EP1 – Waqia Karbala Ka Haqeeqi Pas Manzar | ALRA TV | Younus AlGohar

EP1 – Waqia Karbala Ka Haqeeqi Pas Manzar | ALRA TV | Younus AlGohar

The True History of Karbala Gohar Shahi Marhaba Today is the 1st of Muharram. The first day of Muharram. It is the first day of the Islamic Year. Yesterday, a lot of requests came in for me to shed some light on the incident of Karbala. And all day today I received messages from people on WhatsApp They asked me to relay the true events [of Karbala]. If after knowing the reality it does not have an affect on your heart and you still cannot differentiate between the truth and falsehood, then you will be under wrath. I am shocked, especially when I see these scholars who, despite knowing everything, speak well of those who refused to give a single drop of water to the beloved grandson of Prophet Mohammad. They were starved of food and water and after all of this cruelty and tyranny they were brutally killed. After martyring Usman-e-Ghani (ra) the mischief that spread amongst the Muslims included the Battle of Siffin and the Battle of Jamal they fought wars against each other. One of Ameer Muawiya’s sisters was married to Usman-e-Ghani When Usman-e-Ghani became the Caliph due to his relation with Muawiya’s sister Ameer Muawiya would obtain a lot of concessions because of this. Usman-e-Ghani would have to accept [his demands] out of necessity because of which Usman-e-Ghani became subject to allegations of favouring nepotism. It was said that he favours his family members. This was the allegation placed on him. When Usman-e-Ghani was martyred and the killer was unknown Ameer Muawiya then joined hands with Bibi Aisha and together they waged a war against Ali. This is how the Islamic Sultanate became divided into two groups. Ameer Muawiya was the Caliph of one group and Ali was the Caliph of the other group. And then Ameer Muawiya appointed one of the Kharijjites, whose name was Abdul Rehman Ibn-e-Maljam. This is how Ali was martyred in the mosque during Salat. After the martyrdom of Ali, Imam Hassan (as) was made the Caliph. He remained the Caliph for some time. Having been the Caliph for some time, Imam Hassan made a decision so that no more blood was shed amongst the Muslims and for the mischief to come to an end so that the nation would become united once again. For the sake of the nation, Imam Hassan made a pact with Ameer Muawiya. The most important details of this pact were the following: I, Imam Hassan, will abdicate the Caliphate if you agree to the following terms. Come to an agreement. And the greatest thing in the agreement was that Ameer Muawiya would not make Caliphate an inheritance. The Caliphate will not become inheritance. When your time comes then you must leave it upon the consensus of the Muslims. They will be the ones to choose the next Caliph. So they made this peace treaty. So Ameer Muawiya agreed and he said that Caliphate would not be an inheritance and that he would not appoint anyone. A consultation of the Muslims would take place. Whoever the majority likes would be chosen as the Caliph. When this peace treaty was made Imam Hassan resigned from the Caliphate. After some time, Ameer Muawiya had him poisoned. Imam Hassan was poisoned. Imam Hassan died in 50 Hijri. After which, Ameer Muawiya appointed his son as the successor. When he was appointed as the successor, as you already know that the Muslims of the time were divided in two groups. One group was under the Caliphate of Ali and the other were Ameer Muawiya’s followers. After the martyrdom of Ali, Imam Hassan became the Caliph, and for the union of the nation, he thought it better to resign from the Caliphate. He abdicated himself from the Caliphate upon the terms that Muawiya would not make the Caliphate an inheritance. He will not have the right to choose a Caliph. Whoever the majority of the Muslims will choose will become the next Caliph. Those who followed the Caliphate [of Imam Hassan] knew about the peace treaty therefore, when Ameer Muawiya appointed his son as the successor there was a state of unease. There were arguments and people began to verbalise their objections. The sons of Umar bin Khattab and Abu Bakr Siddiq would step forward in opposition of Ameer Muawiya. They would be at the forefront. They were Imam Hussain’s right hand. So while this was all happening and [Ameer Muawiya] had announced the appointment of his successor, and [as a result] the Muslims were divided, The people of Kufa started to write letters [to Imam Hussain]. In which they stated that Ameer Muawiya had breached the terms of the peace treaty. Ameer Muawiya had bought off many well-respected [so-called] Companions of Prophet Mohammad. However, there were many Companions who [refused him] and said, ‘Ameer Muawiya breached the terms of the peace treaty.’ ‘He broke his promise.’ According to the terms of the peace treaty, the next Caliph was supposed to be chosen by the consensus of all Muslims. Ameer Muawiya’s decision to choose his own successor was wrong and people raised their voices against it. This situation remained for a few years. A time came when, Ameer Muawiya, out of fear that somebody would kill Yazid, sent Yazid to Mecca. Because the Prophet Mohammad’s Household [and their supporters] were in Medina. So he sent him to Mecca. People would speak out against him. And Ameer Muawiya would try to have every single person who spoke out against him killed. Then Ameer Muawiya died. Ameer Muawiya died and so the successor he had appointed became the Caliph. Now what you have to understand is that this was not just about Imam Hussain. All the Muslims who had been under the Caliphate of Moula Ali were against the appointment of Yazid as the next Caliph. They were all against him. It was not as if only the Household of Prophet Mohammad had an issue with the appointment of Yazid as Caliph. In Medina and Mecca, there was an movement whereby people said, ‘We don’t accept Yazid as Caliph.’ They said, ‘Neither do we accept this decision by Ameer Muawiya nor do we accept his Caliphate, because he broke his promise.’ Now the people who give Ameer Muawiya a lot of respect – including the Sunni clerics – should answer this: Ameer Muawiya signed a peace treaty with Imam Hassan and then he violated the terms of the treaty. Do True Believers (Momineen) break their promises? Not to mention the fact that it was the members of Prophet Mohammad’s Household that he made promises to – and then he broke those promises. He breached the terms of the peace treaty. He violated the contract. So there was widespread unrest. People were raising their voices against him. And in the midst of all this, he died and Yazid became the new Caliph. Now the situation was this: those who had been under Ameer Muawiya’s caliphate, they, of course, supported Yazid. However, the Muslims who lived in the areas where Imam Hassan had been Caliph, they were against the decision [made by Ameer Muawiya to appoint Yazid]. Do you understand what I am saying? They were all against this decision. So there was an uprising brewing. Then the people of Kufa began to send letters [to Imam Hussain]. Believe me, this is not just about the Household of the Prophet – a huge majority of Muslims said, ‘Now our Caliph will be Imam Hussain because he has the right [to this post].’ If, at that time, the Muslims were asked for a consensus on this matter, then they would have definitely chosen Imam Hussain as their Caliph. It was the very thing that Yazid feared, because everyone wanted Imam Hussain to [be the Caliph]. Yazid had this fear in his heart that if the [Household of Prophet Mohammad] was not stopped, he would be lose the Caliphate. Therefore he tried to instil fear in people; he threatened them. And the people of Kufa kept writing letters [to Imam Hussain] saying, ‘We will never accept Yazid, he has breached the peace treaty.’ They said to Imam Hussain, ‘We choose you as our leader, please come to Kufa.’ They wrote things that made Imam Hussain feel obliged [to act upon their requests]. They said, ‘If you do not get us justice, we will complain to God on the Day of Judgement.’ They told Imam Hussain, ‘We want you to be the Caliph.’ So there was chaos everywhere. And people were rising against Yazid. And many of the children of the Companions of Prophet Mohammad who were now adults, they were working against Yazid. This include Umar bin Khattab’s son. He loved Imam Hussain very much. [His name was] Abdullah ibn Umar. The truth is the truth. Similarly, Abu Bakr’s son loved Imam Hussain a lot. And together, they had started a campaign [against Yazid]. And the people of Kufa were harassing Imam Hussain, telling him to come to Kufa. A platform had to be made from where they could take action. Because [Yazid] allowed for tyranny and injustice to thrive. The religion was being mocked [under his leadership]. He destroyed Islam. [In fact, the destruction of Islam] had begun from the era of Ameer Muawiya. Therefore, Imam Hussain took his family and set out for Kufa. Then he found out – – before [setting out himself], Imam Hussain sent Muslim bin Aqeel to Kufa to accept the people’s pledges of allegiance on Imam Hussain’s behalf. So Muslim bin Aqeel went and 40 000 people gathered there. They pledged their allegiance to him, accepting him as their representative. When Yazid found out that these 40 000 people support [Imam Hussain], he began to be commit acts of tyranny against them, killing them and threatening them. People developed an overwhelming fear of Yazid. The fear was so great that when Muslim bin Aqeel offered Salat at a crossroads, he began with 40 000 people worshipping behind him; when he finished, not a single person remained. They all ran away. And [before this incident] Muslim bin Aqeel had already sent a message to Imam Hussain stating that there were many genuine supporters in Kufa. But all the supporters ran away. Now, since they would travel by camel in those days – – if you wanted to go on a long journey, you wouldn’t travel by donkey or horse. You would go by camel. You would sit on the back of a camel and it would walk very slowly, lazily even. Whereas messages would be sent via horse or messenger [which would be much quicker than camel-back] So [Yazid] received notice that Imam Hussain was headed to Kufa along with his family. Therefore, when Imam Hussain reached Karbala, Yazid’s army intercepted there. There were 4000-5000 men in Yazid’s army. And there were just 72 men [with Imam Hussain]. There were 72 of them. The general of Yazid’s army was a man by the name of Hurr bin Riyahi. When the Yazid’s army and the supporters of the Household of Prophet Mohammad came face to face, Hurr bin Riyahi kissed Imam Hussain’s feet. He said, ‘You are the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson. I cannot harm you.’ He advised Imam Hussain, ‘I will make up an excuse. At night, take your group and return to Medina.’ He told Imam Hussain, ‘We have been ordered to stop you at all costs. And in case you don’t stop, we have been ordered to kill you.’ ‘And I cannot [harm you]. I respect you.’ So Imam Hussain said, ‘Ok, let’s see.’ At night, he decided it would be best for them to return to Medina. They set out to leave and in the morning they saw that they were still there. [They had been] walking in a circle. Hurr bin Riyahi woke up and saw that Imam Hussain was still there. He came and said, ‘Sir, why you didn’t go? I asked you to leave.’ Imam Hussain replied, ‘We did leave but when morning came, we saw that we were still here, walking in a circle.’ So Hurr bin Riyahi said, ‘Ok, please leave tomorrow then.’ For three days, the same thing happened. Imam Hussain [and his group] would just be walking around the battlefield. And in the morning, Hurr bin Riyahi would say, ‘You didn’t leave yet?’ In the end, Hurr bin Riyahi too was blessed by Prophet Mohammad. When he saw that there was some issue and Imam Hussain simply couldn’t leave, he openly declared, ‘I support Imam Hussain.’ And he joined Imam Hussain’s side. Yazid’s army did everything [in Karbala] that the Muslims would do while in battle against disbelievers and polytheists. In fact, they did worse. 80 or 82 members of Yazid’s army were killed. Whereas on Imam Hussain’s side, there were 72 people. Some more people joined Imam Hussain’s side, so the number reached 138. After they martyred Imam Hussain, they set fire the camps [of his supporters]. And the women of Prophet Mohammad’s Household, our mothers – Yazid’s army snatched away the veils they wore. They snatched the veil of Imam Hussain’s sister, Zainab. How they treated [the Household of Prophet Mohammad] was abhorred. They mistreated them horribly. This is how the incident of Karbala happened. And this is where the Caliphate came to an end. After that, mischief developed in Islam. After Imam Hassan renounced his Caliphate, no proper Caliph came [into power]. This was the destruction of Islam. After that, Islam didn’t have a chance to recover [from the mischievous elements]. Yazid, too, was killed later on. And after that, whoever became the Caliph was involved in bloodshed and massacre. And that bloodshed is happening today as well. These are a few points in regards to Muharram that I wanted to make initially. I have presented them to you as a summary. 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