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Insan Mein Posheeda 7 Jahan | Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

The 7 Realms Hidden Within Human Beings Syed Sami ul Haq from Nagin Chorangi, Karachi asks: Gohar Shahi Marhaba. The following are a few questions sent from my friend, Hamid. Please kindly clarify. When we die, we enter into a dream realm. Is this realm within us or outside of us or is it different altogether? If it is outside of us then where is it exactly? I have only ever heard that everything is within us. When we say that everything is within human beings, it doesn’t exactly mean that everything that is outside of us is also within us. This is not what it means. Rather, what it means is that we have the keys to accessing the entire universe created by God. This is what Moula Ali said, ‘You consider yourself to be so small when in reality God has concealed all the realms within you.’ ‘Your illness is within you and the remedy is also within you but you don’t have the knowledge.’ Now, the Koran has also indicated towards everything being concealed in you. This is what the Koran said. Koran 51:21 Which means, ‘I am within you.’ Everything is within your very own being. The word ‘Nafs’ is used for two different things in the Koran. Sometimes it is used to refer to your entire being. And sometimes it refers to your Lower Self. Here [in Koran 51:21], it means your entire being. ‘Everything is within you.’ ‘Everything is within you but you don’t have the sight [to see].’ Right? Now if we read it in English, what would it be? Now, look, there are different realms. Here is the Realm of Divine Oneness. The Realm of Divine Unity. The Realm of Hahoowiyat. The Realm of Souls. The Realm of Angels. The Terrestrial Realm. This is the entire universe. The 7th realm is man himself. Now, God has – – in order for man to be able to access these 6 realms, God has placed the keys [to those realms] in human beings. There is a soul in the forehead known as the Ana. And there are 5 souls in the chest. The chest is known as ‘Sadr’. This is the Spiritual Heart. This is Sirri and this is the Akhfah. This is Khafi and this is the Main Soul. And this is the Lower Self. Do you understand? Each realm relates to one of these souls. To revive these souls and enlighten these souls is known as the Shahr-e-Sadr (Opening of the Chest). What is it known as? Shahr-e-Sadr (the Opening of the Chest). Just as God said for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Koran 94:1, ‘O’ Prophet Mohammad, I have opened your chest for your sake.’ And the followers of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) have to obtain the Opening of the Chest themselves. ‘I opened your chest for your sake.’ – Koran 94:1 And his followers have to open theirs themselves. ‘I opened your chest for your sake.’ – Koran 94:1 This is the Opening of the Chest. The chest is known as ‘Sadr’. There are 5 souls enclosed within it. The Spiritual Heart, the Sirri, the Akhfah, the Khafi and the Main Soul. Awakening them, enlightening them with divine energy and engaging them in invocation [of God’s name] is done through spirituality. This is the very first Custom of the Prophet [to adopt]. This is the decree from God. ‘Obtain the Opening of the Chest for Islam.’ – Koran 39:22 God is saying, ‘O’ human beings, if you want to adopt Islam, then obtain the Opening of the Chest.’ Whatever I am saying is not a departure from the Koran; i am not saying anything from myself or anyone else. We are only discussing it in light of the Koran here. Look at this. These 5 subtleties are in the human chest. To enlighten these 5 souls and strengthen them with divine energy is your job. It is an obligation upon you. This is the Straight Path. Guidance is hidden within it. Do you understand? Then God says in Koran 64:11, ‘If someone intends to believe in God…’ Whoever intends to believe in God, what will happen [to them]? What is the next step? ‘…their heart will be directed by God.’ This is the statement from God. He is saying, ‘If you intend to believe in me and I have accepted you…’ ‘…then what will I do? I will direct your heart, not your mind.’ ‘Whoever intends to believe in me, I direct their heart.’ – Koran 64:11 Now what is ‘hidayat’ [in English]? Direction. Understand it well. Pay attention to this matter. Right? When you intend to believe in God, what will God direct? He will not direct your mind. He will direct your heart and tell it, ‘Do this now.’ ‘Now do that.’ ‘Now go there. Now go over there. Now do this, don’t do that.’ The brain will not be directed. ‘Hidayat’ means direction. ‘When you intend to believe in God…’ – Koran 64:11 When you intend to believe in God, then what will God do? ‘He will direct the heart.’ – Koran 64:11 Then Allah will direct your heart. The instructions that will come to you from God will be received by your heart, not your brain. Do you understand? What will be the case for it? God has said that when you intend to believe in him he will give your Spiritual Heart the directions. Now there is a Prophetic Tradition – ‘God’s name is pure and it does not settle in an impure place.’ In one part of the Koran (Koran 64:11), God says, ‘When you intend to believe in me,’ what will God do? Allah will give directions to your heart, what to do now. Allah will give directions to your heart. What do now. Right? Now the thing is, in order to be able to know whether the direction is coming from God or the Devil, your heart must be spiritually sound enough to recognise any directions coming from God. Do you understand what I said so far? Now here God has also said, ‘God’s name is pure and it does not settle in an impure place.’ God’s name is pure. It does not settle until the place is completely purified. Now, for you to be able to receive guidance from God, your heart has to be pure. Your heart must be pure. And your heart must be a valid recipient for the divine direction. If your heart does not have the ability to receive the messages and signals from God then you cannot become a Devout Believer. Our hearts are not pure. We have to make them pure. How does it become pure? With the invocation of God’s name. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, ‘There is a polish for everything that tarnishes; the polish of the heart is the invocation of God’s name.’ So there is a means to cleanse everything and the tool which cleanses the hearts is God’s invocation. So, this Prophetic Tradition tells us that it is God’s name and God’s invocation which makes the hearts pure. But it is said that God’s name is pure and until the heart is pure, it will not settle therein. So then how can we make our hearts pure? In order to make the heart pure, so that the heart can accept the divine directions, we have to find a Perfect Spiritual Guide. The Perfect Spiritual Guide cleanses the heart with his spiritual concentration. When the heart becomes pure then the Perfect Spiritual Guide inserts the Personal Name of God into the heart. Thereafter, the heart is revived with the invocation of ‘Allah Hu’. And so, it begins to receive all the divine directions. Do you understand what I’m saying? When God’s name begins to throb in the chambers of the heart then if any satanic deterrence comes your way, it will be cut off by the invocation of God’s name in the heart. And if a divine directive comes your way then the invocation of God happening in the beating system of your heart will push it towards your other spirits. What do you think? For example, when you are at the airport of any country, you will go through the immigration process and then you will go to the belt to collect your luggage, and then you will look for the exit. You won’t stay at the airport, right? You will look for the exit. You will leave through the exit doors. In a similar way, there is a human door. There is a what? Human door. You understand? All the divine directives pass through the door of the heart and the door through which these divine directives are spread to others is the tongue. The entry is through your heart and the exit is through your tongue. Do you understand my point? Now, God’s name is pure and it does not settle in an impure place. So first, the Spiritual Guide has to cleanse the heart and then insert God’s name therein. God’s name will echo in the beating system of the heart; the heart becomes pure and you become a Devout Believer. When you become a Devout Believer, you fall under Koran 64:1. What happens after that? Now, God will begin to unveil the secrets to your heart. You will say you have never heard of this but this is because your heart was not pure. You will begin to receive the divine directives once you obtain faith. Nadeem, did you understand what I said? What ‘fee anfusakum’ means is that there are 7 subtleties within a human body. The revival of these spirits is called Sharha-e-Sadr (Opening of the Chest). And this is what the Koran commands. It is the direction of the Koran. This isn’t something I’ve concocted at home. This is the command of the Koran. Whoever has the guts to reject this should come forward. The Koran says [these subtleties] must be enlightened. Koran 39:22 says, ‘Obtain Opening of the Chest for Islam.’ This is Islam! Wearing colourful turbans and holding a flag is not Islam. This is Islam! ‘Obtain Opening of the Chest for Islam.’ One who obtained Opening of the Chest through God’s name in order to adopt and follow Islam is successful and will be given divine energy by the Lord. So what does one obtain from the Opening of the Chest? Divine energy from God. If you want to adopt Islam and become a Muslim, the Koran commands ‘Sharha-e-Sadr’ (Opening of the Chest). What is our Maslaq? Our Maslaq is Koran, God’s Messenger, God, Gohar Shahi. We don’t have any other Maslaq. What was Moula Ali’s Maslaq? Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). What is our Maslaq? Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and HDE Gohar Shahi. Maslaq means path. There is only one right path and this is it. Everything else is wrong. Now, is the dream world within us or outside of us? Dreams are not substantial, they are ethereal. The true dreams and scenes come from the Realm of Example. And what is a dream? Now, if you have seen in your dream that – let’s suppose you live in India – and in your dream, you went to Saudi Arabia. Now, Saudi Arabia is not within you, right? So it means the dreams are not within you. Let’s say you went to America in your dream. Now, Ameria is not within you, [if it were] you wouldn’t need a visa. What do you say? So what is the reality? The dreams are not within you but it is something from within you which travels. How do we see dreams? There is something within us that travels. But what is that thing? It is the Lower Self within us which is free. When you go to sleep it roams around here and there in satanic gatherings. Right? It roams around in satanic gatherings. When it is purified with the name of God then it no longer roams around here and there [in satanic gatherings]. And then when you sleep, your Lower Self will either travel to the Kaaba or the Prophet’s Mosque or it will go to meet Abdul Qadir Jilani. Similarly, when your Spiritual Heart is awakened and enlightened and the sub-spirits come out then they will also reach the higher realms. Amir Khusro said, ‘This is a place I do not know.’ He would have known it if it was a place in this world. But it wasn’t any place in this world so he said, ‘I don’t know what place it was…’ ‘It was night and I was there.’ *Ameer Khusro’s poetry* What place was he talking about? It was the Realm of Angels where his Spiritual Heart travelled to. When your Spiritual Heart is revived then it will travel to the Realm of Angels. There are many different locations in the Realm of Angels. Numerous places. There is a small area in the Realm of Angels where the offices of all the Sultans are located. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) also has an office there. That is where the esoteric schools are located. The Spiritual Heart is taken to the Realm of Angels where it is trained. And there are different teachers there. If someone wants to become an Arif saint, their teacher will be Abdul Qadir Jilani. If somebody wants to become a Muarif saint, he will be taken under Moula Ali’s wing. And not he himself – but one of his inner faculties will be [trained by Moula Ali]. His Spiritual Heart may be given to Moula Ali [to train]. And there [in the higher realms] there are established [spiritual schools]. And what happens there? Nothing – – the subtleties [of the aspirants] remain under constant divine theophanies. The divine energy is transferred from the hearts of these grand spiritual personalities and enters [the aspiring hearts there]. They keep the heart of the aspirant in front of them and steadily transfer the esoteric Koran from their heart into the aspirant’s heart. Just as you would put a mirror in front of the sun [to reflect the light], similarly your hearts are placed in those spiritual schools. The Koran, divine energy and love of God are all transferred into the heart there. The heart stays in that spiritual school for three years. After that, it comes back. When it comes back into your body, your entire life is transformed. These are spiritual schools. The schools in the Realm of Jabrout (Realm of Souls) are for the Main Soul. The schools in Malakout (Realm of Angels) are for the Spiritual Heart. There must be others as well. They are in different places To obtain Shahr-e-Sadr (Opening of the Chest) is [to adopt the] real Islam. Neither Wahhabis, Shiites, Deobandis nor Barelvis are right. Which Islam is correct? The one that the Koran is giving. And what is the Koran saying? Raise your slogans of Sunnism and Shiism later! It is useless to say ‘Glory to God’ right now. First bring the [divine] glory within yourself. To raise slogans of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s Messengerhood is useless right now. First bring his love in your heart. It is futile to raise slogans for Moula Ali right now – first adopt his teachings! Otherwise all these slogans are absolutely useless. They are useless, aren’t they? [Audience: yes]. ‘Your heart is busy with the world and you are prostrating before God.’ Your heart is filled with love for your wife and children. You are coming into the presence of God with a heart that is not occupied by God. Rather, it is occupied by God’s creation. First empty this heart and bring the Lord within it. First bring the Kaaba into the heart. Then perhaps even before you start your Salat, the Kaaba will come to you. Why was a fatwa (verdict) announced against Mansoor Hallaj? He had said, ‘Why do you visit the Kaaba which is made of stone and clay?’ ‘Try to bring the Kaaba to you!’ Why doesn’t it come to you? It doesn’t come because you don’t know why people summon the Kaaba to them. You don’t know, do you? That is why you take a flight or sail on a boat to visit the Kaaba. If you found out that there is a certain type of knowledge and by adopting it, the Kaaba would come and circumambulate you, – like it did for the elderly woman, [Rabia Basri] – – then I swear to God, you would never turn towards the Kaaba You would never [visit it]. Why wouldn’t you? Because God has created the Original Kaaba for you. You are instructed to perform Hajj of the House of God – that is what he said, isn’t it? But did God specify which House of God – the one in Kaaba or the one in Bait ul Mamour? He didn’t, did he? This Kaaba [on Earth] is a model. God showed Adam the Eminent One in a dream the [image of Kaaba] and told him to build it on Earth. The Original Kaaba is Bait ul Mamour. And what does the Koran decree? That you must circumambulate the House of God. Do pilgrimage to the House of God. Whoever has the ability to [should do it]. What does it mean? It means whoever has the knowledge through which they can travel [to the ethereal House of God]. Engage your souls in invocation of God’s name. Then learn the knowledge of Khushiyat, Khashiyat and Zakooriyat too, When your souls are enlightened from your Spiritual Heart to your Main Soul, then visit Bait ul Mamour with your Main Soul. That is the real House of God. God doesn’t live in the ‘House of God’ here, does he? God’s House is a place where God resides. God does not reside here [in the Kaaba]. Here, the Kaaba is a model. Right? Does God live [in the Kaaba]? So then why is it known as the House of God? Because it is a model. A model. This Kaaba is just like the ‘Taaziya (a model of Imam Hussain’s grave)’ that people make [in memory of] Imam Hussain. The Taaziya they make are models based on Imam Hussain’s actual grave. Are they not? Similarly the Kaaba is a model based on Bait ul Mamour. This is just like the Taaziya. So enlighten your Main Soul. When the Main Soul is enlightened, it will leave your body and head straight for Bait ul Mamour. What kind of Kaaba is the Bait ul Mamour? In Bait ul Mamour, Salat is not performed 5 times a day. There, Salat is eternal. Eternal. How is it eternal? You simply perform it once and it never ends – it is everlasting. When Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was ascending towards God [on the Night of Ascension], on the way there, he led all the Prophets in Salat there [in Bait ul Mamour]. That Salat is still being performed! Don’t you ever wish to be a part of the Night of Ascension? Don’t you? What kind of a Muslim are you [if] you don’t want to be a part of the Night of Ascension? [You might ask], ‘Oh, we can actually be a part of the Night of Ascension?’ Yes, absolutely. Why not? Prophet Mohammad led 124 000 Prophets in Salat in Bait ul Mamour. You can go there too. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ascended to God on the Night of Ascension. God is still alive – you can go [to him] too! Whenever you reach these places, it is your ascension. Is the [Night of Ascension] greater or are God and his Messenger? To witness the divine splendour is the [true] ascension. HDE Gohar Shahi is inviting you to become a part of the [Night of Ascension] today. ‘Come and be a part of the Ascension.’ When this Main Soul is enlightened, it will not be inclined towards this Kaaba [on Earth]. I too was told that I was being prepared for Hajj. I then asked, ‘Am I ready?’ and the reply was, ‘You were ready 2 years ago.’ Then I asked, ‘But I didn’t go for Hajj?’ I was told, ‘The [soul] that was prepared has already performed Hajj and come back.’ ‘The [soul] that was prepared has already performed Hajj and come back.’ So these inner faculties leave the body and may even perform the Ascension. They visit all the places where [Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)] went on the Night of Ascension. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ascended physically on the Night of Ascension. And these Sualeheen, Auliya, Fuqra (all saints of God) go to [those locations] through their souls. You can go there too. God has created you and granted you his Personal Name. The eminence of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) lies in this, doesn’t it? Wherever Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has gone has become a Custom [for you to follow]. Prophet Mohamma (PBUH) kept a beard and this has become a Custom. Is it not a Custom then to ascend on the Night of Ascension? To ascend [as Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did] on the Night of Ascension is a Custom too. But what do the religious clerics do? They focus on the minor Customs which the Lower Self enjoys. [They think] following the Custom of keeping a beard is enough. Or that by eating meat, one becomes a Muslim. Right? There was a Jewish man – – Mevlana Rumi mentioned him. There was a Jewish man who, in old age, said, ‘I have now understood Islam.’ ‘Now convert me to Islam.’ Mevlana Rumi said to him, ‘Okay, become a Muslim.’ He recited the Motto of Islam. Then he was told to get circumcised. Right? He was told to get circumcised. He said, ‘Forget it. I am so old and it will be very painful for me. I’m okay being a Muslim without being circumcised.’ He was told, ‘You cannot be a Muslim with being circumcised.’ ‘You will have to be circumcised.’ Then he replied, ‘Then I don’t want to be a Muslim.’ He was then told, ‘But you have recited the Motto of Islam. Now if you quit the religion, we will kill you.’ He exclaimed, ‘Whether one enters Islam or leaves Islam, you talk about chopping [them or their body parts]!’ ‘What kind of Islam is this?’ ‘When one enters Islam, you tell them to get circumcised.’ ‘And when one leaves Islam, you say that you will chop them up entirely.’ ‘What kind of religion is this?’ This is the kind of religion you are propagating. In which whether one is entering the religion or leaving it, you are chopping [some part of them]. No [this is not Islam]! Islam is the Opening of the Chest. Cut open your own chest and teach the souls which are meant to love God the Customs of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Which Customs? The Custom of Ascending [on the Night of Ascension]. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) led 124 000 Prophets in Salat, didn’t he? Become part of that Salat and offer the Rakat of that Custom of the Prophet. That is a Custom of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) too, is it not? That is the Original Kaaba. When you visit the Original Kaaba, this Kaaba [on Earth] will say, ‘I am made of stone and clay. I cannot go there.’ It will say, ‘This person has visited the Original Kaaba. Let me circumambulate him at least.’ The history is a testament to the fact that whoever has visited the Original Kaaba in Bait ul Mamour was circumambulated by this Kaaba [on Earth]. One day, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was circumambulating the Kaaba. Suddenly the thought crossed his mind, ‘What am I doing?’ ‘What am I doing?’ He stood up. He had to make sure people heard. He said, ‘O’ Kaaba, I know you are great and you are the House of God…’ ‘…But I swear to God: the Spiritual Heart of a Devout Believer is greater than you.’ Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) stood up in Kaaba and said this to the Kaaba. ‘The Spiritual Heart of a Devout Believer is greater than you.’ That is when he said, ‘The heart of a Devout Believer is the Throne of God.’ ‘The heart of a Devout Believer is the House of the Lord.’ HDE Gohar Shahi is transforming human hearts into Thrones of God. He is transforming the human hearts into Kaaba. And once you have visited the Bait ul Mamour, this Kaaba will being to circumambulate you. It is for such people that Bulleh Shah said, ‘Demolish a mosque or a temple. Demolish whatever you want…’ ‘…do not break a person’s heart for the Lord resides therein.’ If you have to demolish a mosque, do it. Demolish the Kaaba if you have to. But if a human being comes before you who has kissed the threshold of the Bait ul Mamour, do not hurt his heart. ‘Do not break a person’s heart for the Lord resides therein.’ It was for such people that God said, ‘Do not trouble my friend.’ ‘Do not oppose my friend.’ ‘If you do this, I declare war against you.’ You have to respect such spiritual dignitaries. When will we learn to respect them? When we come to know why they are so respectable. When we come to know that through their spiritual concentration and company, this man of clay can reach that presence, that worship place where Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) led 124 000 Prophets in Salat. He has reached there. The Opening of the Chest is done through the spiritual concentration of the Spiritual Guide. The Spiritual Heart visits the Realm of Angels. The Main Soul visits the Realm of Souls. The Ana comes face-to-face with God. When a human being travels to all these places, he bows his head automatically in the feet of HDE Gohar Shahi. And he says, ‘This is that great Personality whose one merciful glance took me there.’ ALRA TV: Bringing Light, Love and Peace in Your Life.

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