EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Seeing is Believing – Imaging the Processes of Life

This conference is “Seeing is Believing”,
but I always say when can we believe what we see in the microscope. A lot of the findings that we thought were impossible to obtain are now being
presented in the sessions, and a lot of the issues that we thought were settled
we’re discovering were not as settled as we thought. The rapid development of
imaging methods is revolutionising our ability to visualise the inner workings
of biological processes and whole organisms. But of course, there are still
limitations to what is possible. The microscope is again being pushed to its limits. The limits are eventually set by the molecule, because the key of super
resolution is to play the states of the moledule. The other roadblock is the
ability to look at these processes at high speed. What we really need is actually to achieve those resolutions in a live movie. Being able to see
biological processes unfold in real time allows us to understand the mechanism of life as well as disease. What’s happening now with super resolution is
breaking the diffraction barrier and that’s a huge step. I’m interested in in
developing methods further so that in the end you will not recognise the way
the light microscope works in maybe 5 years from now. Since 2011 the EMBO|EMBL
Symposium Seeing is Believing has been bringing together the leading developers
of imaging methods that illustrate how imaging can answer biological
questions. This is really one of the best conferences that I know because of the
combination of imaging and biology. The conference itself brings together many
experts from all over the world who bring their expertise and their latest
results to this meeting. Seeing is Believing
is one of the conferences to go in the world to see what’s going on in the
field of biological microscopy.

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