Ghostbusters Afterlife Trailer REACTION

Ghostbusters Afterlife Trailer REACTION

Who ya gonna call? Your son!

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  1. Not a chuckle to be heard. Comparing it to Stranger Things brings it down a few pegs.

    Something to do with the casting choice.
    It's a KIDDIE MOVIE. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. really wish people would stop referencing stranger things, i've never seen it so have no idea what they're talking about

  3. I'm still not sure, I need more. I do know it is better then the all female one though, so that's a start.

    Edit: Also where is OSCAR? He should be an actual adult now.

  4. I think the original guys will have a bigger role then most people think that's what's bringing in the money… Same with Weaver I have a feeling this is going to make bank and be awesome

  5. How was your reaction better for the 2016 trailer? This trailer is.leaps and bounds better. This trailer teases the movie and leaves you wanting more.

  6. Grace I thought you didn't like it when trailers showed too much of the story and now you want it all in the first trailer – first with Wonder Woman 1984 and now this!

  7. Question Grace As someone who lived in multiple different countries I feel like only Americans care about Ghostbusters, do you think this is a risk since the international box-office might not be a lifeline in this case?

  8. Oh a female lead and the fandom doesn't freak out…it's kinda like they didn't respect the source material from that shitty reboot or something, that's why people hated it…had nothing to do with it being a all-female cast. Also this is a teaser….its too early to show the OG cast

  9. This is what the original third film should have been. Have the original cast,yes. But pass on the torch to a younger generation, while keeping the heart of the original films the same.

  10. Yeah it looks like stranger things but guess what I like stranger things if you’re gonna rip something of make sure that something is good

  11. I've already seen Finn Wolfhard in a Ghostbusters uniform. This looks really underwhelming. I hope all this footage is from the first half-hour of the movie only.

  12. You know, when I heard Stranger Things was getting a second season, I was really hoping they'd go the anthology show style of American Horror Story. So, I'm not really upset that it has that kind of vibe. I would have prefered it was set in the 80's though.

  13. Remember when Ghostbusters was funny? That's all I really want. I would have been fine even with the 2016 GB if it had actually been funny. There's not even a trace of humor in this trailer, and that's what has me worried.

  14. I don’t know Grace I’m not a big fan of the original movie but I do respect it for what it is. However, this cast so far looks more fun and now to me.

  15. Sadly "the Star Wars Thing All Over Again" is the new trendy IN in Hollywood: take a beloved classic and trash it on purpose. You can't just let the past go out to pasture, you gotta strap em to a rocket and blast em out there (and then light the pasture on fire).

  16. Really… we don’t even know the plot of the Movie! If Finn wasn’t cast you’d not be calling it stranger things.

  17. I agree! Very stranger things BUTT I feel like this is what they should have went from the original movies to this. Let’s forget the last movie. And I think it’s smart to use the og cast in maybe the last trailer

  18. If original cast members come back for this film, it has the potential to be great. At least the ECTO-1 Cadillac is back though!

  19. 💥2:22 no ghost in 30 years ? 😱 this movie does not even recognize the last Ghostbuster movie 😂
    A couple of minutes of this trailer is already better the entire last movie 🙄😬😂
    Well, to be honest, I could only watch a couple of minutes of the last one 😬
    This new looks super cool !

  20. that is spenglers family and that house belongs to ray. it was the house that was getting mortgaged in the first movie to fund them. thats my opinion.

  21. The fans will hate it for not slavishly following the original.


    The fans will hate it for slavishly following the original.

  22. You ever heard of CAMEOS ??? kinda defeats the purpose if you play it in the fucking trailer to the movie…and no, its really not identical to Stranger Things… literally only had ONE actor from it…and a town with strange things going on……hmmmm wonder how many movies follow that plot….

  23. I don't know. I hear you, Grace, but I thoroughly enjoyed this trailer and even got chills knowing I would get to watch it a second time when showing my mother. We know that they are returning, and I'm okay with that being kept in pocket. But for now, this trailer was not a disappointment to me, and I also picked up on the Stranger Things vibe as well.

  24. This chick is obviously not a fan of Ghostbusters. She did not even mention the Gozer Demon Dog. There was so many Easter eggs. This movie preview gave me chills.

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