Essence Of Murli 27-02-2020

Om Shanti ! Today’s Murli Date Is 27th February 2020 ( Sweet Sweet Shiv Baba incarnates into this world when religions gets misused and defamed. So it is important to understand religion properly) ( So lets hear what teacher of Gita, says in Murli of today..) Essence: Sweet children, the Father teaches you the
elevated deity religion (dharma) and elevated action (karma). Therefore, no devilish acts should be carried
out by you. A very clean intellect is needed. ( Since it is the intellect which takes decision, it is critical that intellect be clean so that intellect takes correct decision) Question: What is the first sin you
commit when you become body conscious? Answer: If you have body consciousness, then, instead of having remembrance of the Father, you have remembrance of bodily beings. ( Please note, remembering bodily beings is a sin ) There will continue to be impure vision.
Negative thoughts will arise. This is a very big sin. You should understand that Maya is attacking you
and that you should immediately caution yourself Essence for dharna: 1. Never laugh or joke about
things that have any odour of vice in them. Be very cautious. No bad words
should emerge from your mouth. 2. In order to become soul
conscious, practise it a great deal. Conduct yourself with love with
everyone. Don’t have impure vision. If your vision is pulled towards
impurity, punish yourself. Blessing: May you always be an altruistic yogi and,
instead of asking for respect, gives everyone respect. Whether someone gives you
respect or accepts you or not, you should simply consider that one to be your sweet
brother or sweet sister, maintain your own self-respect and with loving drishti, and a loving attitude,
continue to give soul-conscious respect. To think “I will give respect when that
one gives respect”, is a royal form of begging. Become an altruistic yogi in this. With a shower
of spiritual love, turn an enemy into a friend. Even if someone throws a stone at you, you just give that one a jewel in return because you are the children of the Jewel-Merchant. Slogan: In order to bring about the renewal of the
world, remember two words: instrument and humble. ( Always remember its God task for which i have been made and instrument to do. If i start thinking i am doing it, i will be egoistic) To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada The spiritual Father says namaste
to the spiritual children. (We spiritual children of Baapdada also convey to spiritual Baapdada our rememberance, our love and our namaste, namaste) Om Shanti !

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