Evergate – Behind the Afterlife

Hi, I’m Cynthia. My name’s Ariel. I’m
Kent. My name’s Mike Miller and I’m the composer and sound designer for Evergate. Evergate is a 2D puzzle-platformer that focuses on a unique mechanic called the Soulflame, that
allows the player to engage with the world of the Afterlife, in a way that’s very different
from other puzzle-platformers. What makes Ki fun to draw is this combination of open-faced innocence and her flames. Ki was born in a fire. There was an unexplored side of platformers
and 2D side-scrollers that didn’t feature hacking and slashing. How do we make it
feel like you are kind of fighting for your survival, without explicitly fighting!? You’re
in this mysterious Afterlife, things are so weird here. Who are these characters? Why is the world coated in this stuff? I think there’s a lot of fun to be had in discovering new characters, discovering new crystals, discovering the strangeness of the world we’re
presenting. We’re set in the Afterlife, and one of the big challenges with a game or a
movie is figuring out what sounds represent these feelings and these images and these
ideas that we associate with the Afterlife, with our main character, and the vibe of the game in general. I think there is some very cool moments in the memories we’ve crafted, that help bring to life some human emotions that Ki and possibly the player as well have
gone through. You have to aim at certain targets and if you can align crystals with that target
you can break open those crystals and unleash the energies with in them. So, you can harness
those crystals for mobility and for combat and for puzzling. Interacting with the world.
So one of our challenges there was, how do we keep the people who wanted tough parts of
the game, but also allow the people who just want to see what the world has to offer, the
narrative has to offer. It has been so much fun, as an experienced player at the game
at this point, to just test, test the engine. See how far you can get, to be like “Oh my
god, yeah, that ledge, I’m gonna reach that ledge. Even if no one wanted me to.” We actually
have ways to reward the player for getting there, as far as these far reaching collectables
that, you know, if you’re a completionist you’re gonna have to be really good to get
to. There’s a huge space for creative freedom, to express how you like to play the game and
to explore new ways of twisting the rules of the mechanic. So what looks very simple
becomes very complex and very expressive. We’re really excited for you to checkout what
power lies within the Afterlife, that we’ve crafted over the last two years.

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