Rehman ”The trees and stones prostrate to God.” ‘Hajar’ means stones and ‘Shajar’ means trees The stones have the Mineral Spirit and the trees have the Botanical Spirit If these things can prostrate to God then why can’t you? You are the Greatest of all Creation. Your Mineral Spirit should also invoke upon God just as the Mineral Spirit in the stones does. Your Botanical Spirit should also invoke upon God because God has said it about the trees, ”The stones and trees prostrate to God.” The Botanical Spirit in trees will invoke upon God but the Botanical Spirit in you does not then it is a pity that you are a human being! Human beings today only know how to say ‘Allah, Allah’ verbally. Ponder! These trees and these stones, they invoke upon God but you have the same souls in you but you don’t know how to engage them in Invocation of God’s name. You will only find out when someone teaches you true Spirituality. When you find a true Spiritual Guide who will bring God’s Light into every nook and cranny of your being. When the celestial spirits and the terrestrial spirits both become enlightened and the Lower Self also become purified that is when you will be able to see the Malakuti persona of Prophet Mohammad. What will it be? Yes, the Malakuti persona. After learning the knowledge of seeing, when your Subtlety of Ana goes up to Maqam-e-Mehmood to see God, at that moment when you are about to see God, it will be the soul of Prophet Mohammad which accompanies you and he will say to God, ‘This is my follower and he wishes to see you.’ In that moment, you will also see Prophet Mohammad. These are the methods of seeing. It is necessary for Muslims to understand one more thing: Terrorism in the name of Islam is widespread in the world; there are acts of terrorism in the name of Islam all over the world. I would like to draw your attention towards this matter. You should read the Koran. When God Almighty was creating Adam the Eminent One, what was the dialogue between the angels and God at that time? The angels objected, ‘O’ God, you are creating him again? This shows that there were Adams created previously otherwise the angels would not have objected: He will only spread mischief and bloodshed again. They were previously created. So the angels said, ‘He will go and spread mischief and bloodshed again.’ What we learn from this is that when God said to the angels, ‘I wish to send a Caliph to the world,’ the angels replied, ‘You will send a Caliph and he will once again spread mischief in the world and cause bloodshed. Are we not enough to praise you and glorify you?’ God then said, ‘Do you know what I know?’ The question arises: why did the angels object in the first place? That [Adam] would cause bloodshed and spread mischief. ‘Causing bloodshed’ means terrorism, doesn’t it? Killings etc, it is terrorism. This accusation on human beings was also made by the angels. ‘God, why do you want to create an Osama bin Laden?’ In other words, that is what the angels were saying. ‘God, why do you want to create a terrorist?’ That is what would be said in other words; that’s what it means. ‘God, he will go on earth and cause bloodshed and mischief again. He will spill blood again.’ It means that man has spilled blood since the beginning. Any why shouldn’t they? Even Abel and Cain killed each other. God is really funny as well. He sent two crows and one killed the other. The crow that killed dug up a hole and buried the dead crow. The crow buried the other crow but when Abel and Cain fought; one died and the one who lived he did not know what to do with the body. When he saw the crow, he learnt about burying the body. So the human history has been like this from the beginning; terrorism. Man has been terrorising from the beginning. But let’s find out what God said in return. The angels expressed their reservations. They have exhibited their doubts and reservations Now, let’s see how did God come about this What would God say? What the angels said must have been from what they had experienced previously It’s not like the angels would have evil whispers The angels wouldn’t get evil whispers! They must have witnessed the state of the previous nations. The nation of Aad and the nation of Samood. God did not create one Adam in the world. He created 14 000 Adams. They were all created in this world with the clay of this world. It was enough for their misguidance to have a few Jinns around. However, in the end, God decided to create Adam the Eminent One. And he was created in paradise with the clay of paradise. When God commanded the angels to create an idol made of clay the angels were alarmed because Adam was being created once again so they spoke up. ‘Are we not enough to glorify you? We are doing it. Why are you creating him? He will only spread mischief and spill blood.’ God just said, ‘You do not know what I know.’ And then what did he say? He said, ‘This time I am giving him a special knowledge.’ ‘Alam al Asma. I am giving him the knowledge of my names.’ ‘This time I am giving him a special knowledge. And with the help of this knowledge, he will not spill blood or cause mischief.’ What was that special knowledge? The spiritual knowledge for these souls through which he would be connected to God. Do you understand? This special knowledge, the Knowledge of Eminence, was granted to Adam the Eminent One and through this knowledge, man was connected to God. All the Adams that came previously, the 13 999 Adams, they all engaged in physical worship. The spiritual connection was not in their destiny. This is because God had not introduced the spiritual connection before. The spiritual connection, the spiritual knowledge that of reviving the souls was not introduced by God before. Previously, they all engaged in the physical worship. They were engaged in physical worships and the Knowledge of the Soul had not been introduced the spiritual knowledge was not dispensed, therefore, their characters were not formed. Their morality was not developed. Morality is developed when you free yourself from the filth of the Lower Self, the negativity exits the Lower Self and the Spiritual Heart, which is encapsulated within 180 000 evil layers by God: 30 000 of lust, 30 000 of jealousy, 30 000 of grudge, and 30 000 of false pride etc when those 180 000 evil layers placed upon [the Spiritual Heart] are removed, and the Spiritual Heart is freed and the showers of God’s mercy begin to fall upon it, when the heart reaches the stage of protection; Invocation of God’s name is constantly happening Koran [3:191] ”Invoke upon God while standing, sitting and tossing and turning in your bed.” When this happens, your Lower Self is purified and the Spiritual Heart is awakened, now your morality and your character will be developed. God granted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) the best of all disposition. Therefore, Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) disposition is the most eminent. Was Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) disposition hidden? Was it not evident through his character? Was it not evident from his day-to-day life? Was it not seen through his actions and deeds? But we come to know that Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) disposition is a custom for the nation. Koran [33:21] God asserted in the Koran: Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was sent into the world as a model for you And you must become just like him. You must become obedient to him physically and spiritually. The disposition of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Your disposition must be the same as Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) disposition. But we don’t know what that means. We don’t know what that disposition is. The most we will do is, in a very sweet voice say, ‘Assalamu Alaikum’ This is not the disposition [of the Prophet], this is sweet-talking. You have sweetness on your tongue and a dagger in your heart. Right? This is hypocrisy. This is diplomacy. People have adopted sweetness in their tone but harbour poison in their hearts. And they think these are good manners. My foot! These are not good manners. What do you think? You have sweet words on your tongue and your heart is hard This is not a good disposition. Your heart should be in alignment with your tongue. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was hospitable to the Jews as well Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did not hate anyone. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) even said: Do not deprive anyone of their possessions. Make sure no one is harmed by your actions, words or presence. But that is what is happening. The level of enmity is such that a Sunni cannot tolerate a Wahhabi. They do not want to coexist in one single society. This is why there is mass killing. Why is there terrorism? Why is there intolerance? Why does everyone think only they are right? The only reason why terrorism is burgeoning in the world because of the lack of Esoteric Knowledge. This is what God said. What do we understand from the Koran? The angels objected, ‘God, he is gonna shed blood, why are you creating such a thing again?’ God says, ‘No, this time around I am granting him the special knowledge and he will not cause bloodshed.’ We come to find out that this wave of terrorism that has swept over the world for the past 15-20 years is not something new. Man has been blood-thirsty from the beginning. Man has caused mischief and spilled blood from the beginning. But in the end, when God created Adam the Eminent One, he declared that he [Adam] will not cause mischief or bloodshed And why? Because I am granting him the Knowledge of Eminence. And believe me, all those who obtained the Knowledge of Eminence they propagated the message of love in the world, they spread blessings in the world. And why shouldn’t they? God is the Lord of the Universes, he has taken the responsibility of providing for all. ‘Rab’ (Lord) means the one who provides; provider. He will provide for a disbeliever as well as a hypocrite. He will provide for all. He doesn’t discriminate. He is the Lord of the Universes. Similarly, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is Blessings for the entire mankind. If you think the blessings of Prophet Mohammad are confined to Muslims only, you are sorely mistaken. In some Prophetic Traditions, Prophet Mohammad addressed his followers, and in other Prophetic Traditions, Prophet Mohammad addressed them as ‘Sons of Adam’. Prophet Mohammad did not dispense guidance to only those who followed Islam Rather, he addressed the common public as well. He offered advice to them, too. This shows that he is Blessings for the entire mankind. Those who obtained this Knowledge of Eminence either became Khwaja or Data or Ghous-e-Azam. And these individuals loved and blessed all, whether they were Muslim or non-Muslim. You may visit India and you will see that all the shrines of the saints located in India are visited by practitioners of all religions. If you go to the shrine of Nizamuddin Auliya, there are more Hindus than Muslims there. Right? And then if you go to Bakhtiyar Kaki’s (ra) shrine, it is filled with Hindu people. If you go to Haji Ali Baba’s shrine in Mumbai, there are queues of Christians and Sikhs and they are not insane, they are not going there for no reason. If you ask a Hindu, ‘Why are you going there? He was a Muslim [saint].’ They say, ‘He was a man of God. We pray to him to have our prayers answered.’ People go there with their desires and they are fulfilled. God listens to them. And since God is listening, God knows that the one who has come to the shrine is a Hindu but God does not have a small heart. God’s heart is enormous. As human beings, we may help our Muslim brother and leave a Hindu in the lurch They say: Pakistan means ‘La Ilaha Ilallah’ and India means ‘Go to hell, who cares!’ This attitude is wrong! Pakistan means ‘La Ilaha Ilallah And India means ‘Go to hell, who cares?’ This attitude is wrong! What we propagate and the spiritual benevolence of His Divine Eminence is accessible for the entire humanity. Whether they are Sikh, Christians, Jews, Hindus or Muslims This is the legacy of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). This is the legacy of Prophet Mohammad and this is the benevolence of the Koran It is the spiritual benevolence from the heart of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). This Spiritual Knowledge came from the sacred heart of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). ”The true scholars are connected to my heart.” Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Those who will obtain this knowledge will obtain it from my heart.’ ”The true scholars are from my chest, the Sadaat are from my progeny and the Fuqra are from God’s Light.’

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