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One chapter of the Book of Mormon proves that
this entire book is Satan. You are proof texting, using one part to expound
on many parts. So, you’re trying to prove to me one page
that Jesus is the Christ what I could prove to you in four hours. Sorry Pastor Forsyth. In the simplest terms possible, the Book of
Mormon is another record that talks about Jesus Christ and God and His gospel. But, it was written in America. Yes, its a record of the ancient indigneous
Americans, who- too far? That was too far, Kwaku, no! It was different civilizations in the America’s
and their dealings with God and prophets and Christ. Its wonderful! We also have Kaysh on the show! Kaysh! Whoooooa! We are culprits of talking way too much, huh. Book of Mormon is awesome and we are excited
to talk about it today. Yeah, one of my favorite Book of Mormon Stories
is about a man, his name is Enos, he is the son of a very famous prophet, named Jacob,
but I think he is kind of in his shadow, at the time, he wasn’t a prophet, he was still
the son of Jacob, and like many of us, felt like a minor character in the story of the
world. But there is this moment where he says, I
was walking in the woods hunting, and I thought to myself, about the words of my father, and
he thought of all the good things of God, and it made me feel good and I, I noticed
how I wanted to learn more about that. So this story is all about prayer. And its about him kneeling down and praying
to the Lord, and in the scriptures we’re so used to prophets seeing the face of God or
having these wonderful revelatory experiences, but in order for Enos to have his revelation,
it literally says that he had to wrestle with God. Like I kind of want to talk about that. How each one of us can have moments where
we really have to wrestle with a question or wrestle with God. Yeah, I’m glad you said so with a question. He wasn’t physically, this is not a WWEE…. Enoooosss! That was hilarious! Haha yeah, Enos is just in a John Scenic…
haha anyways wrestling, not, we are talking about spiritual wrestling. I think like in all of our lives there is
that moment where we are like, wait, what do I actually believe, like, does God actually
hear me, because of all these bad things I’ve done, like, where am I with him, and so I
really like that story, how like he goes and he prays and he wants to know, like, where
am I, like what do you think about me? And like he is worried because he has made
mistakes like we all have, and I love that he like says in, in the story, how he is like,
and like, I was tormented because of all the like dumb things that I’d done, and like,
wanted to know if God forgave me and whether like, if I was going to Hell or whether I
was going to be okay, and so I like that because I think all of us hit that moment in our life
where we are like, wait, like, what does God really think of me, like I’ve done these things,
what do I do now? I hit that moment on my mission. There was a moment on my mission where it
was my ten months in, and I realized I was, you know, just basically wasn’t going anywhere,
you know there was no substance to my testimony when I was saying, And I testify that Jesus
lives, it was a written sentence. I think its important to understand that in
order for us to really come closer to God, we have to realize, What is the foundation
of our testimony? Is it really rooted in the resurrected Savior
Jesus Christ? And I can imagine Enos thinking the same thing,
like, Oh well I’m the prophets son, like I do whatever I want. And I’m good. But then, you think to yourself, what is my
standing before the Lord. I love the idea of wrestling with God because
in our church we use the word Revelation a lot in terms of getting our messages from
Heavenly Father, but other churches, a lot of them call it, “We’re having a relationship
with God.” Yeah, thats great. So, we have a relationship with God, we have
a relationship with Christ, but we, we just use different words sometimes, um, and you
can, Enos, wrestling goes two ways, you know, he is like, has questions to the Lord and
the Lord gives answers back and that is a relationship, we are saying, that is someones
testimony growing and that is their knowledge of Him increasing. It’s really cool because in Enos, he realizes
that, oh I am forgiven of my sins, the Lord is aware of me, and then he starts praying
for his brethren. I love that, I think like, for me, whenever
I’ve like done something wrong, like, I feel like an inner wrestle inside of me, and its
like, I don’t feel good about myself, I don’t feel good about the world around me and I’m
like, so inward focused, but like, the moment that I pray and I like ask for forgiveness
for my sins and like feel like that peace come over me that I am sure he felt, its just
like, okay, like, I want the whole world to have this, and I know that it why he prayed
for his brothers is because like I don’t want them, like, I want them to feel this way that
I feel, and I love that about the gospel. Yeah if you want to read the story it is on
page 136 of the Book of Mormon, and there is only one chapter, praise, hallelujah, amen,
one chapter. Do it, its like only a few pages long. So, my favorite story in the Book of Mormon
is in the Book of Ether, which is, kind of randomly at the end of the Book, but it actually
happened way before any of the rest of the Book of Mormon- like 2,000 years- so you guys
all know about the tower of babel, and how they were trying to get to heaven, so God
changes up the languages or whatever, he’s using his wisdom, and people who were actually
righteous at the time leave, because God is like, “You need to go” so they leave, and
they are like wandering in the wilderness and they get to this point where they are
like uh, what do we do now, and God tells them, like, alright you are going to build
these barges and go across the sea. And they are like, okay we are goin! First of all, imagine yourself asking God,
there is this huge ocean over there, I don’t know what is on the other side, what do we
do? Build a boat. And you are just thinking, like, “I was really
hoping you wouldn’t say, build a boat, hahah” Stay, stay here! One of the reasons I love it the most though,
is because in that moment, he like does like, God is like, go across the sea, and he like,
“Here I go” the brother of Jared, sorry, thats his name, no, its not even his name, hahah
he is referred to as the Brother of Jared throughout the book. Didn’t he have like a really silly name? He did. Mahonri Moriancumer. Hahahahah. I, hahahahahah. I really wanted someone to say it. For a disclaimer, disclaimer. This guy was full of incredible faith, which
Kaysh will talk about. His name was Mahonri Moriancumer. But yeah, the brother of Jared had all this
faith, and God said, “Go across,” and he was just like, “yeah, right from the beginning.” And so that is why he see’s other cool miracles:
he is able to see the finger of God, touch stones so they have light in the boats as
they go across, and he is kind of like at this point where he is like, okay, I’m going
to do it. And I like it because that faith is really
what God expects from us. He expects us to never ask, and when he says,
“Do it” to say, “K, I’m on board, now tell me how to do it.” I’ve got so many stories from the Book of
Mormon that I love, so I decided to choose one, the Book of Mormon has a ridactor, basically
someone who compiles. A-a-a teridactyl? No a ridactor. Okay. So, Moroni being the prophet who, who had all the plates, and put them all together after they had been passed down from generation to generation, he was the last Nephite, So he was the last of his people. And, I want you to imagine that, being the last American. Your entire country, the country you know and love, Russia has taken over… Russia has taken over, like people like, your family, your friends, they are all dead. You are in the everglades, on a hammock tent, living. Oh my gosh, I would have my cat. But, but, its just you, okay? And I want you to think about how sad that is. And Moroni, bears witness of Christ. His last words before he dies are bearing witness of Christ, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. And, what I love the most is the very last verse. He says, That’s the last verse of the Book of Mormon. But what is so beautiful about this is he says, I am brought forth triumphant through the air to meet you. To meet us. He, you know, he’s going to be dead soon, and he is speaking so personally to those thousands of years later who are going to read it, And it’s also a beautiful testimony of Christ that the disciples and those who follow Jesus Christ We’re connected. And we can’t even be separated by time. We are going to be together for eternity. And that is just one of the most beautiful promises. I love that, and I like that he is just like, he is thinking about us, and like, he cares about us. And wants us to know that this is my testimony. And for me, like, if I were to put myself in his shoes, like, I would be like crying, like, I’m so sad I’m the last one, like, they are hunting me, I am running for my life, like, please don’t kill me, And he doesn’t. He is like, let me tell you my testimony, like I am more worried about you, instead of like, thinking about himself, And I think that is a good application to how we should be. The Moroni we just spoke of, is the same Moroni who appeared to Joseph Smith. So, he is the one that the Lord sent him to give the plates that he redacted to Joseph Smith, And that just gives another way to reflect upon, “as I am brought forth to meet you” That God allowed him to be the one to give those to Joseph Smith. So cool. God connects it all through each of the scriptures. I love how in each of our stories we have been able to say like how it is connected to us. And that’s the cool thing about the Book of Mormon, like Moroni wrote it to us, All the prophets wrote it because they knew we would read it. And they knew it was going to be beneficial to us, And sometimes it is hard for me because I am like uuuuuuuuuh, its the Book of Mormon, like they always say to read it, like, Yeah, its hard to read sometimes. But when I sit down and really like read it, I find myself so much happier, And I always find something. It doesn’t have to be like word for word like, “This is in your life now Kaysh so you will be healed,” Or something like that, haha It’s like if you really want to get to know someone, you don’t walk up to them and be like, Oh man, Their eyebrows are funny, or like, “Oh man, why are they wearing that plaid shirt with those striped pants, Like, you don’t you don’t think these things and gain a good relationship with that person. That’s not gonna happen. If you want to really have a solid relationship with someone, get to know them as they truly are. Read the Book of Mormon without any pre-concept of what it should be. Read the Book of Mormon for what it is. So, before my Mormon Days, Kickin it as a young little protestant, Um, I uh, whenever we were speaking to people who weren’t Christian, Or speaking of people who weren’t Christian such as Hindus, we never said hey, read the bible, to see if this is true. Or to someone who is an atheist, They are like, read the bible to gain a testimony. It was always like, “this is true,” And that’s that. But there was no, see for yourself to find out. And so even if you are not a Latter Day Saint, We are offering you and hoping that You read this book, that you read the book of Mormon, And that you find out for yourself. It doesn’t matter, what It doesn’t matter what we say, It doesn’t matter what You know, your parents say, your friends, It matters what you feel and what the Holy Spirit says to you. That’s the only thing that matters, okay? Read it. Kaysh I want you to overpower us because Ian and I can go back and forth, So, like, hit us, hit us hard.

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