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– Hello there and welcome. You know way back around
the turn of the century at the 19th where, 19 hundred, William James from Harvard said believe and your belief
will create the fact. All things are possible if you believe. Well do you know, I studied for a long time. I started to study this
book Think and Grow Rich and he talks about belief in here. He says you’re not ready for what you want until you believe that you can get it. I found that the only
two sources of reference we could go to to find
out anything about ourself is science and religion. They all say you gotta believe
so I have figuring out, how do you, how do you believe? How do you change your belief? Interesting subject because I’m
going to tell you something, your results are nothing but the manifestation
of your belief system. Well our belief system,
now listen carefully, is based upon our evaluation of something and frequently when we
re-evaluate a situation our belief about that
situation will change. Let me repeat that. Our belief system is based upon
our evaluation of something. Frequently if we re-evaluate a situation, our belief about it will change I began re-evaluating who I was. I started to study, I
never stopped studying and I found as I re-evaluated I had a much higher opinion of myself. I found out things about me that I would’ve never
believed if you had told me. The power that’s locked up within us, the marvelous system we’ve got. Do you know that the blood circulates through your veins every 33 seconds, through hundreds of miles of passageway. Dang, just like that,
collars all the food in and all the garbage out. So I’ve been thinking of
this central nervous system. It’s the most complex
electrical system in the world and you’ve got it. Think of your brain, an
electronic switching station, like that, you can change
the vibration of yourself and everything around you. We have awesome powers and it’s all based on what you believe about you. This is worth studying. Click on the link, leave your
information, and get into it. (upbeat music) Check us out at for tips, tools, and resources.

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