How to Use Crystals for Healing | Modern Animism

How to Use Crystals for Healing | Modern Animism

hello everyone. Have you considered that
for thousands of years Chinese alchemists have had a deep philosophy
and applied practice of stone medicine? today we will discuss briefly citrine,
kyanite, and cinnabar cinnabar is one of the most powerful and deeply Revere
stones of the Chinese alchemists stay tuned. hello everyone thanks for joining me
again I’m Jonah marsh here with pan society and we’re continuing our video
lecture series on interesting ideas from Taoism classical Chinese philosophy and
Qigong practice so this video is going to focus on perhaps a different
perspective on stone medicine crystals and minerals a different perspective
than people maybe used to you know when most people talk about the energetics of
stones a lot of that is really based in an argument or Indian perspective
discussing the chakras so just to recap a chakra is can be
thought of as a spinning wheel or energy center for instance you know we have the
heart chakra which is a spinning wheel or energy center located in the center
of the chest we have the the lower and root chakras so in Chinese medicine it’s
a little bit different because when they discuss they don’t really have the idea
of chakras they have the ideas of Dante ends or elixir fields which are places
of gathering energy but they also have the idea of kind of the main focus of
this video will be the energetic channels the pathways of Qi which are
energetic meridians which not always but generally move vertically or going up
and down across the landscape of the body so this video is going to discuss
how stones interact with these energy meridians so from a Chinese perspective
both stones and herbs as well as the food we eat all have distinct energetic
properties ie on any herb you you know you can ingest or a stone has a certain
vibratory effect or a vibratory quality which the Chinese described as being on
a spectrum from cold to hot that on one end of the spectrum we have the vodka
pretoria rate of cold we have cooling in the middle we have
neutral on the warm end of the spectrum we have warming and then hot so again
keep in mind that all herbs stones any food we eat anything we can classify
will fall into the spectrum so let’s dive into it we’ll talk about the stones
here from a Chinese medicine perspective so citrine you know most people think of
this dawn is the prosperity stone of manifestation in Chinese
medicine citrine because of its yellow color the yellow color resonates with
the spleen and stomach meridian whose color is yellow and so that’s again a
specific vibratory rate so citrine from a Chinese medicine perspective can
really benefit the stomach and spleen on aiding in digestion and elimination okay
next we have kyanite this is a pretty nice
that’s baby blue kyanite piece from an argument perspective this is one that
really resonates with the throat chakra aiding in communication speaking your
truth things of that nature from classical Chinese Medan medicine
perspective Chi and I again also will aid in communication but an important
factor with stones from Chinese medicine is the directionality ie any stone that
you use is generally helping to move energy in a certain way in the body so
this one kyanite is a downward moving stone this will help the energy help the
Chi to settle down in the body adding stability to the low back and sacral
area that’s its directionality moldavite has a similar effect it moves
energy down in the body so this becomes very important and you know the use of
bodywork if you’re using stones the stone has a certain vibratory effect but
also a way that it’s moving energy in the body just energetically speaking
kyanite is a cold stone energetically so this is a stone to be used more so in
summer or spring in the warmer months you don’t really want to wear a lot of
kyanite in winter because again that’s cold in nature so and lastly this is a
really cool stone a lot of interesting alchemical history around this one this
is a cinnabar so this was used in ancient China by the Taoist Taoist
alchemists and sages to make elixirs which they believed would convey
immortality they thought that cinnabar was kind of a
mystical stone that you could you know mix it with other things and make a
potion that would make you immortal what they didn’t know was the cinnabar was
actually a mercury compound containing mercury which as we know is poisonous to
humans so this idea gradually fell out of favor when the alchemist really
inadvertently poisoned several of the Chinese emperors and then the idea kind
of began to lose you know its credibility so like I said this video is
just to convey that you know a lot of people you know we speak of stones we
think of chakras Chinese medicine has some similarities but they also have a
really kind of interesting different way to view stones and how they affect you
know again the different energy channels the different organs and as well each of
these stones has a certain emotional component has a certain way that
interacts with your heart and spirit you know dealing not only with the organs
and energy channels but with your emotions and consciousness so I think
that’s all the time we have for now but stay tuned I’ll definitely be doing more
videos on you know stone medicine from a Chinese alchemical and always take
perspective feel free to comment give me your suggestions you know what stones
you would like me to cover I’m happy to research and present that for y’all
later hope you enjoyed it thanks a lot

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