How Enlightened People REALLY Manifest (The SECRETS of “The Autobiography of a Yogi”)

this video I’m gonna show you how
enlightened people manifest everything I’ve learned from reading the book
autobiography of a yogi’ where it talks about some of the magical things that
Paramahansa Yogananda the author experienced around other enlightened
masters I’m gonna show you exactly how they did it and how you can begin to
manifest from that higher vibrational level of consciousness to welcome back
to another video my name’s Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness
now in this video I’m gonna be showing you the principles that enlightened
people used to manifest Nami first off say that when people get to a certain to
a level of mana of enlightenment the necessity to manifest greatly diminishes
because they’re so at peace in that one with everything that needing to manifest
things in their life won’t add to their level of happiness because they already
feel that level of happiness and if you look at anything that you desire as well
maybe something you desire maybe it’s to have a certain relationship to have more
money to have a certain level of health or or some material it may be a certain
type of car whatever it is the reason you want it is because of how it will
make you feel how it will make you feel even if you want something because you
think it’ll make you feel a higher level of status you will then give yourself
permission at a higher level of status to then feel a certain way so when we
talk about enlightenment understand that these people that can do magical things
things we wouldn’t even believe are possible they are able to do it because
they’re at such a high level of vibration and because they realize a
certain truth about reality that I’m going to share with you that these
things happen easier than ever now to illustrate this
point as well imagine it many people walk around with very cluttered minds
people walk around very cluttered vibrations they’re like oh I want this
but I also want this but I also believe this and because their energies going in
three different directions it’s hard for them to actually get in dial in on that
one thing whatever that is that they want because there’s mixed vibration
there well with when it comes to enlightenment these people these
enlightened people that we would that could do magical
things we’ll share some of those from the book autobiography of a yogi’
they’re so clear on their thoughts because they’re not even having thoughts
when they think something it’s such a singular point of focus that it’s so
infused into reality that it just happens so imagine we’re walking around
like oh look at the pool look at this look at that look at this look at that
I want this well it’s like so many mixed vibration but they’re just so caught so
calm so present to the moment that when they do have a thought it’s like boom
whereas normally when many different people have thoughts of moving so many
different so many different energies going around so a lot of this has to do
with having a clear mind having a clear having clear thoughts observing the
thoughts not letting so many thoughts get cluttered up with having so many
mixed vibrations in there as well now let me share with you some of the things
that in the book autobiography of a yogi’ you can read which is a very
powerful book that I highly recommend by Paramahansa Yogananda and in it
Paramahansa Yogananda talks about his life his life going and meeting
different enlightened gurus and even his own guru could do pretty magical things
and what that taught him and what he learned through the process basically by
the end of that book you can feel whether it resonates or not or whether
it’s something that you believe is true not something you can tell it wasn’t
it’s authentic I’ll just say that and the the one thing that you’ll really
understand after reading that book and seeing the different things that
Yogananda went through is that magic magic is real magic is away reality
works when we let go of our Western mind of everything has to be logically
understood these gurus could do things that we literally would think are magic
not possible now some of those would be I see some of the examples there was one
guru who was a that Yogananda meant that was over 400 pounds that never ate maybe
just sit there and laugh or be with his you know his people around him but he
never ate but yeah he was 400 pounds there was another that brought somebody
back from the dead and it was the chapter on Rama I believe but it was he
one of the friends of sri Akershus or passed away
and his guru he was passed away for over a day his guru told him to go put seven
drops of this oil into his mouth and he wouldn’t did it and his friend came back
to life just spurred it back to life and scared the crap out of Sri Yukteswar now
and there was a purpose and a lesson behind all of that it was sharing but
nonetheless when the divine starts to work in these ways magical things can
happen and other things making objects some instantly materialize that happened
as well there’s there are so many different stories I’m trying to think of
them all right now I used to know that there they used to be more fresh in my
mind but nonetheless things that we would whether it’s teleport to a
different location whether it’s implant ideas in some of their disciples heads
like go and pick me up at the train station at this time okay the train
station actually the train was cancelled come at this time instead and yoga nod
to get a clear message of that there are many different situations of that
however just understand that there’s much more magical things that can happen
when we’re in a higher state of consciousness now when I share as well
you will see this chart right here this chart you will see that of shame fear
guilt anger neutrality this is the chart of consciousness that I share in a lot
of my videos you see at the top you see love joy peace enlightenment and
enlightenment you’re in such a high vibration that things happen easier than
ever in general the more you raise yourself up this vibration this
vibrational state of consciousness the more you will be able to easily manifest
so the thing is it’s not like oh how can I get this how can I get that how do I
get this how can you raise your vibration because the more you raise
your vibration the easier it is to manifest these different things in our
life so this is really about raising our vibrational state of consciousness now
one of the things that these enlightened gurus knew that made manifestation so
easy for them is they understood and they knew that reality is an illusion
reality is an illusion and because they see it as a dream as an illusion it’s
more flexible it’s more malleable I had a thing where I talked to Bashar many of
you probably heard me talk about Bashar before I went to one of his um
and I asked that was one of the questions I asked why could these
enlightened gurus do these magical things what did they believe and the
answer was they didn’t believe anything they knew that reality is an illusion
and because they know that they’ve moved in beyond belief and into knowing things
happen even more magically even easier than ever and because they realize that
reality is illusion becomes much more flexible much more light one thing
you’ll notice about a lot of things enlightened gurus they have a very good
sense of humor they joke around a lot they’re very loose but not like I mean
some of them will be a little bit more serious sometimes but most of them will
have a very good sense of humor sense of humor is very important as something we
can learn from that think about it I want to manifest this money well
thinking about manifesting this money that we walked around and we’re like
it’s not going to add to my manifestation it’s not gonna add to my
manifestation and they create so much blockages around it whereas fewer just
to loosen up and have fun and to realize it’s all a dream it’s all an illusion
anyways it would be a lot easier for you to manifest but here are some of the
main keys of how enlighten people manifest first off they clear their mind
they clear their mind they they don’t even have to really clear their mind
because their mind has nothing in it they’d become beyond identity into a new
state of content to a higher state of consciousness however one thing that
they do is they’re able to observe their thoughts and not to become attached to
anything observe ation is where then you in a way
get into neutral where you’re not you’re not being reactive to anything so one
thing that they have done is they’ve observed their thoughts and they’re not
attached so when they do have thoughts their thoughts have more power you’ve
probably seen that before what sometimes that’s something I’m very necessarily
good at because I talk a lot because I have a youtube channel sometimes people
say they say you talk a lot in the comments on my YouTube videos I’m like
well it’s a it’s a YouTube channel of me talking and sharing ideas I mean I could
I guess just sit here and have like five minutes of silence but I don’t know how
good the watch time would be on that zipping honest maybe good if I did
meditate but have you ever seen somebody that just man or women of a few words
I can’t cart total maybe when a car told the speak is very
powerful so sometimes less is more but when it comes to an enlightened gurus
what you notice is a lot of times they listen something I’m always trying to
get better at I’m not the best at it but I’m kept trying to get better at it but
when you do speak when you do have thoughts your thoughts are more pure
thoughts are more powerful so one thing that I would recommend you do to become
more a part of this enlightenment manifestation is to learn to observe
your thoughts more to not be so reactive so that when you do have thoughts your
thoughts have more power now what other side of this is that these enlightened
gurus have very very focused intent intent when they’re intending some is
it’s what I call divine intention they have divine intention divine intention
is when you have an intention that also adds value to other people so many times
they’ll do things to help their disciples or their people learn certain
lessons they’ll do things to help with a divine intention it’s it’s magic is very
closely related to divinity as well we’re all divine beings dreaming were
these mortal humans when in actuality we’re all divine beings the more
divinity we bring into our life the more magical life becomes because then we
allow more than just the ego to do things the universe can then do things
for us and divine intention is about understanding that relationship the
benefit of not just one person but of many people inside so one of the things
that the enlightened gurus do as well is that they have very very focused intent
and what I call divine intention that divine intention is to add value to
other people I even tried to bring that into the YouTube videos that I make on
my channel I’ve been doing it for two three years now my intention is to add
value to other people knowing that as I add value to other people it’s almost
like the universe brings me brings more people to watch the content people say
oh I found your content at the right time I believe as long as I have an
authentic genuine intention to add value and as long as I lead with that that
everything else just falls into place it’s a level of divine intention not
saying I’m enlightened I’m definitely not enlightened however
I do believe that the divine flows through me and it flows through you as
well and the more you tap into that divinity the more magical your life will
become so the other thing I want time I was having a crystal clear vision
crystal clear vision for what you want to experience in your life because these
enlightened gurus had such a clear mind they were able to have a vision and then
it happened like that but most people just don’t have a vision for what they
want to experience what is the vision you are moving towards most people
because they don’t have a vision they’re in the auto pilot might live in the same
reality out over and over and over again and if instead you were to focus on
having that that vision that crystal vision of what that is you’d have
something to move towards my recommendation is that that vision also
be connected to your heart when your visions connected to your heart there’s
just something much more powerful much more magical to it so my vision is me
traveling the world helping people I look at this view it’s amazing you see
that let me see if the look at that ever you guys could see that right there I
don’t know I’m trying to okay that’s not good there you go just in general if you
everytime I look I look back I’m like wow it’s so amazing so in general the
main thing there you go has wait for the light to come back so
in general crystal clear vision have a crystal clear vision to what you want to
experience your life and for who you are the kind of person you are until we get
to a place where we could just let go of identity and be infinite spirit Sabine’s
maybe that one day they’ll come but right now have a crystal clear vision
for who you are in relationship to your heart and the final part of this is
understanding the consciousness of love these gurus have an unconditional love
for everybody even autobot in a Paramahansa Yogananda z– guru he would
sometimes disobey what is guru is a yo-yo Sri Yukteswar would tell him to do
and even then he’s very compassionate not attached to what he did as the level
of unconditional love and when he’s happened to unconditional love that’s
when everything begins to change now if you’re watching this video then
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vibration to a new level of consciousness about getting rid of the
old stories or the old baggage and as you do that you’ll begin to see that you
are a high vibrational being capable of amazing things in your life so having a
clear vision having divine intention being crystal clear of the
manifestations you want and clear in your mind are all powerful but like I
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video and as always see you on the next one peace much love and namaste

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