False Religions Of Christianity

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religion of satan. My friends only followers of Jesus Christ can enter the kingdom of heaven.
Those who follow the false religions of Christianity will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven
because only Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life. Since the first early church
in Jerusalem with the disciples of Jesus, many people have perverted the way of truth
and made for themselves false religions to gain power and money. They use these religions
to enslave people to church doctrines so they may gain money and power in this world. Dear
souls Jesus is not about money, power, and buildings. Nor is he about building things
in this earth. He is only about building the kingdom of heaven, and only disciples of Jesus
can build this kingdom. If you follow Christianity with all its various sects and religious doctrines,
you will not be able to enter the kingdom of God, because the religions cannot inherit
his kingdom. It is only those who set themselves apart for Jesus Christ, who can inherit the
kingdom. So whether it is your catholic church, or anglican church, or whatever church it
is that you are going to, or whatever group what you believe in, if you FOLLOW them you
cannot inherit eternal life. You must leave the religions of man, and come to be led by
Jesus Christ to know the way to go. Those false Christian religions do not know the
way my friend, nor are they walking with Jesus. Jesus does not have communion with sinners.
Only those who turn away from their sins and come on his way will he have communion with.
If you eat the communion meal with sin on your hands (last supper) you are eating and
drinking judgement upon yourself. If you follow the game of religion and the Christian doctrines
of this world, you shall fall with them my friend. Jesus said that many people will say
that “Lord didn’t we do many things in you name”. But I will say to them “Depart from
me your workers of sin”. You see if you practice unrighteousness and you are not led by Jesus
Christ you cannot bear fruits for the kingdom of God, but you will be bearing bad fruit
of unrighteousness and shall inherit hell. Jesus said that he is the vine and that you
are the branches. he said that all who abide in him will produce fruit, but he said if
you do not abide in me you cannot produce fruit. You will be cut off from the find and
cast into the fire because you will wither up. If you are not led by Jesus and have his
Holy Spirit work through you, you will not be able to bear good fruit for the kingdom
of God, but you will be cut off and cast into the fire. As we read in John in the last chapters
of John, John chapter 15, where the Lord says that All trees that do not bear good fruit
shall be cut down and cast into the fire. And he said that “without me you can do nothing”
So I want to warn you today, do not follow christianity follow JESUS CHRIST. Few will
be saved so strive to enter the kingdom, many will try few will be able to. That is not
many people my friends, that is only disciples and follower, and believers in the name of
Jesus Christ, who do not follow the religions and doctrines of man, but they submit their
will to Jesus and they trust him. Let us repent and let us follow Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

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