Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer Reaction Breakdown Video!

hey what is going on everybody
Thunderbird here joined tonight by my beautiful fiance Eddie and we’re going
to be doing a quick reaction to the Ghostbusters trailer after life which
dropped today I was notified about it earlier on twitter at – the last Ghostbusters film I thought
it looked really cheesy and dumb although you did watch it right I did
watch it I did Melissa McCarthy was in it and a few other people it was funny
it was funny it was more of a standalone movie not something that should have
really been associated with the original Ghostbusters yes it should have just
been its own thing and you know yes I mean the thing is is it looked really
cheesy and really dumb to me anyways so we’re gonna check out what they’re doing
now afterlife would imply to me that hopefully it’s not something where
they’re like going in there all goes out everybody’s ghosts in Zombie zombi
ghostbusters alright well let’s see what they’re gonna bring us with this new new
Ghostbusters hopefully something just a little bit better
I could say yeah I first saw a logo good I like that it looks kind of beat-up
yeah not like a brand new there’s an old car the kid from stranger things oh man
he’s in it he’s really it’s kind of blowing up is he’s got a lot of stuff
lately yeah farmhouse our grandfather left us I
like that kid – he’s a pretty good actor is that was that the same actor yeah was
that that was a girl no no that wasn’t a girl I know you don’t know I don’t know
it’s too short of a clip okay I don’t know whoa that’s pretty weird just ghost
in the middle of the like desert right oh well that looks like the city from it
no fresh doesn’t it it’s ball run yes oh man they put ant-man in it he’s gonna
shrink everything man he’s blowing up to Paul Rudd is in like every lot of stuff
– yeah but he’s matured a lot as an actor
yeah that’s somebody else right yeah it’s
that’s not they came together okay I was a teacher a ghost trap a ghost trap they
have all the original stuff there hasn’t been a go sighting in 30 years it’s a
cloud it’s cloud they’re gonna the cow Fletcher they’re gonna catch clouds yeah
we’re in the 21st century now I got a catch ghost digitally in the cloud oh okay well it’s like a secret lair whoa
whoa that is cool what is that stuff oh it’s like all the original equipment
nope yeah that look that looked like trouble
we ducked out oh man are they bringing back the originals the original costumes
and everything oh that would be cool I haven’t seen any other original cast
yet something big is going on in this town
that’s pretty cool this whole movie has a very stranger things it does feel to
it even shorter car yeah the ecto the ecto-1 whoa okay yeah look at the
blaster Wow I like yes kept oh yeah they still
kept the graphics kind of like they were but more updated yeah you know I think
that this was way way better I remember when I saw the what was it just
Ghostbusters or Ghostbuster I don’t know so last one that came out it was man
like even after the trailer oh okay it made me funny but the thing is I’ve
really liked the direction of this one this looks like a lot more really well
done very well edited great casting like I said there’s the element of kind of
like that stranger things feel which is kind of retro and that throwback yeah
like retro you know not super overdone on the visual effects from what I can
see like that plasma that they were showing look at that look at this that’s
what I mean this looks so good I like that it’s not too modern it still kind
of has that 80s vibe yeah and like everything so beat-up and dusty and kind
of run-down so this is what do you say like his
grandpa or dad was the grass buster he said that they had moved there because
his grandpa had died and his mom said that they were sifting through the
remnants of his life so this is a Mining Corporation so apparently one of
the Ghostbusters retired and took everything out into the middle of
nowhere this this is uh this isn’t really interesting thing what are these
film reels what is it mininum fun fun fun goodness fun fun good night Asst sir
can I get it clearer I’m wondering micro can I do this that so that’s pretty
interesting and then the other thing of ghosts ghosts remanence I like this I
like the idea that somewhere secretly after the Ghostbusters disbanded that
they had kind of like a hideout yeah and cut her yeah and they kept everything
had a Batcave look look in an outhouse we were just we were just talking about
how funny would be to have like an outhouse that you secretly can enter and
then it goes down to like a party room it was her idea
there was a tease idea and she’s like all these cars just show up to a single
outhouse and a bunch of people go in and never come out yeah so this must be a
completely separate actor yeah which I do like I mean not everybody that takes
over the mantle for the previous Ghostbusters has to be like a relative
or somebody of the previous ones just needs some minor connection there which
is pretty good apparently supposed to be the grandson not this one though this
one this is the one okay okay yeah because they’re the one that find this
yeah he’s supposed to be the grandson of one of the original Ghostbusters and
he’s the one apparently who kind of revives whatever it is they’re doing
this is pretty cool it shows maybe like the radius and what you could spread
again it reminds me of stranger things and kind of like it like combined
because there’s this part in here that reminded me of the upside down let me
see if I can find it he’s standing in front of that fire well I don’t even
know if it’s a fire it looks like a portal to another dimension
yeah like tell me that doesn’t look like 11 standing there like using her powers
to like close it I saw that I wonder if they like opened a gateway to like I
don’t know like the after lot maybe I don’t know it’s about what’s all
very interesting I think this is gonna be an excellent movie definitely do you
think it’s gonna be better than the last one yeah hopefully it’s a big hit this
summer look I guess let me know down below what you guys think this movie is
going to be about do you think the afterlife that they’re referring to is
connected to you know literally opening up a gateway or portal or do you think
it’s just them symbolizing that they’re passing the torch on to the next
generation I think it’s a play on words personally I do too I mean it’s really
smart it’s a ghost movie it’s a ghost movie for life plus they’re kind of you
know handing off to the next generation yeah literally and figuratively yeah so
I think that that’s really cool and then you know one thing you know I’m gonna
pull up to I want to see who’s in this really quick let’s take a look at if I
could spell Ghostbusters cast okay so Murray’s coming back yeah let’s
take a look on IMDB so they have Phil Rudd Bill Murray I wonder if he I wonder
if Dan Aykroyd wrote this because I just watched a documentary recently where it
said the Dan Aykroyd was like the creative mind behind the first
Ghostbusters he’s in it he’s back and so was Bill Murray filming themselves
yeah which is hilarious so I wonder how they’re gonna get involved a little girl
apparently named Grace that’s what I was saying I thought it was two separate
people that’s what I was questioning if it was two separate people or one person
no it’s just the one with the glasses and the curly hair yeah and then they
have Finn in there too Trevor Trevor thin neck thin neck picnic
Oh thick neck no it’s not that great okay so he’s gonna be on the child
actors that is gonna be a part of the cast thin neck what up there neck
no it’s thick now so much better so this red plays a character named Mr Gruber
s’en yeah it’s Mr Gruber Sandeep I do like consignee Weaver yeah that’s huge
uh-oh she blamed Dana again the gate master and the gatekeeper from like yeah
yeah oh wow okay so I wonder if these two are together the Peter and Dana are
together as like a couple it would be funny if they were feuding you know like
they’re like an old bickering couple now yeah they’d fight all the time I’m so
I’m so overly excited for this movie guys let us know down in the comment
section below what are you most excited about when it comes to this movie and
like I said earlier what kind of plot do you think we’re gonna be looking at
here’s the name just a play on words or is it gonna symbolize something to do
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it’s gonna be a ton of fun until next time I’ll see you later

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