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Four Types of Human Beings in This World I speak here every day and the purpose of my speech is for all the different religious people who are searching for God within their own religions to be navigated towards God. And why are we doing this? It is because the navigation system in all religions has stopped working. No religion today is navigating people towards the Straight Path that leads to God. His Divine Eminence said that religions are like sailboats. Religions are like sailboats. And the sailors [the scholars] are in charge of navigation. If either are defected then it is impossible to reach the destination. This is the case with Christianity, Judaism and even Islam. People are focused on the rites and rituals of religion. People are oblivious of establishing a connection with God. The religious clerics only talk about whose sect is truthful and whose isn’t or who is a true Muslim and who is a disbeliever. Or they will raise slogans of the Finality of Prophethood. They have nothing else to do. Prophet Mohammad was granted three types of knowledge. One was for the common folks, one was for the elite and one was exclusively for him. The exoteric (physical) worship was for the common folks. It is unnecessary to speak about this knowledge as it is written in the books; you can read them and understand it. The knowledge which was for the elite became extinct. Now, why are the common folks called ‘common’? And why are the elite called ‘elite’? If you want to find out whether you are a common person or from the elite, you have to find out whether you are content with offering Salat, performing Hajj and giving Zakat. You take care of your parents, you offer Salat and recite the Holy Koran, you recite songs of praise and you have even performed the pilgrimage of Hajj and you regularly give Zakat. So are you content? If you are content with all of this then you are a common person. And despite doing all of these things if you feel empty within, there is no enjoyment, you don’t see God and your heart is restive, there is no peace. This means you are seeking a special type of knowledge. When there is inflammation in the muscles of our bodies wherever that inflammation is will cause pain. When the inflammation ceases, so does the pain. You have money; you have performed the pilgrimage of Hajj, your give Zakat, etc and if you still don’t have peace of heart then it is a sign that your heart is starved. Your soul is begging for food; it is starved. Now, such people seek esoteric knowledge. They go searching for spiritual knowledge. When they find out that they can obtain Opening of the Spiritual Heart from somewhere, they go running. They are finally at peace when their hearts begin to invoke upon God. Make sense? There are four types of people in this world. How many? [Audience: four]. The first category is called ‘Ahl-e-Kaan’ (People of the Ear) What are they called? [Audience: Ahl-e-Kaan] Ahl-e-Kaan. Here I am telling you the different groups and natures of people. So, one group is Ahl-e-Kaan. Their enjoyment lies in listening. They will listen to recitations of the Koran, songs of praise, the sermons of the religious clerics. They are content in this. For this group of people, God created great scholars and hymn-singers whose job is to just recite the Koran and sing the songs of praise and their job is to simply listen and both are entertained. They listen to Qawwalis all night long and enjoy it but they forget about all other worships come morning. They don’t think about offering Salat or observing fasts, they don’t think about the Koran or the message of Islam. Their enjoyment lies solely on listening. They will always be playing Qawwalis or the recitation of the Koran. Or they will listen to songs of praise because their enjoyment lies in listening. So these people listen to the sermons of the clerics and the recitations and they are called Ahl-e-Kaan. The second group of people are ‘Ahl-e-Zabaan’ (People of the Tongue). They say, ‘What is the point of listening to the recitations and songs of praise? The real enjoyment is in doing it yourself.’ For such people, God created the Kamil Shariat (Saints Perfect in Sharia) who engage them in the recitation of different incantations. Such people are content with the recitations of incantations. The third group is called ‘Ahl-e-Dil’ (People of the Heart). They say, ‘What’s the point of reciting the incantations with the tongue or listening to the recitations with the ears? All of this is useless until God’s name enters the heart and echos within the beating system of the heart.’ For such people, God created the Kamil Tariqat (Saints Perfect in Spirituality) who engage their hearts in the invocation of God’s name. When their hearts begin to invoke upon God’s name, they feel at peace. Their contentment lies in the invocation of God’s name in their hearts. The final group of people is called ‘Ahl-e-Nazar’ (People of the Eyes). They say, ‘What is the point of listening to the recitations or reciting them yourself, what is even the point of the invocation in the heart? Everything is useless until I look at the Lord and he looks at me.’ For them, God created those who are Annihilated in God and those who were able to see God. They would neither have them engaged in the worship of the ear, the tongue nor the heart. They would grant them the knowledge of witnessing the divine splendour. You look at the Lord and the Lord looks at you. If you are from among the Ahl-e-Nazar, you will enjoy the invocation of the heart for a few days after which, you will say, ‘It’s not that amazing.’ ‘Give me something else.’ This is because the enjoyment of such people only lies in seeing God. Before meeting His Divine Eminence, I was from among the Ahl-e-Kaan and Ahl-e-Zabaan. I used to enjoy listening to as well as reciting the Durood, Zikar, Koran, etc. However, after meeting His Divine Eminence, when I was granted the invocation my heart was initiated immediately and I felt immense pleasure. Immense pleasure. But after a while, I became used to that pleasure. Now, that pleasure doesn’t go away but you do become accustomed to it. For example, I have many cars. I have a Volvo and a Mercedes and an Audi Q7 SUV and an Audi A8 Saloon. I also have the BMW 7 Series. Okay? So when I drive my BMW after using the Audi for a while, I enjoy myself so much. When you see me driving the Audi for a few days, it just means I am saving the pleasure of driving the BMW. When I drive the BMW after a while, I constantly praise it while I’m inwardly cursing the Audi. Now, the BMW has the best drive but then if I drive the BMW for a week, I get used to it. And then I think, ‘It’s not as fun as it was on the first day.’ This is human nature. Do you understand? So when I became an Enlightened Heart, I felt immense spiritual pleasure but for a few days only. And when His Divine Eminence granted the invocation of the soul, the spiritual pleasure was something else! The pleasure changed. And then one day, I had the chance to be with His Divine Eminence. His Divine Eminence’s house was being built. This happened in 1986 – 86 or 87. His Divine Eminence’s house was being built in Kotri Sharif. I decided to lend the builders a hand and I began to help with the construction work. We were working late into the night and it was around 2:30 or 3 AM that His Divine Eminence came outside, dressed only in a Dhoti. His Divine Eminence asked, ‘Would you like to listen to some music?’ I said, ‘Yes, my Lord, please.’ He said, ‘Okay, listen.’ The trouble was that there was no music to listen to. I looked here and there but there was no music. And His Divine Eminence said, ‘No, listen to your chest.’ And then I saw that each of my subtleties was jumping and engaged in its respective invocations. And I saw that my subtleties were moving up and down, just like the strings of a guitar vibrate when strummed. I could hear ‘Allah Hu’ and ‘Ya Allah’ and ‘Ya Ahad’ and ‘Ya Wahid’ and ‘Ya Hayo Ya Qayyum’. All these different invocations began to echo within me. I felt even more spiritual pleasure in this. But after a while, even this spiritual pleasure was dulled. After that, His Divine Eminence took me to the court of Prophet Mohammad. I was introduced to Prophet Mohammad. I found out that the gathering I was taken to was hosted by the Lower Self of Prophet Mohammad. I felt great spiritual pleasure there for a few days but then I felt as if I needed something more. So after that – there is a gathering of Prophet Mohammad held at the ‘Alam-e-Malakoot (Realm of Angels) about which Mevlana Rumi, no Amir Khusro said, ‘I wonder what was the place where I was last night. All around me were half-slaughtered victims of love, tossing about in agony. God himself was the master of ceremonies in that heavenly court. O’ Khusro, where (the face of) the Prophet too was shedding light like a candle.’ Seeing those manifestations of Prophet Mohammad filled me with the most passionate feelings. I felt the spiritual pleasure there for a little while. But then I became accustomed to that spiritual pleasure too. After that, there was a very special and grand time when I was given to witness the Soul of Prophet Mohammad. It was at Haqiqat-e-Mohammadi (The Realm of Mohammad’s Reality) which is in front of Alam-e-Ahdiyat (God’s Realm). I witnessed the Soul of Prophet Mohammad. I spent a considerable amount of time there. Every day a new splendour and a new glamour was being manifested. A new knowledge every day. I was instructed not to look at what the Prophetic Traditions say. In those 2.5 years, when I obtained access to the Station of Mehmood, I was instructed not to read the Koran or Prophetic Traditions from there on. I was told I must only follow the knowledge being given to me as the former was for common folks and the latter was for the elite. After that, a time came when His Divine Eminence took me to Arsh-e-Ilahi (Realm of God’s Throne). I was taken to Arsh-e-Ilahi and I also saw Prophet Mohammad there. There was a terrace-like area there and I saw Prophet Mohammad, Abdul Qadir Jilani and even Bibi Fatima. Sultan Haq Bahu and Hussain Basri were also there. It was a place which they called ‘Nuqta-e-Tauheed’. What I saw at Nuqta-e-Tauheed was that all these souls were dancing in a circle and as they danced, they would enter into God’s being and then come back out. Then they would begin the dance again and re-enter God’s being and repeat the sequence. They call this act ‘Jumbish’. They call it [Jumbish] there. So first, these souls would perform Jumbish around God; they circumambulate around God seven times and after that, these souls are told to stand still and then God begins to dance. And so God begins to dance and the souls sway in ecstasy. This was the scene I saw and after that, I noticed there is another corner – what I was watching was at Nuqta-e-Tauheed and then I saw there is another corner and it was called the ‘Nuqta-e-Ishq’ and I saw that Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was dancing there alone. He was dancing alone. And I found out that he was oblivious of the fact that God had created the creation and the universe. He had been under that state of ecstasy since before the Primordial Times and he had been dancing ever since. And he didn’t even hear that God asked [the souls in the Primordial Times], ‘Am I not with your Lord?’ He didn’t even hear this sentence. He had been lost in his dancing. The atmosphere there in Nuqta-e-Tauheed was of Faqr (Spiritual Poverty). There was a lot of enjoyment there. But that feeling lasted a short while. However, the feeling I felt when we reached the Nuqta-e-Ishq is still present today. It is still present today. We engage in the invocation of Allah Hu and Ya Gohar and I am always making efforts not to concentrate on it I try to avert my gaze or I will use my phone during the invocation because if I apply my concentration then that state of ecstasy will overcome everyone. People will lose control over their bodies, break their hands or bang their heads, etc. Therefore, I don’t allow it to happen. Now, that moment lasted a long time and it is still present but then I became accustomed to that spiritual ecstasy. When I became accustomed to it, then His Divine Eminence said, ‘Come, let me embrace you.’ And His Divine Eminence embraced me. And it feels like He is still embracing me. Even now. Later on, His Divine Eminence told me, ‘The reason why it still feels like we are embracing is that I have performed Zam (Spiritual Infusion) on you.’ In the beginning, there was a sort of charm and glamour of that feeling over me. At times, I would look at my hands and all of a sudden, my hands would turn into His Divine Eminence’s hands. This is glamour, isn’t it? And if I would touch my nose, like this, I would actually see that my nose would change into His Divine Eminence’s nose. Then I would touch my lips and suddenly they would transform. ‘Oh gosh! I think these are His Divine Eminence’s lips.’ And then, I would listen to my own voice – I would say, ‘Glass! Glass! Glass!’ And suddenly, my voice would transform into His Divine Eminence’s voice. And then I would listen to anyone. I would ask people to speak and I would listen and when I would listen, suddenly it would seem like I am listening to His Divine Eminence’s voice. At this point, I realised that it didn’t matter who I was listening to because I was only hearing His Divine Eminence’s voice. No matter who was speaking. Do you understand? And one day, I remembered the times when His Divine Eminence would ask for a glass of water and I would bring it Right? And I thought, ‘What should I do now?’ So one day, as a gesture of love, I pretended that His Divine Eminence called out, ‘Younus, bring water.’ So I filled a glass of water and I pretended that His Divine Eminence was sitting in the other room and very respectfully, I carried that glass of water into the other room as if His Divine Eminence is actually there and I had my eyes closed. I mean, I was just imagining this, right? I was imagining that His Divine Eminence is there. I was standing there, like this when a voice called out, ‘Will you just stand there with your eyes closed? Give me the water.’ And I saw that His Divine Eminence was actually sitting on the sofa! These are the wonders of Ishq (rapturous love). Do you understand? And then, whenever I had the desire to bow down at His Divine Eminence’s feet, I would place my head at anyone’s feet and whenever I did this, although it was someone else standing there but before my head would touch their feet, it would be His Divine Eminence standing there. There was a lot of spiritual ecstasy in the Spiritual Infusion but once again, I became accustomed to it. After that, His Divine Eminence performed another Spiritual Infusion on me. One layer of Spiritual Infusion had been applied and then there was another layer. So in the first rank, His Divine Eminence performed Spiritual Infusion on me seven times. In the first rank, Spiritual Infusion was performed seven times. The first five times Spiritual Infusion was performed was to transform the five senses. It was so that if I touched someone, they would feel as though His Divine Eminence touched them and if anyone touched me, I would feel like His Divine Eminence touched me. So five of the first level of Spiritual Infusion were for the five senses and another Spiritual Infusion was performed on the Lower Self. This Spiritual Infusion had to do with – for example, the enjoyment that His Divine Eminence would feel while eating papaya, that same enjoyment would be felt by you when you eat papaya. Isn’t this a dangerous kind of knowledge? So, the Spiritual Infusion was also performed on the Lower Self and the other was for the sight. Now, if I was alone somewhere in a jungle with just trees and greenery so I’m looking and enjoying the scenery but then I wonder, ‘How would His Divine Eminence feel while looking at this?’ And then His Divine Eminence’s vision would overshadow mine. Now, this came in handy. People would come to me with their problems and they would tell me how much they love me and so on. At first, I would look at them with my sight. If I was content, I’d let them carry on but if I was not content then I would look at them through His Divine Eminence’s vision. That is dangerous for people. What happens when I look through His Divine Eminence’s vision is that I find out what decision His Divine Eminence would make after having heard this person’s sob story. I find out what His Divine Eminence would feel. What His Divine Eminence would say having observed this person’s servitude. I would find out the difference between what someone is saying to me and what is in their heart. So there were seven different types of Spiritual Infusion performed on me. Repeat it. [Audience: 7 types of Spiritual Infusion]. So there were 7 types of Spiritual Infusion. There was one more left. It was called ‘Zam fil Zameer’ What was it? [Audience: Zam fil Zameer]. After this particular Spiritual Infusion, the esoteric appearance also transforms. In the other 7 types of Spiritual Infusion, if any archangels or Gabriel come to visit you, they will see you. However, once Zam fil Zameer is performed then even your esoteric appearance also changes. Your appearance will be transformed into the one who performed Spiritual Infusion on you. With the Spiritual Infusion performed on the heart, all the knowledge is reflected on the heart. Whatever knowledge there is begins to settle in the heart; the secrets of the Unseen World, etc. This journey is ongoing. In this journey, one feels spiritual ecstasy for a short while at every stage and then one becomes accustomed to it and wants more. You want more and more. You do not become stagnant at any stage. I want to give this knowledge to everyone. ALRA TV: Bringing Light, Love and Peace in Your Life

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