Dr. Eben Alexander – Map of Heaven & How Science Prove the Afterlife (Subtítulos en español)

Dr. Eben Alexander – Map of Heaven & How Science Prove the Afterlife (Subtítulos en español)

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  1. Thanks to Stephen Hawking you got to the Astro realm. I have been there too……….but somebody forgotten to bring the food on the moon when we stopped for dinner. The lights were amazing anyhow.
    Ohhhh And I did once see the beautiful valley with purple river, golden fish and white stones. Was nice.
    I DID have an out of body experience without meditation as well but got kicked back into my body before I was 2 meters high.
    I have experienced all Eben is talking about without being dead or closed to it but simply by loving someone I never meet. And he does have a name but not a face or a phone number yet. 
    I wonder who keeps taking me to the places where I have no interest to go to? For me Heaven is on Earth…..but that connectedness is driving me mad as I go to places I do not wish to go like the milky way and valley's and I am not even interested in this. I hope the one connected to me will look for me one day so we can both decide what is good or less good for both of us. At this point I wish he disconnects his …..whatever and goes away.

  2. Thank you conducting a great interview and thank you Dr. Eben Alexander for being a great soul and courageous human being.

  3. "Why do we see ourselves as inhabited by a single the arbiter of our experience and chief commander of our actions? In a religiously motivated perspective, unity is provided by the concept of a soul. The precise relation between soul and self may vary according to religious persuasion; in a Christian context the divine aspects of the soul pose certain norms which the self must reflect. As agnosticists, however, we need not take such beliefs for granted. We may wonder: why is it one rather than two, or 20; or, perhaps, wouldn’t a committee do just as well? According to @10, the self is just a fictional center in a multitude of narratives that convey our experience. The mere convenience of a fiction does not explain why we adhere to ownership unity with such great stubbornness."

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  4. Changing to a healthier lifestyle is also an ongoing process.Discipline and increased awareness and intensity of experience makes it worthwhile.

  5. 37:15 BOOK – Beyond Physicalism: Toward Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality

    I found it on Amazon UK but it is very expensive at approx. £30

    Great interview, thanks Jannecke and Dr Eben Alexander

  6. Do you realize how much harm in the world you create by saying "You can do no harm"? When your unknown sister said that? Think about it Dr. Alexander! That statement alone in this world will undo more than good than you will ever accomplish. Someone needs to tell the Dr this! It may be true but have some sense!!!

  7. In my journey of gaining higher consciousness o do meditate but what has been extremely absolute to me is living actually an absolute appreciation life style when you become in line with that guidance it's like you are just guided every moment to something more and more clearer. This is my journey. I have a very active mind so I do meditate but for those who just can't seem to follow another's journey of steps it's best to follow your own guidance placing yourself in living in full Appreciation that calms the mind and then you have placed yourself in allowance or receptive mode. Love you work and so grateful for you

  8. Love this guys story but it's so classic to remember that if you effort you actually put up resistance there is a great gap in effort action as opposed to getting specific inspiration and THEN ACTION! This is the reminder that everyone has their own journey and we must allow them

  9. Thank you Jannecke…I like your interviews and also NDEs. Hello and greetings from sunny Malta. Keep up the good work.

  10. well thanks Alex. Now I know for sure that in my life review there will be no regrets and all I will get back is LOVE. Finally I have learned something from somebody I have never seen face to face. To sad that not many people can connect all you are talking about……….. Some may do and some may not….but that is a part of a lesson. So above so below………and the other way around. What goes around comes around is an old saying. That is also with a reason.

  11. We should not get too preoccupied about leaving the body. The Creator has given us a body so that we learn to bring Spirit/the invisible through the physical plane..forget about trying to escape from the body. We are here to spiritualise matter

  12. Really enjoyed this interview, hadn't seen much of Dr. Eben Akexander in a while. I could listen to him for hours, I really don't know how anyone could even entertain the thought of the non existence of the soul/afterlife when you have the likes of Alexander putting the world to rights.

  13. dr. Alexander, in your book, you talk about "earthworm" realm, and that you saw faces materialize out of nowhere. in the "scole experiment", the research team received images on film that was never even in the camera, some of those images are of faces forming out of a seemingly black blob. is this what you saw during your earthworm realm experience?

  14. Hi Jannecke, you look so captivated here. It must be how I look when I'm watching these interviews, as I hang on to every word as well 🙂 Teal Swan, Sherry Wilde, the comedian etc.. all good. Thank you for your effort in producing this healing information …

  15. I was meditating with brain wave entrainment and a portal opened in my bedroom. I pinched myself several times….yes I was awake….trying to figure out exactly what it was:)

  16. Already from a pure philosophical perspective, trying to reduce conciousness to changes in ionic potential make no sense. "Objectively" we all experience the same present (now) and there is nothing in these potential changesthat determine such a now. And from a subjective, trancendental perspective, it is of course even less satisfying. Nevertheless, we can observe some copatterns between for instance brain and conciousness and this mystery deserve attention. My own body and brain seem at least on the level of "maya" mostly to be able to lock my apperceptory experience in with respect to "time" and "room". As such, this experience itself is real. Some factors seem to be able to soften this lock up to some extent. I saw how Matthew Armstrong told about his experience of trying the ubermench sleepcycle. Interesting. Fast may also have effect, although I haven't been able to confirm this myself. Cooling down the body may also be interesting. Obviously, relaxation and brainwave modulation can be used. Logically, one may believe that some version of TMS could be used to "shut the brain down" or alter the lock mechanism, and inside a time window give the soul some time to escape. I guess the recommended books may give some insights in these kind of areas.

  17. I'm still missing something here. I've read his book and seen many interviews, but he never explains an obvious thing. If his "wormhole" experience was tied to his brain and but still has no memory of his life after, then why does he believe his other conscious experience is not tied to his physical brain too? Most NDE'rs do have an awareness of themselves and their lives.

  18. Yes I agree..its all about Love. We are lacking on self love therefore we cannot love others. You have to love yourself first in order to love others. Brilliant interview. Thanks a lot.

  19. I consider myself as a Christian. Upon hearing, reading, experiencing, dreaming, my explanation of heaven and hell are different. Heaver and hell is here on earth, and you are experiencing right now, and in your daily life. You are in heaven when you are in the state of joy, hope, happiness, and some good things in life while not offending or hurting anyone. You are in hell if you are hurting physically and/or emotionally. Like when you are sick, depressed, alone and lonely. When feel and treat oppressed, inequality, or unfairly. Paradise is another state where your soul meet and answer the creator about what you did on earth when you were still alive.

  20. I enjoy listening to the interviews but I haven't read his book yet; so I don't know why he believes in the religious dogma of reincarnation. I have never understood how repeating a worldly life can do anything to improve a soul. The multiple realms he speaks of suggest progression rather than reincarnation, this is quite different.

  21. I heard about the white with the tendrils hanging down from it. My dad told me back in the 1980s that he saw that. I didn't ask him to go indepth about it, and I don't remember him saying anything about a NDE. I really didn't have anything to relate it to in realizing that maybe it's a reality of sorts. He died later in the mid 90s.

  22. Sound familiar?
    "In The Republic, Plato tells the story of Er, a soldier slain in battle, found amid the decaying corpses of other soldiers. After being hoisted upon a funeral pyre, Er’s body comes back to life, and he begins to tell a great tale: his soul journeyed to the other world, where he saw two openings in the earth, and judges directing a great confluence of humanity. The just were sent onward to heaven and the unjust to the lower way. The judges tell Er he is to be a messenger, and return to earth to relay all that he heard and saw."


  23. I respect dr. alexanders exprience ,and his openness and devotion to wake others.

    Yet I have my own that is little different. I know there are demons in this realm.
    many nde-rs dont have much to say about. demonic entity totally opposite of holiness.
    Another one is about reincarnation.
    in the begining there must be less humans on earth and numbers are ever increasing with escalating speed, 7 billion at todays.
    I dont know how the reincarnation can factor into this.
    plus buddism believe all life forms are from one source, in bad carma, a man dies and can come back to different life forms like as a frog.which means a frog may be your great grand father. that is why they forbid killing of any life forms, and stay vegitarian.
    To me this is total absurd. I am not opposing buddism altogether. but there are lot of assumptions in this belief system people are not careful about.
    people want to believe including myself that everyone will be in bliss on the other side,
    Yet no one seems to know hows and whys of all the evils(wars,murders,sickness,disastors) can
    factor into total bliss afterward.
    In another words why the test(in this life) if we all gonna gets A's.

  24. He is making the same mistake he has made before.
    Before he thought he knew how the world works.
    Then he had some more input, now he thinks the world works in a different way.
    And he is totally convinced again that this is the final revelation.
    Knowledge is a very deceptive thing.
    Have you guys noticed how confident he is about what he is saying?
    He is delusional actually.
    I don't doubt that he has experienced what he is saying.
    But, Enlightenment is about realizing that you don't know anything.
    And all knowledge of external things is misleading.

    Eating from the tree of knowledge IS the fall from innocence into forgetfulness of your true SELF.

    There are Knowledge based spiritual paths and there are Emptiness based spiritual paths.
    Chose wisely!!!

  25. I do not agree with all the experience of Dr. Alexander. He forgot that after death we have a heavenly body. My experience has shown that after death all men have a heavenly body. This body has an age between 25 years old and 30 years old.Who died with 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 years old will always have a young celestial body.

  26. In the book Dr. Alexander is not mentioned this heavenly body. WHY!!!!!!!! I had the other side of life and sincerely … Dr Alexander did not have a definite experience and failed in certain revelations.

  27. I think Dr. Alexander did not have a definite experience … that is, all men will have a body after death. All the spirits has a body. I was not satisfied with the book of Dr. Alexander. There were important details that Dr. Alexander did not mention.

  28. People who want instant results, are going to struggle. Patience is a virtue indeed. It's taken me many year's of studying metaphysics, verses, as Dr Alexander clearly states, and it really does take the work. People also need to stop comparing their journey's, with other's, as they continue to be present in all of their discipline, they may soon realize that when it does happen, it's taken us by surprise, because we were able to let go, and allow the process to flow naturally, unfolding into the causality, depending on the variables, and see the outside, as the inside of your own deep role of personal consciousness, will unfold into interdimentional mystery of how the very fabric is woven into the greatest tapestry, that takes us into the plot if you will, how very interconnected we all are, and that there's nothing more satisfying than manifesting the real truth, and how every single choice, we make, were also interacting with the true self, and without pain, there's no growth, for every action is a reaction, the spiritualism, this realm is in essence a hologram, a matrix of all consciousness, which leads us to a participant who is one part of the rich tapestry, but until we realize, unless we become true seeker's, then the fundamental principles of reality, cannot be found, until were willing to dig a lot deeper, as we continue to make progress in all human consciousness!

  29. The bad dr eben is a Tare in the Wheat Field Jesus warned us about!

    Can someone direct me to where eben tells how we get Saved today in the church age!

    Love 4Truth!

  30. Emmanual Swedenborg was said to learn to meditate so much he could lowere his breathing to not breathing …….had visions in and out of heaven ….

  31. Hi Jannecke, I wonder what is the right posture to meditate for hour or two. I meditate like half an hour everyday and that is way too much for me due to the pain in my legs and back. The posture that I take is just like the recommended vedic posture for meditation. But due to the discomfort I have to quit meditation in half an hour even if I want to continue. I tried other postures that include lying down in the bed or comfortable place, but that makes me so inactive and I tend to drift in the imagination. So, could you please suggest some best postures to meditate or ask to your guests about what posture they normally use to meditate everyday? Thank you and much love from Nepal.

  32. The same story by, George Lee Clark , a writer with Dr. Neil Shulman aka Doc Hollywood/Michael J Fox, was copyrighted in 2006 called "Heavens Pen" two years prior of his confabulation. The mud lake, waking to a perfect rainbow, flying through the valley with vegetation opening and closing on a huge butterfly, singing melodies opening portals, moral gatherings, rainbow paths time having no meaning beyond the third realm, unconditionally love, consciousness, EVERYTHING he has in Proof of Heaven is found in my editorial of "Heavens Pen" 2006. He is a disgusting man to use my material and then dodge me in everyway avoiding how this IMPOSSIBLE act happened. I found pictures of Alexander at Doc Hollywood's book signing prior to his confabulation. This is important knowing because I disclosed to several at this event held at the at the Jimmy Carter Center Heavens Pen as our next project. Dr. Neil Shulman creator of Doc Hollywood/Michael J Fox. Regardless of my allegations, the proof is my Writers Guild registry and copyrights of what I experienced because in my case it was a true divine intervention. Again see my editorial of 2006 and that is all she wrote . Alexander has explaining to do. If people are comforted by Alexander spiritually I hate to hurt them that Alexander is a fraud. If not a fraud, then we have Irrefutable Proof of Heaven of two humans that journeyed the same Heaven. The only difference between Alexander and I is that I had a full journey and not left confused of the answers he couldn't provide. I will also add, just because you were once a Nuerosurgeon with the belief of reductive materialism being changed due to an OBE/NDE, ISNT PROOF. Copyrights and Writers Guild entries are. Translate my post into 43 languages to let tbe world know Alexander, who avoids me, has questions to answer. Any questions, I can be contacted @ George Lee Clark/ Face book.

  33. I can't forgot about a plain lie Eben told during a discussion panel about what a particular Sagan's book says . Whoever lies, is a liar. What a shame…

  34. Sam Harris and Luke Dittrich, it is hard for me to connect with you. I have the best evidence to prove Dr. Eben Alexander is sinister along with another famous doctor he went to for help in writing "Proof of Heaven", Dr. Neil Shulman the creator of Doc Hollywood/Michael J. Fox. I can begin by letting you know a book I wrote called, "Heavens Pen" is the exact same story which I wrote in 2005 and copyrighted while working with Shulman. You will be shocked when you see the copyrighted story which has EVERYTHING you will find in Proof of Heaven. Shulman denied knowing Alexander when I asked Shulman a decade later and know he is lying because I have two perfect pictures of Alexander when he came to Shulman for help writing a book to help his financial disaster. This book cost me thousands of dollars to make and to have Shulman and Alexander steal contents is a shame. Translated into 43 languages is funny. I am happy society liked my book, but lets give credit to the real writer.

  35. Einstein was a well-known plagiarist. Chris Jon Bjerknes wrote about his plagiarism problem and The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein. Eben Alexander would have to look into it to see who really came up with the theories that Einstein is credited with.

  36. People who pretend to have had a so-called near-death experience or who have come back from some form of death (coma, not being death per se), often forget that they were taken care of by rescuers, doctors, hospitals, etc. Science may not be able to explain these “experiences” but they can cure people and they themselves are a living proof of that; they would most certainly not be alive today if it weren’t for modern Medicine. "The miraculous nature of my coming back", he says. What arrogance! So this man was more worthy to come back than an innocent child dying of starvation or disease? Or could it be that Modern Medicine brought him back. One wonders why he went to the hospital if the quantum mechanical god of love he pretends exists was watching over him. How long did he stay in the coma? How much of his brain was still "alive" and functioning on a basic level? How much of his hallucinations took place during his coma and how much took place over the hours of his slow recovery? None of these questions, that a normal scientist and a professional doctor would ask, seem to perturb his explanations.

  37. What exactly are we asked to believe? Are we going to become a "puff" of pure energy-like nanoparticles of consciousness (whatever that is) floating around in a heavenly bubble of quantum something? All of this because Science, according to some, is incapable (as of yet) of explaining consciousness: Insane. BTW, this God they all talk about is invisible, undetectable, immaterial (no energy, no matter), etc… good luck with that! Nothing new, just more woo-woo like that of Deepak Chopra.

  38. Dang, Dr. Alexander is doing alright to have such a hottie interviewing him. He's such a lucky bastard 🙂


  40. Alexander is shooting himself in the foot by creating a binary distinction between the brain and consciousness and framing his rhetoric in the traditions of past notions. The reality is that consciousness is an aspect of mental activity and also transcends it as we do in ordinary life. Mystery remains and it is as endemic in "heaven" as it is here.

  41. The most incredible part of Dr. Eben Alexander's controversy of the validity of his Heavenly journey touring the realms of Heaven contained in a book He tittled, "Proof of Heaven", is the fact not heard or applied to his readers understsnding. His number one NY bestseller of 2012 translated into forty three languages was already written in 2005 called, "Heavens pen", by George lee Clark, while working with Dr. Neil Shulman (creator of Doc Hollywood/Michael J. FOX) as a writer in the year when I met Shulman. On Feb 14, 2016, is when I learned of Alexander's number one NY best seller of 2012 tittled, "Proof of Heaven" watching the Afterlife TV with Bob Olson. To me, I knew the divine intervened knowing this would be impossible for the doctor and I having the same odyssey journey with copyrighted editorial proof matching this remarkable divine story "Proof of Heaven" by Dr. Eben Alexander to a one hundred percent exactness in 2005. Knowing that Luke Dittrich and Sam Harris, chief editors of tabloid magazines, were debunking Alexander as a confabulator with a failing career needing reinvention, they both became my focus of sharing Heavens pen editorial which was three years prior of Alexander's NDE/OBE basis of Proof of Heaven. This would put both spirutual skeptics in checkmate without a next move knowing a copyright cant be debunked helping Alexander as my first intention. The Spiritual miscreant science world baffled without a recourse of a rebuke against the divine . I was in total shock when hearing of Proof of Heaven by Alexander and I realized the impossible has happened of this overlooked and hidden fact and only teaches me that so many other scams of profiteering are happening that are bullet proof as long as profit continues. The Theosophical Society in America, Thirteen Realms of Consciousness, Karen Newell, Sacred Acoustics, Depak Chopra, Bob Olson, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Shermer(advocator of Atheism), Dr. Eben Alexander, and so many other Afterlife profiteers have no concern of this phenomena as their profits are not affected and only a block of my allegation starting with Alexander himself without any nvestagation of my fair kindly presented allegation. Does this seem a normal action of an individual claiming flying the purple skies of Heaven on a huge butterfly with a beautiful singing escort and returning back to Earth to share story making multi millions? If we are wanting to prove Heaven Alexander, why do you hush the ones who can help with Tangible evidence for the first and only time? Are you a fraud as the divine has summoned me to expose with proof and your medical colleagues suggest? Did Dr. Neil Shulman give you my editorial while I was working with him knowing the editorial I possess would be a perfect confabulation for your economic and social disaster you were facing?? Thirteen hunfred pages of Heavenly divinity already available four years following 2008? I had three Cannes selections that same year inspiring the creator of Doc Hollywood/ Michael J. Fox, Dr. Neil Shulman?.Revenues with available editorial i refused to distribute against Shulman's wishes of my fear of heresy in 2005? I only believe this because your actions displayed when I notified you was opposite of my expectations earning a BLOCK. Should I tell your audience how all this happened? What is written by man and then becomes educational fact is what is happening in this case and how many others in the past? Why is my curtain remained closed with this extraordinary fact that could prove the Afterlife with evidence and not similiar stories of seeing a bright light at the end of the tunnel?? A Harvard elite as yourself should understand that this is an impossibilty, yet happened. Miracle with proof is whai I comprehended and doesn't take a Phd. to recognize. Knowing Alexander himself without any investagation or concern to follow gives the truth within itself and earning a red flag on my behalf. . Knowing the magnitude of this odditty for both of us having the same exact journey, which my journey was copyrighted in 2005, would produce irrefutable proof of Heaven or plagiarism. One of the two can only be.. It is only fair if we have an audience looking for Heaven, I possess your answer with a full journey of what Alexander only had a glimpse. Why are you hiding this fact from your salvation seeking audience you now profit from. Isnt it fair to them to know this impossibility? Heavens pen of 2005 also contains the explanation of the Jordanian Codice found in 2008 which tags controversy and MIT research findings of Universal dimensional string theory of 2012 and on a plerfect match. You want Proof of Heaven for the first time ever, it will be found in Heavens pen editorial of thirteen hundred pages of revelations all becoming fact manifesting to time from 2008 on. Heavens pen of 2005, George Lee Clark/Soldier of Christ. Heavens pen of 2005, has the beauriful lady, Delilah, riding a huge butterfly singing beautiful melodies opening portals. No Alexander, it isn't your lost beautiful sister. You have no memory of the Third realm, Alexander? Do you know why? It is clear in Heavens pen why and why time has no meaning as you tell Oprah and "your" book contains. You woke to a perfect rainbow and do you know why? Heavens pen will tell you why. God is a hologram and telepathic communication you told Oprah and is the same stated in 2005 in chapter two of everchanging images.. Coincidence? You flew through the valley with purple skies and Vegetation opening and closing as you near a moral gathering with children dressed in peasant gowns and drum beats loudening as approaching? Heavens pen has the same, but with explanation. The drum beats have nothing to do with soul transition as you suggest, Alexander. Can I explain what the drum beats really mean to your confused audience you left behind? You felt an overwhelming efference of love I can explain too. Its all about Conscious awareness the guiding force including conscience the Ruler has gifted? The Shadow dimension is the name you call the mudlake and is in Heavens pen in addittion, but explains purpose and not Hell as you believed. First Ten realms of Heaven and now Eleven, MIT? 2005, I have the same seven years before your understanding. How can this happen? Waking to a perfect Rainbow and do you know why Alexander? Heavens pen will give you the reason, Alexander. . Jordanian Codice? All mentioned in Heavens pen will have Tangible evidence and will leave the reader convinced of the Afterlife and not confused as the Science world offers with a Nuerosurgeon who no longer believes in reductive materialism against the norm and a twenty five year Harvard elite. THIS ISN'T TANGIBLE EVIDENCE OR PROOF, HARVARD ELITE and only a sales pitch of DESECRATION.. It only proves Science is confused and left guessing and only a Soldier of Christ the Afterlife communicates answers to our purpose of being in trust . The Science world understands the impossibility of DNA coding to be random and now believes had to have been created. Isn't this a subject anymore? Righteousness and good intent is the key to the Eleventh Realm of Heaven as in the past was violated and that is why we are here to learn love in the Third Realm of Heaven mixed with disease.. Heavens pen of 2005 I possess and no other editorial can match the true purpose of being it offers that cant be debunked. Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce cant match the editorial either as society will learn. The Jordanian Codice of 2008 alone and MIT research FROM 2012 on is beyond belief of Heavens pen matching exact. Impossible, yet is clearly depicted in 2005 and copyrighted giving Irrefutable proof of revelations from Heaven are real for the FIRST time ever..a

  42. The fact that you, a previously atheist, neurosurgeon is believing in this afterlife is an incredible hopeful sign that this life is not it, these are the revelations I need, thankyou Dr Eben Alexander.

  43. Great interview for sure. I have been on a great spiritual journey and have been given spiritual gifts. I've closed down some because when I mediate, which is easy for me, I right away am faced with little grays. I know they exist but I rather not want to deal, hear or seem them. I don't know how to get them from showing up.
    This is very personal and hope I don't sound crazy but like he said, you will encounter them. I just don't want to. When I tell them to leave they do but fear snaps me out of meditation. Help. Thank you. I astral project easy into cities, places and see people I don't know but I enjoy that. No never did drugs either.
    Great show! Thank you.

  44. When I cross over again, I'm going to spend a long time in the Astral making love with my very own version of Jannecke.

  45. Wait. Who supposes that hell would be interactive? There are certain areas of hell in which astral paralysis is very very long term. Not interactive at all.

  46. Anyone who has had a lucid dream knows about the hyper-reality that Dr Alexander speaks of. It is surreal and makes this dense physical world seem so extremely mundane. I long to return home.

  47. Hi folks, whatever we are learning here on earth the one that matters is the teachings of Christ and His love for the whole of humanity to be in repentance and receive His forgiveness so we can end up in the real heaven. Read the books of John in the new testament and make up your mind. I recommend Christ for all, you will never be disappointed. Blessings.

  48. This lovely discussion brings to mind a favorite quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti:
    "Observation without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence." Perhaps he'd had his own visit to the realms beyond 3D.

  49. I love your channel but obviously I’m going to be skeptical on some level. What if this is just DMT being secreted by the brain during the death process . Everyone secretes it from the brain during death ? I think it’s important to point it out. However I’m also a believer , but a realist.

  50. 39:42 God takes the person when it dies, and

    during their sleep. He then keeps those

    that have been overtaken by death, and

    He sends the others back until a

    predetermined time. In that are signs for

    a people who will think.

  51. 45:15 Whoever works good does so for

    himself, and whoever works evil will

    suffer it. Then to your Lord you will be


    45:16 We had given the Children of Israel the

    book and the judgment, and the

    prophethood, and We provided them

    with good provisions; and We preferred

    them over the worlds.

    45:17 We gave them proof in the matter, but

    then they disputed after the knowledge

    had come to them, out of jealousy

    amongst themselves. Your Lord will

    judge them on the day of resurrection

    regarding everything that they have


    45:18 Then We have established you on the

    correct path; so follow it and do not

    follow the desires of those who do not


    45:19 They cannot help you against God in the

    least. The transgressors are allies to one

    another, while God is the Protector of

    the righteous.

    45:20 This is a physical evidence for the

    people, and guidance and a mercy for a

    people who are certain.

    45:21 Or do those who work evil expect that

    We would treat them the same as those

    who acknowledge and do good works, in

    their present life and their death?

    Miserable is how they judge.

    45:22 God created the heavens and the earth

    with truth, and so that every person may

    be recompensed for whatever it earned,

    and they will not be wronged.

  52. What about the Christians who say meditation is not only dangerous but harmful..saying we're not designed to awaken that part of the brain..

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