Finn Wolfhard Talks Stranger Things 4 Hair Spoilers and Ghostbusters: Afterlife

-Always nice to see you, buddy.
Everything going well? -Yeah, everything’s
going great. Yeah.
-I love this cover. -Thank you! Yeah. -I saw a lot of fans
reacting to your haircut. -No, yeah. People were really
angry about the hair. -Why do they get so…? -Well, some people loved it,
and some people hated it, and I really liked it. -I love it.
-And, yeah, I like the shag. I kind of look like a mop. [ Laughter ]
-Like a mop? -Yeah, like,
I’m like a human mop. -[ Laughs ]
-Someone you’d see in kind of
a high school hallway. -Yeah.
But now you’re back to this. -The shorter stuff, yeah.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
This is the shorter stuff. -Well, I have a feeling
that “Stranger Things” — are you gearing up
for another season? -Yes. They wanted me
to kind of grow it out. -Ohh!
-But, yeah, it’ll be good. [ Laughing ] It’ll be good.
Yeah, I don’t know. [ Laughter ]
-What happened there? You’re worried about spoilers
or something? -No, there’s nothing
to do with my hair when it comes to
“Stranger Things.” I don’t know why
I got so nervous, but, um… [ Laughter ]
-That’s so weird. -Like, that’s
the biggest spoiler to “Stranger Things” 4.
It’s like… -His hair…
-His hair’s… –…one inch longer.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-One inch longer than before. Yeah. -I saw somewhere
that you’re gonna be in the new “Ghostbusters.”
-Yeah. -Dude, that’s…
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah.
-“Ghostbusters.” -The “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.”
Yeah. -Now, this freaked me out
because… -Me too, yeah. -…I’m a fan of
“Stranger Things” and you. And I remember…
-There it is. -You guys…
[ Cheers and applause ] You guys dress as Ghostbusters.
-[ Laughs ] Yeah, we do. I really thought I had no chance
of being in this movie. -That’s…
like, what foreshadowing. That’s insane.
-Well, it’s really weird. I auditioned not knowing
it was a “Ghostbusters” movie. I saw — It was a self-tape, which, you know,
you do it from home. -Yep.
-And it was, like, just like a script between
a brother and a sister, and it just said
“Boy” and “Girl.” And I was like,
“I’ll give this a shot.” And then I found out,
kind of put the pieces together that Jason Reitman,
who’s Ivan Reitman’s son, who… Ivan Reitman did
the original “Ghostbusters,” but Jason Reitman’s
an incredible filmmaker who makes, like,
such amazing films — you know, “Juno”
and “Up in the Air” and “Thank You for Smoking,”
and I’m a huge fan of all those. And so I kind of thought
to myself, I was like, “Ivan Reitman, Jason Reitman… Are they making ‘Twins 2’?” [ Laughter ] -Yeah, yeah.
-Is that what’s happening? -It’s gonna be you… [ Laughs ] -We got lots of “Twins” fans
in the audience. I’m glad. It’s a classic.
-Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito. Yeah, of course.
-It’s a classic. No, but I kind of
pieced together that it was “Ghostbusters,”
and I just was over the moon. -I can’t wait
to see you in that. That’s gonna be super fun.
-Me too. Yeah. -“The Turning” is your movie
that’s… It’s frightening. -Yeah, it’s creepy. I play kind of
a deranged person. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -It’s not even creepy, it’s just
straight-up frightening. -Yeah, it’s really weird.
-Scary. -[ Laughing ] Really weird.
-Yeah. -Well, this is a…
Are you typecast now? -Yeah, well, people think I’m
really scary now, apparently. [ Laughter ]
-Which is, like, not my default. -No, I would say you’re funny, but you’re really good
in the scary stuff. I mean, this movie…
-Yeah. It’s kind of coincidence,
really. I just kind of do
all the stuff that I like. And then, so far,
all the stuff that I’ve liked has been terrifying, apparently.
-[ Laughing ] Yeah. Can you set this up at all?
What’s this film about? -Yeah, well,
the film is about… Well, Mackenzie Davis, who’s
just an incredible actress — she was in the last
“Terminator” and… She plays this nanny,
or governess, and she comes to this big house
kind of in the middle of nowhere to take care of
two thoroughbreds. They’ve just lost their parents. And it’s kind of about
her being kind of terrorized by these kids, and she doesn’t
know if it’s behavioral issues or if there’s something more
sinister at play in the house. -I want to share a clip. Here’s Finn Wolfhard
in “The Turning.” Take a look.
-Sweet. -I thought I was going crazy,
but I’m not. He’s here. [ Gasping ] Ohh! You know that, don’t you? [ Objects rattling ]
[ Gasps ] Yeah. We need to leave. -No. We can’t. I’m sorry. For everything. -Flora won’t leave without you. [ Sobs ] We need to go. [ Crashing ] Oh, God. -Can’t. He won’t let me leave. -Whew!
-Ooooh! [ Cheers and applause ] -And I will say, also, your band
has a song on the soundtrack. -We do.
-The Aubreys is the name. -The Aubreys.
It’s just came out today. -Yeah, and…
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s called
“Getting Better (otherwise).” -Yeah.
-So, listen to it on Spotify. Stream it.
-Yeah. -Call your radio stations.
-Call your grandma. -Call Grandpa, whoever.
-Call Grandpa, call Pep-Pep. -Call Pop-Pop, call Mee-Maw.
-[ Laughing ] Yeah. Yeah. -Call Nana — everyone, man.

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