Do Mormons Believe in the Cross?

Do Mormons Believe in the Cross?

Kwaku. I knew you were going to say something so I had to say something first. Kwaku, I have a question for you. Yes Bruce. Do Mormons believe in the cross? Why are you, why are
you wearing a mask and talking like that, I know it’s you. Do Mormons believe in the
cross Kwaku, tell me! Do they believe in the cross, do they believe in the cross? Yes. Mormons do believe in the cross? But… actually there is no but. The question is then, why
don’t we, why don’t our churches have crosses on them? Yeah, our
steeples don’t have a cross. Why don’t all the members wear crosses? We don’t parade the cross around everywhere. How can you believe in it if you don’t wear it everywhere? Well the simple
reason is, and Gordon B Hinckley says something about this, we believe that the
symbol of Christ is his teachings. We don’t like to just give Christ one
little symbol, right, especially not just what he was murdered on. The symbol of our
eternal life should not be the death of the Savior. I’ve always been uncomfortable with
that idea that the thing that we use to remind ourselves is the most,
one of those tragic events in the history of the universe. And I mean that’s honestly, do you think when Jesus comes back he
wants to see a bunch of crosses? I mean I honestly think that’s something to think
about. Why? I personally don’t. He
gave us the gift of eternal life and they’re going, “Yes! Eternal life!” But let’s look at his death all the time. But even more, in Mormon doctrine, you know the
atonement wasn’t just on the cross, it was in the Garden of Gethsemane. And his suffering for our sin. The cross was a very small part to the
resurrection. If anything, if anything the cross was just a means to an end.
We should be celebrating the resurrection if we’re gonna be talking his death. He lives. The whole point of the atonement, like if you’re celebrating
that he died, it’s great. Christ did die and we’re not discounting that, we love
that, we’re very thankful for that, but if he didn’t rise again then
it’s like alright well, he died in the cross, he was just a good prophet.
But since he rose again, that means we can also live again. He wasn’t just martyr.
He’s our Savior and I think when you when you subject Christ down to just
the cross and just the cross, you’re– I think you’re missing the mark. I
think you’re not emphasizing the fact that Christ was resurrected. But I don’t
think that people that use the cross or wear the cross intends to do that by any
means. I don’t think they’re trying to minimize the sacrifice of Jesus Christ
and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I mean that’s great that you
have a symbol of your devotion to Christianity.
Mormons just aren’t big on symbols I mean we have we have symbols, we’ve got angel Moroni… We’ve got the CTR ring. That’s a good point, it’s a huge culture thing. We have very few symbols and the cross is just one that we don’t– I guess sometimes we
use it. We sing about the cross. It’s true, it’s in our hymns, we talk about it, there are paintings of the Savior on the cross. We just don’t– yeah, there’s
this idea that because Christ said it is finished on the cross then that’s just
the end of the Bible and like that’s just the end of all Christianity but it
really isn’t, it continues. In fact, some of the most amazing stuff continues
after, when Christ was resurrected. So we’re not minimizing the cross,
we just, I think we understand its place. is a great website where
they answer all sorts of questions about Mormonism. A lot of great information
there and one of the quotes that they have on there, it says, “Latter-day Saints
have no objection to the symbol of the cross. True. Historically, the church’s
earliest members were not from denominations or traditions who used the
cross in their worship when they joined the church. These traditions continued
with the. Isolation in Utah meant that the Saints were not much affected by the
increased use of the cross by American Protestants later in the century. So
basically it was just never really a thing for us. It’s still not really thing
for us. Like some early Mormons wore the cross and like you’ll find some
Mormons but just… I have friends who were Catholic and became Mormons and they
still wear crosses because that was a huge part of their belief system, culture. And that’s not a bad thing. Yeah, you do you. But there’s also Mormons
who don’t wear CTR rings. I don’t wear a CTR ring, but it doesn’t mean I’m not, you know, trying to choose the right. I guess for me, this is just my personal opinion, I think for me I guess
I personally don’t like the symbol of the cross to represent Christianity.
I don’t care if other people do because I can see why you would use it but I personally
don’t like it. I remember hearing someone talk about
how you need to worship at the feet of the Cross, this before I was LDS. And
I just, I think a lot of times in Christianity I do honestly think the
cross is built up more than it is supposed to be. It is built up a lot. I’ve
even been to the Christian concerts when everyone’s got their hands up pointing
to the cross, it’s almost like, I don’t know, part of me it feels
like this sort of like, almost like a like an object worship sometimes and
most Christians are smart and don’t do that, right? Most are like, yeah it’s just there, it looks good. But there really is this like strange almost object-idolatry with it as if the cross itself is– the cross itself is just a piece of
wood. Jesus is what makes it relevant. That’s when Christians
need to be careful not to go over to mysticism. Yeah, I heard this a lot
before I was LDS: “Put your faith in the cross. Don’t, just don’t put your faith in–
it’s an object. Put your faith in the Savior. And that’s interesting
because even within the LDS Church I’ve heard, and this was shocking to me, that,
and hear me out on this, now we focus too much on the atonement. And what they’re
trying to say there is, that the atonement is not an entity in and of
itself. True, yeah. It’s Christ. I think President Nelson said that. Yeah, and it’s Christ who gives value to the atonement, it’s Christ who effected the
atonement, it all leads back to Christ. People throw the word atonement around
as if it were and object- but it’s Christ. And in the same
sense maybe we sometimes can put too much emphasis on the cross when, like you
mentioned, we really need to be putting that emphasis on Christ. So I appreciate
that within Mormonism that we, our lack of having crosses around in our churches
refocuses us on the person that was on it. And I think the moral of the story
should be- like anything that points you to Christ is awesome. Yeah. As long as it’s
pointing to Christ, right? You know, as long as whatever that thing is, at the
end of the day you’re worshiping the Savior and giving all of your, you know,
you’re adoring him, you know, you’re kneeling and saying your prayers to him
and that’s the point and anything that points you to him, that’s
great. Yeah. On the grand spectrum of evils and terrible things and even just
less good things in the world, I’m not too worried about whether or not we have
a cross around our neck. Yeah. I like our steeples! Okay, well some people would say, “You
guys have Moroni on top of your temple. You don’t have the cross, why would you
have a symbol of this gentleman and not the cross? And what do we say to that? Well it comes from the scripture where
they talk about, when Moroni, you know, saw another angel fly- It’s that. But we’re
not, Moroni doesn’t take place of Jesus or anything like that, it’s
just another thing pointing us towards the Savior and the second coming.
It’s pointing towards the second coming. His trumpet is telling us that the second
coming is coming. If we didn’t have an Angel Moroni on top of our temples, it
wouldn’t affect the value of the temple because some temples don’t have the
angel Moroni. There you go. Like my favorite, the Oakland temple, doesn’t have it. The Logan temple doesn’t have it- does it have it? The Manti temple doesn’t and that’s my favorite. That’s where my family got married. Oh another one. My family, I meant my parents, that’s what I meant by my family. My family wasn’t married. So I was just looking it up
and so I checked on your Nauvoo temple and on the Nauvoo temple you guys have the the pentagram but not the cross. So I’m a
little confused as to why the pentagram and nothing because the pentagram is a
symbol of Satan and the cross is a symbol of Christians so if you don’t
have the cross but you have the pentagram
aren’t you just Satan worshippers? I wrote an article about this! Oh really? I
did, yeah. And I actually went to the Church of Satan’s website. I thought you were going to say you went to the church of Satan. No, I went to the Church of Satan’s website which was awfully dismal and needs to be updated. Go figure. It had like a 2002 html. It’s pretty old looking. I was looking for information about the pentagram. But we can put a link, we can put a link right here, yes, with all
the information you should know about the pentagram. The pentagram was a Christian symbol for
most of its existence. Only in the late 19th century did it become an evil symbol-
As are most deals with were good things at one point. Yeah. It literally just became like an evil thing in like,
because of fiction books in the late 19th century but for most of Christian
history it has the white and blue and the red represent the blood of Christ,
body and water and things like that so it really is a Christian symbol and we
have it on our temple. The traditional Republican Party flag has a pentagram on
it too, I mean, It’s not just Satanists and Mormon temples. Republicans do too! I knew it! Let me tell you what,
George Bush! Anyway, share this video with your
friends, we can’t wait to read the comments. Like, subscribe, share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Justin’s still single, slide into his DM’s. I’m still
single, don’t slide. David is married, you got no shot there but you know it’s
alright. I’m old anyway. You keep saying, you are not old. Look at my hair. Look at my hairline! I found my first gray hair. Everyone’s hairline, when you really put
your hair back, none of them looks impressive. I started receding on my mission. A lot actually. It’s actually, I get a lot of fear about it.

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  1. None of you guys look old, just grown up. Young adults.
    I however am 18, starting college this fall, and even though I am sooo ready for it, I feel like everyone’s gonna think I look like a little 16 year old girl. #shortpeopleproblems

  2. I had some protestant commenter say to me once: Good news brother! Christ died for your sins! I commented back: More good news brother! He was resurrected and lives!

  3. He gave us eternal life through his death on the cross. The cross is a symbol of God’s love and sacrifice. Also wearing a cross is a great reminder everyday to live well.

  4. I’m so grateful for the sacrifice that our Savior made for all. If my loved one died by being shot or ran over by a car, I most definitely wouldn’t wear a gun or a car to remember them. I would definitely keep a picture of them in a locket or wear something that my loved one loved to remind me of their life.

    However, I do understand why other Christians do choose to wear it. I honor them and respect them for that choice and I don’t think any less of them for it.

  5. Catholics and Orthodox depict a cross with Christ's body on it. Protestants use an empty cross to focus more on the fact that Jesus lives.

  6. The thing is that it is a symbol more than just of Jesus but of His victory over death. By dying on the cross and rising from the grave, He turned a symbol of death and oppression into a symbol of hope.

  7. I am Catholic and a simple answer that I like is that the cross itself is a sign of triumph (because Christ did rise from the dead). The crucifix (the cross with Jesus' body) reminds us that to triumph over life and death there will be pain and suffering and life will get hard sometimes. It is a reminder that Christ did not easily earn our passage to heaven. The crucifix is a reminder of the pain Christ endured because of His love for us. So it's not that we don't believe He has risen, we just want to emphasize the immensity of His sacrifice and love.

  8. I dont Know how Feel about The cross now it used to use my cross necklace if I did Not have it I could not feel god now I am confused. I now Dont wear it every day but I feel god less

    Now I am not intrested In The cross anymore I am over it I See that I can feel god Without it gone without it for 2 months I am happier without it

  9. A great quote from Gordon B. Hinckley: “Said he: ‘I’ve been all through this building, this temple which carries on its face the name of Jesus Christ, but nowhere have I seen any representation of the cross, the symbol of Christianity. I have noted your buildings elsewhere and likewise find an absence of the cross. Why is this when you say you believe in Jesus Christ?’
    ​​​​“I responded: ‘I do not wish to give offense to any of my Christian brethren who use the cross on the steeples of their cathedrals and at the altars of their chapels, who wear it on their vestments, and imprint it on their books and other literature. But for us, the cross is the symbol of the dying Christ, while our message is a declaration of the living Christ.’”

  10. Kwaku, David, Justin – Many of the streets in our capital Washington DC., are laid out in a pentagram, from masonic planning. It also was based on a "Christian" symbol, and not as people want to believe now that it was the illuminati. LOL! Although, some want to believe that is why Washington is full of evil politicians. LOL!😂

  11. Seriously guys the fish needs a bigger tank! You need to do video on why Mormons put big fish in lil tanks! (just teasing guys love watching your videos…. but really give it a bigger home please!)

  12. We are really into symbols but we believe the cross symbolizes his death and not his life and resurrection.

  13. I wear a cross because I want to, I choose when I wear it. Please don't say LDS have few symbols, your sacred garments have symbols and if you are a good Mormon, you wear them constantly. The symbol of the handshake on the Mormon temple, the Beehive, it goes on and on, really few symbols??? Do as you feel lead but don't exgerate the truth!

  14. Well balanced and fair assessment I think for the most part. Just like you say not all temples have the Moroni the same is true with churches. My church actually doesn't have a cross, maybe that's unfair because we rent a building, but only during easter do we ever have one around. But apart from that I know a few churches around my town that don't have crosses on the building. It's a symbol if it reminds you of God's sacrifice good, if you objectify it not so good.

  15. I know you guys all ready did videos on dating, but would you do some on what Mormon boys look for in girls and vice versa? Or how some people have a checklist about what they want in a spouse? I think it would be fun to hear everyone's opinions!

  16. As the garments for lds people. Cross is a reminder of that sacrifice that Christ made for us. For christians. The symbol of the cross represents that he is alive, and is not there anymore. He resurrected

  17. The Cross is a great symbol of the Savior. The Cross gives us Hope, Faith, Love, Charity and shows us the way to our Father in Heaven.

  18. You don't use the cross because you are vampires and witches. Your bad spirits will flee if they see a cross and therefore you don't use the cross. This is the symbol of Jesus' sacrifice and has a profound meaning for Christians. He could have fled and lived till he was 120 at least but he chose to die in the way that was prophesied. I agree that it is a sad reminder but it has special significance for Christians. Mormons are not Christian. They have a different Jesus. Our Jesus does not have a brother called Satan.

  19. Coming from a catholic background and becoming members of the church, my dad was personally not a huge fan of the cross let alone the rosary and likes to only focus on the garden and the resurrection (even though he knew that Jesus died on the cross) whereas my mom likes to wear the cross but isn't a huge fan of the rosary either. With me, when it comes to easter and the atonement, I know that He was in the garden of gethsemane, was judged and scorn, died on the cross and rose from the dead and resurrected. As a member of the church of Jesus Christ of LDS myself as well, I never ever like to leave anything out of that event that really changed the world! I know some different churches always liked to focus on some parts of that event and to that I would say it's pretty unfair because our Savior did everything in that event, how can I leave anything out of that? Why He did it and the fact that He was willing to sacrifice Himself as the Lamb are pretty amazing, still leaves me in awe, and grateful that it happened so I can live too and be with Him and my family in the next life after this. I'm also grateful for it because I now know that I'm not alone in suffering with my PTSD and I can feel loved by Him.

  20. I personally feel like the cross isn’t a great Symbol for Christ because why would I want to carry a around a symbol or cross that Christ was killed on ? Why would I want to symbolize his death.i mean I get it that it can symbolize his sacrifice But to be its a Symbol of death. Cause Christ wasn’t the only one to be put to death on a cross. Also I feel as though it’s like an idol as well cause some religions use it to pray with or to, to symbolize Christ. God doesn’t like idolatry so that’s a no go! But to each his on that’s just my opinions. Not that anyone asked me of my opinions haha 😆 freedom of speech right ?!

  21. We pray to god the father through his son Jesus Christ…guy to the right got it a tad bit mixed up but dats okay

  22. It is typical of Mormons to not believe in the whole point of Jesus' existence. When we look at the cross we should remember why he died in the way he died. He did not die in bed after a long and happy life, He was scourged, humiliated and torchured. I agree that it is unthinkable for anyone to die in that way. Some people asked me why did Lord Krishna not die in that way. I mean that Jesus sacrificed himself to save us, but lord Krishna had a long seemingly happy life and died when He was about 120 years old though it was by accident which was caused by an arrow through his foot. However Lord Krishna came for a different people who had a different set of values. They did not believe in violence of any sort and they did not kill animals. They taught respect for everything around them. I do not think that they were allowed to have slaves. I am not sure about that but they don't have a word for slavery. So we can see even more why Jesus was here. When we think of the cross we are supposed to think of the slaughter and abuse of the innocents in our world, but not only that we are supposed to think about anyone we do violence to and stop doing it. This includes what we do to animals. The Jewish people used to sacrifice an innocent lamb thinking that this would cleanse them of their sins but doing it like that itself caused them to sin. So Jesus stopped blood sacrifice. He fufilled the prophesy of removing sin from the earth.We are supposed to ask for a less brutal earth.

  23. Christians feel very driven to tell about Jesus because they have something special to say, a special message which goes in hand with special spiritual magic and they feel that other religions get in the way. However nothing gets in Jesus' way.
    Mormons claim that they don't like to use symbolism. However they use lots of symbolism on their temples. On the entrance of their original temples is the upside down five pointed star, ie the devil symbol used by witches and satanists and many other symbols that are also used in witchcraft. So is Joseph Smith declaring what he really is. The whole religion sounds like hell and they start talking about punishments and make death sound like hell. Life and death then become hell for many people. They tell coloured people things such as they will always be servants in heaven or they will end up in desolation or that they will be concubines in heaven. JS's view of heaven was in the doctrine and covenants and for them it means that they will have thousands of wives and these wives will spend eternity producing spirit children. This really sounds like hell for women. So Mormon heaven is not a place anyone would want to go to. So the real reason why they don't use a cross is because their founder was a witch or devil worshiper.

  24. you spoke of the cross being a means to an end… and the resurrection is the big accomplishment… WELL …  if you'll notice, (unlike the catholic crosses) the protestant crosses are EMPTY.  Jesus is not hanging on the cross around my neck.  Jesus is not hanging on the cross on top of our building.  Jesus is not hanging on the cross in the picture on my wall…. BECAUSE he's NOT dead any longer…He's Risen!!!  The cross is the means to our forgiveness!!!

  25. You spent an extremely short amount of time on the pentagram topic… Is that because you're hoping no one would notice that your temple's pentagram is UPSIDE-DOWN??

  26. “But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.”
    ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    You all need to repent. Especially you Kwaku for your arrogance.

  27. This video absolutely displays the cultic indoctrination of these poor kids.Your temples are completely full of Masonic symbolism.The temple ceremonies are riddled with Masonic symbols.These guys are making complete false statements.Either they have no clue or they are lying.Sorry to be harsh fellas……but come on.
    The cross is where Jesus showed His utmost display of love toward humanity,and You guys have absolutely no idea.

  28. I politely disagree with you guys. The cross reminds me of the suffering Jesus Christ went through to save us from sin. It also reminds me of something bigger the resurrection. I grew up Catholic. Its not a culture thing to wear a cross. Its a daily reminder of Jesus saving us from sin. He was nailed to the cross so WE could be saved.

    I still love your videos. Thanks guys!

  29. Hey Guys, again love what you all are doing. I have learned more from this channel then many other sources.

    I have been an active member in a Bible Church for 5 years in leadership and now involved in a leadership development program that partners with Dallas Theological Seminary. I have had misconceptions about the Church of Latter Day Saints that have been correctly reoriented in large part due to this channel. I thought I'd comment and respectfully lend the same favor:

    The intent of displaying a cross in church is to remind us of what we believe to be the greatest act of love the world has ever seen. You know this. God came down in the flesh, died the death we deserved, so that we could be reunited with him for eternity. To receive that gift of eternal life, all that we must do is believe that Jesus died and rose again and to put our trust in Him (gospel in the simplest form). Us being reunited with Him would not be possible without that sacrifice. So when we say, "worship at the feet of the cross" or when we raise our hands towards the cross we do so not out of an "object idolatry" as if we believed that having a cross around our neck or in our church saves us, but we do so out of the moving remembrance of what Christ did for us.

  30. I think you guys are missing the point. Jesus didn’t say “it is finished” as a way of saying that the Bible is over. Was the resurrection a miracle? Of course! Did amazing things happen after the cross? For sure! BUT Jesus said “it is finished” because his dearth was the fulfillment of the prophecy from Genesis! “He will crush your head and you will strike his heel” Christ died=strike his heel. Also, if you read about what happened when Jesus gave up his spirit, the curtain in the temple that held the ark of the covenant RIPPED from top to bottom. We celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, but we put emphasis on the cross because it is what happened there that reconnected us to God.

  31. Christ trampled down death by death. The cross is a symbol of triumph over death. If you look at the Nicene Creed it just says that Christ was crucified and then buried. He rose again. God cannot actually die. I am not a theologian but this is just how I see it. Just saying all in love. God Bless you and thank you for bringing your messages to the world.

  32. We worship God. The cross is a symbol. Mary and the saints are intercessors — like asking an older sibling to go to bat for you with your parent. In love.

  33. We have many symbols in the Temple! However I don't want to wear a cross around my neck to remind me of christianity, it was a HORRIBLE TORTURE DEVICE, THEY USED TO CRUCIFY OUR LORD!!!!

  34. When Jesus said it is finished it was the Proclamation of the end of a certain work it was by no means the end of the Bible or the testimony of Jesus Christ at all

  35. Joseph smith states very clearly that jesus failed in his mission and Joseph was forced to step up. Soooooooooo what you guys are stating is not true lds teachings.

  36. We don’t have few symbols… our Temples are full of symbols and symbolism..
    yes we don't wear them around our necks and we don't get them in the same way that the catholics live the cross, that they put it EVERYWHERE..😅, but we still have symbols and symbolisms that mean a lot to us..
    and even if they are part of the "esoteric" part of the Church, and not of the "exoteric" one (with this I am not referring to the occult .. . but simply to the fact, to put it in simple words, that these things are best known to the members most devoted to the study of the history of the church and its doctrines and less to most of the people.), they still represent the pillars of our doctrines…
    apart from that ..thanks for the video☺️
    and I hope not to have seemed too superb, but I want to make our Church better known so that there are no misunderstandings with those who still know little about LDS culture .. and often they tend to have distorted visions of the symbols present on our temples or of the relationship that has existed between our church and Freemasonry .. but precisely because they know little about these topics and today it is very easy to trust the first article that you read on the internet .. for this reason I want to inform people, so far as I can, so that we have access to the right sources and have the tools to understand .. (if anyone is among the people with different doubts about the church, I invite you to look at the channel and the Fairmormon internet page .. an excellent dissemination channel about these topics and that helps to shed light on even the most difficult and controversial issues .. it helped me a lot .. and I hope you help too ..)
    and I also hope I didn't make too many mistakes given by my bad english skills..😅😄😀
    thanks again for the video and for your great work done since the opening of the channel .. good start of the week and the next video ☺️👋🏻
    (P.S: when you make another video with Stephen Smoot ??! I love videos with him..🤓😄)

  37. The message of the cross is foolishness for those who are parishing. The cross represents triumph and victory over sin. Satan HATES the cross. This is why followers of Jesus Christ love the symbol and what it represents.

  38. As a Presbyterian Christian, the cross does not only symbolize to me the death of Christ, but the death of our sin. I also believe that it is so very human of us, as selfish creatures, to almost idolize the cross because of what we gained from it, instead of focusing on the scale of what Jesus gave. I can see your argument, and also understand the reason behind the Mormon church choosing to limit its use of the cross in their holy spaces, and at the same time I do not believe that the entirety of the use of the cross as a reminder for what the Father gave us is inherently bad.

  39. Oof I know this video is old but I hope y'all got that goldfish into an appropriate tank… Bowl is bad for goldfish especially, very dirty fish and needs lots of space

  40. If you believed in the cross you would believe in Jesus Christ and his holy spirit. Then you would not be Mormon as Jesus would show you the truth. I will pray for you. Find Jesus find peace and heaven.

  41. The cross only symbolises trials, it does not signify Christ, you will see that if you read the anew Testament. Jesus talks about us carrying our cross and he hadn’t even Ben crucified yet.

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