How I Found my Deities

How I Found my Deities

Hey everyone, so it’s Hearth welcome back to my channel ao on todays video I’m
going to be talking about my personal deities and how I found them. So I have been asked a couple of times who my deities are, if I have any and how I work
with them. And this is one of those topics where it is very personal, where not everyone
has the same deities, not everyone has found them the same way and not everyone works with
them the same way. So this is just my personal experience with deities, it is not the only
experience that people have with deities. Lots of people find their deities and work
with their deities in completely different ways, so this is just my personal experience
with deities and working with them. Now another thing that I want to put out there
right now, is that you do not need to have deities in order to practice witchcraft. I
was actually a practicing witch for a very, very long time before I found and started
working with deities. So if you aren’t interested in deities, if you haven’t found them yet,
please don’t be alarmed, it is completely normal. Not everyone works with deities and
you know what, that’s completely fine. The first thing is “Who are my Deities?”
At the moment, I have two deities. My Matron is Brigid, she is a Celtic deity, and I also
have Cerridwen as a deity. Now there’s kind of a close connection between these two that
I find quite quirky and interesting, is that I am personally a Hearth witch that focusses
on more Hoodoo practices, and both of these deities are actually Hearth, home and cauldron
deities, all things really closely connected to Hearth Witchcraft. So both of my deities
are really closely connected to the idea of hearth and home, and hearth witchcraft and
that is really interesting because I only really found my deities after I had started
actively practicing as a Hearth Witch, as a hearth practitioner.
So the next thing is “When did I find my Deities?”
I actually only found my deities about two years ago, which seems really strange for
a lot of people, because a lot of people go into their practice knowing the deities they
want to work with, or find their deities really quickly. But for me, I had already been practicing
witchcraft for eleven years when I found my deities and they just kind of appeared one
day. I didn’t really expect to find them, suddenly they were just there, it just kind
of happened. So “How did I find my Deities, or did they
call out to me?” And that’s the main thing in this, is that
I didn’t actively want to work with deities, like it had never really been something that
I’d considered. I’d called upon Nyx and Poseidon in one ritual, once, like eight years
ago, or something crazy like that. I had never planned on working with deities, it was just
something I hadn’t really thought about doing.
So I actually discovered my deities in kind of an unusual way in that I didn’t actively
seek out deities, so I wasn’t looking up deities, I wasn’t trying to find one I connected
with, or multiple that I connected with. I just started hearing names in my head, that
sounds really strange actually saying it out loud. What I mean is that one day, I was at
university and I heard the names Brigid, Brigid, Brigid, Cerridwen, Brigid and thought, nah,
they must be people I know, or something, or I’ve been to LUSH and the Cerridwen bath
melt is there and Brigid is quite a common name, it’s probably just that. And then, I went to Earth Religions Society,
which is the Pagan and witchcraft society I used to attend at university and I was hearing
the names appear quite a lot there as well, and I didn’t really think anything more
of it. Then I went to Glastonbury, now if any you have been on this channel for a while,
you will know I go there quite a lot. And there is a shop in Glastonbury called StarChild
that is an amazing store, and I went in there and I was actually vlogging the day I went
into the store and realised. And I actually have the footage, I don’t know whether it’s
decent enough footage to add in, but If it is, I will add it in after this speaking bit.
And I had spent the entire week with these names in my head: Brigid, Brigid, Brigid,
Brigid, Cerridwen, Brigid, Brigid, Brigid, Brigid, Cerridwen and I didn’t know what
it was, I didn’t know what it was connected to, I had never researched Celtic/British
deities before. And then I walked into StarChild and looked at their wall of incense, and there
on this wall of incense were all of the Deities that were most commonly found and right there
was Brigid, and Cerridwen and as soon as I saw those two names it just clicked in my
head immediately and the voices made sense. I knew then that they were trying to reach
out to me, I wasn’t just thinking of the names, I hadn’t just heard them recently,
I had actively been called out to by these deities. So I got the Brigid incense straight
away, and I have been working with them, gradually, ever since.
So, that is kind of how I kind of found my deities, not everyone is going to find them
that way, that is just the way that they came to me.
So the next thing is, “How do I work with them?”
Well, I have a slightly flexible relationship with my deities, I am not like, devoted, giving
them offerings every day, working with them every day, it’s not really that kind of
a relationship. They both have altars, you have seen Brigid’s
altar, which is over there and I actually have a video on Brigid’s altar that I will
link somewhere up here and also in the description box if you’re interested in seeing that,
but I am planning on doing an update to it soon as I will be changing it. So I have a
Brigid altar, I also have a Cerridwen altar, Cerridwen’s altar isn’t as finished and
as nice, just because I haven’t really had the time and the patience and the money to
be able to do it how I want to. But Brigid’s altar is finished and Cerridwen’s altar
is kind of half way there, but they both have altars that are completely individual, they’re
in different rooms because they are very different deities; they’re almost polar opposite deities.
With Brigid I have a bell that I ring and she is my Matron, she is the one that calls
out to me the most, she is the one that spoke to me the loudest: Brigid, Brigid, Brigid,
Cerridwen, Brigid, Brigid, Brigid, It was that kind of reaction. I have a couple of
Brigid figures, ritual figures, I have some illustrations, I have the crystals, I have
the incense, I have the oils, I have everything for Brigid and she is more of a watchful eye,
she is more of a looks out and will help if necessary she is that kind of a deity. Cerridwen
is slightly different, I have a wand for her, I have tools for her, I have crystals for
her, I have an oil for her. My relationship with Cerridwen is different
again from Brigid; Brigid is what I would like to describe as almost a fairy God Mother,
she is a watchful eye, she looks over my practice, she looks over me and if necessary, she may
intervene. Cerridwen is much more hands on, she wants to be in ritual, she wants to be
in workings, she wants to help with workings as long as I am giving back to her, thinking
of her, planning with her, maintaining the altar as best I can, that kind of a relationship.
She wants to be part of workings, so whereas Brigid, I will celebrate Brigid as Imbolc,
I will celebrate her, I will ring her bell, I will acknowledge her presence, add extra
items to the altar. Cerridwen wants to be there, she wants to be doing stuff, so I have
never had Brigid call out to be in a ritual, but I have spoken about this before, I have
had Cerridwen actively kind of, walk into a space and say “hey, I want to help, can I
help with this?” So I was doing a binding work and Cerridwen is one of the darker, crone
goddesses, she is quite dark and destructive, she is a deity that is very much a, she will
b**ch slap you round the face, if she know that it will help you, that kind of a deity,
whereas Brigid is bit more of a motherly, loving, kind, she will always try to say something
nice even if it might not be what you need to hear. Cerridwen really will slap you round
the face and go “stop it, get on with it”. That’s just how Cerridwen is.
So I was doing a binding work to bind someone’s negativity and Cerridwen was like, “Hey,
do you want me to help with that?” and I was like, “Yes, that would be amazing”.
So I ended up working with Cerridwen on this working and now the working sits on Cerridwen’s
altar where it continues to manifest. So I work completely differently with the
two different deities and it really depends on your personal relationship with deities,
my relationship with Brigid is completely different than it is with Cerridwen but one
is not better than the other, they are just equal deities that I work with slightly differently.
So that is currently how I work with the two different deities, it is definitely interesting,
and I’ve actually really enjoyed experimenting and experiencing working with deities because
I had never really done it before in this way.
Now the last thing I want to add in is that, “Do you need a Deity to have successful
Magickal workings and to be a Witch?” and, no. You definitely don’t. If you don’t
want to work with deities, if you haven’t found your deities, if you haven’t been
called out to by a deity, that is completely fine. Your witchcraft does not need deities
to work or to be successful. Deities are really kind of separate, they’re more in the religion
aspect than the practice, and witchcraft is exactly that, it is a practice, you don’t
need deities to assist with it, they can assist with it, but they aren’t a requirement.
So I just want to put that in, just to say that I was doing successful magickal practice
for ten years, eleven years, and I’m still doing successful magickal practice now. It
has not really changed just because I now have deities that I didn’t have before.
So, that is the end of this video, I hope you enjoyed it, if you did feel free to give
it a “like”, If you have any: questions, comments, queries, concerns or just want to
chit chat, please feel free to put a comment down below. If you have any questions I will
try to answer it either in comment form, or in video form depending on how long my answer
and if you enjoy the magickal content in this video and on this channel or in this video
feel free to subscribe, I post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 o’clock.
So I will see you next time….bye…

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  1. Mine called has been calling out to me the last maybe few months. This past weekend I finally stopped to listen and since that point I’ve felt so much whole and happier.

  2. I'm going through a similar situation but with Morrigan lately I've heard and seen her name very much, besides dreaming about it or running into crows everywhere.

  3. I tried maybe a little too hard to find my deity’s. Didn’t happen and I felt like I was forcing the issue, so I have stepped away from looking. Hopefully I will have a moment like you and will just appear one day to me.

  4. I am SO JEALOUS you had a society like that at your uni! Mine was a subsidiary of Hull uni based in Scarborough and it was so small we didn't even have freshers! we had to arrange things ourselves.
    I wish we had a society like that!

    Love your videos Hearth! they just seem to get better and better! so glad I found your channel!

    Brighid is the female deity that called out to me too!

  5. I know this isn't necessarily related, but do you have a video (or a resource) on the difference between hoodoo, voodoo, and "general" witchcraft?

  6. My matron Goddess, Hecate, sought me out in much the same way. I just woke up one day with her name in my head. I’d done Classics at uni so I knew a bit about her but I was suddenly seized by a mad urge to find out EVERYTHING about her. This coincided with me starting to do a lot of spirit work in my practice. She’s firm, but fair, compassionate without soppiness and I adore her.

  7. Synchronicity!! I have been revisiting this topic recently. I’ve always been decent at picking out deities for other people, but I haven’t felt any pulls for me. I imagine, if it happens, it’ll probably be similar to yours.

  8. I have been feeling the red Dragon for awhile now. Thing is I never seen anyone working with a red Dragon so therefore I don't know what to do with it. I may get a statue made for it and go from there. You can't find one online anywhere and I wonder why I have a strong calling for something like that??? Maybe I'll give it a try.

  9. I still don't work too much with deities. I have always been very interested in the duotheistic view in Wicca and I still follow the "old ones" even though I am not necessarily Wiccan. In my practice, I work with primordial Goddess and primordial God.
    I see personified deity ultimately as aspects of Goddess and God. I see them as parental, brother/sister, grandmother/grandfather, lovers…all of my human experience I believe is the result of their union.

    As a gay person, I can still find complete solace in this heterosexual duality. Because ultimately at the end of the day, I think we are all brought into this world by male and female energies and regardless of how we identify, we still live in a world of masculine and feminine energies. I have seen many people denote the idea of fem/masc balance and imply that it is rigid and non-inviting to LGBTQ…to me I find the contrary.
    I believe that their union, which manifested all planes (spiritual and physical), created dynamics in nature throughout (human beings included) that are meant for celebration. That from the union of their polarity, all experiences are unfolding in a dynamic and diverse way.
    It's like all of nature as we know it is a rainbow, and at each either end of the rainbow is black or white. Without both light and shadow color would not be possible…
    But it is because they [Goddess and God] are a unified whole

    Just thought I would share my views! <3

    Thanks for sharing 😀 new Subscriber here!

  10. I found my deity recently actually, that came to me with a vision. It's very personal for me to share because it was a very magickal and spiritual experience, but she called on to me. Goddess Bastet.

  11. The goddess Prudence aka Prudentia. Can you tell me anything about her ? I've always felt close to the name prudence. If I was to have a daughter I wanted that to be her name. I looked the name up as a goddess and to my surprise she is one but I can't seem to find much about her. If you can and have time to assist me I would be forever grateful

  12. I love hearing stories of how people find and connect with their deities. I've thought about working with and seeking out certain deities, but I've never really connected with ones I've researched. I had never even thought of Brigid until a few weeks ago when I learned she was associated with Imbolc. These last few weeks preparing for the holiday have been so nice and I swear I've been feeling her presence. I'm thinking of researching her over the next few days and seeing if I connecting with her even after the holiday has passed.

  13. I started honouring Brigid after a series of synchronisities, which culminated in a visit to Glastonbury and the white spring which has a shrine to Brigid. I feel her presence when I'm feeling inspired and actively creating. I'm working with Freya at the moment because I'm delving more into runes and Heathenry.

  14. Hi! I have a question, I'm a starting wiccan and I don't yet know much about deities. Do you hear your deities, as for example in your ritual? Or do you feel their presence? I'm really curious 🙂

  15. Freyja was the first to call to me. She's been helping though tough times and my journey into witchcraft. However in the past years, Brigid has came though and more stronger than Freya, I feel she is my matron Goddess. Working with Brigid, I find that throughout my life there has been symbols associated with her which makes me wonder if Brigid has been watching me for a very long time before she called to me.

  16. I think you might be my FAVE YouTube witch!!❤ I love how educational you are and you don't make the videos about YOU but your craft!! Plzz do some spell how-to's!! 🔮🌙

  17. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your videos, always so engaging and explained in an easy way.
    Can you show your altars from your deities? 🤗

  18. It seems to be as you describe your sharing and relationship with them is like, one the motherly in style of gentle care unless ultimately necessary; and the other like an assertive aunt who shares more in the thick of the energy in life. Thanks for the video, Hearth!

  19. I practiced for two years before I had a matron goddess. I never felt right trying to pick one out. I felt it was like walking up to a stranger on the street and informing them that they were your new BFF. Instead, I just kept asking if anyone was interested in working with me. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. About a year later, Hekate came to me and told me to follow her. I like this approach because the god(desse)s can take a good look at you and determine if your personality and skill set are a good match for what they are trying to teach.

  20. I just found mine: Gaea. I was researching goddesses and I saw her name and I felt my stomach drop in an awe inspiring way. I also worship Brigid , as I came into the craft on her holiday. I feel as if she drew me in.

  21. ares was just kind of always there. even when i was 9-ish and interested in greek mythology out of the blue, i felt really drawn to him for some reason. then, when i was 11 and percy jackson was a hit, i also felt that. people always complain about how i never shut up and will do the thing i know its right to even if it can get me in trouble later, and i lowkey think thats his influence. hes amazing and also will bitch-slap me in the face if he thinks its necessary, lol

  22. I totally understand this. Epona called to me after I lost the Christian faith at the age of 16 and she visited me. I still haven't found my patron diety.

  23. Do you have a Facebook page I could like and share? Also, I have a few friends here in my town that I've shared your videos with. One friend started our group Witches of Winona. We are many branches of a similar tree… Wiccan, Norse, Druidry, etc. We'd love to hear from you if you are ever stateside.

  24. Can a deity call out to someone?
    My deities are Akkadian/ Mesopotamian.
    Astarte (my matron deity)had been calling out to me since childhood .. along with her brother Elus( my patron deity).
    I need to have my own place before I can start to walk my path.

  25. I'm new to the Craft and I've been reading about the Celtic Pantheon. I've been interested/drawn to the history of the Celts for years because of my ancestry. Well recently, Ceridwen's name has been popping up in my mind quite often the last few days.
    And when you mentioned how she came to you, my eyes widened. (First time watching this video) Now I understand why her name has been popping up in my mind.

  26. People want to treat the gods like gods, back before I became a atheist I treated them like we had a contract deal

  27. I'm new to Wicca, I'm 51 I don't like the term baby witch. I found my deity through tarot. Every time I did a reading for myself I got the moon card, this went on for months. My friend and I did some spells and mine worked. I write books for fun, my main character was a Wicca. I knew nothing about Wicca and after doing some research it spoke to me, so I looked up goddesses because of the moon card and found Brigit, the goddess of many things but also creativity. She also the maiden connected to Spring, I was born in Spring. I thought my spirit guides were showing me my Deity. Leading me to wicca.

  28. I've been hearing two names of deities both goddesses and total opposites i hear gaia and hecate tell me what you make out of that? Cuz I'm totally baffled

  29. Hearth,There always was a owl & doves in the backyard of my child hood home.. this is why I've felt that both Lilith& Astarte have been with me for years..
    Could Cerridwen be some what of a " Grandmother" deity?

  30. I suppose my deity is death, I call her mama muerte, at least that’s what she prefers me to call her. In Spanish I believe mother of death translates to ‘Madre de la muerte’ but as I said she cane to me with the name mama muerte. Most commonly known as Santa muerte or ‘holy death’. I even was gifted a statue of her! Which is on my altar. I honestly love her as a deity because we can work together to ‘kill’ or end negative emotions or anything really but banishing negative energies is usually what we work with. I couldn’t be happier with my deity 😄

  31. the way you speak about Cerridwen is EXACTLY the way i speak about The Morrigan. Ive had many instances where i would be doing a working and she would show up and literrally Slap the shit out of me being all: WHAT IN ALL THE SEVEN HELLS ARE YOU DOING? I want you to do THIS instead.

    Alot of the time, my rituals would COMPLETELY take a turn from the start. I would start the working having a specific idea in mind and Morrigan would just completely change it and i would end the ritual way off from what i had planned and envisioned. and honnestly, it always turned out better and more powerfull.

    I also work with Hestia, which is kinda like Bridgid in your case. More kind, more watching over.


    Ive also had many instances where i would plan a protection against someone, Hestia comes in, tells me in doing great and to keep going t it, leaves, and then Morrigan shows up, slaps me and the next thing i know, im skyclad, binding a poppet in a coffin.

    Ahhhhh the wonders of polar opposite deities xD

  32. My Druid dad mentioned Brighid to me once and it was all over. I saw and heard her name everywhere and felt her pulling me. For the longest time I tried to ignore it because I hate change and she was about to flip my world upside down and backwards, left and right. 🤣 but eventually I gave in and answered her call and she’s been the loving mother figure in my life I always needed. Now I feel the pull to Sulis Minerva, and she’s not as nice as Brighid sometimes 😅 so I’ll be sure to answer the call lmao

    Btw have you ever been to Sulis’ bath house in Bath? I’m not sure if you’re near it but that’d be hella cool

  33. My deities seem to approach me in my dreams. There are 3 deities(Athena, Bastet, & Demeter) who have made themselves known(so-to-speak) outside of my dreams. I know lately that there's been some type of "pull" going on, but I don't know whether it is the deities in my dreams trying to contact me outside of dreams or if something bad is about to happen(nature wise). I do know that when I do a meditation/raising energy, the deities are able to use that for dream contact with no problem. Any contact outside of the dreams is met with some type of blockage of unknown origins. I did manage to do a couple of self tarot readings a few years ago & the feeling/message I got, was that my mother has something to do with it… There is another deity that has seem to be able to bypass the blockage in some way or another in order to make contact with me. It is a Norse male deity, but one that a lot of people don't like because of the stories written by certain monks(P.S. he does however have a big fan girl/guy following thanks to the Marvel Universe).

  34. My first deity sent a correspondence to me
    When I was a child,Lilith sent a screech owl to me..To let me know that at that time she was watching over me
    later on ,the owl stuck around..this is Lilith's message that she would enjoy/like working with me..

  35. That is exactly what happened to me, for four of them. Freya, Diana/Artemis, Hekate, and Athena. Athena is my matron, I think. I feel like she is standing over my shoulder and actively aiding me in times of need (even as I wrote that, I heard, 'I am.' I like that she is proud and ready to stand with me, unflinchingly making her presence known, when she feels the desire or need to). Odin is the one that watches out for me from a distance. His communications have been the loudest, and the most infrequent. He is very remote, but I see his influence, when it suits him. I think he is my patron. I think Hekate is interested only in the magick I may work. She just made her presence known so that I knew not to neglect her, I feel. I have no idea why Freya is around, yet. I heard her name spoken loud, just before I woke, about a week ago. I still haven't properly researched her, though my familiarity with Norse myth helps me understand her role in a way I can at least be comfortable with, for now. Thor is the masculine side of Athena in my life. The brave but brash destructive masculine energy. Though he has never made his presence known verbally, I know he has been with me almost my entire life (if not the entire time). Odin has been with me at least 12 years (though I didn't acknowledge him, at first). I am actually very new to this witchcraft thing, and the rest of the deities came to me, and scared the shit out of me, very recently. I didn't know what to make of them, at first, but I understood fairly quickly. I've actually had a little bit of a hard time finding people to talk to about this, esp. since deities are such a touchy subject. I know only one witch, but the person is unable to help. Watching your videos has aided me, immensely. The online community I joined was less than enthusiastic in welcoming me into their fold and answering my questions. Which is frustrating, because I am eager to learn. I know I'm a solitary practitioner, and I like that, so the lack of a group is okay, but a little justification and camaraderie would be nice. I'm surrounded by Christians (not a bad thing, but no help with my path, there). My relationships with deities are very personal, as it is, so sharing is not paramount. I mention them here because, for the first time, I found a person who met their deities the same way. I thought I was going crazy, at first. Sometimes I still do. Thank you. I really enjoy your videos. You and a couple of other people I watch regularly are lights in the dark for me while navigating this evolving path. One thing I should mention is that I am not a religious person, or a ritualistic witch/magician, at this point. I acknowledge the gods, and they still answer. I think we have an understanding. I don't worship them, but I do honour them. I have a hard time bowing to any man or god. Somehow, I think they respect that.

  36. I believe that bastet is my deity. Though I want to confirm it. I told my friends a story that went like this:
    Cause when I was like 3 I went to the museum of science and discovery and got a bastet statue and I praised the hell out of it and always wanted it to be on display and treated it with care. I didn't realize it was bastet until last night I just loved it because it was a kitty.

    One of them said "maybe bastet is your deity" and I actually said "hmm that actually just feels right every time I think about it" and i want to confirm. Im so nervous and new to all this. The thought of a god or goddess wanting to work with me gets me all nervous since talking to others in general makes me shy and anxious. I really want to know.

  37. Mine is Athena thus far. I only just started studying and practicing wicca for about a month or so. I found a really nice Athena statue in a local pagan shop a couple weeks ago and that's how I found her.

  38. LOVE your educational videos. You go into detail, and that is so helpful. Speaking of deities, this calling.. what is it. I can understand dreams and signs, I found my elementalguardians that way. But when it comes to deities, could the calling be that you are interested, read and study and conclude that yes, this seems perfect for me.. and then call out to them? Asking to get to know her better, so to speak? I wonder about this a lot, actually.

  39. I've been trying :c
    Meditation I asked of them to reach out and I will offer them something

    I've tried to ask them to move objects if their a deity

    I jut can't find one!

  40. Have you ever thought about working with or have you ever worked with Hestia, goddess of hearth?
    Blessed be🖤

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