Georgetown’s Kasey back after life-changing injury

Georgetown’s Kasey back after life-changing injury

:04-:09 1:44 It’s the ultimate contact sport. “Football is one of the greatest sports you can compete in. You’re always going hard. On defense especially you get to hit people. That’s one of my, one of the things I love to do is hit people.” But if you look closely. Kody Kasey has something that sets him apart. Cronin “The other day I saw him fall flat on his face and guys went to pick him up and before they could pick him up, he was back in line ready to roll again. When you have kind of determination you find a way to use him.” A chance to play football, brought Kody Kasey to Georgetown College, where as a freshman he earned a starting spot in the defensive backfield and was named to the all- conference team. But a tough break, his sophomore season would change his football career. It was the homecoming game against the University of the Cumberlands. “I remember it like it was yesterday. I was locked up with my defender on punt return, and I was pushing him back. I got hit on the side of my leg and it just…. I didn’t know what happened at first. I just got dizzy really dizzy. Eventually I fell and I looked down at my leg and I saw that it was broke.” Bill Cronin has been the head coach at Georgetown for 20 years and has seen his fair share of injuries. Cronin “We thought it might be a typical break but it was anything but typical.” Kody underwent surgery that night, where a rod was inserted to stabalize the broken bone, six months later doctors noticed a problem.” “My bone didn’t really grow that much and found out I had an infection in my leg.” Nine surgeries would follow, each without much progress. “In my mind I always kept a positive attitude. Just to think that I can’t look at this in a bad way because it won’t really help anything looking at it in a bad way.” Howard “One year after the injury and after countless surgeries, the infection was still not improving. It’s at that moment that he had to make the decision of his life.” “It just hit me like, 19 years old and you have to get your leg cut off. You don’t want to think about that at a young age but I really had to make a life changing decision so I had to be really mature about it.” Kody says it was a decision that has paid off, because just getting back on his feet wasn’t enough. He wanted to return to the football field and that’s exactly what he did this spring. Cronin “I think he’s got high hopes to be back on the football field on game day and that would be quite a thing to see and if anybody can do it, he’ll be able to do it.” And as long as his head and heart’s in it, one leg will do. I’m preparing right now for it. This whole summer I’m preparing for it and the moment I do step on that field because I know I will, is just going to be amazing.” Lee K. Howard WKYT.

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