Hello family, I am Luis Palacios and you are at la Caja de Pandora. Today we are transmitting from Badalona city, my new location, and here we are in this very hot summer, it´s unbelievable. Anyways, it´s starting to freshen up. We need to tell you that very very soon we´ll be in Argentina, Sol Ahimsa will be in Argentina; so hurry up because we are in the final days to separate a spot. We really are starting up from August 29 to September the 2nd, but reservations need to be made because the room has limited spots and once is full, there will be no more reservations accepted So, the people that want to be present in Argentina, better make a reservation now Let´s start by saying hi, from Madrid, Spain, Sol Ahimsa. Good evening Sol! Good evening Luis and good evening to everyone here were are again after a small vacation, which weren´t so much like this because Luis didn´t take time off, but well, that´s what it is, we need to do our own things too So, It´s so hot here in Madrid, I cannot stand it anymore (laughs), I got the fan right next to me, because it´s unbearable And well, what you were saying about Buenos Aires; yes, those who want to come, there´s almost no more spots, and I will be there very soon, by the end of the month. And I repeat one more time, for Colombia, you can already make reservations, from November the 3rd to November 17th, but you already know you need to make reservations prior to the event because it´s the first time we go, we don´t know how much people we´ll have in Colombia, so we need to be sure about the spots available So, i always tell you to register in advance because at the beginning you can make a reservation, so we have an idea of how many people is going So I believe is going to turn out well as always, please, don´t wait until the very last minute, here in Spain we don´t wait until the last minute but people in Latinomerica do so when you want to buy a plane ticket, it´s not very convenient to do so until the very last minute Also, reservations are open for the Egypt trip, which will be by the beginning of December next year, 2019 but if you want to use viajes aladino, you can already make the reservations because Sol will be there for sure by that time And if you know you want to go, you´ll have an idea of what you´ll do by that time and you can pay that trip in several installments and so, it´s not that expensive So, here we are everyone, and today is round of questions Questions that were left behind from other videos when we didn´t have the time to answer them about subjects Sol Ahimsa work on, here in la caja de pandora as well as in her YouTube channel and they have to be related to the subjects we normally speak of So, don´t ask questions that do not relate to what we usually speak of, because I will check them, according to our needs and it is better if they are clear, well written, with exclamation points, well explained, so it is understandable So, let´s make out the most of this since we have here Sol and make high quality questions that can be used for everybody because the most important thing of this is, very interesting questions that help us all to grow as people So when you ask your questions, you need to write “question”, which country you are from and here we have too Nora so you can contact her for the event in Argentina reservations, hotels’ information, anything related, you have Nora Belmont here Let´s start now, do you want to say anything else Sol, before we start? No, you explained everything well, let´s start already We have here first, Manuel….question from Spain, what can it be those entities that are of a golden yellowish sandy color? Thank you and kisses Golden yellowish sandy entities? Sweetheart I have no idea. Luis have you seen an entity like that? Honestly, I ….no, no of that color….entities are mostly of a translucid color if we see them in physical body when they aren´t a hologram When I have seen them, I have seen them in red and blue, but never in yellow Golden yellow….well there is a race, but it is a solar race, I have seen it many years ago, many many years ago They are like stringy, they do not have a human form, they are stringy and golden but they are solar entities and now, that I give it a thought, it has been a long time since I haven´t seen them . I don´t know if you meant those, but those are the only ones I have seen that are of a golden color going to yellow that come from the energetic field of the sun, yes, I have seen them Now to the next question from comillo silvestre: why do you have hope in humankind, kindness and love and the existence of a benevolent god? Tell us about the experiences you had that got you to think like you do nowadays Colmillo silvestre…wolf….I have always been an optimist I think that in this plane, the idea that goes around is that everything is so dark, so evil ….and in the past, there was this idea that humankind was created by evil I don´t think that is true. I believe that the human being has great abilities, great qualities, and great possibilities to achieve whatever we want The problem is we have had very bad teachings, and the fact that living here is not easy So, between bad teachings and not being easy living here, we go around through seasons as best as we can But I have always had very clear, despite my life, which hasn´t been what you called easy, precisely and I have always taken the positive out of it, and I feel that it has made me stronger each time Therefore, I think the idea is to be positive towards life It is not accept whatever comes, because then, we wouldn´t overcome ourselves but I do understand that every single thing coming my way is to make me better thus, I will take the best out of every situation and I will do my best part and inner strength and will in order to achieve purposes or overcome life´s situations Then, regarding why I also have that faith….that good conception of humankind….is that even in those people that can be or have made more damage always have had moments in their life, of kindness and light For instance, there are cases of people that perhaps with fellow humans haven´t been good at all but however, with animals they have Or horrific murderers, such as the ice man, whom I have already talked about at some video, and nevertheless, he was very protective of his family and kids, he treasured them Then, there is always a kind side that if we are able of touching, that person will be able of bringing that out, regardless of any other circumstances that is why I am where I am and I keep on trusting that humankind can achieve whatever they want regardless any obstacles and situations that want us to believe and regardless of the game from those that are being puppets from those they criticized so much and who are actually, doing more harm than good But nevertheless, I think we have enough intuition to at the end, achieve it Question from Raul, from Argentina. Hello Sol, I send you a hug. I want to know when the beginning of homosexuality in humankind was. Thank you The beginning? Sweetheart I have no idea when it started I do know that in the beginning, human beings were androgynous, the first race, pre-adamic race, had no gender That is, it wasn´t still dualized. Then, with the subsequent change, the second phase or moment of humankind that didn´t look like the pre-adamic one, it was when human beings were given a gender It is true that throughout history, there have been many times, where homexuality has been dated and as I have already stated in the video I made about it, and even when many want to disregard the subject but there are also many studies about it, likewise animals, human beings, the concept of bisexuality is something inherent since birth then, it is afterwards when you define yourself But, I couldn´t tell you more about when it started, besides what I am explaining right now Next question, we have again wolf: what do you think about people that scorn people who have animals in cages or in fish tanks? They seem to not understand that there are some of us who cannot have big or furry animals, like my case Ok, let´s see, it is depending on the level of consciousness each one has When talking about farm animals, I am not in favor of keeping them in a very small space Maybe you are referring to a birdcage or a fish tank What it is clear is that canaries and goldfinches, well goldfinch not anymore because is already forbidden but canaries, which is a species of birds that are allowed to be kept in caged are raised in farms and live in cages If you let the cage door open for a canary to fly away, it dies, because it doesn´t know how to get its own food and it doesn´t have that flying training to have certain speed and nowadays, canaries aren´t animals that can be let loose because you would be killing them, they don´t know how I do understand that thinking and I don´t like neither having animals in cages but what needs to be taken into consideration is that today, there are species that could not live by themselves, in nature then, we have to take into account that too from that point of view, each one should decide whatever is more appropriate I do not support having animals in zoos, at all. I am not in favor of having dolphins in pools at zoos, for example I do not support this, nor for orcas or any animal, in fact I haven´t gone since I was a child because it is overwhelming to see them there, poor things. So, that I do not support But one thing is wild animals and other domestic animals So there are certain breeds that would not be able of living in nature because it´s no longer in their unconscious memory so it is absurd to think that, but, as I said, each one should do what one considers appropriate bear in mind that if you let free a canary for it to flyaway, it will not get to far, whether a cat would eat it or another bigger animal and it will not know how to find food because they do not have that parameter in their unconscious memory why do I remember so much dreams, people I find in them, places, messages they give me? Thank you for helping me in my inner growth Well, if you remember a lot your dreams, which honestly, I think, is really good it means you a have a good relationship between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind dream language is the language of the unconscious mind, and that is when a great flow of information enters your mind that can help you in your everyday life I figure there are better dreams and bad dreams, a bit of everything, and there will also be dreams that are just a way for your mind to vent, because there are types of dreams too Anyways, remembering is a good thing because it means one has a good connection and it also means that your conscious mind does not censor you, because when you wake up our rational mind, unconscious mind censors our conscious mind and we lose memories from the dream In your case, it does not happen like this, and as I said, that is really good, really good This would also speak about that you could be a dream medium or have any sort of precognition skill through dreams, if you would work on it There is a question that Sol will not answer, Antonio Nayarán who asks that if this person is good or bad we do not answer what works for who, we are not here to criticize or judge, we do not discuss about those subjects, ok? Questions about what Sol speaks that she discusses about in her videos, which are interesting and can be useful for everybody Yesi Herrera, in numerology, are there the so called magic cubes like the one from venus or the sun which are attributed to the kabbalah, do they work? do they come from it? Thank you Let´s see, numerology is actually not in cubes, in traditional numerology, from Pythagoras, another thing is the kabbalah from which I know a limited part, but from what I know about numerology, and in fact, this year I’m opening an evolving numerology course what you talk about wouldn´t be involved in that We will work and study using birth dates, names and we´d come out with a lot of information what you are referring to goes to the more esoteric part or kabbalistic part which it depends on the kabbalah line because not all talk about it, and in the esoteric and magic line. Not in numerology Daniela, hello Luis and Sol, hugs from Buenos Aires, question: can you vibrate in 5th or 6 dimension, while being here in this 3rd plane? Hello, how are you Daniela? Well, in this plane our planet, in fact, vibrates not only in 3rd, it vibrates in the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th and even the 7th it has different levels of vibration, and you, depending on your state of consciousness or times, and inner work you can be vibrating in one frequency or another But there is something I do want to make clear, the issue with numbers, saying 4, 5, 6, 7th actually makes no sense there are different planes of frequency that we can number as a way for our rational psyche to understand where we are But actually, the logic thing is that we call them by their given names, truth is, they are complicated names, so it would be a bit weird But do not think, there are 12 dimensions, there are 13, there are 25, 46 Numbering them, that doesn´t have a real esoteric foundation, ok? We have Alma Nieto from Tennessee, she says: what does it mean to frequently see numbers 111, 222, 333? Let´s see, when we see repeated numbers, regardless of what each number means, because sometimes we see them in streak it happens sometimes that all numbers are repeated It is a call from the unconscious mind to you to be aware, that is those are moments when we have to be more mindful of our lives, to be on the lookout, to keep an eye on They are moments when we have situations where we need to be more conscious of everything we do and every step we make That is the calling from our unconscious mind or our guides, as you please, to be present But actually, it doesn´t fit in another situation Because if the same number repeats all the time, then, you interpret that number, but usually, it is just a repetition one day it can be 111, another day 121, another day the 41 or 14, I don´t know, it is not always the same number but the fact of seeing repeating numbers therefore, you need to be on the lookout, ok? It is a calling Ok, next question, Kenny from Panama: is there some kind of ritual for birthdays? Well, yes, there are many rituals for birthdays But let´s see; a birthday is like being born again, we could say that Astrologically speaking for birthdays, there is a new chart for the year, so you could make a similar work, if not the same to the one that is made in la noche de san Juan or like the one made by the end of the year That is, we should see what from the previous cycle, year, we no longer need, we want to make a change, and what possibilities or new situations we want to enter that new year for us which is the actual new year, not the one that starts in January Then, you could make a ritual of this kind, if you want You can write down everything you don´t want in your life, like if it was mourning what you want to end, you say goodbye to that, or to them if it is people, then you burn that and take the ashes to a garden or a nice place with flowers and by that I mean that it has life, not death And why like that, so it can transmute all that energy, so it can give that next year better positive fruits and encouragement in our process Then, you write down in another paper, what you want, and you keep that in a pot in your house You do not burn that, you make it in a roll and put into a flower pot and you keep year round When the year ends, you take it out and burn it along with any additions you have, and make a new writing and place it again into the pot for the next year That is an idea, but there are many around The only thing I can say is, do not blow the candle, I mean, if you blow the candle you are blowing out your own light, you are killing yourself That is a rather negative ritual because you are making that all your year goes bad So, if you turn on a candle, you let the candle burn out by itself, so you receive that energy you need to get you to the purpose you need but not blowing it off because then, you are blowing off your goals So you see, they trick us regarding this type of things Well, I have not realized of that, I mean, I never use candles, I haven´t realized of that detail Well, next person, Alex, from Mexico: my husband is an organic portal, how do I help him? How do you know he is an organic portal, that would be the question First, how do you know he is an organic portal, because organic portals, and I haven´t made that video yet I’ll see if I do it soon, they are not all negative beings What happens is that the first information it came, that they are negative, and I once also explained in that way, that´s true psychopaths and this type of people, not all of them are the same An organic portal is another type of evolution and there are beings that will evolve little by little In fact, I believe that humans, at the beginning, were all organic portals, and then, a time came when souls started to incarnate in them but well, that is my opinion Maybe the apple issue relates to that, the consciousness from Adam and Eva when suddenly said, wow! What are we doing here! Maybe it is related to that, who knows But ok, why do you have to awaken him and tell him anything, that is his way of evolution his way of living and you have to respect him as well as he could respect you, if your being is a soul-bearing being I mean, I still don´t understand why we need to believe that some are better that others I really don´t understand that…if your husband was a bad person that mistreated you, etc, well in that case, you wouldn’t want to change him neither you would have to divorce if you can, or continue if you want to still be with that person no matter if he mistreated you or whatever else I mean, that obsession we have with wanting to change people is something I cannot still wrap my head around One thing is to tell your husband what you don´t like, and if he doesn´t want to change well then, he doesn´t want to change and there is nothing you can do but if you tell him he is an organic portal, you don´t have a soul etc, etc, I mean, he would think you are crazy and in truth, if he was an organic portal he isn´t aware of his state, for him, his way of evolution is normal, there is nothing to change in him so, you should be aware of this, that belief of thinking we are above of somebody…I think is already time to stop that if you don´t like the person you are with, it is your decision to stop being with that person or keep going But if is not that so, then you need to respect the other person, with unconditional love It should also be noted….I already explained this in a video…..if you are in a videogame, in the videogame there´s a plant, there´s a person walking by, and you keep on with your adventure, you are running, jumping…. well, this is the same, that plant, that person behind, are part of the matrix, part of the videogame , what you call an organic portal, it is something that is in here because we are in this game, then, they are part of us and wanting to end them is like wanting to put fear where there should not be any fear Well, I think is part of the display, the videogame, of what is going on, and it is neither good nor bad it is part of us, it is within the matrix and another thing from matrix and it is nothing bad, and we are the matrix I mean, we are part of that videogame, so, we should not be afraid of those things, we should not be scared of these matters We have now Janet, from USA: Sol, what about the Malaysia plane and when are you going to make a video about the Mandela effect? Come on! That Malaysia plane is already old news, sweetheart I, honestly, and I think I am disagreeing with most people in YouTube regarding this for me, it was something more related to economics and hiding data than to something related to a portal opening up and taking that plane somewhere else From my point of view that is. Ok? I do not agree with all those conspiracy theory lines that explained a series of stories, from my point of view I could be wrong, but anyways, I did not do anything because I didn’t consider it was something to pay so much attention to it was something very terrible, a big disaster, but not to take advantage of that and said all the things they said honestly, from my point of view And in regards of the Mandela effect, you are right, I need to make a video of it As for the Malaysia plane, they say there were certain people inside with certain information about the industry and patents that wanted to expose that so what happened there was a hundred percent economic issue so no matter what happens, I presume that it was sunken and that´s it it was blown off and end of the subject, and they know who did it, so another thing is to make it of public knowledge Exactly Luis, that´s why I say that all those stories, that fantasy….I mean, it was something very terrestrial something from here…of course, very hidden because it is secret, but hey, made by human hands, totally, totally Nowadays, with the satellites we have, saying something has disappeared without knowing anything else, it is a lie When they say something has disappeared and don´t know how, it is means they do not want to tell the truth because they do not want you to know, because everything is known nowadays with the satellites we have and all that is recorded and they can review it as they want to so, it is really bullshit this subject….I mean, they are never going to tell us the truth, because they don´t want us to know if we know the truth we could control other subjects…and that is not convenient for them Now, we go with Maica: Sol, is it always necessary to make a cleansing meditation to open up the akashic records? Thank you Maica, let´s see sweetheart…..she was in my akashic records course…. no, if you consider that you are ok, balanced, that you are in your being, then no let´s see, making a cleansing meditation, a meditation to lift your vibration, it is precisely to be in the frequency needed to connect with the records so at the beginning, when you still haven´t identified well your own frequency and state you have to do it, but then, not any longer, if you feel well, it is no longer necessary, sweetheart But if you feel well! We have wolf again: if animals are supposed to be very sensitive and pick up our intentions how come that they don´t know when we are going to hurt them trick them or help them, because they don´t even understand each other? Ok, let´s see, they do feel and are very sensitive, but they also have a tender heart, and when they are too traumatized they will not perceive correctly, and even if you have good intentions they are going to be on the defensive until….we have to earn their trust, but it depends on the animal´s personality and what it has gone through it is like humans, someone really good could help us…but if we feel bad, traumatized, hurt, or however we were we do not trust..then, even when having a keener intuition…at those moments their emotional state blocks them, and that is why they do not respond well and when is the other way around, it is because they trust, despite it all they trust in human beings, and even more if it is their owner so they sacrifice themselves and bear, stoically, the beatings, mistreatments, and they stick around it is very unusual for an animal to rebel against its human partner though at that moment he is not, because he is mistreating them, but It is very unusual for an animal to rebel some do rebel against, fortunately because I mean, poor things…..it is not that simple Alicia ask us: what do you think about the numeric sequences from Grabovoi and Agesta? Well, Agesta!…..I didn´t want to talk about that subject, you have ask me so many times about Agesta´s numbers, the sacred numbers It is a scam…I have already said many times! You tell me that I should make a video, but I don´t feel like it Let´s see, if you take that list, please read that list, and you will see that, some of those number descriptions seem like a joke they make no sense…and there are people that say…but they do work! no, it´s placebo effect! If you are convinced that something works out, your own psyche will make that work out, but nothing else And in fact, some of those numbers are dangerous, and it is a program that has no benefit at all because their origin is unknown, the person that made that list doesn´t even know where they come from he said that Jesus gave them to him….it is not true So please, you need to be very careful with this type of matters ok? But, I mean, read that list, you will see that there are descriptions that when I read it…I was like do they think we are fools? Or what?….no, no, this is not assimilable The ones I have seen, the other ones, I do not know Carolina Rosales from Chile: Crystals that can be used for rosacea? Regards Rosacea, a skin condition Well, look, a general one would be the green quartz, then you will have to treat your spleen and liver then we were talking about the heliotropo, also called the blood jasper, also the yellow jasper the heliotropo is for the liver, spleen and thymus gland you have to place it at those three points….the yellow jasper is placed in the liver the green quartz is placed at those three points, because those areas are use to strengthen the immune system and skin conditions and blood issue Then…pink tourmaline…wait, better to use watermelon tourmaline that is green on the outside and pink on the inside wear it as a collar, wear a collar made of watermelon tourmaline, if you cannot find it then a pink tourmaline Then, at those areas where rashes specifically appear… you can use in those areas it has to be a crystal that can be found everywhere, I don´t know if in your country you can find crisoprasa if you can´t, then it has to be green quartz, but ideally you would use the crisopasa the amethyst and black tourmaline at those areas, and all the other crystals at that immune system triangle and blood cleansing… Oh, and at your feet you can use black tourmaline and hematite to treat the grounding We are going to let Sol rest a few minutes, while we comment about the activities we have with Sol Firstly, you can register by viajesaladino.com with Ana Vas, [email protected] and you can register for the Egypt trip that is going to take place on December next year, 2019 and you can pay in installments if you want to The trip is carried out by Sol, who always does them, and is for next year and registration is already open and you have it there Now, another thing i wanted to comment about all the information you have been asking about here in YouTube there is this button that says SEE MORE so you click on that and everything I am commenting right now will be there in links If you are in ivox or facebook live there is also more information in detail so you can find those direct links from aulaspandora.com or from Sol´s web to have more information And so, we start on August 29th to September 2nd on Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Sol Ahimsa who is going to give five workshops, there is a pack of these five workshops, and in this case also Nora Belmonte is arranging these workshops, she is in the chat so you can speak to her if you want to know more but in aulaspandora.com you can find the direct link – Sol Ahimsa en Argentina – and there you can find all the explanations about subjects, place, how can you make a reservation, if you have any doubt, you can also write me, [email protected] and I will give you the details First one, workshop on August 29th, Pineal gland system workshop, August 30th, Akashic records 1 and 2 August 31rs, Emotional quantum technique, September 1rs, Implant detection and extraction for third parties and September 2nd, Integrate your quantum self for the workshop on September 1rs, there will be the first part and the second part Then, we go to November, from the 13 to the 17, in Bogota, Colombia we have also Sol in this case, Claudia is arranging this workshop as well, Claudia Maria Castell, she is in the chat and you can contact her if you want more information she also has a travel agency and can give us information about hotels and related things…from November 13 to the 17 On November 13 there will be a conference, if you can come, on November 14, there is the Pineal system activation workshop on November 15, the implant detection and extraction workshop, on November 16, akashic records 1 and 2 and on November 17, integrate your quantum self workshop As in Argentina, we also have for this one a full package with the workshops and the conference if you wish to save some money, you can buy the whole package You also have Sol Ahimsa´s web for the webinar she offers regularly, and here maybe Sol wants to give any comment about Well, yes, I will start in September, I have a course on September 26 The workshop…I even have uploaded a video about it two days ago, I think to give a bit more information about the course, 33 chakras and 8 bodies, is essential for most of the workshops I am going to teach Now, some of the workshops I will teach will have some requirements, because people have being taking them without this and then, they don´t have enough information So, this course about energetic anatomy is essential for anything therapeutic, and other types of techniques like implants so, it is essential and it is a distance learning course, it is only one tutoring and it is very simple and then we have an exercise to know if you have understand Then, from October 4, 4, 11, 18 and 25 in the afternoon, I will be teaching an online and classroom course, both ways I am going to open the evolving numerology course…it is going to be a very comprehensive course in fact, I was finishing up the program today and I was totally amazed by how well it has come out and it is not because I have done it but because I have achieved to make it very comprehensive, tha´s why i said it So, we are going to study every level and even simple numbers, master numbers and transpersonal numbers the ones that come in threes…so, I am going to explain the difference between the first level which is the individual vibrations, the second level, which is the double digits, and the third level that is the triple digits I think this one course is also a remarkably interesting subject…and on October 7 I start with the evolving astrology course, which complements the evolving numerology So, well….akashic records online course also for October 20 and 21 in September I am going to be in Argentina and I am going to back late….then I have too many courses line up…this year I am a bit busy I want to add also that in YouTube you can find all Sol´s videos at the videos list, if you want to check older videos from many years ago I cannot even remember…you will find them all there, from la caja de pandora, Sol also has, I guess, her playlist in her channel Colmillo silvestre from colmillo silvestre we already have answered two questions…let´s keep going with someone else! I mean, she asks a lot Yesi Herrera, asking about the eclipses’ energy, for example Energy from eclipses is accumulative? If so, are we still working on the energy from the one in August plus the one from yesterday? How can we work on all of this without going mad? Oh poor Yesi!…yes, it is true, we have eclipses every six months and they accumulate…that is true lunar eclipses are not the same as solar eclipses each one works in a different way and besides, there are different degrees that is, it is not the same one full eclipse, than an annular one, than a partial one ok? So, the most powerful and influential ones are total eclipses, those are the ones that last the most The other ones’ influence is much less And I clarify, solar eclipses influence on a life level, vital energy… yes! how we go throughout life, how we see life because it affects our sun lunar eclipses influence the unconscious mind and emotional side The current eclipse that was in Aquarius, as I have already explained, it was the last eclipse in the Aquarius axis now we are going to enter the capricorn cancer axis, it is its turn But this has been an eclipse that has affected a lot, there are many aquarians that feel influenced by it, that´s true And well, is it accumulative? Sort of…they say that the time an eclipse influences it is the time it lasts so if it lasts one hour…30 minutes…we would be talking about one year…this is for the solar eclipse one year and six months….and if we are talking about lunar eclipses if it is one year then it would be one month…lunar eclipses last less, solar eclipse last more Yesi, I don´t know if this has helped you out or it has made things more complicated, but that is what it is We have José Miguel, he asks: how much DNA we have left from the original human? Let´s see, in our DNA we have a lot left from the original human the thing is that what is left, it is at the unconscious level and a lot of it is because it is not in a dense plane…in a physical plane ok? But yes, there is left for sure They say it is part of our information from the garbage…that invisible side and that it is the information used at the unconscious level and at the intimate, spiritual level, that we all have We have Ala Arik, he asks: can anybody be part of one of your courses? I would like to take the akashic records course but I do not know if I am trained for it How old are you first of all? yes! exactly! how old are you? Because I don´t teach courses for underage people And when sometimes some moms or dads….it is mostly moms asking me saying, when I come to the course can I bring my daughter? I ask, how old is she?…she is 14….then, no
I am not teaching any course Why? Because I consider that young people need to live their youth and this knowledge can be learnt later Then, if you are an adult, which I am guessing, then, it is cool, there is no problem and for the akashic records course you don´t need any other requirement We study the subject, I give all the information, we perform an energetic work you don´t need any requirement, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] we are right now on vacations, but Marta, the person in charge is on vacations by the end of August she is back, and then she will start replying you and in October is when I teach the course, and so, yes, there is no problem, sign up! You surely will like it We have kettlelife: thank you a lot for this space, to you and Luis, I am from Colombia and now I am currently living in Barcelona what does it mean to have palm lines that form a five-pointed star? Thank you very much Let´s see….I don´t read hands ok? I read about it many years ago because I have studied different subjects and I remember a bit but I don´t read hands ok? So, it is not the same the left hand than the right hand, it doesn´t matter if you are left handed or right handed The left hand is what you have inherited, what you brought from other lives and what is already in the past and the right hand is what you do in your everyday life when something is already in the past from the lines that are marked in your right hand, it passes to your left hand ok? So, that is why hands vary continuously The five pointed star is a protection symbol, but it is clear that you need to see where it is placed in which lines, mounts is placed, in which hand area is placed to know its meaning it is not the same that it is placed in the mars mount or that is in the moon´s mount, or in mercury or in the sun´s mount it´s not the same So, we need to know all that It is not the same that it is placed between the heart line and the head line, or between the head line and the life line we need to know sweetheart Usually, a five pointed star is a protection symbol We have Alan: how are you Sol, what does it mean to find everywhere the number 33, especially when I am in an introspective moment or with a prospective partner? The number 33 is the Master number called the benefactor (teacher) that activates anything related to the heart, related to love, to compassion, to everything related to that deeper emotional part in a higher level it can be a 12 or a 6, the sum of 33, it would mean family So here, as a benefactor master, maybe you need to work on transcending the most earthly side of feeling or of the falling in love if you have a couple…or the most earthly loving you need to work on that earthly side and transcend a bit that loving level of what I call the third chakra of the heart chakra system that is the dependant love chakra or fearful love in order to reach a higher level not to make a mistake and choose the right person not from need nor fear, but from the true partner and true love Melissa Alarcón: what is the origin of races? Greetings from Chihuahua, Mexico The origin of human races?….yes, i guess so They say that at the beginning there was a moment when the five original races originated together I have been researching about the subject lately, it is funny that this question arises but, specifically they don´t know how, but five races originated together…the five root races It is also true that, at the time, I was told that races started to originate due to certain mixing…there are several theories Climate also has an influence on them, that´s also true and depending on certain circumstances, some races are favored more than others for example, the skin of the white race could not survive in Africa, because white skin cannot withstand well, it could but very badly…that kind of weather Therefore, let´s also analyze earthly reasons weather influence them, likewise someone from a black race in a cold weather, has a bad time there That is why I say that we need to take several baselines to talk about this subject but it is true that even at an anthropologic level, they say that the five root races originated at once Miraculously, I believe it wasn´t like that For me, it was a mixture of genetic material from different races It is true that if you go back in time, you can always find white people They used to say that there was only the black race, but as you research more, there are always red haired people I don´t know why but mummies are always red haired, even the world´s oldest ones Yes, in fact at those areas where it cannot be a white race, like in the middle east, Siberia Genghis Khan, for example, he was red haired with green eyes, and his offspring was red haired with green eyes And there are many mummies from the area of China, Mongolia from that area where everybody´s skin is darker, whose skin is lighter with light eyes In fact, Buddhas have one blue eye, regardless the mythology part, but it is not so much of a myth as it is actually a reality because the primary race that settled in that area had lighter skin with light eyes and blond hair But it is also true that, certain climates favor certain races better, because genetically they are better suited to withstand these climates You need to study the whole picture Lucia from Spain: when we watch the Perseids star shower, are we picking up any damaging energy?, hugs Actually, we are not There are different types of star showers, like San Lorenzo´s tears, as they call it, is one of them Bad energy, actually, no, from my point of view An eclipse is worse Leticia from Mexico: where should we leave dead´s ashes? Thank you Let´s see…always in the ground, not in the air or water, always in the ground because we are earth so in a beautiful area with good energy or a place that the dead person used to like, I think it is the best But earth, never water or air We have Betty Rodriguez from the USA: why in dreams, emotions are felt stronger, like love or joy? Thank you so much, I appreciate you a lot Thank you Well, maybe because our mental part, which is the one that block us so much and makes us feel embarrassment, fears and stuff like that when we are awake it doesn´t let us be ourselves from my point of view, when we are sleeping, that part, that limit, those walls we put in front, are not always present it´s like we are more of ourselves, then, we experience everything more intensely I believe that we are more ourselves when we are sleeping than when we are awake We have Mary from Peru, she asks: how can we cure witchcraft? Well, there are many cleansing techniques Ideally, you should go to a specialist, as I always say, but if you want to learn, we have already uploaded a video it depends on the type of witchcraft, if it is a big voodoo, then you should go to a specialist if it is something simple, then, Luis and I made a video, not long ago, about tools for cleansing So, you can watch it, and it is also in my channel…there are different cleaning techniques But, if it is a big witchcraft, I will recommend you to go to someone who knows about how to deal with that Griss Navarro from Mexico, it has to do with portals, but she asks another question organic portals, those who are manipulated by psyches, are part of our shadow that we have to love and accept, even archons? Well no, I don´t think it has nothing much to do with that Let´s see, organic portals are not at all part of our shadow that we need to love, why? It is another being apart from us I don´t consider an organic portal to be my shadow My shadow is within me, with myself, connected by certain centers and certain areas in my psyche and it is me there´s nothing outside of myself. It doesn´t have to do much with that…that´s a different thing In fact, that is another type of evolution, as I have said And even the archons…that archon subject, it is something that I, sincerely, believe is getting way to mess up An archon is a psyche that doesn´t spend its time in conditioning one individual their job or concern goes to control of the masses, or planets or human kinds, or masses-like but they are creators of realities, they do not concern about one individual that saying, that an archon is messing with me…well no, don´t consider yourself so important because an archon will never concern about one person, they will always concern about a group of people one planet, one humanity, one reality, one universe but not about one individual dead entities, beings from lower dimensions mess up with one individual we have a lot of population in those planes around us, so an archon won´t come to us they have other levels of needs that go beyond an individual ok? Well, we are closing up already…two more questions and we close up for tonight Ingrid says, greetings Sol, from Colombia: what do you think about what is hidden in the Vatican? Energy around the children of Fatima? thank you About the children of Fatima…poor little ones…a show was made using them because the Fatima children never said that they saw the virgin…any virgin they saw a woman that looked smaller, like a child, with a more extraterrestrial shape, weird, but not a virgin or nothing…nothing at all From the three kids, one child, this woman, she was kidnapped, they made her a nun and kept apart but the woman that spoke in public wasn´t the child of Fatima In fact, there are pictures and they do not look alike at all they could have found one that looked alike at least, a doppelganger, but not even that they didn´t even worry about because they think we, the Vatican think, they are the church…then, everybody is going to believes us But, it actually was a true scam, it has nothing to do with the virgin, even when they presented that big show it has nothing to do with the three secrets and all those stories and of course, those children were hurt by it a lot, because they were set aside and separated from their families So it was a true mockery the Fatima story and what they did to these children as raw as it sounds…but it is the reality, come on! I know, it is another video I need to make…you say, you were going to do it yes, yes, I need to make many, but I promise you, I cannot go faster, I wish I could Leonardo from Argentina: how does the perception change from being a left-handed to a right-handed? In nothing, it is the same to be right-handed to left-handed You are not more sensitive for being left-handed than if you are right-handed That is a myth; they say that a left-handed is more sensitive because the right brain hemisphere dominates more But actually it is not so, because I know left-handed people who are super rational and right-handed people who are super intuitive So, from my point of view, that is also a myth, and from my experience…and with kids! Because I am a teacher I totally agree Well, we close up the chapter of today, remember we soon are in Argentina, there are only a few spots left Those who want to go to Egypt can also register already nothing else to say but, if you liked the video, please share it in your social media, with your friends and give it a thumb up as usual and I hope you have a good summer for those who are in this side of the hemisphere, and those who are at the south, in winter, like Nora well, you know, it´s time of retreat and it is also super nice to be at home, very warm I wish you have a good time and thank you so much Sol for today´s video and I hope you have a great time in Argentina Thank you so much Luis…yes! I am looking forward to go to Argentina, to grab the blanket and cover myself with it and watch a movie happily I mean, I am so over this heat over here, I cannot stand it anymore! So, I hope you want to go So, thank you so much to all of you for having shared this moment and for your questions I hope you have good vacations, those of you who have them, well, of us, I hope they are good and those who are not in vacations, hold on in there every day, working is also something to be grateful for I work part-time when I get tired I go to the pool or the beach Yeah, in August we are going to be slower, and September is faster but hey, we are always going to do stuff throughout this month I mean, I also laugh when I say vacations because, during vacations I spend my time organizing the next course, workshops assembling courses I don´t have yet like the numerology one and the akashic healing that I am also going to teach I will upload some videos…but yeah, I take my time, I get up when I feel like it, I go to bed when I feel like it, I grab the blanket I mean, it´s different! when I talked about the move I was making…well, I said to myself…i will do that in a week ….i´ll do it after the move and then I got only one day left! I was being so busy….I was, oh my god! How can I be so busy! And everybody was like, you are going to take so much time in finishing everything I was like, no sir, you´ll see I will finish fast and as the Taurus I am, stubborn, I said to myself, I am finishing this move before I start regular activities And I did finish, but I said to myself, oh my god! I will never do a move again in the middle of a wave heat I mean, you have to be very stubborn, oh my god! I mean, I had to do it…I didn´t have another choice But, it couldn´t happen in the middle of a regular summer it had to be in the middle of a wave heat…when you just want to give up But well, I was fun and another life experience…and I keep that Well, thank you so much everybody…family I hope you have a great time and I see you soon, in a few days and Sol, you will see her when she is back from Argentina, right Sol? Yes! Though I will upload a video, but yes! No more live videos until I am back Until you are back, nor here nor in your channel no, no, no, no more live videos…until September! Ok, thank you so much Sol! Bye bye family! bye bye!

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  2. Algún día vendrás a Perú Sol? Me encantaria conocerte me gusta mucho escucharte. Me encanta la fuerza que tienes y lo que enseñas…a empoderarnos y conocernos. Saludos bella 😊

  3. Luis, una cosa que te pido, podrías aclarar un poco lo de Elisa, porque creo que tienes un poco confundida algunas personas, porque traes a una persona a contar cosas, le patrocinas sus cursos y viajes a Sudamérica, luego desaparece y en un video dices que está enferma que ya volverá y ahora dices que no volverá que lo que ella decía era mentira. Estas cosas si no las aclaras no le van bien a tu canal, creo.

  4. Hola! Maravillosa Sol! Soy su fiel seguidora y admiro su trabajo. Quisiera saber un día soñé QUE EXTRATERRESTRES ME LLEVARON AL MAR Y LAS NAVES SE OCULTABAN DEBAJO Y ME DIJERON QUE ELLOS SIEMPRE HAN VIVIDO EN EL PLANETA Y ME REGALARON UN TRAJE COLOR AZUL. Que significa??? Gracias.

  5. Hola sol, es una buena idea hacer el turno de preguntas, así nos enteramos de muchas cosas. Se nota que has trabajado mucho y tienes muchos conocimientos en temas variados. Me gustaría trabajar algunos temas, he tenido dos cánceres de mama y creo que ha llegado el momento pero no sé por dónde empezar, no dispongo de mucho presupuesto pero tus cursos online me parecen muy interesantes. Un abrazo para sol y para Luis.


  7. viajes aladino quiere que se viaje a espana y eso no es posible para las personas que queremos ir desde hace mucho tiempo a egipto y estamos en japon. porque no podemos ir directamente a egipto y unirnos al grupo?

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  9. Hola gente!!! Pregunta, que pasa con las almas de las víctimas (sean humanos o animales) cuando son sacrificadas por rituales?

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