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365 times the Bible says fear not That’s a fear not for every day of the year Fear paralyzes it makes you spiritually immobile Fear produces pain when there is no hurt fear binds without cords Fear hinders what hell can’t halt Fear binds your friend and looses your enemy What faith does to God fear does to the devil. Fear see’s obstacles not opportunities Fear is a magnet to call in everything opposite of what God wants to do in your life That’s why Job said the thing that I feared the most has come upon me When you enter into a life of fear, you attract the thing that you hate We do not have to fear Because when God is near we don’t have to live a life tormented with fear. To Zachariah the message was fear not your prayers have been heard. To Mary the message was fear not Mary, don’t be afraid because you have found divine favor with God to the Shepherd’s the message was fear not Exceeding great joy is coming in your future and to the message to Joseph was fear not what is happening in your life is being birthed by the Holy Spirit Himself Fear not because your prayers have been heard Fear not because you have obtained the divine favor of God upon your life fear not because exceeding joy is coming in your future and fear not because what God is doing is supernaturally birthing something in and through you by the power of the Holy Spirit Great joy is coming don’t rejoice about just what you’ve got Rejoice about what you got rid of and I’m here today to tell you you don’t have to be afraid because your past is pardoned Fear not because your present is powerful But don’t stop there fear not because your future is promised Have you forgotten that we’re headed to a city Where the lamb is the light and there is no sorrow there is no tears. There is no sickness death or dying fear not death fear not devils fear not disease fear not calamity Why because he is Emmanuel Emmanuel means three things. He’s God in us He’s God with us But many of you forgotten the third thing he’s God who is for us God is not just with you and in you but somebody needs to hear this today God is for you. He knows what you’ve done. He knows who you are, and he still wants you to know I’m not against you. I’m with you. I’m in you and I am for you. Stop thinking I’m trying to get you back I’m for you I’m for you The realization of the presence of the Lord with us What a great comfort To have the Lord say don’t be afraid I am with you Paul writing to the Romans said if God be for us who can be against us David said I’m not gonna fear because the Lord is with me The Prophet Isaiah said fear not For I am with you Be not dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you I will help you. Yes, I will uphold you by the right hand of my righteousness Are you going through uncertain times right now Are you troubled about the future as you seek the Lord and as you commit your ways to him He’s promised to be with you He said I will never leave you or forsake you Lo I am with you always even to the end of the world David said I will not be afraid of what man can do to me for the Lord is on my side You with David can confidently face the Giants of this world Who may come against you with the sword and the shield But you come against them in the name of the Living God the Lord is with me The Lord is with me to help me. The Lord is with me to guide me. He’s with me to strengthen me He’s with me to deliver me from the enemy God said my ways are not your ways my ways are beyond your finding out And in those places where we don’t know we just have to trust ourselves to the wisdom of God You’re wise and I’m just trusting you Lord and I find comfort I find rest The fear in the apprehension leaves As I put it back in his hand and say well Lord. I am yours I know you’re in control of these situations And though I don’t know why Yet Lord I trust you And I’m confident that you have a plan and a purpose Far beyond anything that I can see God is for you and if God is for you Who cares who’s against you If you’re under the divine favor of God How can man stop you God can do more than I can say God can do more than I can believe God can do more than I can imagine But it has To come in my life there has to come Something where the spirit of fear gets broken off Fear not that you’re gonna go back to what God brought you out of Fear not that you’re gonna get cancer or the cancers coming back Fear not that bad things are going to happen to you. That’s not the voice of the Holy Spirit Fear not that your children are going to be harmed in some horrible accident Here’s what I feel like saying today. You will have that baby You will live and not die You are going to get married if you will wait on the Lord in the timing of the Lord and it will be blessed Don’t let fear dominate your life. I rebuke fear fear not It’s going to be alright He is not giving you the spirit of fear That attacks your mind and your body and you live wondering what’s gonna happen today He’s not giving you a spirit of fear, but as a power and of love and of a sound mind I guess what I’m saying is don’t go to the funeral until something’s dead We’re burying stuff that’s not dead Some of you buried your vision and your dreams and you call and it’s not even dead Quit trying to bury things that are still alive I said fear not Man, enjoy your life. Why are you here And I tell you I think that it’s time to celebrate what didn’t happen A lot of things could have happened and a lot of things should have happened But here you sit by the goodness of God, and I know you’re thankful for all that God has done but I think when we get to heaven we’re gonna shout over More what what didn’t happen then what did happen when we get to see the full picture of how God held back the enemy and protected and didn’t let us get things that we thought we had to have But God said I won’t let it happen because that’s not my best for you You say thank you for what didn’t happen God wants us to become so grateful for what he has done in what he didn’t let happen Because the real antidote To panic is praise The antidote to worry is worship And that’s why every one of those people that had a fear and the angel came and said fear not Because your prayers have been answered Fear not because there’s great joy coming in your life fear not because you’re under the divine Favor of God fear not because the Holy Spirit is moving in your life to bring the past the thing God wants to birth through you fear not because the Emmanuel is in you with you and for you The way to defeat fear is to begin to magnify God Magnify means you make him bigger than your fear. I don’t want you afraid of tomorrow I want you to lift up your head and I want you to walk in confidence knowing that your prayers have been heard knowing fear not the divine favor of God is on you

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